What is Apologetics


n. (used with a sing. verb)

  1. The branch of theology that is concerned with defending or proving the truth of Christian doctrines.
  2. Formal argumentation in defense of something, such as a position or system.

In the context of this page it is answering those difficult questions about your faith.


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This site is owned and maintained by Ralph, and reflects my views and opinions. The site is meant to help Christians answer those tough questions about their faith. (2 Timothy 4:2 NIV) Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage--with great patience and careful instruction.

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Often asked

Most of these pages contain questions I have been asked and the answers I gave to those questions.

Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. (1 Peter 3:15)

Note: I have used a color code on the following pages. All items that were written by someone else will be in Blue, all items written by me will be in Green, all scripture will be in Red and any notes which are not part of the discussion will be in Black

What people have said


Christianity is evil Number 1
Christianity is evil Number 2
Christianity is evil Number 3
Desperate to Recruit New Followers
Hatefulness of Christianity
An eternal hell is unjust in every sense of the word.
How can a loving God commit atrocities?
There are bad Christians.

All About Jesus

Jesus' False Prophecies! Number 1
Jesus' False Prophecies! Number 2
Jesus' Immorality
Jesus was just a Prophet
Who is Jesus? Just a corpse
Jesus never claimed to be God
Teaching people that Jesus is God - is a lie.
Where did Jesus go when He died?
Jesus is not God, but has God like qualities.
I absolutely know that Jesus cannot be God.
Why was it necessary for Jesus to die?
How can I believe in Jesus?

personal attacks

Christians are Stupid
Christians are Self Righteous Pigs
gOD is a misconception
People like you make me mad!
You need to be educated a little more
Your thinking is circular and logically false
Why do you believe in God? You can't even prove He exists!
What kind of message are you trying to send?
You are misleading people about the rapture
The pre-trib rapture is false teaching.
This pre-trib rapture doctrine is the most selfish and arrogant doctrine since the inquisition.
You are using the Apostates Bible!
So are you smarter than Einstein?
Why do you assume God is the answer to everything?
Thanks for a laugh and a half!
Quit telling people to go to church, it brings its own problems!
You are wrong about abortion.
You have no right to judge me!
You hypocrite, first deny and judge yourself and then judge the other.
It seems to me that your views are quite limited.
How is your Christian philosophy a good thing?
Your stupid statements give people a reason to hate Christians.
Preach that God is love, quit teaching about hell!
You are self-rightous, just like so many church goers.
What makes you think your beliefs are correct and everyone else's are false?
It is apparent to me that you have never taken a doctrine class.
Don't you know God gives second chances after death?
Who are you to say who will go to heaven or hell?
Your site is some of the most blowhard crap I've ever read.
Let me give you the undisputable facts!
People will be led astray by your inneptitude, lack of knowlegde and disregard for ethics.
Do you realize the information you are giving on original sin is wrong?
I am offended by what you teach.
How about praying more before you give advise?
You should not judge, I am a Christian who does drugs and alcohol too.
It is people like you, who keep Christians with eating disorders in a state of secrecy and shame.
Your answers to people might be what causes them to lose all hope.
You are putting lives at risk by convincing people not to seek the appropriate treatment!
Given your intellectual curiosity and spiritual steadfastness, I wonder why you use the NIV?
Your site is shameful and self serving!
You are confusing the imaginations of Paul for the ideas of Jesus.
Interesting web site, but you don't have much on the ball intellectually, period.
I would say you lack wisdom where Theophostic is concerned.
You have missed the difference between Baptism of the Holy Spirit and gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Which Bible God will open on Judgment Day?
I hope you will die before you do any real harm!
I think I'd have to take issue with some of what you say.
I find you to be too judgmental and not sympathetic at all!
You are changing scripture for your own purposes!
This message you are giving is a dangerous one.
You are a Sick and Dangerous Individual
You are so ignorant.

Angry at God

I am Angry at God
What happened to a loving God?
Where is God? He doesn't seem to love me anymore!
Why won't God allow me to be happy?
It seems to me that God just doesn't love me.
How can you say God is good when he is so bad?
I hate God because He allowed me to suffer, even though I prayed to Him for help.
So where is God?


You misrepresent Catholicism
You are wrong about Catholicism
Why do Christians hate Jews, blacks, and Catholics?
Maybe Protestants should read the Bible more...
Something you should read to enlighten you.
Your observations of the Catholic Church are severely misinformed.
I thought you may still be a little confused by Catholics
You need an in depth study of Catholicism before being too critical.
As stated in the book of James (2:14-26), isn't faith without works dead?
What you said about the teaching (on the Eucharist) is a thoughtless lie.
Were the Early Christians Roman Catholics? (Guest Author - A Former Catholic Nun)
Anathemas (Guest Author - A Former Catholic Nun)
Mary Worship? (Guest Author - A Former Catholic Nun)
Ecumenism and the Council of Trent (Guest Author - A Former Catholic Nun)
Hobbling Scripture (Guest Author - A Former Catholic Nun)
Jesus didn't pay for everyone's sins and there is certainly a need for purgatory.

Hard to believe

The Idea of going to Hell
Jesus is the ONLY way?
How can there be a loving God when my life is such a mess?
How can God allow me to continue to suffer?
I can't believe that God forgave me!
That Jesus walked the earth as a human
Jesus was just a prophet; a Muslim perspective
Too Much Death and Dying!
How can God condemn the whole human race for two people eating an apple?
I don't believe Jesus is the only way or that hell is eternal.
If sin is always punished by death, why am I not dead?
I've tried but I just can't believe in Jesus.
I struggle with Christianity
I have been questioning God.
How is religion supposed to help anything?
I have trouble believing my sins are forgiven.
The Bible seems to contradict even simple logic.

Once Saved Always Saved?
This area has moved to its own section. Click here to go there.

I just donot know...

A fear of being lost.
What am I doing wrong?
Are there Apostles and Prophets today?
Where do Christians go when they die?
Don't Homosexuals have the right not to be hated by the church?
If God loves us, why does He allow us to suffer?
I asked God to forgive me, but I still feel alone.
Why does God makes things so confusing?
I think I am under a generational curse; my mother was a witch.
I don't know how to get my relationship with God back.
Can a person believe in Jesus, lose faith, find Him again and be forgiven?
How can God condemn a person to hell who loves Him dearly just because they are gay?
I can't find where the Bible says it is wrong to have same sex intimate relationships.
LIFE what's the point?
Do you believe in Spiritual Warfare?
Is tongues proof of being filled with the Holy Spirit?
How do you feel about tongues and its relevency today?
Do aborted babies and the mentally ill go to heaven?
Word Faith Movement
How do you hang in there, when you are tired of everything, even God?
I think it is too late for me, because I deliberately sinned.
The story of Job sounds like a cosmic chess game between Satan and God.
How can we believe God's promises when we see so much pain and suffering?
What was Jesus doing those three days He was dead?
I have a question about the lifespan of man and the creator of evil.
How do you reconcile the sufferings of innocent children and God's promises?
Is Purgatory real?
How come God tested Abraham when He already knows the answer?
What happens to people who have never heard the gospel?
What about the Scriptures the Word Faith Movement uses to justify their position?
How do you explain Esau?
I have many doubts!
Soul Sleep, is it true?
Why does God seem so anti-Gentile?
Questions about the rapture
Why Does God Favor the Rich?
Should we being following the Law?
What do you think about pleading the blood of Jesus over things?

Need Help

I need help and I need answers!
I am under attack by black magic, curses and spells!
Where does a believer go for help when they have no self-esteem?
I'm Mormon and a homosexual; I have begged Jesus to help me, but nothing changes!
I believe I'm damned.
I need to know God can forgive me.
I'm gay and have no reason to live.
What is wrong with me, I keep doing the same things over and over?
How do you explain the fate of the Jews?
I have excessive self-consciousness and self-doubt.
Can you tell me why God won't help me?

odds and ends

Christianity is Depressing
Christianity is Hell on Earth
God is Evil
God has no right to judge us!
Not One God, but Many!
The Lie Of Judas' Death!
Is the Holy Spirit just God's Power, or an individual?
An all-knowing God is not a kind God.
Isn't it better to abort babies then allow them to suffer?
No document including the Bible will dictate how I will conduct my affairs.
Christianity is very exclusive.
If your god is so great why am I so cursed?
Why do you think the Brownsville Revival is counterfeit?
You can't trust Paul's writing!!
At some point everyone will be saved.
I get concerned when we criticize things like Theophostic Ministries.
If there is a God, He is either incompetent or does not care about us.
Our arguing within the church only serves to cause damage I feel.
The NIV is full of errors
The NIV is not God's word, but man's interpretation.
I believe your thoughts on Theophostic ministry are out of ignorance.
The definition of a religious fanatic is someone who believes in God.
I have found the flaw in Christianity and your "god".
What is wrong with believing in evolution?
If this is the abundant life... I don't want it.
Let me help you free your mind from the shackles of superstition.
God is the universal energy.
I don't believe in christianity. Read my words.
Evolution disproves the Bible.
Why don't you teach people to keep the Sabbath?
Professional Counseling vs. The Spirit of truth (Guest Author)
Be very careful as you delineate between secular psychology and Christian psychology.
Dear Muslim, Let Me Tell You Why I Believed (Guest Author)
The Da Vinci Code and Other Deceptions (Guest Author)
Problems with Harry Potter (Guest Author)
A question about Heaven.
A Review of Bottom Line Beliefs by Michael B. Brown
God has replaced me as wife with my 16 year old daughter
I have OCD which causes me to question my salvation
Have No Fear! (Guest Author)

Often asked

Why did Jesus have to die? Couldn't God just forgive us and forget it?
Who was Jesus; God, a Prophet, or just a good man?
How can we know Jesus rose from the dead?
Why doesn't God show Himself to everyone so they will believe?
I can't really figure out what the bible is all about.
What happens to a Christian when they die?
How can we know for sure we are going to heaven?
Isn't baptism required for salvation?
Response to: Isn't baptism required for salvation?
What if you aren't saved because you don't believe baptism saves?
What do you think of the theory of soul sleep?
What is your view of the need to observe the Sabbath?
Who was Cain's wife?
Adam could not have been the only man!
What is original sin?
Doesn't the Bible teach predestination?
Soul Sleep
Where did Cain's wife come from?
What's your take on the Trinity concept?

Suicide Help
Suicide Help
Suicide Help


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