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Do we really appreciate what Jesus did for us?

Jesus was present with God the Father when the universe was created. He was present when man was created. As one of the Trinity, He has the same attributes as God the Father. Yet He was willing to come to earth as a man. To be born into a common family. To voluntarily take on the trails and tribulations of being a human.

If you look at His life here on earth you will see that He always played by the rules. When He was tempted in the wilderness by Satan, He could have commanded Satan to leave Him alone. He could have turned stones into bread to eat, He could have become the ruler of the earth without first dying on the cross, yet He did none of these things.

He could have died for our sins with dignity. Why allow Himself to be mocked, spit on, beaten, stripped, hung on a cross like a common criminal, and laughed at by the world? Why not come to earth as a grown man instead of a baby? Why grow up as a carpenter's son, working hard each day, getting splinters, sore muscles, colds, feeling loneliness, sadness, headaches, you name it?

I know that His life and death fulfilled a lot of old Testament prophecies, but remember He could have changed those prophecies before they were even made, yet He didn't.

Does all this show a weakness on His part? Did He have to prove something? If that is what you think about the Creator of the universe, Who with nothing more than His spoken Word could have started over with a new pure universe, then you are sorely mistaken. He had nothing to prove, nor was His suffering a sign of His weakness, unless you call His love for us a weakness.

Which would you respect more, a boss that got to be boss by virtue of his father being the owner of the company, or a boss that made it by hard work, doing the same things that you do on a daily basis?

One day Jesus will return to this earth, but this time it will not be as a suffering servant. He will come in all His glory as the conquering Lord and Master. He will judge all the inhabitants of this earth past and present. Every tongue will proclaim Him as God, every knee will bend and every heart that has rejected Him will feel fear.

He played by the rules and He demands that we play by those rules too. He will never ask us to do anything that He was not willing to do Himself as a human.

He demands our respect and our loyalty, but even more He deserves them!! Don't ever be tempted to think that He was or is weak, He is a mighty warrior, but with a heart big enough to love us despite our rebellion. He said it Himself: (John 15:13-14 NIV) Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. You are my friends if you do what I command. Pretty awesome thought don't you agree? The Creator of the Universe calls us friends and died for us. Then He adopted us into the family as heirs.

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These devotionals are written by Ralph Dettwiler, and reflect his views.

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