People will be led astray by your inneptitude, lack of knowlegde and disregard for ethics.

First you must learn to read. Second to write. Thirdly you must learn to write accurately. Lastly you must learn to write with meaning. You cannot forge an argument, and then debate it. Atheists are few and far between. I have read their liturature and I am aquanted with this argument you loosely refer to in JFP#2. The Atheist argument stems from the words of the Christ, "Some standing here will not taste of death" not, "this generation shall not pass..." With your argument as stated you do much more to produce doubt and hard core atheism than you do to combat it. They annex all of the scriptures. Many Atheists were once firm believers and would surpass your argument with cold hard scripture.

I send you this in love my friend. Either learn to defend accurately or join with the atheists in their vigor to attack.

I replied to this gentleman but deleted my reply without sending it. I get attacks often and most of the time I do not take them personally. I realize that most of the people who write me are unbelievers and if they are truly seeking then I want to try to help them. That is the whole purpose of my site. I believe a believer should be able to explain why they believe what they believe.

This gentleman on the other hand at least alludes to being a believer. The reply I wrote to him was my flesh wanting to defend myself, that is why I deleted it. I have decided to post this and two other messages he sent me in hopes of helping those who like me try to reach the lost and are attacked by other believers. It is much easier to attack someone who has put their beliefs down in writing then it is to write out your own.

The article this message is referring to is here: if you would like to read it.

Notice this gentleman states that the Atheist argument stems from the words of Christ, and he goes on to say that I misquoted the words of Christ. So let's see who is right. Below are three quotes of the same scripture from three different translations:

(Mark 13:30-31 NIV) I tell you the truth, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened. {31} Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.

(Mark 13:30-31 KJV) Verily I say unto you, that this generation shall not pass, till all these things be done. {31} Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away.

(Mark 13:30-31 NRSV) Truly I tell you, this generation will not pass away until all these things have taken place. {31} Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.

Each one of the translations use the word generation, just as the person who wrote me quoted. This brings up a point I want to address. This person who wrote me claims to know the Achiest's mind. Okay, but my problem is this; just like Christians the Atheists are not a monolithic group. There are many differing ideas and views.

This gentleman tries to claim I made this whole argument up and did so out of my ignorance. I have not fabricated anything on my site. I get many crazy and varying e-mails and that is the whole point. I get the kind of things written to me that Christians hear every day from people around them. Are they all sound arguments? Of course not, but yet that is what a person hears daily from people who don't believe. Should we as Christians only answer those people who have doctorates in a given field? Or should we answer all those who have questions?

Finally this gentleman claims that my argument does more harm than good for Christianity. What was my argument? My argument was that the generation that Jesus was speaking of was the generation that would see the signs of the end coming. I believe that is our generation.

Your reaction to "You need to be more edjumicated" Since we are speaking of salvation of many with this newly developed tool (the internet.) I ask you not to be deceived. Most who have computers and are deeply committed to truth have in their possession some type of "Cyber Critical" software. Even without the use of digital crutches it is obvious that you composed both the response and the critique of it. The English language is not as stagnant as you presume and the speaker can be identified by context and usage quite easily. Again my brother, if I should call you such, you are breading a plethera of Atheists. If it is your contention to compete or to explain other apologists then it would be worth your time to become familiar with them and the humility in which they present their case.

May God bless you

This was his second message to me, which arrived about 10 minutes after the first one. I would give you the URL to the document he is referring to, but I don't know what document he is talking about. I have over 400 documents on my site and doing a search I could not find the word "edjumicated" used. Maybe it was and I missed it but I can't find it. It does not really matter since the whole gist of this message is the same as the last; that I made up all these messages just so I could write replies. I guess he is trying to say that I try to make myself look good by doing what he claims I am doing. I could solve that problem by posting the information (e-mail address) of the persons who write me, but I don't because this site is not about ridiculing anyone, it is about defending and explaining my faith.

Had I received a message which used the word edjumicated I would have left it in tack. Not to ridicule anyone, but so that I keep my integrity and that of my site. I do not fabricate the messages I get nor do I edit them, other than to take out offensive language.

I will admit that I get some pretty strange e-mail, but that is all the more reason why I have no need to fabricate anything. My suggestion to anyone who thinks that I am making up these discussions is to post your own website and see what kind of messages you get.

I have read your material with vigor. I ask you to write no more and to remove this inferior group of useless material from the internet. Please search for some Christ centered eduction in both your content and your presentation. Any believing Christian with the word in his heart will be led astray by your inneptitude, lack of knowlegde and disregard for ethics. Christians do not present forged arguments, testimonies, or rebutles. Fabrication is an enemy and I think it time that these be exposed. Your website has been forwarded to my colleges for review.

God be with you!

Well at least he remained consistent with his attack. What I find amusing is that anyone like him will think that I have also fabricated his messages. I am glad that he has forwarded my site to his "colleges" or colleagues for review. I have never claimed to have all the answers, nor do I claim to be a Theologian, or a great thinker. I am just an average Christian who wants to serve God. I will make no apologies for my site and I will only take it down when God asks me to, since He is who asked me to place it on the web. As for my lack of qualifications, I do have one which I have not mentioned up to this point. I have the Author of the Scriptures living in my heart. I try my best to get out of His way and allow Him to communicate through me. I admit I don't always do a good job of getting out of the way, but I will continue to try.

One of the most disturbing things about this gentleman's messages to me, is that he not once tried to show me where I was mistaken scripturally. He tells me that I am inept, without knowledge and need to find Christian education, however, he does not bother to show one instance where I have misinterpreted scripture. Now is his defense, I guess that might be because he can't get over the idea that I really receive these kinds of questions and e-mails. But even so wouldn't you think that if his concern was truly for me and my misinformation that he would attempt to correct me?

When I started this site I wanted to show other Christians that they should be able to give a reason for their faith. Maybe we can't answer all the questions but we should be able to give the reason we believe what we believe. The world thinks that we check out brains at the door when we become Christians. We know that is not true and I strive to show that through my site. Secondly when I posted my site, I started getting a lot of messages from people who wanted to know something or who wanted to attack me. I decided that if God wanted me to have a site then He must also want me to respond to those He sent my way. I figured if I was going to answer these people I should also use those answers as a way to help other Christians who face the same kinds of questions on a daily basis. That remains my purpose.


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