Christians are Stupid

I got your email from your Jesus web page. I just finished a religeous discusion with people like you. You people make me sick. How could someone be so stupid.

My response is in Green:

Thanks for writing to me. I wondered since you said you got my e-mail address from my Jesus page, I take it you got to my page from the Marilyn Manson page? Just wondering. I am sorry that you call me stupid and sick even though you don't know anything about me, but someone like Brian Warner who says he wants to destroy Christianity is okay by you? You also say you just finished a religious discussion with people like me, yet you don't know anything about me, except that I believe in Christ and have accepted Him as my Savior. I could say the same thing to you, I have had discussions with atheist just like you. But I won't because I don't know what just like you means and neither do you about me. Still I am glad you wrote me.

It greatly saddens me that the human race hasn't yet got the primative belief in Gods. Look back at the beginings and ends of all of the other DEAD religeons and guess what will happen to christianity in the next 100 years. And don't just read this message I have prepared for you, listen to it, consider for one sec that maybe i'm right rather than instantly claiming all I say is bull****.

Oh I have thought about what you wrote me. I makes me feel sorry that you are so upset at Christians, after all in another 100 years no one will remember who Christ was, right? If that is so, why do you hate us so much? Also why have so many countries, other religions, rulers, etc... tried to destroy Christianity? It has lasted for 2,000 years but you think it will disappear in the next 100. Let's take your other point, I will consider for a second that you might be right, so what? What should I do if you are? Should I quit trying to live a good life because you are right and Christ was not really God? Should I worship someone or something else? What? Why? Okay the second is up, now why don't you take a second and consider that I might be right? What have you got to lose? Nothing. What have you got to gain. Everything. If I am right you could have eternal life, just by asking Jesus into your heart and asking Him to forgive you. That is it. That is what upsets you so badly, that I believe that? Think about why that upsets you. Don't tell me it does not bother you. If it didn't why did you bother taking all the time to write me your message?

Think about why you are a christian, and I mean really think about it. Is it because christianity is the CORRECT religeon, or is it because your parents/parent is a christian and your life you were told this is correct.

It might help you to read my whole page. If you had you would have seen that yes I grew up in a Christian home, however I turned away from it. I did come back but it was after finding out for myself what the world and God was all about.

And don't give me that crap God loves me. Do you know God, does he talk to you? Did he tell you he loves me. Face it you don't honestly know if he loves me or not, you don't even know if he loves you.

Yes I do know God, and yes He has talked to me. He has also talked to you, but I guess you have not listened. If you read the Bible then you can hear God talk, because that is His Word. Okay I know you don't believe that, but ask yourself a couple of questions. What makes the Bible so special? You can't say that it is not different from all other books. It was written by many people over a couple of thousand years, yet it is consistent. It has prophecies in it that came true down to the smallest detail hundreds of years after the writer wrote about them. You don't have to believe anything I say about that you can go to non-Christian books to prove those facts. It is the most widely published and owned book in the world. People have been willing to die just because they have it in their possession. Name another book that comes anywhere close to that. God says in His word that He loves you. He sent His Son, Jesus to die for all the sins you have committed. John 3:16-18 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God's one and only Son."

Basicly you don't know s***. And don't get me wrong nether do I. But the difference between you and I are, I don't claim I know any of this. I state my belief and I state proven facts.

I guess I missed all the proven facts, what were they again? You see you do exactly what you claim I am doing. You tell me I am stupid and that I don't know anything, yet how do you know? You say you don't claim to know anything, then you must not know that I am wrong, so why did you write me? It is not hard to prove that Christ lived, you can get that from many non-Christian historical accounts from the Roman empire. They kept pretty good records. Now does that prove He was the Son of God? No, but you can prove that He died. You can also prove that the band of people who followed Him while He was alive ran when He was taken to the cross, yet three days later after they claimed that He appeared to them having risen from the dead, they were willing to die before saying this was not true. What would cause a bunch of guys who ran scared, three days later be brave enough to give their lives for a lie? If it was all a hoax don't you think at least one of them would have said so before he died? Why die for a lie? Could it be that they really did see Him again alive and that gave them strength and faith?

I do not go around saying God is Good, or anything like that if I didn't know whether or not it was true. And don't tell me you know its true because you don't. In case your wondering I am an aethist. I do not belive there is a God, I belive Jesus existed, but I do not belive he has the son of God, and I do not belive he is or was a prophet.

Well at least you don't fall into the trap of people who say Jesus was a prophet or a good man, because there are only three possibilities. He was either God's Son, like He claimed, or He was a liar or He was a mad man. Nothing else just one of those three. I guess you go for liar? You say you are an atheist, what do you mean about that? You say there is no God at all? Or are we all gods? We all came from a big explosion in space of two gases? Where did the gases come from? How did we and the computers we are typing on come from gases. Man if you believe that you have more faith than I ever thought about having. What do you think happens when we die? Do we just die like dogs and that is it? Do you really believe that all that you are, the things you love and the things that you hate, etc... will just stop existing when you die?

Please give me a good responce. Also tell me about what you belive people do when they go to Heaven and Hell if you belive that, I really would like to know what you believe.

I am glad you asked me. I believe that in hell a person who has rejected Christ as their Savior will be tormented day and night for eternity. You should have seen my judgment page when you first got to my site, that is if you came from the Manson page.

In Heaven on the other hand I believe that things will be the way they were suppose to be before man's fall in the garden of eden. I believe we will be worshipping God but much more than that. I believe if you can imagine a world without sin, no one killing each other, no one cheating, no hate, no disease, etc... that is what it will be like. I don't believe we will all be wearing white robes and laying around eating grapes all day. Exactly what we will be doing on a daily basis, I don't know, but everything you see around you was made by God, so why would He have us live eternity doing nothing?


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