Hatefullness of Christianity

I came across your web site with the search term "+hate +christian +homosexual". On your web page, http://www.behindthebadge/respage3.html you say this in reply to a letter, "You asked if it is true that gay people are shunned by Christians. That may be true from some Christians, but if a person truly follows Christ then no it is not true. Now before we go any farther let me tell you I do shun the sin of homosexuality, but not the person."

I, too have a philosophy: "Shun the hatefulness of Christianity, but not the person", or stated alternatively, "Love the Christian, but hate Christianity."

I do not subscribe to any religious faith. I single-out Christianity here because of 1) your faith and the hateful implications as expressed on your web page and 2) the continuing hateful, even violent manifestation, of Christianity in this country.

I see your page has also a law enforcement theme. Perhaps enforcers of the law can find the bomber of the Alabama abortion clinic. This bomber is also implicated in the Atlanta bombings of the Olympics, an abortion clinic, and a gay bar.

Four hateful expressions of Hateful Christian Violence!

Writings from an organization called Army of God claim responsibility of Atlanta bombings (except the Olympics) along with a diatribe of Hateful Christian epithets and threats.

And these are only recent Christian violent attacks against citizens of this country. Violence arising from extremist Christian hate far exceeds all other terrorist events in the United States.

Because of Christianity, are all law enforcement officials charged with looking for this man really looking for him? Is the FBI receiving full cooperation from all local law enforcement in all areas? Could many of these law enforcers be slowing the process of finding him, even sabotaging the process, because they secretly believe in what is he doing?

Have a nice day,

My response is in Green:

Thanks for writing me. It appears that you read a lot of my page, but you don't seem to have understood much of it. You hate Christianity because it is a hate filled group, yet I explain many times on my page that a true Christian does not hate anything. If a person truly follows Christ then they won't do the things that you claim Christians do. Anyone can call themselves a Christian but that does not mean that they follow Christ.

I also take offense to you saying that maybe the cops are not doing all they could to catch the animal that did the bombings. Maybe you remember the bombing of the abortion clinic??? Who was it that died???? Was it an abortionist or an off duty cop???? The Police would like nothing better than to bring this guy to trial, and not just because it was a cop that he killed, they would feel the same no matter who was killed. If you think that a police officer was never killed protecting someone he did not agree with or even like than you don't understand law enforcement anymore than you understand Christianity.

Cops risk their lives everyday for people who would rather spit on them than to help him if they were bleeding to death and they do it for less pay on the whole than most factory workers.

I will admit to you that there are bad cops and there are bad people who go by the name of Christian but that does not or should not color everyone. There are bad homosexuals that try to spread AIDS in the heterosexual community too, but should I go around saying that all homosexuals do that? No and I would not say that, but yet cops and Christians don't get the same respect, yet we are the ones filled with hate, right?

I don't know why you hate cops and Christians so badly, but I am here to tell you both groups would lay their lives down for you (that is if they are a good cop and a true Christian), would you do the same for them?

If you really care what a Christian should be then read the New Testament of the Bible. If a person does not follow those teachings then they are not a Christian period. Anyone who kills even in God's name is NOT a Christian. Are Christians perfect? No, but they are to try to be.

Well thanks again for writing.


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