Jesus was just a prophet

Look dude, I don't even understand why your text is in the middle of Manson's page??? But, let me tell you something - there is absolutely no reason why a pagan like me should blindley take it for granted that Jesus was God incarnate....I believe Jesus was a prophet...

My response is in Green:

I can understand that you don't believe as I do, but I think you need to think more about what you do believe. Jesus could not be a prophet. First you don't seem to believe in God so how could Jesus be a prophet sent from God? But even more important than that, you have to choose a side. Either Jesus was who He said He was or He was a liar or just plain crazy. He can't be just a good person or prophet! Would a prophet try to convince people that he was God incarnate? Would a prophet try to makes plans to make it look like he was resurrected from the dead after being killed? Would a prophet claim to be able to forgive sins, something only God can do? No Jesus was not a prophet or just a good man, He was either God or a liar.

BUT DUDE - what about all the rest of the religions of the world ??? Are those people in China for instance going to Hell because they don't accept Jesus???

Well I can't directly answer that, although I can tell you that I believe they are. I say I can't answer it because only God can do that so I will let Him do it. Here is what Jesus said: "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6

NOTE: I just wanted to clarify one point. I believe God only judges people on what they do know and what they do with that knowledge, not on what they don't know. If a person never hears about Jesus Christ, God won't hold them accountable for not accepting Him. However, I do believe that in one way or another God speaks to everyone and everyone knows in their heart that there is a God out there. Even though the person would not accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, because they have never heard of Him, they still have the choice whether to acknowledge a supreme being (God) or not.

The spiritual force I believe in is Dualities..You have polarities in life..If you want to continue after death then you don't go to some "easy place" forever..And you DON'T BURN IN HELL either!!!! You may be punished but not for eternity....I would not want to believe in OR even BE a God that would create something then throw it into a pit for not believing something out of a BOOK WRITTEN BY MAN...Yes , the bible was written by men...I believe it is an amazing story - but that is what it is - a story..

Well saying the Bible was written by men is like saying that you were created by your mother and father. It has a certain ring of truth to it, but God was involved. Without Him it would not have happened. Man has been trying to create life for a long time and so far no luck. Men have been writing books for a long time too, but so far no luck in writing one like the Bible. Even if you don't believe that the Bible is inspired by God, you have to admit it is a very different book than any other the world has ever known. How do you explain all the predictions that have come true? Pretty good for just a bunch of guys who made up a story don't you think? In fact it was lots of guys over thousands of years, yet they predicted things to come and their 'stories' are consistent with each other. Not bad for a book just written by a bunch of guys with too much time on their hands. Also most of the people who wrote the New Testament died for what they believed and not in nice ways. That is real dedication for someone who just made up a story.

Just as the indians, etc had stories, the bible is no different...Ying / yang is a far older spiritual path than christianity..You will always have to deal with dualities...Unless you want to stop the ride ....Then you just die!!!

You are right there are many older religions but again show me one where it has changed the world as drastically as Christianity or in such a short time. Or one that has made so many thousand year old predictions that have come true. One whose followers were scared of their own shadows until their leader (Jesus) rose from the dead and they saw and talked to Him. After which they were brave enough to give their lives for their beliefs. See it is not the same as all the rest.

The only hell is what we create for ourselves on earth...Yes we are without direction now...BUT LOVE DOESN'T WORK NOW...Its become sooo sick !!! If you were to Martyr yourself like Jesus did (I do believe he died for people's benefit) then people would call you crazy !!! They would not pay you the least bit of attention...The only thing is to dust off the old part of duality that bumps them back on line...If you run people into a black hole of pain, despair, issolation from true social togetherness- like we have now.....Then after enough pain, the white part that exists in every person will come out !!! Some may have to DIE..But is that so bad --compared to eternal hell.....NO, you just have some souls that fail to make it to immortality....

You know you are right again if I was martyred no one much would care, but then I could not save them from their sins. I cannot even save myself, but Jesus could and did save me from my sins. There are Christians martyred everyday somewhere in the world. What is it about us crazy Christians that makes us willing to be killed for what we believe? For that matter what is it about us that makes people want to kill us just because of what we believe? Do I want to be a martyr, no way, but I believe God would give me the grace to go through that if it ever is required of me. I hate to disagree with you but you see we are all immortal beings. The problem is that being immortal is not the problem, where you spend eternity is. When you are born God creates a soul and that soul will never die. I don't blame you for not wanting to believe in hell being eternal, it scares me too. Not for myself because I won't have to go there, but for some of my friends and even those who don't like me. I don't like to think of anyone going there. But no one will ever end up there and be able to say "I never knew. I did not have a chance." They may say they didn't believe but not that they didn't know. Now before you ask me about people who never have heard the message of Jesus Christ let me tell you I don't believe that if a person has never truly heard they will be judge for it. A person will only be judged by what they did know.

We need an Antichrist-- The christians want one!!! They want it worse than we pagans want one...We see it as a dark spirit that inflicts enough pain to "wake up the light"

You are wrong there. I don't know of any Christians who want an antichrist. We know there will be one and that God's judgment is almost here when the antichrist shows up and after that the world will be a better place. So some of us are ready for the antichrist, but I would not say we want him. I am interested in what light you think the antichrist is going to wake up? Where does this antichrist come from. After all the only place I have ever heard of him is in that book written by men. Sorry I could not resist that.


REMEMBER - THERE WERE PAGANS AND OTHER PEOPLE LONG BEFORE JESUS CAME ALONG --- and we'll be here when this storm is over...

What storm are you talking about? Christianity? Many people and for that matter many nations have tried to destroy Christianity. If you look around most of those that tried are the ones gone. Until God puts an end to human folly I believe there will be pagans. But it is interesting to me that pagans who claim there is no God worship all kinds of things. Have you ever wondered why it is that almost all humans worship something. Whether it is wooden statues, stars, satan, mother earth, or whatever? Do you think that maybe God placed in every soul the desire to know Him, but many people try to fill that void with something else? Just a thought. One last point God was here long before any of us, Christians, pagans whomever.

Hey I enjoyed this discussion. If you want to continue just write back. If not take care of yourself and if you ever change your mind I will be right here. Well that is unless Christ raptures us crazy Christians out of this world soon.


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