Evolution disproves the Bible.

Hello, I read through some of your web site and must say it's quite impressive.

I hope you will respond to this email, I believe it covers three aspects not addressed elsewhere on your page. The three problems I have with Christianity are the multiple proofs against Noah's flood, the proof against creation, and the ridiculousness of belief in Jesus as the make or break criteria for entrance to heaven.

There are several reasons not to believe the biblical story of Noah's flood. A recent worldwide flood is inconsistent with every geological record known to man. There are issues with transporting two of every species in a wood boat (basically, there in no possible way it could happen). Then also getting species from different continents on and off of the ark presents some major logistical challenges. Then how would those species survive afterwards in a habbitat totally destroyed by the flood. But the best proof against Noah's flood is to say OK, assume everything happened just like the bible said, after the flood every species of animal would get really really inbred and die. You can't restart a species from two animals and have it live, if you don't believe me try it yourself.

Now God could have waved a magic wand and only make it look like the bible is completely full of ---, but where's the incentive to do that? Certainly a loving and compassionate God could and would have made His bible consistent with the physical world. Not doing so sure gives us unbelievers a good reason to doubt Him.

I know that evolution bashing is a great hobby among creationists but it is the only theory that fits the facts. You said somewhere in your site that there is no evidence for evolution, have you heard of drug resistant bacteria? In forty years evolution has been demonstrated right in front of your eyes. So yes, the envorinment can undeniably change the genetic code of living thins and yes, given time and isolation that will create new species. You can look in the fossil record and see a dog like mammal slowly develop into a dolphin like mammal, is this not proof of evolution? We are in the midst of unraveling the genetic code, and we can trace the evolution of a species from its DNA. So we can get evolutionary trees in two ways, from the genetic code and then from the fossil record. And when we compare these trees we find they are the same. The reason everybody 'chooses' to believe in evolution is that no other theory even comes close to being consistent with the evidence.

Now again God could have created the world with built in evidence that contradicts his bible, but why would He. Certainly a loving and compassionate God could and would have made His bible consistent with the physical world. Not doing so sure gives us unbelievers a good reason to doubt Him.

And finally, God can forgive someone for raping 15 little girls and let them into heaven, but someone who has looked at Christianity and decided it did not look right goes straight to hell. That doesn't sound like a just God to me at all. To say nothing of a loving God. If he sent Jesus to die for our sins, surely it was for all our sins, and not just those who choose to believe in Him. A just and loving God would do nothing else.

Well, thanks for reading this. If you do respond, my freind has been unable to answer my questions and would no doubt enjoy hearing your answers almost as much as I would.

PS: Please don't confuse my defense of evolution with a defense of abiogenisis (the making of the first cell). They are not the same thing. Proving evolution alone refutes the bible, and if you can't defend the bible and instead start talking to me about shaking a bag of watch parts without the parts it will not make me believe in God it will just make me beleive you don't have a defence for the bible.

My response is in Green:

You know I had to decide whether to even respond to you or not. I get a lot of mail each day and they all take time to answer, so I try to deal with those from people who I believe really care or at least have an open mind. I am not sure that means you. You make claims like there are multiple proofs against Noah's flood, but you don't bother to list any of them. Other that the fact that you don't believe it. In fact you go so far as to prove your own point false. I am sure you don't even realize you have done so.

Let me quote what you said: You can't restart a species from two animals and have it live, if you don't believe me try it yourself.

I don't agree, but for the moment I will say okay, I agree with you. Now here is the problem, if you can't believe that the entire population of the world was replenished with just two of each species, then how on earth can you believe that the entire population of the world came from zero!! If I believe that two (a male and a female) of each species repopulated the whole earth, you tell me I am wrong because it isn't possible, yet you believe all the different species came from one ancestor, and that one ancestor came from nothing spontaneously. Hello, anyone home?

You seem to have a problem with my watch illustration. Why? You are willing to agree that even with starting with all the parts it will never again be a working watch, but yet you claim that even when starting with none of the parts what you see before you today came about by random chance?

Let's get back to the flood for a moment. Where is your proof? Did you know that there are 254 different versions of the flood story from 254 different primitive societies? Why would that be? They are not all identical, but they are all close. They all tell of a man and his family who were spared during a great flood that covered the whole land. Some talk about the animals and other do not. These are from people groups who are scattered throughout the world. Could it be this is true because they all descended from common ancestors who passed down the story?

There is no proof of Darwinian evolution. Your example of bacteria is either out of ignorance of the argument or willfully misleading. You do realize that there is a different between microevolution, which happens around us all the time and macroevolution, which is unproven and what Darwin claimed? Microevolution is a true fact, I am taller than my father and he was taller than his father. That is microevolution, but macroevolution says that one species evolved into another.

There are no fossil records of intermediate stages of any animal. You may have a fossil of a dog like creature and then a fossil of a dolphin, but that proves nothing other than there was a dog like creature and there was a dolphin.

Speaking of all the proof for evolution, you might want to read a book by a secular (meaning he is not a Christian) Professor of Biochemistry at Lehigh University. The book is titled Darwin's Black Box, The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution by Michael J. Behe. It might surprise you to know that he does not believe in creationism, but he knows that Darwin's theory of evolution can't be true. You owe it to yourself to read his book, that is if you are truly interested in the facts. Like I said, he does not preach creationism, in fact he believes we did come from a common ancestor, but he admits it can't have happened in the way evolution tries to explain it. What is my point? My point is that evolution has too many scientific holes to be true. Does that prove the Bible? No of course not, but it sure takes the air out of your evolution proves the Bible wrong theory.

Let me address just a couple of other problems with the whole evolution theory. Do you know how they judge the age of a fossil? They look at the layer of earth it is found in and then assign an age to the fossil because of the age of that layer of earth. Sounds good until you realize how they determine the age of the layer of earth. Do you know how? By what fossils are found in it!! Wow that is scientific!!

Did you know that there are petrified trees standing erect and going through several millions of years of sediment levels? How can that be? We know a tree did not live to be several millions of years old. We know that if the tree died it would have decomposed unless buried very quickly and then had lots of water running over it causing the petrifaction. So what could the answer be? Well it could be caused by a violent flood which happened so fast that it buried the tree alive under layer upon layer of sediment in the matter of a few days or months.

God did not build in contradictions to His word. The problem is that you are believing a religion other than the one He has provided for you. Yes evolution is a religion just as much as Christianity. You have to take things by faith because there is no proof.

Why would God require faith in His son to be forgiven of sins? Well if you would read a Bible you would find the answer to that question. Your perception of why a person goes to hell is wrong too. See you don't go to hell because you looked at Christianity and did not like it, you go to hell for the sins you have committed. You can be forgiven just like that rapist, but if you refuse to take God up on the offer then you will pay for your own sins. Why is Jesus the only way? Because we have all sinned and the sentence for sin is death. I can't die for your sins and you can't die for mine. I have to pay for mine and you have to pay for yours. Neither of us has any hope, because paying for our sins will require eternity separated from God. Jesus on the other hand could die for our sins because He was God and had never sinned. So He died in our place, but it is up to us whether we want to take Him up on the offer or not.

You can continue to believe in evolution and claim there is no proof for the Bible, but when you stand before God you won't be able to point to any proof for evolution, nor will you be able to refute anything in His word.

God's word is consistent with the physical world. You just need to check it out for yourself. You have lots of problems with the flood story but none of them disproves anything. You seem to think that the land after the flood was what we see today, but that is a misconception. Read your Bible and you will see that the land changed drastically during this period. There would have been land bridges at first which would have allowed the animals and people roam around the world, but slowly as things began to stabilize and some of the polar ice caps melted the land bridges disappeared. Take a look at the continental shelves. Now imagine that the water level was only up to them. That would be a much different world. Even evolutionist agree this happened, just not during the same time periods.

Have you ever wondered how the Bible can claim that people lived to be 900 years old before the flood? With radiation, etc...that would be impossible right? There the Bible goes again making claims that can't possibly be true in the physical world. Okay, but what if there was water filtering out the radiation and making the whole earth a greenhouse? Hum, that would even explain why they find frozen animals in the artic with green vegetation in their stomachs undigested.

But what does the Bible have to say?

(Genesis 1:6-8 NIV) [6] And God said, "Let there be an expanse between the waters to separate water from water." [7] So God made the expanse and separated the water under the expanse from the water above it. And it was so. [8] God called the expanse "sky." And there was evening, and there was morning-the second day.

There was water above the sky and below the sky! Now the water above the sky would have had to been in space, which is of course cold, so it would have been an ice layer over the whole earth. This would have filtered out radiation and it would have caused the whole earth to be a greenhouse. Not only that but it would have made the atmospheric pressure the same as a hyperbaric chamber. So what you say? Well it would explain how people lived to be so old. You do realize that sever injuries are treated by placing people in hyperbaric chambers? Here is something else to think about. Do you know when a reptile quits growing? When it dies. So now imagine, not a 30 year old alligator but a 250 year old alligator, you can bet it would be as big as any dinosaur we can imagine. In those old movies when they want to show dinosaurs what do they do? They film the little guys but make them look big. Now imagine if those little guys grew for a couple hundred years. Hum...

But if the world was a greenhouse what happened? What would have caused the animals we have found in the poles to die so quickly that the green vegetation in their stomachs did not decay? How about a flood. In the account of the flood God says that He opened the windows of heaven. Could it be that is the ice covering the earth? If it broke and came crashing down the parts on the poles could stay cold enough to instantly freeze everything they came in contact with. The other parts would heat up as they came through the atmosphere, turning into rain and lots of it.

Now look again at your Bible. You ever wonder why God put all those begats in there? You know so and so begat so and so when he was 150 years old. Could it be proof of the story? Look at the ages people died and you will notice something amazing. Before the flood people lived to be 900+ years old, but after the flood the life span quickly declined. Hum, could it be solar radiation?

You keep believing that science disproves the Bible, but you do it at your own peril. The proof is right there but it takes a little study to see it. And yes it takes faith too. It takes faith to believe that the whole worlds population of animals all came from two of each species, but not as much faith as it does to believe they all came from a rock, water and a couple of billion years.

I have only scratched the surface. I don't have the time to go further, but if you are interested there are lots of good resources out there. I hope that you will investigate it for yourself. God created you and He loves you, but He won't force you to believe. He has however put everything before you that you need to find the truth.

Take care,



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