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The Religion of Peace?

I have written before about Islam and how it is not really a religion of peace, but rather a religion that does not recognize the one true God, nor His Son, Jesus Christ. It pains me that we as Americans are afraid to speak out against this false religion. It pains me that our elected leaders continue to call it a religion of peace when it is anything but a religion of peace.

God speaks of people who call evil good and good evil:

Isaiah 5:20
    Woe to those who call evil good
        and good evil,
    who put darkness for light
        and light for darkness,
    who put bitter for sweet
        and sweet for bitter.

I understand international politics enough to know that our elected leaders have to be careful about how they speak in regards to a religion that has over a billion adherents, but to call it good and peaceful is going way over the line. Refusing to admit that our national struggle is against Islam, is self defeating and dangerous. Or saying that is just with some small portion of radicals who have hijacked this peaceful religion is delusional. We are in a war for our very survival and the survival of our religious freedoms.

Our enemies are smart; they speak words of peace in English, but read what they say in Arabic to their own people, it is anything but peaceful. A common statement is first Saturday and then Sunday. What this means is first the Jews and then the Christians.

Many people claim the Muslims hate America because of our support for Israel, but that is delusional too. They call America the Great Satan and Israel the Little Satan, not the other way around!

We allow our so called friends in the Muslim world to hunt down and persecute anyone who isn't Muslim, and we allow them to come into our country and preach hatred towards us. We allow them to use our freedom of speech against us, so that they can preach hatred in our country, but if we so much as complain about it, we are taken to court or accused of Islamophobia.

We need to wake up before it is too late. Iran is trying hard to build nuclear weapons, and they will use them and they will give them to terrorists (not that they aren't a terrorist nation to start with).

The liberals in America hate President Bush so much that nothing will stand in their way when it comes to attacking him. The troops in harm's way mean nothing to them. Oh they will claim to support the troops, just not the war, but that is Orwellian double speak.

What attacking President Bush does is undermine our unity and show a weakness to the world that we can't afford. How would we have won World War II, if the opposition party refused to fund the war, or continually degraded the President and the war effort in the national media? All we need to do is look at Vietnam to see what the result would have been.

If you hate the war, then good for you, so do I, but I also know that it is necessary for our survival and that we need to stand united behind the effort. One reason that the Muslims have been willing to take us on is that they have viewed us for the past 30 years as a paper tiger, who would run and hide when our noses were bloodied. Unfortunately much of our nation is intent on proving them right.

We want to be loved by even the most murderous terrorist states on the face of the earth. So we bend over backwards not to insult them. We look the other way as they publically call for our destruction. We give them concession after concession to get them to like us and in the process we prove to them that we are weak and willing to believe our ears and ignore our eyes. As our elected officials try to embrace Muslim countries they end up forcing more and more concessions on the Israelis.

I hear many people including Christians say that we should not blindly support Israel. Sorry I can't agree with that. Yes Israel is made up of flawed human beings, and for the most part they don't even follow God, much less His Son, yet they are God's people and God makes no bones about what happens to those who bless Israel and those who don't:

Genesis 12:3
            And I will bless those who bless you,
            And the one who curses you I will curse.
            And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed."

Now if what people mean by blinding supporting Israel is that we don't voice our views or don't give them advise, I would agree, but what people mean is that sometimes we should not support Israel. They think that there are times when we should support the enemies of Israel so that we appear more fair handed. This is wrong and according to God it is dangerous nationally.

We must take a stand for what is right and against what is wrong.

I want to finish this article with quotes. The first quotes are from two books that should be read by anyone wanting to truly know what it would be like living under Islam. Then I have listed random quotes from newspapers around the world. Judge for yourself whether Islam is a peaceful religion or not.

From the book: Because They Hate by Brigitte Gabriel

They started massacring the Christians in city after city. The Western media seldom reported these horrific events. Most of the press was located in West Beirut, controlled by the PLO and Muslims. One of the most ghastly acts was the massacre in the Christian city of Damour, where thousands of Christians were slaughtered like sheep. The combined forces of the PLO and the Muslims would enter a bomb shelter and see a mother and a father hiding with a little baby. They would tie one leg of the baby to the mother and one leg to the father and pull the parents apart, splitting the child in half. A close friend of mine became mentally disturbed after they made her slaughter her own son in a chair. They tied her to a chair, tied a knife to her hand, and, holding her hand, forced her to cut her own sixteen-year old son's throat. After killing him they raped her two daughters in front of her. They would urinate and defecate on the altars of churches using the pages of the Bible as toilet paper before shooting and destroying the church. Americans just don't realize the viciousness of the militant Islamic fundamentalist. They refuse to see it even when they look today at video footage of churches being burned in Iraq or different parts of the world or synagogues being destroyed in Gaza.

I think the biggest disservice to the American people was denial by the networks to air video of the beheading of Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg, or the many other hostages that were beheaded in Iraq. We as a society need to see the type of enemy we are fighting. People have been so sheltered in this country that they have not paid attention to what has been going on for the last twenty-some years. And today, even after the attack of September 11, people still cannot fathom that this type of barbarity could happen here. (page 35-36)

The names of the targets or the kidnapped people were usually Western: Terry Anderson, Terry White, Lieutenant Colonel Williams Higgins, Pan Am or TWA flights, the Achille Lauro. The aggressors were always Muslims. The victims were always Christians or Jews. I began to see how the Middle East was dragging the world down into a war of ideologies based on religious hatred and bigotry. I began to understand that what I and the Christians were going through in Lebanon, which I had thought as just a regional conflict, was becoming a worldwide conflict with international implications. Time and time again, story after story, I was reporting the murderous, barbaric behavior of killers in different countries with Islam the reoccurring theme and "Allahu Akbar" always a part of the language used as they killed. America and the West found an excuse for every incident and boxed and labeled it under the context of the country in which it took place. They attributed Iran's conflict and victory of Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini to an inner conflict within Iran. They considered the Lebanese war a civil war among factions. They considered the overall Arab-Israeli conflict a Palestinian-versus-Israeli conflict over land. Yet in all these conflicts radical Islam was the driving force or lingered just under the surface. (page 114-115)

Anytime CAIR speaks against terrorism, its verbiage is so vague and general, it's an insult to the intelligence of the American public to call the statements condemnations of terrorism. After the London bombing, CAIR issued a condemnation so meaningless it required explanation. CAIR's statement denounced "all acts of terrorism targeting civilians and innocent lives." Now that sounds satisfactory to the average American ears, doesn't it? CAIR counts on ignorance and the West's hunger to hear any condemnation coming from a Muslim organization. The fact is that Islamic jihadists do not consider innocent or civilian any American and most certainly not any Jew. The Islamic jihadists consider any tax-paying American guilty of contributing and supporting the Great Satan with his or her money and allowing evil to spread via the American government elected by the American people. The Islamic jihadists consider every civilian Israeli a guilty soldier because at one time in their lives, all Israelis serve in the Israeli army, as mandated by the Israeli government. So every child is a future soldier and every grandmother is a former soldier. Their death is a gift to God, and martyrdom while killing them is the way to God and his blessing. (page 138-139)

[…] All of these books and publications were financed and produced directly or indirectly by the Saudi government. Some of the books were texts from Islamic schools. Some were publications issued by the Saudi government specifically to provide guidance to Muslims living in or visiting the United States.

These Saudi books and publications repeatedly exhort Muslims, in their relations with all non-Muslims, to "hate them for their religions," to "hate them… for Allah's sake," to "always oppose them in every way," to maintain a "wall of resentment" against them. They say that democracy is "responsible for all of the horrible wars" of the twentieth century and that "attractive names like democracy, … justice, freedom, brotherhood and equality" cause all of the world's problems.

They say that all religions but Islam are false, and that it is the religious duty of every Muslim to impose "functionally Islamic governments" on every country in the world. This religious duty is "binding in principle, in law, in self-defense, in community, and as a sacred obligation of jihad." In order to fulfill this "sacred obligation of jihad," Muslims must "invade its western heartland, and struggle to overcome it until all the world shouts by the name of the Prophet [Muhammad] and the teachings of Islam spread throughout the world. Only then will Muslims achieve their fundamental goal… [A]ll religion will be exclusively for Allah."

Are you outraged yet? These are supposedly our allies? With friends like these, who needs enemies? (page 146)

This "sacred obligation" to impose Islam upon the entire world is not a distortion of Islam, nor is it the creation of a few extremists who have hijacked a peaceful religion. It is mandated by the holy writings of Islam, as interpreted by a vast majority of the classical authorities. (page 148)

Instead of all this talk about what a peaceful religion Islam is, why don't they show us that the majority of Muslims are truly against this barbaric killing being spread around the world in the name of Allah? When mullahs throughout the Arabic world and Europe get on their soapbox in their mosques calling for the killing o fall infidel Jews and Christians and establishing Islamic rule, none of the recognized and respected Islamic authorities in America or the West find it necessary to correct them. What does that tell us? What does that tell you about moderate Muslims? Where is their voice? Are they really there? Or are they an invention by Jewish and Christian Westerners who cannot accept the fact that there are people that really, really hate by an order of God according to their religion?

You hear about Wahhabi Islam as the only extreme form of Islam. All the other Muslims are wonderful moderates. What about the suicide bombers who are Egyptians, Lebanese, Palestinians, Syrians, Iraqis, and Iranians? People of these nationalities were not raised in Saudi Arabia, but the common thread between them is written in the Koran. They are simply practicing Muslims. They are not the extreme, they are the mainstream.

Our leaders and politicians bend over backwards to tell us how sweetly wonderful Islam is and that most Muslims are moderate, that a few radicals have hijacked this unbelievably sweet poetry called the Koran and are trying to twist it to do harm. Snap out of it America. America and the West can no longer afford to stay in a state of ignorance. The consequences of this mental laziness are starting to attack the body of our country, and if they necessary medical steps aren't taken now to control it, death will be knocking soon. (page 156)

America and the West are truly in a different world when trying to understand Islam and its influence on the devoted. This gap in understanding between East and West boils down to differing viewpoints, mentality, logic, culture, morals and ethics. Without a point of reference on the Middle Eastern mind frame, Westerners become lost in their idealism and conceptions when trying to fathom the mentality and backwardness of the Arab and Islamic world. It's ironic, but to our own detriment, we just happen to be a society that cannot relate to fathers and mothers butchering their daughters; educated, wealthy men as suicide bombers; and mothers willingly blowing themselves up to kill other women and children. We fall prey to our innately Western, rational thinking and so believe these are mentally disturbed individuals who represent neither Islam and its teachings nor the majority view of peace-loving Muslims. We then go into deep self-examination, beat our heads, and wonder what we did wrong to cause them to hate us so much. Not only are we deceiving ourselves by our delusions, but we are becoming more vulnerable to falling prey to them. (page 200)

Sura 9, verse 5, of the Koran says: "Fight and slay the pagans wherever you find them, and see them, belittle them and lie and wait for them in every strategy of war." (The pagans are you, dear readers, Christians, Jews, other non-Muslims, and moderate Muslims whom the Islamo-fascists feel are not faithful enough.) For the people who resist Islam, the Koran instructs in sura 5, verse3: "Their punishment is execution or crucifixion or cutting off of hands and feet from the opposite sides or to be exiled from the land." Islam commands that. Is that what tolerant, progressive, and politically correct people consider peaceful? In America we don't' even cut off body parts of serial rapists or child molesters. (page 202)


From the book: Now They Call Me Infidel by Nonie Darwish

This must be very hard to understand by Western standards. Outsiders assume the Middle East is very religious. It is, after all, known to be the land where radical Islam rules, but many in the Middle East have never even read the Koran or interpreted it. How can someone live in the heart of the Muslim world, where the famous historical Islamic institution Al-Azhar University is located, and know so little about Islam? But that is precisely the point. Most Muslims have little or no education in Islam. Why? Such education would end Muslim leadership's total control over the minds and behavior of the masses.


In the Muslim world there are no real distinctions between moderate or radical Muslims; all are Muslims. (page 135)

When a close friend of my family from Egypt came to visit us in Los Angeles, my husband and I decided to dress up our children and all go to a mosque. It would be a new experience for me. (page 137)


In the car, my moderate Muslim friend complained that the message in the mosque was radical and that the preacher was very uneducated.

When I discussed this later with several of my moderate, non-practicing Muslim friends, they advised me to follow their example, worship at home and not go to mosques, because many mosques in America were likely to be as radical as the ones in the remote parts of the most extreme Muslim countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. The more I learned, the more I understood that the agenda of these radical American mosques, many of them here thanks to the "generosity" of the Saudi Government, was to keep American Muslims in line, Islamize America, and spread a radical Wahabi sect of Islam that even Egyptians find too extreme.

I then began hearing the "good news" from some Arab American Muslims: that more and more mosques would be build by Saudi Arabia, which was also sending its own preachers, and imams from countries such as Pakistan and Afghanistan. These imported radical clerics consider America the Great Satan and believe their mission is to promote jihad and violence against non-Muslims, especially Jews. I asked, "Why don't Muslims in the United States appoint leaders from within our own community rather than bring in the same intolerant, jihadist preachers we left behind?

The answer from my Muslim friends was that we do not need some Americanized Muslim religion; we need to bring true Islam to this nation that needs it. (page 139-140)

As I observed my fellow Arabs in America, I was troubled by another thing: The double face of Muslim radicals in the West became clear to me, but unfortunately it was not clear to many fellow Americans. When learned Muslim scholars are questioned about hate speech and Islamic terrorism, they always make the point that Islam teaches love, compassion, and respect for other religions, and they quote supporting portions from the Koran. They purposely deny or ignore other passages of the Koran that encourage killing, jihad, and war against the infidels. Sometimes these respected, educated men will deny, with a straight face on Western TV, that hate is being taught, while in their mosques and on Arab TV one regularly hears hate speech equal to that of Nazi Germany, except that it is now taught as orders from Allah instead of orders from Hitler. (page 150)


From newspapers around the world:


A large-scale suicide bomb attack in the Tel Aviv area was prevented yesterday when police and security forces arrested an Islamic Jihad militant and his associates at an apartment in Bat Yam. The militant told police where the explosive device he was supposed to use in the attack was located and the bomb squad found the large explosive device in a garbage can in the center of Rishon Letzion.


British intelligence officials decided to interrupt last month's plot to allegedly kidnap, torture and behead a British soldier on British soil when they say a chilling, direct order from Pakistan was intercepted.

"If you can't find a Muslim, any squaddie (soldier) will do," are the words that triggered fast action by authorities who said the plotters intended to kidnap, torture and behead a British soldier and then release a video tape of their actions, Intelligence officials tell ABC News.


Dramatic footage has emerged of an Islamic extremist calling for British Muslims who join the Army to be beheaded.

The film of Abu Izzadeen, speaking at a London mosque, came to light days after police foiled an alleged plot to behead a British Muslim soldier.


A family of 13 was killed on the road leading to Falluja, about 12 miles northwest of Baghdad, because its members were from a tribe known to oppose Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, witnesses said.

The family, including an elderly woman and two small boys, was dragged out of a minibus, lined up and shot. The bodies remained on the highway for hours because people were afraid they would be ambushed if they collected the dead, witnesses said.


Muhammad Sarwar, the killer of Pakistani Punjab's woman minister Zil-e-Huma, believes that women cannot rule over men.

"I have no regrets. I killed her out of the conviction that she was leading an un-Islamic life and spreading an evil influence on other women," Sarwar told interrogators in custody, according to a police source.


A girls' school in Pakistan has received anonymous threats that its building will be bombed if the teachers and students did not start wearing veils and burqas.


Similar letters were also sent to some schools in Peshawar, and as a result, two schools were closed down and security for others was increased.


Zubair A. Ahmed, 27, of suburban North Chicago, and Khaleel Ahmed, 26, of Chicago, were arrested after a grand jury in Cleveland returned an indictment charging them and three other men who had already been facing terrorism charges.

According to the indictment, the conspiracy included finding fresh recruits to wage "violent jihad" against Americans and locating sites for training them in the use of firearms, explosives and hand-to-hand combat.


An inquest took place on Tuesday in Blackburn, Lancashire, on Caneze Riaz and her four daughters, who died in a blaze at their home in Accrington on November 1, 2006. 39-year old Caneze, her daughters Sayrah (16), Sophia (15), Alicia (10) and Hannah (3) had no way of escaping the fire as the doors of the home had been bolted. While they had slept, 49-year old Mohammed Riaz, husband to Caneze and father to the four girls, had poured gasoline around the house and had lit several fires. The five had died from smoke inhalation.

Police were told by associates and relatives that Mohammed Riaz was a conservative Muslim, and he was incensed that Caneze wanted to bring up the girls with Western ways.


KHARTOUM - The Janjaweed militia backed by the Sudanese government killed at least 20 people in an attack in a southern region of strife-torn Darfur, a rebel official said on Wednesday.

"Hundreds of Janjaweed mounted on camels with four all-terrain vehicles attacked the area of Umm Dhai," said Kamal Eddin Haj Daoud, head of humanitarian affairs for the Sudanese Liberation Movement, the sole rebel signatory of a peace deal with the Khartoum government.


The civil war in Darfur has killed 200,000 people and displaced another two million over the past four years, according to the United Nations - although others put the toll much higher.


London. The War on Terror has radicalised Muslims around the world to unprecedented levels of anti-American feeling, according to the largest survey of Muslims ever to be conducted, The Times reported.

Seven per cent believe that the events of 9/11 were "completely justified". In Saudi Arabia, 79 per cent had an "unfavourable view" of the US.

Gallup's Centre for Muslim Studies in New York carried out surveys of 10,000 Muslims in ten predominantly Muslim countries. One finding was that the wealthier and better-educated the Muslim was, the more likely he was to be radicalised.


A cab driver was arrested Sunday after police said he ran over one of his passengers after they got into a religious argument.

Ibrahim Ahmed, 37, a driver for United Cab, was arrested and charged with assault and attempted homicide for trying to hit two customers early Sunday morning.


Indonesian prosecutors have sought a 20-year jail sentence for the main defendant in the beheadings of three Christian schoolgirls from religiously divided Central Sulawesi province.


A suspected Islamic militant has shot dead a female provincial minister at a political meeting in central Pakistan, because she was not wearing Muslim clothing.


February 17, 2007: Police and troops on Sulawesi were put on high alert, because military intelligence had picked up information indicating that Islamic radicals from all over Indonesia were moving to Sulawesi in an attempt to launch a spectacular attack on local Christians.


Sixteen-year-old Zahra Ezzo died at the hospital last month after a brutal attack. But it was her brother who confessed to killing her - and her family who appointed him to carry out the murder.

Some experts estimate that 200 to 300 honor killings like Zahra's occur every year in Syria.


A key question is whether the brother should go on trial for premeditated murder - the family had planned it for months - or as someone who had no choice because the clan's honor was at stake.

Syria's law is lenient on a man who kills or injures his female relative if he catches her in "illegitimate sexual acts with another," or in a "suspicious state with another." If Zahra's brother is tried under this law, he might get out of jail in three months.


Muslim insurgents attacked a married couple, killing the wife and severely injured the husband in another case of drive-by shooting.


The couple were riding their motorcycle back home when two gunmen on a motorcycle caught up with them and opened fire against them.

The bullets ripped through the back of the wife and the insurgents fired more shots at the husband after the motorcycle fell.


A man has been charged with the premeditated murder of his sister who was shot dead in the country's second "honour crime" this year. The suspect, a taxi driver, told police he killed his 22-year-old married sister after receiving an anonymous call suggesting she was having "extramarital affairs".

The caller told the man his sister's picture was "circulating on men's mobile phones". It was also revealed the authorities had arrested the woman last year and kept her briefly in administrative detention - a protection measure to ensure she was not harmed by her family - after she ran away from home.

It is up to you, believe what they say when they know you are listening, or what they do. As the old saying goes; actions speak louder than words.

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