God is evil

If we break one of the commandments say: Thou shall not kill, we are with sin and will be punished just like Cain was punished. But when GOD killed all the people in sodom and gomorrah HE was not punished,come on, true they all were sinners and worshiped a fake god, an idol, but really, that was no reason to kill them...

My response is in Green:

Well my problem here is that you are trying to make God human and He is not. He created us, who are we to question Him if He decides to do away with all of us. Now, don't get me wrong, I would blame Him if He did something that He said He would not do. For instance if He killed all living beings on the earth with a flood I believe that would be wrong for Him, because He said He would not do it. You have to remember that He tried to get the people to turn from their evil but they refused. Sorry but it sounds fair to me. Some day He is going to destroy the whole earth with fire, but it should be no surprise to anyone, He told us at least 2,000 years ahead of time how to avoid it. So is He wrong for being honest and doing what He said He is going to do, just because we choice not to believe?

Oh yah my good buddy Lot "here take my virgin daughters and do what you will to them just don't touch these two messengers from GOD" really now, tell me truthfully would you offer your daughters in place of an angel, someone with the power of GOD to help them, to be raped,murdered or whatever? I surely would not. You don't send a soldier into the enemy's camp without protection... here we go with the women again. these angels were men...

Well again, I never read anywhere in the Bible where God told Lot to send out his daughters. Plus this all goes back to the sins being committed by the people there. They did not want women they wanted men. I can't speak for God but I believe that He would not have let anything happen to Lot's daughters just like He did not let anything happen to any of the people in Lot's house.

everywhere I look in the BIBLE women are being sacraficed,punished for what? The koran more or less says women are second class citizens......Eve was punished for being curious and down through the ages women were punished and they still are today........ sorry I get on a soapbox and I don't know when to shut up.

No problem, like I said I enjoy this. For one I don't believe the Koran is the inspired word of God, so I don't really care what it says. Next the Bible is not only God's word but it is also a history book. It tells of things that happened whether God wanted them to happen or not. So you can't blame God for everything in the Bible that happened. There were lots of times that the Israelites did things that made God very angry but they are written down for us anyway.

how about Abraham or abram as some call him, son we are going to give you a nation all your own, your baren wife sarah will be with child, ol' abram he didn't believe that. so time went on it was relayed to abram again, don't forget that nation, and abram said "what will I have to do" just believe in GOD he was told. his son Isaac was born and time went on and abram was asked again did he believe in GOD, he said "yes" and he was told 'prove it, take your only son and kill him, sacrafice him' and he was going to do it! If someone, anyone can't accept my word as truth then forget it.........If..To prove to GOD you are truthful and trusting, you have to be willing to kill someone you love, flesh of your flesh...no! no! I'm sure you have heard of the gangs "the crypts" and "the bloods" they do that to see if you are worthy of belonging to the gang.....help me here, Ralph cause I am going to HELL on the express train...........

I look at this story much differently than you do. I believe that God knew what Abraham would do before He tested Him, but did Abraham? What I mean is sometimes we are tested to show US what we will or will not do. I am sure from reading my page you know that I was a Deputy Sheriff for 6 1/2 years. Well I found out that you cannot talk to a person and know for sure whether they will be there beside you when the feces hits the fan. They don't even know for sure until it happens. I can remember the first time I put my life on the line. I did not know if I would have the guts to do what had to be done or not until it was over. I had to do it many more times but the first was the most freighting because I really didn't know myself.

I believe that Abraham found out himself that day that he would follow God no matter what the price. Don't kid yourself God already knew, just like He already knows what we will do with our lives, but that does not mean He says will Ralph is never going to follow me so I will just kill him now and get it over with. No He gives us chance after chance, and yet He knows who will and who won't before they are even born. Now some people like to say this means we don't really have a choice but that is stupid. If I stand at the entrance to a road where the bridge has been washed out and try to warn people so they are not killed, but I know these people think I am a nut so they won't listen to me, but I try anyway. Lets say they laugh and drive on to their deaths, did they have a chance? Sure they did, it is not my fault for trying to tell them and them not listening.

even when JESUS was betrayed by his brother Judas and turned over to the Romans ....what was it GOD said I gave my only son......if JESUS is GOD and GOD is JESUS there was no son and all GOD did was return to heaven because you can't kill GOD..

This is another place we look at things differently. You are right that Jesus knew they could not kill Him for good, but they could kill His body, and it was just as painful to Him as it would be for us. But I don't believe that was the real suffering that Jesus went through for us. Jesus being God was holy, but yet He accepted our sins on Himself. He became a murdered, a liar, a homosexual, an adulterer, a thief, you name it He became it on the cross. Think of every sin you or someone you know has ever committed and then think of Jesus taking that shame and responsibility on His shoulders. Plus just before He died to me tells the whole story of his suffering. When He asked, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" (Mark 15:34). I can't explain the Trinity very well because it is beyond us to a certain extent, but I can believe that God is one being yet three different individuals (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). God the Father cannot look on anything evil or allow it in His presence, I accept that, so what Jesus was going through was the Father turning His back on Him when He took our sins onto Himself. I don't think we can fully comprehend what pain and suffering that was to Jesus.

The next point I wanted to make is that to me it would have been even more difficult for Jesus to go through for the very reason you brought up, He knew He didn't have to. If someone pulls you from you car and slowly kills you, does that make you a hero because you went through it? You had no choice. But if you see someone else being pulled out of their car and you go and try to help and they say they are going to slowly kill one of you. If you tell them to let the other guy (who you don't even know) go and you will let them kill you, now that would be a hero. Funny, most people would not consider you a hero, just a fool.

Well I guess I said enough for now looking forward to your next letter, and even though I say these things I hope that when GOD comes back to get all the lost souls, HE includes me in the roundup, if for nothing else, so I can be the court jester.....well GOD SPEED and keep a fair wind at your back and a star to steer by till then

Hey I am enjoying this. On one serious note, you can be sure that you will be in the 'round up'. All you have to do is ask Jesus to shoulder your sins and forgive you. He has already done the hard part all we have to do is let Him and we do that by just believing in Him: "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved--you and your household." (Acts 16:31)

hey Ralph,
You sir could never make me mad, you see we are both opinionated people. you say the sky is blue, I say it is all colors but blue, which it reflects. We are both right just in different ways. I would hazard a guess and say that most of the people of the BIBLE are also opinionated.

Thanks I am glad you feel that way. It makes it easier to have a discussion, when you don't have to worry about the other person taking everything personal.

I just can't imagine GOD being opinionated. HE loves us all,buddists, moslems, christians, pagans equally.SO how could HE segragate a chosen few and say, these are GOD'S people. and then go in and slaughter, destroy, and otherwise cause pestulance, upon another group of people because they would not let GOD'S people cross the Red Sea. This chosen few became the Isrealites or whom most people today call Jews. These people were led by, you guessed it, Moses. The only man to speak to GOD face to face so to speak. Are we to believe that GOD is actually Jewish and all the rest of us are merely tolerated. It's no wonder that there are so many factions and different beliefs, all believe in a supreme being just in a different way.

Yes I do believe God loves us all but I think you missed something there. God loves everyone that is why He sent His Son Jesus to come to earth as a human and die for our sins. But He is also a jealous God, if you worship anyone or anything else He will punish you. A lot of people say that God is not a just God because of that, but personally I think they just say that because they don't want to do what He asks them.

As far as the Israelites (Jews) being the chosen people, yes I believe that. Does it bother me, no. Here is my view. God chose the Israelites as His people to give lessons to all of us. I believe from the time of Adam, He (God) has been available to ALL men. Now I don't believe that He sent prophets, etc... to all men, but I believe that there is something in every person that testifies to them that there is a greater being than themselves. I believe God judges people on what they know not what they don't know. So in other words if someone from another nation, believed that there was a God who controlled everything and tried to worship Him, not by worshipping trees, or the sun, but worshipping the being that they knew was there. I believe they would be okay. Now as far as the Israelites, that does not apply to them. They were told and shown what was right.

That brings me back to why I believe they were the chosen people. I think God wanted us all to see that even when He talked to and showed people the right way they still resisted. Look at the Israelites. God gets them out of Egypt by a lot of miracles yet they did not trust Him when they came to the Red sea. After He split the Red sea so they could cross, they still did not trust Him for food. He gave them manna, and still they did not trust Him for water. It goes on and on. God comes to the people in a cloud and verbally talks to them and they are scared and tell Moses to tell God to only talk to him, because they are afraid if God talks directly to them they might die. So Moses goes up to the mountain to talk to God and what do the Israelites do while he is gone? They make a golden calf and start worshipping it!! God got angry with them a lot and punished them, but still He blessed them because He loved them. I believe this shows us God's nature. We do lots of things that anger Him but He loves us enough to keep extending His hand to us, over and over and over. Jesus came to earth as the Messiah of the Jews, but they rejected Him. Did He just take his bat and ball and go home? NO he sent his disciples out to preach the message of free salvation to all nations. He did not die just for the Jews.

I still think in modern history you can see God's hand at work with the Jews. Look at the three day war and the seven day war. They were surrounded on all sides yet in three days one time and seven the next time, they defeated their enemies and took some of their land. I believe that is only possible because God was with them.

Putting religion aside for a moment, and using the secular side of your brain. If I was to tell you that a beautiful women not only liked you but two other men equally. Every time you saw her however, she was always with the other two men and not you, would you still think I was telling you the truth? I, in my own mind, have to put GOD in a physical state. If I don't think of HIM as human then I find it hard, not impossible, but hard to comprehend HIS existance. I thought about being a priest when I was young until all what I was told to be true came to a screeching halt, when the same priest at my church who, was later to be arrested for adultry, took the money from the collection plate each Sunday, and when he had enough bought, a new cadillac because he was too good to ride the bus or accept a free taxi ride. I kind of went sour. I don't know if you know all about chatholic priests but, they are sworn to celibacy and to forgo all material things except that which is needed to survive.

Well first let me tell you that if you watch humans you will always be disappointed because we are all sinful by nature. Now some people fall harder than others, but we all stumble at times. What I mean by that is that I try my best to live a Godly life and I pray for help in doing so. But I must admit that there are times when I do evil things. However, as soon as I realize what I am doing I ask for forgiveness and stop doing whatever it was I was doing. I am not sure I am explaining that right. One thing I have noticed, is that the closer I get to God the more I am tempted to do things that are wrong. Why do you think that is? I think it is because Satan does not have to worry about the person who does not try to follow Christ, so he goes after those that are trying.

I voiced my opinion a little too loudly and was excommunicated from the catholic church. Not for how I said it but for what I said.

Now I guess it is time to tell you what I think of the Catholic church. Stand by, even though you are not in it anymore this might upset you. I believe that the Catholic church has lost sight of God. I believe that they have accepted pagan rites. They pray to saints, but those people where human. God says to worship no one other than Him. They ask the priests to forgive them of their sins, but the priest is just a human, only God can forgive sins. (that includes Jesus since He is God). They don't actively proclaim that the ONLY way to heaven is through Jesus Christ and His FREE forgiveness of our sins. They practice getting to heaven by works. You tell the priest that you did this or that and he forgives your sins if you say this many Our Father's or Hail Mary's. This is bunk!!!!!! That came straight from paganism. Jesus said: "And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words." Matthew 6:7

They claim the Pope is infalable, does that not make him a god? Remember God says to have no other gods before Him. A church leader should teach what God says not make up his own rules. The Catholic church teaches that they are the only true church. Wrong again. Jesus is the only way to eternal life and anyone who believes on Him is part of His church. No where in the Bible did Jesus say, you must be a member of this or that group. No He said: "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned." Mark 16:15-16

I was down on religion for a long time....I ran with the gangs, abused drugs, alchohol, and smoked. and later it boiled over into my adult life. I'm not saying that GOD threw that bolt of lightning into that fuel tank but, I was seperated from my boat on the river and between me and the boat was a Viet-Kong village. I was on my knees praying for something or someone to help me get back to my boat. I was willing to do most anything if I could just get out of there. I was even willing to make a pact with the devil. It was raining and all of a sudden a bolt of lightning struck the fuel tanks that the VC were using to fuel their vehicles. The explosion was enough of a diversion to allow me to get back to my boat and safety. That day my beliefs were ressurected, GOD was on my shoulder all the way back to camp.

I guess I don't have to tell you God loves you. Have you ever wondered what He wants from you? All He wants is for you to believe that He sent Jesus to die for your sins.

how could I be mad at you for saying about the catholics what I already knew. What ever GOD has in mind for me to do is still a mystery to me. Let me tell you about my aunt and uncle, they would gone to the church (catholic) on Sunday morning and profess their sins, and give the church 10% of their annual wages each "Christ"mas(s) hoping to be blessed.... Then on saturday night they would get sloppy a-- drunk and during the week cuss, take GOD'S name in vain, and more or less be s.o.b.'s...... All the time thinking they were going to heaven because of what they did on Sunday and each year. They had three children one boy and twin girls. the boy come home from college with his boyfriend (lover) and one of the twins was a whore and the other an alcoholic.....You tell me!

Well I hate to say it but you have been surrounded by "Christian's" who weren't Christ like. I get those kind of questions from my page all the time. "Why should I respect Christians when they have killed so many people in God's name?" I know a lot of people don't like my answer because they think it is a cop out, but it is true. If a person does not do what Jesus taught and follow His example then they are not Christians, no matter what they call themselves. Look at what Jesus thought of most of the church officials at the temples in His day. (not much!) Talk is cheap but to really follow what He taught is a lot tougher. It is also a lot more rewarding. Most of my life I thought if I really followed Jesus I would not have any fun or any friends, etc... I have been very pleasantly surprised that those were lies from the father of all liars - Satan. I truely enjoy myself more now, have better friends (because I can truely trust them) and am doing much better in my whole life.

I wish humans did not act like they do, but that is just part of life I guess. Just don't blame God for what stupid humans do no matter what they call themselves.


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