Jesus is just a corpse

Who is Jesus? He's a corpse! If you seriously think a man who died on a cross nearly 2000 years ago can 'save' you, then you are sadly deluded...

My response is in Green:

Can you show me his corpse? Have you ever really looked into this man named Jesus? What do you think will happen to you when you assume room temperature? If you can't answer those questions, you owe it to yourself to find the answers. One more question, if I am wrong what have I to lose? If I am right and you are wrong, then what have you to lose? Better think about that too.

Take care.

Yes, I have looked into this man named Jesus, and I still am. I am reading Theology and Religious Studies at University. If you are wrong, and I believe most strongly that you are, what you have to lose is your freedom to think and act independently, not shackled by the chains of religion. Can I show you his corpse? No, but can you provide me with one shred of satisfactory evidence that he 'rose again'? Of course not. How can you have faith in such a far fetched tale and base your whole life around the words of a collection of ancient, flawed and contradictory writings? If Jesus really was God made man then why was this necessary? The sins of the world have not disappeared, his death has not heralded a new age on earth. And if his death was to atone for our sins, what does this mean in real terms? The whole idea paints God in a very bad light. He is wrathful and vengeful and demands blood sacrifices. Rather than punish us, though, he becomes a man and then has himself killed, thus making up for our sin. The whole idea is irrational and the product of a group of religious cultists/fanatics of the 1st Century A.D. If God really wanted to 'save' people he would have sent a Christ to every country or race. A 3rd of the world's population still has no knowledge of Christianity. Will this make a difference when they die? No, of course not! If I am wrong, what do I have to lose? Well, very little, as I'd rather go to Hell than spend eternity with a load of Bible-bashers!

If you choose to reply, please do not litter your e-mail with Bible quotes as they have no meaning for me.

You say you have looked into Jesus, but yet you say you totally discount the Bible, so how in the world are you looking into Him? By reading what someone else has written? Yet you call me irrational. I have no Theology degree, I am just a Bible believing Christian. I am not shackled by the chains of any religion, as you might think, nor have I always walked with Christ. You said you could not produce Christ's corpse, but I could not produce any evidence that he arose. Well at least we both believe He was really a human being. That is a start, most of the time I have to start with how I know there even was a Jesus. But back to your point. How about this; if Jesus resurrection was all a lie, hoax, whatever you want to call it, then why were people willing to die for that lie? Why are people still willing to die for that lie? Okay, you might say that poor souls like me are deluded, but what about the people who were around when Jesus lived (and I might add rose again)? If it was lie then they would have known it. Why would they die knowing that Jesus was stone cold in a grave? What did they have to gain? That is my evidence. You don't have to look to the Bible to see how the early Christians died. In fact the Bible says very little about the deaths of the early Christians. The Romans kept very good records and you can find in them how the early Christians were treated.

One of your problems is you really don't understand who God is. You mention that He does not punish us, but He sent His Son to die. What you don't seem to understand is that God is a holy being and He demands death for sin. When Adam and Eve (Yeah I know you don't believe in them either) sinned, we all came under the curse of sin. So what could we do? Nothing! God loved us and did not want us to die eternally, so He sent His Son to die in our place. You are right, Jesus' death did not do away with sin, but it did get us out of the death sentence. God could not change, He still demands death as a punishment for sin, but we don't have to pay the price.

You know God loves you whether you know it, whether you care, or whether you even believe in Him or not. You said you would rather spend eternity in Hell then to be with people like me, well God loves you enough to grant that wish too. Think about it. He has offered you eternal life, but you would rather spend eternity separated from Him. Why? Because of people like me? Okay, but why judge God by looking at me? I am nothing, and I admit it, so don't let me or anyone else stand in your way of knowing the Creator of the universe.

You also mentioned that there is a third of the world who have never heard of Jesus. Well I disagree with you about how many have never heard, but you point is well taken. I believe God only judges people for what they do know, not what they don't know. I don't believe anyone will be punished for not accepting Jesus as their Savior if they never heard about Him. However, deep in everyone's heart is the desire to know God. Look at all the recorded civilizations; they all worshipped someone or something. Why? I believe it is because God placed the desire to know Him in our souls. If a person who has never heard of Jesus or of God, searches for this Being and tires to honor Him, even if they don't totally understand, I believe God's grace is big enough to cover them. Just as His grace is big enough to cover infants, or mentally ill people who can't ever know God.

You never did tell me what you think happens when you die. Can you truly believe that one day you are a living, reasoning being and the next you are nothing? Sorry I can't believe that.

Well take care. If you ever decide you really want to know who Jesus is you will have to read your Bible. If not, then like I said He loves you enough to give you what you want.

Ralph Dettwiler


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