God is the universal energy.

My Dear Ralph,

There is no hell and no heaven. It is all a making of our own. What there is is total reunion with God. This reunion will come after we have purified ourselves. After we realise "universal consciousness". Until then, we will keep coming back to learn our lessons. God is like our parent. He will not punish us by putting us in hell till eternity. But he will keep giving us chances, till we realise ourselves.

Again, God is the universal energy. There is no "one personality" sitting there in judgement. God is the energy that flows through you and me. He manifests in all living creatures and he manifests in all the great masters of the world, including Christ. All paths lead to him. You can select the one that suits you.

Many of Christ's teachings have been misintepreted and have not been reproduced in the correct manner.

Therefore, find out the truth for yourself. Sit in meditation, connect with the angels, with God and the different manifestations of God, and find out the truth for yourself. I myself speak to Jesus and to other great masters, Archangle Michael, etc. and they always tell you the truth. You have to learn by yourself what the truth is.

My response is in Green:

Thanks for writing me. Your message made me sad. It made me sad because you need to know who God really is, not what some demon is telling you. That's right I am saying that the Christ and Archangel Michael you are talking to are demons. That is the problem with meditation they way you think of meditation. I meditate on God's word, but not in the way you meditate. You empty your mind so that you can be in contact with this energy you call god, but all you are accomplishing is to open yourself up to the demonic world. They will tell you anything you want to hear. They won't tell you the truth, however.

The Bible speaks of this very thing:

(2 Corinthians 11:14 NIV) And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.

Stop and think a minute. Where did the entire concept of Christ and for that matter the Archangel Michael come from? The Bible. Yet you reject the Bible out of hand because as you say it was misinterpreted and not reproduced in the right manner. Have you read it? Have you studied and meditated on it? You should. As you said you need to find out who God is for yourself. These demons are misleading you and will send your soul to hell. Yes hell is a real place.

The sad part is that God loves you. He is a being not just some energy source as you think. Not all paths lead to God, only Jesus Christ does, all other paths lead to hell.

Your e-mail says it all. You say that there is no being sitting in judgment. See that is what people want to believe. They want to believe they will never have to answer for their sins, but they know deep in their heart that they will. You need to find out who God is and you can do that by reading His word, the Bible. You owe it to yourself before it is too later.

(Romans 5:8 NIV) But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

It is up to you whether you believe and are saved or spend eternity in hell. God is reaching out to you, but you must make the decision yourself.



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