Thoughts to Ponder

Are you comfortable?

Are you comfortable in your community? Do you feel that over all the place you live is not too bad?

Are you comfortable when you think of what is being taught to children in public schools in your home town, or in the country as a whole? Does it bother you that evolution is taught as fact? Or that kids are taught that there is no clear cut right and wrong, but that they must decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong given the circumstances of any given incident? Does it bother you that they are taught that deviant life styles are not only normal but should be embraced?

Does it bother you that in the 10 years of the Vietnam war just under 60,000 service members where killed, yet every year in our country we legally kill 16 times that many unborn babies? We call Vietnam a horrible war, but we call abortion a woman's right to choose. Does that bother you?

Does it bother you that we are told that children need the Internet in their schools in order to lean, yet there are twice as many pornography sites on the Internet then there are any other type of content? Does it bother you that it is a 'right' to have access to the Internet without filters of any kind at public libraries?

Does it bother you that the "family" theme park Disney Land has 'gay' day celebrations? Does it bother you that television presents homosexual relationships as normal relationships? Or that it presents premarital sexual relations as normal?

Does it bother you that the divorce rate is higher in the church then in secular society as a whole? Or that Christian stars divorce and remarry because "God wanted me to be happy and He knew I was not happy in my marriage"?

Do you think that God is comfortable with what is going on in our communities? If God is not comfortable then should we be? I am not talking about taking to the streets and protesting, I am talking about something much deeper. How does this all affect us as Christians?

Are we able to just go on with our lives and ignore what is happening around us? Do we just try to protect our kids and teach them what is right at home and ignore what is going on in their schools?

I have often read the story of Lot and to be honest I felt like Lot must not have had a very good relationship with God. After all he lived in Sodom. He had to know what was going on around him. But you know I am not being fair to Lot.

If we look at what the Bible says about Lot we find this: 2 Peter 2:7-8 (NIV) and if he rescued Lot, a righteous man, who was distressed by the filthy lives of lawless men {8} (for that righteous man, living among them day after day, was tormented in his righteous soul by the lawless deeds he saw and heard)--

Lot was tormented in his righteous soul over what was happening around him. Are you tormented or comfortable? Lot was distressed by the filthy lives around him. Are you distressed or do you ignore what is around you?

Lot was not able to change the lives of those among whom he lived. He could not even convince his sons-in-law to leave before Sodom was destroyed. We too may not be able to change society or even those around us, but we should not just ignore what is happening. We should be distressed and even tormented in our righteous souls. We should pray for God's forgiveness and mercy for our country. We should also strive to make our voices heard over those of the deviant minority that shout so loudly in our society. We should not be tolerant of every deviant life style or 'work of art' or whatever else they want to call their shameful, sinful practices. We should mourn the deaths of the untold thousands of babies who are killed legally in our communities. We should mourn also the shattered lives of the mothers of those unborn babies and reach out to them in love. There are always at least two victims in any abortion and often more then two.

No we should not condone, nor should we soft pedal the truth, but we should have compassion and show God's love to a dying world. We should mourn the thousands of deaths each day of 'ordinary' people whose souls are sealed for eternity in hell, separated from God and His love. We can't do anything for those who are dead, but we can reach out to those who are still breathing.

We should be tormented by the thought of so many souls being lost right here in our own communities. We should be open to God's leading in our lives, even when He asks us to speak out publically. Yes we will be called fanatics, we will be told we are not tolerant. We may be hated and scorned even by so called 'brothers and sisters' around us. Yet I don't believe you can harden your heart against what is going on around you without also hardening your heart against God and His leading.

Oh Lord give us tormented hearts that cry out for righteousness and justice. Give us distress so that we are not 'comfortable' with the filthy lives of those around us.

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These devotionals are written by Ralph Dettwiler, and reflect his views.

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