Your site is shameful and self serving!

Your suicide help site is shameful. You may have spent much time convincing yourself otherwise, but for whatever reason, you are using other people's problems to promote your own Christian agenda and spread your beliefs and religion onto others. Just because you believe in it, don't cram it down the throats of these poor weak people in their hour of need. To one person, at the address you said "I am sorry that you think I am seated on a "holier than thou" high horse. It makes me wonder if you really read much of my site."

Is that how to talk to someone who is about to committ suicide? She needed help, not a Christian lecture about how she understands nothing. Issues should be dealt with on a case by case basis by knowing the person, not responding with generic religious propaganda.

Honestly, how is god truly going to help someone's problems. Is he going to come from the sky and tell them how to deal with their pregnancy. These are real peole with real problems, SO HELP THEM!! Maybe the people involved in the church will help, but that's different from what you said.

As for the part of the page at where you say " If you kill yourself because you got pregnant and could not face it, or because you had an abortion, or because people found out you are a homosexual, or because you lost your family due to an sexual immorality, or you were caught with drugs, or you are an alcoholic who can't stop, or a drug abuser, no matter what the problem, you will face judgment for it. Think of it this way. Once you die those sins and problems are permanently attached to you, you can't get rid of them, all you can do is wait until God judges you for them."

What were you thinking? Now you are telling hopeless people who already think so lowly of themselves that they are sinners? Don't you think they thought that before? By the way, homosexuality is not a sin, nor is alcoholism or drug abuse. Don't make them even more depressed, and obliterate whatever little hope and self-esteem they have left so that they will buy into your cause. That pushes them one step closer to the edge. You make it seem as if now that they are in this situation, the only way out is Christianity, otherwise they are might as well end it right now. What if they don't believe in religion, or are of another, such as Islam or Judaism. Then you should realize that your fundamentalist views have isolated many people and that you have done quite a bit of damage yet again. Your way out is not the only way out, so don't portray it as such. Some people like to face problems head on, instead of turning to a nonexistent god like you did. You have told them that if they do not turn to god, they are going straight to hell, and it is your way or the highway.

You claim to be a friend, but the hand you reach out with clearly has many strings attached. If you truly believe in your methods, then you are greatly misguided.

My response is in Green:

I am sorry you think my site is shameful and self serving. I think you are wrong, but you have the right to feel any way you like. You did what a lot of people do with the Bible you quoted me out of context to make what I said look as bas as possible.

You quoted this: I am sorry that you think I am seated on a "holier than thou" high horse. It makes me wonder if you really read much of my site. But you forgot to quote the next three sentences:

"I don't think I am holier than you. The reason I posted the suicide help page on my site was because there was a time in my life when I too thought that was the way out of the pain. I just came to realize later that it was all a lie, death does not bring peace and freedom from pain unless death is ordained by God and the person has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ."

The reason I told this person that I did not think she read much of my site is because over and over again I tell people that I have sinned and have been depressed and even suicidal. How does that qualify as being "holier then thou?" But as I said you have the right to feel any way you choose.

You claim that I am self serving. How? How is it self serving to tell people who write me and ask me questions that I feel the answer to their problems is God? You may disagree that He is the answer, but how is that self serving? Am I serving God? Well I think I am but I am not self serving.

Am I spreading my beliefs and agenda to others? My beliefs yes, but I don't have an agenda other than helping people. It is like a person who has cancer and finds a doctor that cures them. They look around and see that many other people also have the same kind of cancer and they go tell them about the doctor that helped them. Is that wrong? Is it self serving to try to tell people how you were cured of a disease? If so, then I will happily continue to be self serving.

I like how you claim I am cramming my beliefs down people's throats. Did you forget who wrote whom? I make no bones about my site being religious in nature or my beliefs, yet these people write me for help. But you to it is cramming my religion down their throats to respond to them about the love of God, which helped me over come suicidal thoughts.

It always amuses me how people feel Christians cram their beliefs down people's throats. I guess there is something about Christian sites that make people forget how to use their browsers. See if I stumble upon a pornographic site I don't read the whole thing and look at all the pictures and then write them and complain that they are cramming their filth down my throat, I hit the back button on my browser and leave their site. What a concept!! I also don't look at their site and understand what it is and then write them for advice about sexual matters and then claim they are abusing me by giving me an answer I don't like. Again I don't stay and look around, I hit the back button and leave. I guess those sites don't have the same kind of spiritual magic that my Christian site does, right? Give me a break.

What was I thinking by telling someone that they are a sinner? Let me explain. I was thinking that we are all sinners and we will all go to hell when we die unless we are reconciled to God through the blood of Jesus Christ. We can't be covered by the blood of Jesus Christ and forgiven of our sins until we realize we are sinners. So what I was thinking was that this person needs to understand what her problem was and what the answer is.

Do most people contemplate suicide because they have low self-esteem and feel like they are sinners? No. People contemplate suicide because they hate their lives, they hate the pain and suffering they are going through and want relief. When I contemplated suicide it was because I was tired so very tired of this life. I wanted peace and rest and death seemed to offer that. The problem is that those are lies, death does not give a person rest or peace. The only place to get rest and peace for your soul is through Jesus Christ and I won't apologize for telling people that.

Face it, your problem is not with me, it is with God. God is the one who says that Jesus is the only way to heaven, not me. God is the one who says we are all sinners, not me. God is the one who says that all man's wisdom cannot help those in need, only He can, not me. God is the one who says homosexuality is a sin, not me. God is the one who says being a drunkard is a sin, not me. God is the one who says that drug abuse is a sin, not me. I will not tell a person who is hurting that it will be okay in a few days, or that medication will help, or that life will get better soon. What they need is God's help, they need to find out what they were created for. They were created to have a relationship with their Creator, and I will help them find that if I can.

You know, if I were to do what you want me to do, it would be like telling a person who was ready to jump off a bridge that they shouldn't. That life would be better the next day and their problems are not worth dying over. Yes you might get them off the bridge safely that night, but what about the next time? What about when the problem continues? Do you think they will listen to the next person who tells them the same lie? Of course not. I won't lie to people, they need to take care of the root of the problem and that is always their relationship with God.

Once they get that problem taken care of God can help them with the symptoms of the problem. Things like being pregnant out of wedlock, or losing a job or whatever. Those problems cannot be dealt the effectively until the root of the problem is taken care of. So I will continue my site and continue to tell people that God loves them and wants to help them and that if they do kill themselves they will not accomplish what they are trying to do which is be free from the pain. There is only one way to be free from the pain and I will continue to tell them that.

If you want to call me misguided and self serving then go ahead. I will continue to answer all who write me because I care about them and I have found the doctor who can cure them. You need to come to know Him too, it will change your whole outlook on life.



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