Where did Cain's wife come from?

Dear Ralph,

Could you help me with this question, actually it was my student's question from sunday school she ask me. "If only Cain and Abel was the the sons of Adam and Eve and Cain murdered his own brother Abel where did Cain get his wife? Where did those other people came from after Cain?" Thank you very much if you can help me.

My response is in Green:

Let me answer your question with a question of sorts. A man in a green jacket was the first person to enter a very large room. After him a man in a blue jacket entered the same room. The man in the blue jacket got mad at the first man and shot him. Okay, now tell me how many people were in that room when the man in the green jacket was shot. You can't because you can't possibly know, it could be just two or it could be a thousand, because I didn't tell you. I only told you about the two important persons in my story, the man who was shot and the one who shot him. I didn't tell you how long between the second man entering the room he shot the first man. I didn't tell you if other people entered between the time the first man entered and the time the second man entered. Nor did I tell you if other people entered after the second man entered. All you can do is make assumptions. Now you might make the assumption that there were just two people, because that is all I mentioned, but I only mentioned them because they were important to my story.

Now with that in mind re-read Genesis:

Genesis 4:1-3 Now the man had relations with his wife Eve, and she conceived and gave birth to Cain, and she said, "I have gotten a manchild with the help of the Lord." [2] Again, she gave birth to his brother Abel. And Abel was a keeper of flocks, but Cain was a tiller of the ground. [3] So it came about in the course of time that Cain brought an offering to the Lord of the fruit of the ground.

How many children did Adam and Eve have by the time Cain killed Abel? You can't possibly know, because it doesn't tell us. People make an assumption because only Cain and Abel are mentioned, but that is because they are the only two important characters in this story. If Cain had killed his sister Sarah, then we would know that Adam and Eve had one boy and one girl but we wouldn't know they had another son named Abel. See my point? Please note, I am not trying to claim Adam and Eve had a girl named Sarah, just making a point.

Now think about this:

Genesis 4:13-14 Cain said to the Lord, "My punishment is too great to bear! [14] "Behold, You have driven me this day from the face of the ground; and from Your face I will be hidden, and I will be a vagrant and a wanderer on the earth, and whoever finds me will kill me."

Why would whoever found Cain kill him? You could say it is because he was the first murderer, but I don't buy that. The only logical reason is because he killed Abel, but why would all these other people care about Abel? Well if Abel was either their brother, father, or uncle they would care!

We know that Adam and Eve had another son after Cain killed Abel and his name was Seth. We also know that Adam was 130 years old when Eve gave birth to Seth. Now since the day he was created he was sexually mature that is a lot of years to have a lot of children. Cain, Abel and Seth are mentioned because of their importance to the story, not because they were the only children born to Adam and Eve to that point.

The Bible tells us that sin came into the world by Adam and we all became sinners because we all sinned. That is because the sinful nature passes down from the father. Now why didn't Jesus have a sinful nature? Simple His father was not Adam! My point is that if there were other people who were not decedents of Adam they would have been sinless too, but no one person every born, other than Jesus, was born sinless. Adam and Eve where sinless when they were created and then fell and we all fell with them.

So to me the evidence is overwhelming, that Adam and Eve had other children besides Cain, Abel and Seth and they were the people Cain was afraid of because he killed Abel.



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