How is religion supposed to help anything?

How is religion suppoed to help anything. I know your only trying to help and all but I have been attending Christian schools all my life, along with the occasional church visit and all I have found is that religion is confusing and contradictory. I dont know who you are so in a way a feel a bit edgy in talking to you but I like telling someone what I'm thinking and if I told my parents and friends they would be so upset. So if this is just some bull**** you write to everyone to try and make life seem, whatever it is you are trying to make it seem, then I'm sorry, just tell me and I'll go back to my diary.

My response is in Green:

Religion is not the answer. I am not talking about a religion I am talking about a relationship with Jesus Christ. They are two different things. You don't have to be a part of any organized religion to get to heaven, you just need to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Now in a broad sense having that relationship makes you a Christian, but there are many "Christians" who don't have the relationship and being a "Christian" will not mean anything on judgment day.

Every single one of us is born into this world with an evil heart which means we sin. Sin keeps us from having a relationship with God. God is holy and can't stand sin, so He can't stand us. His holy nature demands that there be punishment for sin and that punishment is death. It is what the Bible calls the second death. It is when you die, you are separated from God and His love and kindness.

God created us to have a relationship with Him and so that He could show us His mercy and love, but our sin keeps us from having that relationship. God's holy nature keeps Him from just forgetting about our sin, it must be punished. So there is a problem. God loves us, but yet demands that we die for our sins. He can't change so He can't just change how He feels about sin. Now from a human stand point that would have been the end of the subject, we would all die and spend eternity in hell. But God is not human and He did something that can change our condition.

He sent His only Son (Jesus) to earth as a human being. Now it is important to understand what it means that Jesus is God's only Son. This is not a human term, however, God can only talk to us in human terms because we don't understand anything else. God is three personalities but yet one being. We were made in God's image and we are also like that. There is the you that everyone sees; the body, the physical you. Then there is the you that you know; the thoughts, the emotions, the thinking part. Then there is the soul, this is the part that will live forever, either with God in heaven or without God in hell. So anyway, if you think of Jesus as the physical part of God, then you are close to understanding the Trinity, which is what we call God.

So anyway, God made Himself like one of us so that He could come and live a holy life and then take our punishment. Jesus died for our sins, not His own. If He had ever sinned then He would have had to die for His own sin and we would still be lost. Jesus died for all of our sins, but there is one requirement and that is that we admit we are sinners and that we believe that He died for us. Until we do those things we are still lost and if we die physically we will also die spiritually or in other words be separated from God.

(1 Timothy 1:15 NIV) "Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners"

(John 10:11 NIV)"I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep."

That is why I say that religion is not the answer, Jesus is the answer. Now I have talked mostly about when you die, but this all goes back to knowing and understanding what this life is all about too. If you don't have a personal relationship with God you will never know why you are here and you will never feel fulfilled. There is an empty place in your soul that God is suppose to be in.

This is not just some crap that I write people to make them feel better. There are lots of lies I could write you that would make you feel better, but they would be lies and I won't do that.



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