Christians are self-righteous pigs

We believe in dualities...We believe in doing things NOW to evoke good vibes and to really make a difference here , now...That is kinda of a boring, half hearted attempt at spiritualism to say "all I have to is to beleive what the preacher told me and I will go to heaven"?????

Then what motivation do you have for doing good now!!! You have a scarecrow to tell you WHAT NOT TO DO.. But you are dead to the world on a day by day basis, dude!!!

You self righteous pigs - think that you are the elite ones.... I got new for you PIG... will go to your hell before I go to a heaven where you self righteous, arrogant motherf*****s are !!!!

My response is in Green:

Sorry you feel the need to attack me. Seems funny that you tell me you are the ones who believe in doing good now and that my views would give a person no reason to do good, yet you are the one who cusses me out.

Maybe you should try to figure out what makes you so mad about the message of Jesus Christ. Could it be that deep inside you know there is something missing? I am sorry you think I am self righteous, I am not. I am as bad a sinner as you ever have been. The only difference is that I accepted that fact and asked Jesus to forgive me. He will do the same for you. What have you got to lose. If I am right, you have everything to gain. If I am wrong you still lose nothing.

You say we Christians think we are the elite ones, but the problem with that is Christianity is open to everyone. It is kind of like standing on two different sides of a ledge. The people on one side (the Christians) say, hey come over here with us, because your side is going to collapse, we know because the builder told us it was not safe. But all the people on the other side call us self righteous, or they say we think we are the elite. If we really were we would not say anything just wait until that side fell then pat ourselves on the back for being smarter than everyone else. Instead we try to tell people even though we know we will be looked down on and called names.

Here is another example, I have people tell me that there is no God, that I am stupid for believing in Him. Then I tell them okay, but I will pray for you. They get mad at me. Why? If there is no God then I am just wasting my time, so why get mad? I brought that up because I wanted to tell you that I will pray for you. I figure from your last message that will upset you, but so be it. I will pray that God opens your eyes so that you can see that you are on the shaky ledge and so that you will want to come over to the solid side. All you have to do is believe that Jesus is God's Son and that He died for your sins. Ask Him to forgive you and that is it.


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