Your stupid statements give people a reason to hate Christians.

ok, i have read through most of your site, i have been involved with many different religions and have this to say to you! to say that there is more evidence that jesus exsisted than hitler is just a stupid statement and gives people reasons to hate christians, they always seem to be coming out with rediculous things! was jesus ever caught on camera??? did he ever have his photo taken??? thats like saying saddam hussian doesnt exist!! no-one controls me or judges me, i am my god, there is no evil when i am low telling me to end it just as there is no good telling me to fight, this my friend is my mind there is always at LEAST 2 options, two directions we can take! this is natural, what was there b4 god?? you claim nothing, so what about all the people around before jesus??? were they forgiven??? and if we turn to god we are saved what of the men of the cloth who abuse our children and the church protects them??? they have burned a childs soul, and god will forgive them? no wonder we have a quickly descending state of law, they were based on christian ideologies that have no ground! and its because people are finally coming around and realising there is no god that they start to rebel against the laws which were based around him, no god=no laws!!! it is up to us to decide what we do to eachothers and to ourselves in this life! looking for someone to lead us or whatever is an easy way out of having to face it yourself!

My response is in Green:

Thanks for sharing your feelings with me. I am sorry that you think my statement about Jesus and Hitler was stupid. You know you did to me what most people do to the Bible, you took what I said totally out of the original context. It probably would sound stupid to most people if that is all I said, but it is not all I said. Here is what I said: "Well guess what, there is more evidence that Jesus walked this earth than there is that Hitler did." But even looking at the statement does not give the whole context. I was speaking to a person who claimed that Jesus never walked this earth. I made the point that this person never spoke to either Jesus or Hitler, never even spoke to anyone who had spoken to either of them, yet she believed one had lived and not the other. My point about more evidence is simple, you can find thousands of times more material on Jesus Christ than you can on Hitler. You can talk to many more people whose lives were directly affected by Jesus than Hitler. People think you have to believe the Bible in order to prove that Jesus lived, and that was my point there are volumes of books which talk about Jesus and what He did while on this earth. Many more volumes than there are on Hitler. You mentioned television and pictures. Your point was that you can see pictures of Hitler and you can't see any of Jesus. Okay I will give you that, so what? How do you know the pictures of Hitler are for real? I am not saying he did not live and I am not saying that the pictures of him aren't real, what I am saying is you are believing in something you can't prove. You can't prove that any of those pictures are real, nor can you prove that Hitler lived by your own personal investigation. You believe it because it has been taught and because many other people believe it. I believe it; I also believe Jesus lived and many people believe that. Many documents talk about Him. Many which were written by people who did not believe He was who He said He was. The Romans kept very good records and they are full of accounts about Jesus and about His followers. His followers, talked to many people and wrote many letters. That was my point, there is a tremendous amount of evidence that Jesus Christ walked this earth.

You have to decide if you believe He was the Son of God or not, but to deny He ever lived is like denying that Hitler lived. That was my point.

In the process of saying my statement was stupid you said something very instructive. You said it is statements like that which give people reasons to hate Christians. Why is that? Why would you hate me for being stupid? Would you hate someone who claimed the earth is really flat? You know there are people who still claim that. They go so far as to say that the pictures from space make the earth look round because all the camera lenses are round. Do you hate them? Should people hate them? I am sure you don't see my point, but you should. Why is it that people will just write off others as being simple minded or stupid but when it comes to Christians, whom they also think are simple minded or stupid they start hating them? That is something you should search your soul about. If there is no God then all us stupid Christians are just busy talking to ourselves. Why do we bother you at all? You came to my page, you had to know after the first two minutes or less that I was a Christian and therefore that I was stupid (your words). So why did you bother to stay and keep reading?

Could it be that you know deep down in your heart that there is more than just you? That there is a supreme being? Oh, go ahead and deny it, that is okay. One day you will stand before God and you can then tell Him that He is not real that you are the only god in your life.

You know even if I weren't a Christian I would know that your views are wrong. See if you read much of my site you will know that I spent 7 years as a Deputy Sheriff. I was not walking with God at that time, so my views don't reflect religion so much as they reflect my own observations. I saw the things that people do to other people. You say that people are rebelling against the moral laws because they have had an awakening to the fact that there is no God and therefore no law worth anything. Why don't you ride with a Police Officer for a while and see what the world is really like, you are very misguided. I am not talking about religion I am talking about what the real world is really like.

So you think it would be great to have no laws? I have a question for you. You did not tell me whether you are a boy or a girl but it does not really matter. Let's say for the sake of argument that you are a boy. Let's say that one reason you would like to see the laws done away with is so that you could have sex with every girl you wanted to and not have to answer to anyone. Now let's say that even if the girl did not want to have sex with you that didn't matter because after all there are not laws. I guess that would sound pretty good to you, right?

Well think about this. Let's say that Big Bubba from down the street who weights 330 pounds and doesn't believe in bathing decides you look nice and that he would like to have sex with you. Would you still think having no laws was a good thing? Who would you complain to about Big Bubba? Who would care? Like you said "it is up to us what we do to each other." Good luck!!

Now if I am wrong and you are a girl instead of a boy, then you are in even more danger if there are no laws to protect you. You better think about what kind of a world you really want, you just might get it.

God sent His Son to die for you, so that you would not have to die for the sins you have committed. That is not the same thing as not taking responsibility for your sins. In fact to claim that there is no one you have to answer to is side stepping responsibility, God will only forgive those who admit they have done wrong.

I won't stick up for people who claim to be Christians who do evil things. But not everyone who claims to be a Christian is one. You have to renounce your sin and turn from it and follow Jesus to be a Christian, so if people are abusing children they are not Christians. Will God forgive them if they truly come to a point where they are sorry for what they have done and turn from their sins? Yes He will. That is what the good news is, that God loves us all and that we all have sinned and fallen short of what He demands. Yet He will forgive us all if we ask and mean it with our hearts.

You asked what about people who lived before Jesus was born. How were they forgiven? That is a good question and I have an answer for you. They were forgiven the same way people are forgiven today. Today it takes faith that Jesus Christ came to earth and died for our sins. Before He was born it took faith that God was going to send a redeemer to earth to die for our sins. So you see they had to believe and trust God just like we do.

I will pray for you.



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