How can there be a loving God when my life is such a mess?

Yeah I have decided there is no god my mom has had terminal cancer over the year.. my sister lost her job and is a care giver and about to lose her mind I am about ready to walk off my job because there non supportive.... the family is being torn up by bits an pieces what happened to a loving god.. or does he put every one through hell..

My response is in Green:

There is no easy answer to your question, but I will try. First you say you have decided there is no God. Okay, then that pretty much ends it. That would mean that we are all just here by chance and by chance these things have happened to you and your family.

But if there is a God, does that mean that everything that happens is His fault? If so does that mean that all the good things you never thought about in your life were His doing too? My point is that many people blame God for everything they don't like, but they never give Him credit for the good things. If He is responsible for everything then He is also responsible for every breath you have taken since you were born.

I am sorry to hear about the problems you and your family are facing, however, I believe that is part of our fallen world. God did not create this world in this condition. There was no disease or death in the world He created, but it all came about when Adam and Eve sinned. Since then the world has been in the process of dying.

I have a very pointed question for you. Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? If not then God is not listening to your prayers. There is just one prayer that He will listen to from someone who does not know His Son and that is a prayer of repentance. So if you don't know Jesus and you are mad at God for not answering your prayers, you are the one who needs to make the move. If you do know Jesus and have trusted Him as your personal savior, then maybe you need to look deeper in your own heart. God is not a genie in the sky who grants us everything we want. However, if we put Him first He will listen to us and He will answer us. That does not mean that everyone who asks to be healed is. God knows what is best and sometimes that is not what we want. We look at everything through the lenses of humanity. This life is all there is and so everything must be great here and now. God on the other hand sees eternity and knows that this life is but a whiff of smoke, gone in an instant.

You asked what happened to a loving God? Well He is still a loving God, who sent His only Son (Jesus) to die for our sins. All He asks of us is that we believe and ask Him to forgive us. Yet that seems too hard for many people. They want God to do something for them first... He already did. Before we were born, He paid the price, He had His Son serve our death sentence for us.

You also said your sister lost her job and is about to lose her mind. She should turn to God for her help. Just as you should. Maybe the people at your job aren't supportive and I can't tell you if quitting is the right thing or the wrong thing, but I will tell you the support you need comes from God not other humans. They will always let you down. That is our nature.

The bottom line is this, people want to live their own lives with no help or accountability to God, yet when life gets out of control they want to blame Him for all the bad things happening. You can't have it both ways, either God is the Lord of your life and He is in control or you are the lord of your life and you ride it out on your own.

The good news is this, He will be right there waiting for you until you take your final breath on this earth.

I am sure I did not give you the answer you wanted, but I gave you the truth. I have a very good friend who is also dying of cancer. She has grown children who have small children. She wants to see them grow and enjoy her family, but it does not look like that is going to happen. Every time I try to comfort her and encourage her, I am the one who walks away encouraged, because she is so full of peace. She knows where she is going when she dies and even though she is not ready to go, she knows that if her family also keeps following Christ, they will all be together again.

Don't blame God, trust Him. Give Him a chance.



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