Christianity is Hell on Earth

I think someone's a bit self righteous. I found links to your pages in the guest book of fallen star, you seem intelligent, but apparently not intelligent enough to understand that Christianity is totally outdated and obsolete.

I myself, am Nihilistic, and for lack of a better word, antichristian. Not Antichrist... but antichristian.. I have no real conflict with most of Christ's philosophy, which is mainly peace, love and harmony. Yet somehow, people are so ignorant that they can misinterpret this to an extreme. I mean, I'm 14, I go to High School, I get spit on for wearing a "God Is Now Here/God Is Nowhere" T-shirt, or a "beLIEve" T-shirt, now why should I get spit on and judged by a religious group who's entire salvation depends upon being loving and understanding and non-judgemental? This bewilders me. Again, hypocrisy in Christianity. If there is one thing I truly cannot tolerate, it is hypocrisy. I find most Christians to be Hippocrates.

Also, I think that by forbidding everything that mankind is instinctually inclined towards and craves (i.e. violence, lust, gluttony, sex for pleasure, anger, etc.) Christianity is a way of creating a hell on earth. What you call original sin, I call human nature. I am not ignorant in my non-conforming to Christianity, I have read the bible cover to cover several times, and I find it to be an outdated guide to life, last month's TV guide is the best analogy I can think of for the bible today.

Most of the Christian friends I have are clueless, just yesterday my friend Rafael refused to acknowledge the fact that Christ was a Jew. I find that by being Christian today, is nothing more than sadly clinging to a crass, outdated dogma, for a lack of individuality. Christian's willingly admit that they are "the lord"'s flock of sheep and he/she is their shepherd. I would never ever flock with the rest of the herd to have sense of belonging and salvation. Sure I feel like crap sometimes, but I'd rather feel like crap than be full of crap. I am my own shepherd. I mean sure I belong to but not in the same sense of Christianity. I belong to, for example, The Marilyn Manson fan club, this doesn't mean I worship or even follow Manson, merely wish to show my support for what he does. The "spirituality" you feel, I feel too, but I do not mistake it for an external, supernatural, all powerful entity, I know it is me. I have what you call "the lord" in me, in my heart, but it is merely your humanity, not some divine deity. God is in you, you are your own God. Thanks for your time, please contact me if you find anything I've said interesting and I can arrange a real time chat.

My response is in Green:

Well thanks for writing to me. You are right there is a lot of hypocrisy among Christians. I will not defend that, but to say all Christians are that way is being blind to the facts. You want to paint us all with one brush, but you would not want to be painted that way.

You said you have read the Bible cover to cover several times, that is great if it is true. I have a problem believing it is true if you still think that the Bible is just outdated crap. How do you explain the predictions in the Bible that came true hundreds of years after they were predicted? Don't bother telling me that they were written after the fact. In case you did not know, it can be proved. But don't let facts stand in your way of belief. Now if it upsets you to think that I don't believe you have really read the Bible several time cover to cover, let me ask you why I should? You see you said that what is wrong with the Christianity is that we try to change natural behavior. Well lying is natural to humans, so why would you bother to tell me the truth? I on the other hand believe that conduct is a sin, so I have a reason to be honest with you. See my point? Probably not, but which one of us is refusing to put his biases aside?

Do you really think that the world would be a better place without morals? Maybe you did not read all of my pages. Try going to my main site: See I was a cop for almost 7 years. I have seen what human beings do to each other in a 'moral' society, I can imagine what it would be like without morals. Sex for fun, sounds good until someone wants sex with you and you don't want sex with him! Stealing is nice, you don't have to work for anything, until someone steals everything you own. Who cares if a person lies, until you need a doctor and you don't know if he is lying to you or not. Violence, again great fun, until it is against you.

Everyone I have ever talked to who wanted to do away with laws and morals, sure did not want the biggest baddest dude after them once the law was gone. All you really want is the freedom to do whatever you want to, but that causes a lot of victims and sooner or later you would become one too.

God loves you enough to make you happy when you die. Either you will accept His free plan of salvation and spend eternity with Him and be happy, or you will reject it because you don't want anything to do with Him or His plan. Well He will give you that wish too. Hell is the complete separation from God. It is just what people are demanding of God, to be left alone! Are you sure that is what you want?

You said you think I am being "self righteous." Tell me how, if you really read my page you would have seen that I have done some terrible things in my past. I am ashamed of a lot of what I have done. Is is self righteous to say that I found God's forgiveness through Jesus Christ? Did I condemn anyone? Well in a way I did, by quoting the Bible which says that we are all sinners and will be punished unless we ask for forgiveness and accept Christ as our savior.

Some of the things you said are more true than you realize. While you were reading the Bible several time from cover to cover, did you see the part right up front near the beginning where Adam and Eve sinned? How about the curse that God then put on mankind because of their sin? You see you are right, it is human nature to do and want the things you talk about, but believe me allowing everyone to do as they please would not make a better place to live. Every human knows in their heart what is right and what is wrong, that is where laws came from. If there is no God and therefore no need for moral law, why is it that every society has rules?? Not just Christian societies, every society. Even gangs who denounce Christianity and God have rules. Must be something in our makeup, huh?

Well I enjoy a good discussion, so if you would like to continue I would be happy to. I don't often find the time for a real time chat so it will have to be through e-mail. Take care.


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