Preach that God is love, quit teaching about hell!

This website had the following "Christian" hyperventilation:

"Did you catch that? Lumpkin was accused of making anti-homosexual remarks and preaching homophobia! What was his horrible crime? He quoted God!!

Would he have been fired if he had quoted Hitler as saying that homosexuals are an abomination? I doubt it. This is a direct attack on God by Satan. You can't read it any other way. I admit that I am taking what the paper has written at face value, but if they correctly reported the facts, then this is on its face a direct attack by Satan."

A "human rights commissioner" must have the ability to equally fight for the rights of ALL individuals. Not only would his quote be out of line for the position he intended to hold, but it would be out of line and out of context of the "good news".

Remember "the good news"? Is the "good news" equivalent to "God hates fags"?

The term abominition comes from the the Hebrew "towebah". Get out your concordance and see what else is "towebah" in the bible. It's all forms of idolatry. What does Matthew 7 and Romans 2 say? Are you so sure that you are free from idolatrous thought that you can point out the sliver in your brother's eye?

Preach what god loves Talk about the good news Let Jesus do his work and just get people to try to take him into their hearts so he can. Fear of hell and damnation is not the good news of Jesus, it is the bad news of people who want foreskins for show.

My response is in Green:

So let me get what you mean correctly. Are you saying that God does not view homosexuality as an abomination? No where in my article will you find that I said God hates fags, or even that He hates anyone, but I did say and I will say again that He hates sin and homosexuality is a sin! God loves us all, but He also demands that we turn from our sins and accept Jesus Christ as our Savior. That is the Good News which is what the word Gospel means. To not call sin wrong is to put your head in the sand. Why would a person need a Savior if they have not done anything wrong.

You asked me what Matthew 7 and Romans 2 say. I believe they say we are not to judge as hypocrites, but they do not say that we are to turn a blind eye to sin. What about 1 Corinthians 5 and 6? What do they say? Secondly, I am not judging anyone, I am saying that God says that homosexuality is a sin. If I had listed a name of a person and condemned them you might have a case but to say that homosexuality is a sin is to quote the Bible. Is it also wrong for me to say that it is a sin to abuse a child? Or to murder someone?

As far as your argument about a human rights commissioner must have the ability to equally fight for the rights of ALL people, I would agree with you. I just disagree that the homosexual lifestyle is a right. What about the poor pedophiles? Who will stand up for their rights? Since I don't want you to mistake my sarcasm, I will point it out. I don't think pedophiles have the "right" to their lifestyle either. Nor do thieves have a right to theirs. They all have the same basic human rights and a human rights commissioner should be able to equally fight for those rights, but not for their 'special' rights to live anyway they choose.

You said that I should preach that God loves. I do, but I will also preach about God's wrath. To preach only one side is to not preach the whole gospel. Jesus spoke more about Hell and punishment than He did about heaven. You are right fear of Hell and damnation are not the good news, the good news is that we don't have to fear either one if we are willing to come to Christ as ask for forgiveness of our sins. But if we come to God without admitting that we need forgiveness then we will not find forgiveness. To preach that God loves everyone and therefore you can live anyway you want is to preach universalism. Jesus said He was the only way for a person to come to God, even though God loves everyone, which He proved by sending Jesus to die for all our sins.

The Good News is good news because it shows us that even though we are condemned to die, there is a way out by turning from our sins and asking Jesus to forgiven us.

You know you attack me for my stand but at least I am open with what I believe. What do you believe. It is easy to attack someone as long as you don't have to ever say what you believe. I am not perfect and I don't claim to speak for God, but I can read His word and from that repeat what I have read. God says in many places that homosexuality is wrong. We can like that or hate that but we can't change that. Will God save a homosexual? Of course, He loves them. If He didn't He would not have sent Jesus to die for their sins. I repeat "that" is the Good News.


His second message to me the same day:

Whoa Nellie,

Looks like you and me are going to be good good friends.

You wrote:

"She has not written me back again. I have to wonder why she would be so friendly and thank me for my support until I explained that we do not know what might happen, but that I believed God is in control. Is it possible that she does not really want God's will to be done, she wants her will done? Maybe she thinks she knows what is best for her even more than God does."

I cannot begin to fathom the ammount of assumption you've engaged in here. I think you need to seperate your earthly feelings from the whispers of the holy spirit. We're just men. Bound by earthly desires. Inherently covetous, idolatrous and corrupt. This whole website is a devotion to yourself more than it is to god. I realize that it will be difficult for you to see this but I might just warm you up to the idea.

Well again thanks for your views. However, I think maybe you should check your own motivation before you attack mine. If you notice I did not say that this woman did not like what I had to say, all I did was ask the question if it was possible that she felt that way. So what assumptions am I making? I still think that is probably what she was thinking, but for you to make statements like you did about what I must have been assuming is just wrong when, if you read what I wrote with an open mind you would see I was asking a question.

Many people do react just as I asked if it was possible that this woman was reacting. They want to hear what you have to say until you tell them something that goes against what they want to happen. All I told this woman was that God is in control and what He decides we have no control over. Was my advise wrong? Isn't God in control?

As I said I was not assuming anything, but I did and still do wonder if that is the reason she quite responding to me. I am sorry that you think attempting to help people makes my website a devotion to myself. I am also sorry that you felt the need to assume what my motives are, while telling me that I should not assume.

I try very hard to listen to the Holy Spirit and I will continue to do so and continue to answer people from my heart.



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