This page is dedicated to all the veterans of the armed forces of the United States. Whether they died in combat or in bed of old age, we all owe them so much, because they bought our freedom for us.

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In Loving Memory of Those Who Served. . .

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.


MarineSgt Michael J Cadorette
By Jean Emmons, Brockton, MA USA
KIA Dec. 8, 1968 in Vietnam. Missed daily by the family.

MarinePFC Michael Morris Cady
By 1SG Bruce R. Longnecker, U.S. Army (Ret), Chehalis, WA
Mike was Co C, 1st Bn, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Div, KIA 2/15/68 Quang Nam. We remember him at VMM (veteransmuseum,org) today. God bless him.

Army Staff Sergeant Thomas J Cahill 863rd Field Artillery Battalion
By Patrick Cahill, West Chicago, IL
WWII veteran Central Europe, Served Aug 43 - April 46

My father served his country and went home to build his army of 9 grateful children. The fires of the blood and sword you wore on your arm gave our generation freedom and vision. You brought honor to every battle in life. On Feb 8th, 2000, God made your final place as a soldier with Christ

Air ForceT. Sgt. Travis Lee Calhoun, Sr.
By Jane Underwood Calhoun, LaGrange, GA USA
Travis served in Turkey in 1965-67, two tours of Nam, Siagon 1968, Teu Hau (sp)1970. Received a Bronze Star with "V" devise for saving a news reporter in Saigon during the Tet Offensive.

Killed by a drunk driver in 1973, leaving behind a wife, son 7, and a daughter 3.

Gone but not forgotten, always missed. Our loss, Heaven's gain.

ArmyHarry S. Campbell
By Gleen Lepien U.S. Navy USA
My Uncle Harry was an inspiration to me when I was young. He served as an Artillery Officer in WW2, (Col. Harry S. Campbell). He died many years ago, peacefully at home, he's missed and not forgotten.

ArmySp/4 Keith Allen Campbell
By Esther B. Gates, San Antonio, TX USA
By Judy Campbell, Wilmington, DE USA
By Esther B. Gates,

Peace has come.
Now you can truly sleep, my son.
The muddy field where you were laid
Flag-draped, will now be green.
Redbud and cherry blossoms can be seen
Soon in bloom above your head.
Arlington's Eternal Flame
Flickers across granite rows
To illuminate your name;
And then beneath it (with lightning's calm)
Strikes in black the word VIETNAM
On your own stone.

Peace has come.
Your medals may turn green
In time, like your beret,
But forever there are those who'll say,
"I live because he cared--he came!"
You need no longer wander, a tormented soul.
Your achieved your personal goal
Of saving lives, easing pain.
Now sleep in peace, my son. Sleep!
Our Nation has assured
You did not die in vain
And I no longer weep alone.

--Esther B. Gates (Your Mother)

By Judy Campbell,
Oh Keith, I shall never forget your last embrace and your words still echo in my ear, "I'm doing this to keep you free, men with wives and babies shouldn't have to go. My medic skills are needed."

You all fought to keep us free and from the bottom of my heart I thank each and everyone of you. Freedom comes at a heavy price and my dear brother you paid the ultimate price. We miss and love you!

Your kid sister,

Army SSG Kenneth Wayne Campbell
By Joanna Lowery Campbell Jelmeland, Fayetteville, NC
The Second Hero is my late husband, SSG Kenneth Wayne Campbell. He was in Special Forces as well. He was in the United States Army for about 12 years. He lost his life in a helicopter crash near Tuscon, Arizona on March 12, 1989. He was 31 years old. He was on a training mission from Fort Yuacucha. It changed my life, as the one I knew, ceased to exist. Our children, then 11 and 10, were left without a Father and I was left ALONE. He served with 110% all the time and knew great Pride in THIS Country of ours. He is still remembered and loved and missed by all who knew him. I was always PROUD to be the wife and daughter of Special Forces soldiers, as they were ALWAYS someone to be proud of! Kenny was born July 14, 1958.

Army Paul V Campbell
By Mark Charles Warriner Grandson
World War II Veteran Warrant Officer 12 years Army Died last year and went home to be with the Lord and his wife Mary of 60 years. A loving grandfather and husband that would give his shirt off his back for his family. RIP

NavyChester Norman Cannon
By Thomas A. Cannon, Marion, Indiana US
A Normandy Invasion - World War II Navy veteran with whom this Marine would have been proud to serve with, thanks Dad, Semper Fidelis.

ArmyKerney A. (Buck) Cannon
By Kay Cannon Gaudet, St. Gabriel, LA USA
As a WWII veteran, Dad received a Purple Heart, two Spear Head Arrows and a Silver and Bronze Star. His devotion to American Legion Post #312 was unending.

Dad was diagnosed with cancer on February 2, 1996. In the six weeks we had to spend with him after his diagnosis and before his death on March 21, our family joyously celebrated his 70th birthday and his and Mom's 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Those we hold most dear to our hearts never truly leave us. Dad, we love and miss you very much.

NavyNelson Alvin Cannon
By Kay Cannon Gaudet, St. Gabriel, LA USA
"In Grateful Memory of Nelson Alvin Cannon who died in service to his country at Arctic Area, S.S. Mary Luchenbach, 14 September 1942 (Presumed). He stands in the unbroken line of patriots who have dared to die that freedom lives, and through it, he lives--In a way that humbles the undertakings of most men."

Franklin D. Roosevelt
President of the United States

Army PFC Robert H. Cannon
By Dr. John W. Brent Stancil, Groves, Texas
My grandfather was killed in the battle for New Georgia Island when my mom was only six months old. She was raised by a wonderful stepfather and later a great pawpaw to me and my sisters and cousins. Having such a wonderful pawpaw I did not think much about my 'real' grandfather until after my pawpaw's death from cancer. I look forward to meeting him for the first time when I get to Heaven. He gave all for his country and a daughter he never saw. Thank God for such a heritage.

MarineW. C. (David) Cannon
By Jack Richards, Dallas, TX USA
Served a tour of duty with David in Iwakuni, Japan and later at Parris Island. We were good friends. You departed this life but your memory lives on.

ArmyRoland Cantrell
By Karen Cantrell, Chicago, IL
Dad I miss you And I love you your daughter Karen Lynn Cantrell

NavyLt. Vincent Robert Capodanno
By Cpl. Harton USMC Ret., Carrollton, GA USA
Sept.4, 1967 Operation Swift, Quang-Tin Province. KIA while rendering aid and comfort to his embattled Marines of 2nd Platoon of Mike Co/3/5, 1st Marine Division. Through this man of God, myself and many,many, other wounded and dying Marines made it through the night. God Keep him at his bossom foreaver and ever. Please visit his memorial site at He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroism. Semper-Fi and God Bless.

Air ForceJohn R. Carnathan Sr.
By John R. Carnathan Jr., Lombard, IL USA
If it was one man in the world that taught me to stand tall and be proud of who I was my Father. He served in the Korean War. He always told me how to be true to myself and true to my family. How to go on despite the odds and to always never drop the ball. It has been many years since he has passed and even thought I will always miss him dearly, I forever carry him in my heart.

ArmyBurt Carpenter SR.
By Burt Carpenter, Salamanca, NY USA
SGT. , 30th INF Div [OLD HICKORY], WW2, BS/WOLC. My father, a gentle man with a sence of 'HONOR AND DUTY'. I miss my best friend very much.

Air ForcePOW/MIAMajor Patrick Henry Carroll MIA USAF
By Susan Carroll Viele, Indianapolis, IN USA
My father, Major Patrick Carroll, has been missing in action since November 02, 1969. I was only one (1) when his F-100F went down in Laos so my only memories are from photographs and videos. Even so, I miss him dearly and he has not been forgotten. We love you.

ArmyPatrick Carroll Army 1st Air Cav
By Patrick Carroll Jr, Long Beach, CA USA
He was a loveing Father. Even through fighting the effects of Agent Orange for years. I love you Dad and miss you.

MarineCharles Lee Carruth, Sr. Sergeant
By Amy Carruth Van Winkle, TX USA
My father served in the Vietnam War twice. When he came home the first time, he was told that his brother had been sent to the War. Therefore, he decided to go back over there. In 1983, my father was diagnosed with Cancer. After surgery to try and remove the cancerous tumors and numerous chemo therapy treatments, he died. His last day on this earth was September 8, 1984. He was 40 year of age. Some veterans perished in Vietnam, some veterans suffer daily from the mental anguish resulting because of Vietnam, some veterans suffer from physical injuries caused by Vietnam, but my dad suffered from Cancer caused by the Agent Orange that he was forced to breathe, drink and bathe in. What did our government do to us???

Army Eugene M. Carl
By Eugene M. Carl, Jr., The Hague, Netherlands
1916 (Iowa) - 1982 (Panorama City, California). Served in WW II in New Guinea (with the 27th Infantary) and in Japan (bomb demolition).

Army Spc. Erik J. Carlson 54th Engineering battalion/Germany
By Cheri Shewak, Scottsdale, Arizona
Feb 28th, 1979 to Sept.3, 2004. My son, my son, I learned so much from this young man. He served his family and his country well. 25 years, in this short life, he accomplished much. If I'd known when I gave birth to him, that I would say goodbye in 25 years, I'd do it again. We all miss you "E", you lit the world up.

Army Sgt. Russell Berton (Butch) Carson
By Melinda L. Carson (Stenstrom), Greentown, OH
Your memory lives in my heart forever.

Air Force Msgt. Hawkins B. Carter
By John R. Carter, Birmingham, AL
My father retired from the Air Force but also served in the Navy and the Army Air Corps. He served in W.W.II, Korea and Vietnam.

ArmyPreston Carter
By Debra Carter Barley, Trenton, SC USA
This is in memory of my father. He passed due to a stroke, but he was a great man. He served in World War II faithfully, so much that he couldn't attend the funeral service of his dear mother. Any one that has a father to love and cherish do it so that you don't feel sorry later. Let them know while they live, and find out all you can about their life as they served; it is so funny, even thou it was frigthening for them. We love everyone that fought for our country. I will always love my father. His date of birth was June 2, 1922. He was a great man until death.

Love, Debra (your daughter)

MarineCapt. Lloyd J. Cartmill
By Dianna (Cartmill) Osius, Blencoe, IA USA
My Father Lloyd J. Cartmill passed away on March 15th 1994. He served in W.W.II, Korean, and Vietnam. He died due to exposure to Agent Orange. He loved his country and was A Marine to his soul. He now rest in his Dress Blues. Good Bye Daddy I miss you so much.
Semper Fi
Semper Fi

ArmyArthur E. Case
By Mary Ann Coates, Mason, OH USA
Arthur (Casey) Case. WWII
I love and miss you Daddy.
Mary Ann

Air Force Bernard Lee Case
By Tanya Cobb (Case), Moravia, New York
Served in the Korean War. He died in 1988 at the age of 53. He was a great man, wonderful husband and terrific father. He was such a gentle man and awesome human being. I am very proud to say that he was my father. Dad you are greatly missed and loved dearly. You will never be forgotten. You taught all of us how to be great people and am proud to tell your grandchildren stories of their grandfather. You will always be my hero Daddy. I love you so much. Theres not day goes by i dont think of you. You are in my thoughts always. The only comfort i get from you being gone is now you are in Heaven with Mom. Love and Miss you so much Dad. Love your Daughter, Tanya

ArmySgt Henry Eloy Casias Killed in action, February 04, 1968
By Anthony Juan Casias, Westminster, CO USA
In loving respect and memory of my fallen brother Henry, the graveyard cannot cancel my respect and love for my brother Henry, he responded to the call and gave his all, with honor, he left behind children, Mom, sisters and brothers, however his greatest relationship was that he was a son of the king of the most high, Jesus Christ, and because of this relationship my 'bro' is only time away... an enternal salute to all my fallen brothers and to those who live with the painful memories we all brought back with us... memories that Jesus is willing to take... Anthony Juan Casias...

ArmyDonald L. Cass
By TSgt Robert A. Cass, Del City , OK USA
Having served in the Navy before the war, he enlisted in the Army Air Corps after the war broke out. This showed me what dedication and patriotism were all about. He served his country in civil service until 1974. Then he passed away in 1993. I miss him to this day.

ArmyMelvin F. Castille
By Laurie Landry Duncan, New Iberia, LA USA
I would like to list Melvin F. Castille who was missing in action in North Korea on Nov. 28, 1950 and presumed dead on Dec. 31, 1953. He was enlisted in the Korean War as a member of the 35th infantry regiment, 25th infantry division. For his leadership and valor he was awarded the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.

I am his great niece. Since visiting the Korean War Exhibit in Washington D.C. and pulling up his name upon a search on a computer gave me a interest in this area.

ArmyCorporal Armando Castro
By Marina A. Castro, Houston, Texas
My father was KIA June 2nd 1953. He was in U.S. Army, Company F, 35th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division. I was only 22 days old at the time of his death and my life and my mother's life has never been the same since that day in June. I will forever feel the emptiness of not having a Father in my life and now not having a Grandfather for my children. Although I never met you Dad, I will always be your little girl and I will always love you. May God bless everyone who served and everyone who like me still lives with the pain of loosing someone you love.

MarinePFC Saul Castro Jr
By Ron McCormick, Fruitland Park, FL USA
I will never forget you guys. 1/5 Marines and Corpman who died March 20, 1989 near Pohang, Korea.

ArmyFrederick Louis (Fritz) Catalano
By Donald J. Catalano, Chicago, IL USA
Dear Dad, I lost you in my childhood. I've grown up and become a man with boys of my own. You'd really love them, I know. Like you loved me. So many times in my life I wished you were there, so many things we could have shared. Thank you for your love, your life, your sacrifice. My hope is that my boys remember me with the pride and love that I remember you. I'll see you again some day and we'll catch up.
All My Love, Don

NavySamuel L. Cate
By Jackie Cate, Vancouver, WA USA
Sam served his country for 20 years retired in 1989 and after only 6 years of retirement died of a sudden heart attack. He loved the Navy and was proud of his service to his country. I miss him!

POW/MIAArmyRobert A. (Bob) Cater POW in Korean War from 1950 to 1953
By Tracy Lee-Yates, McDonough, Georgia
Died: July 20, 2001

Uncle Bobby,
My Greatest love and admiration go out to you... I will see you again one day. Love Forever, Your Neice, Tracy Lee-Yates of McDonough, Georgia

ArmyLawrence Cavanaugh
By Tony Adamski, Ludlow, Mass

Marine Sgt Robert Cawein
By Robert Cawein, Lincoln, NE
Korean vet. Served in 1st Mar. Div. Recon Company. Semoer Fi!

POW/MIAArmy Alan Bruce Cecil
By Jack H. Cloud, U. S. Army 1966-1969, Tulsa, OK
E5 Holdenville, OK 09-21-69

MarineSteven Cedrone
By Al Livingston, Brighton, MA USA
Lance Cpl Steven Cedrone, died at age 38 in 1998, he served on the USS Carl Vinson, in Lebanon from 1981-85 and was a Boston Police Officer, and won the Medal of Honor (BPD} The family all miss him very much, His wife and children, Debby,his two sons Steven 5 and Brien F, age 4, a daughter, Ashley 2 three sisters, a brother, Dennis, of Lexington, Ma. He will always be rembered by all his many friends who served with him, and by his mother, Susan and father Francis G. of Rosindale, Ma. His grandfather, Guy, and his uncle Al Livingston.

Air ForceOrland C. "Sarge" Centabar
By Lisa Centabar, Southampton, NY USA

An empty chair at table's head,
A silver unworn.
Half-moon specs and leaded pen
Lie lonely and forlorn.

Is Life an instant: meaningless?
A wisp in History's larger scan?
True or naught, I ken but this...
I knew no greater human man.

Those ice blue eyes, so wisdom filled
Could warm a child or freeze a man.
Those long, fine fingers, ever skilled,
Were always there to lend a hand.

His gentle humor, his poet's heart
Saw beauty in this world of God.
While I, pale shadow, stumble, blind,
Where his firm steps have trod.

A man of pride, a soldier, friend.
His love for family, oh, so much.
The countless lives enriched, secured,
Through virtue of his caring touch.

At long last, journey's end grew near,
The weary feet could not go on.
Each instant here a priceless gift
As he prepared to go Beyond.

The Great Co-Pilot takes the wheel
And guides the flight toward Higher Zone.
Call no more your Sargeant's name...
He's on the Last Flight Home.

For My Father "Sarge" 1914 - 1989
Master Sgt. 18th Recon Squadron US Air Force
Decorated Pilot and Purple Heart Veteran WWII,Korea

MarinesJimmy Centron
By J.E. Bellamy, Umatilla OR USA
1st USMC KIA 1967 shot by a sniper while riding on A.P.C. During a period when it was was really getting hot in Nam. I'll miss you till the day I die.... Semper Fi

ArmyPrivate First Class Earbie Chaddrick
By Jean Hogan, Alex, LA USA
We love and miss you very much. Your Family Epsie Lee, Mae, Munion, Yvonne, Lucille, Herman, Clen, Charlie, Hoite and Jean.

ArmyDavid Wayne Chambers
By Anonymous
Thank you David Wayne Chambers for your sacrifice. From someone who dreams of you still.

POW/MIAAir Force Jerry Lee Chambers
By Jack H. Cloud, U. S. Army 1966-1969, Tulsa, OK
1Lt Muskogee, OK 05-22-68

Air ForceJohn E. Chambers
By Anonymous
He was a very compassionate, caring, family-oriented man who was also a devout Christian. He loved his family, community, and country. He died February 1st, 2001.

MarineDavid Champagne
By Daniel M Savino, Freehold, NJ USA
Dave was from Wakefield R.I. He was a happy go lucky guy, we were stationed at Tent Camp 1, Camp Pendleton,CA together and if I remember right wanted to persue a movie career when he finished his tour in the Marines. Dave while mortally wounded gave his life to save the lives of his fellow Marines under his command as a squad leader. For his valor Dave was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor posthumously.

ArmySgt Donald L. Chandler
By Virginia D. Chandler-Thornton, Satellite Beach, FL USA
In memory of my wonderful father Sgt Donald L. Chandler (101st Airborne Division), who was killed on active duty saving another soldier's life at Ft Campbell, KY on 15 Mar 62. I miss you more than words can say and will always hold you in my heart as the HERO you are and will always be to me. I love you, your daughter Gini

National GuardRichmond Chandler
By Sheila, Kentwood, MI USA
My GrandFather, served in WWII. He was a great man. Of many laughs and jokes. He was proud to have served for this country. He died at the age of 75. I miss him. Were not the same. Our family has split apart. But Grandpa, you already know all that. I'm sorry I am letting you down. But Grandpa, Chris (your grandson) Is in the Army Air Borne... he's taking after you. Wanting to serve the country. We are so proud of him! And we are loving and mising you! Love you Grandpa!

Army Pfc. Woodrow W. Chapman
By Larry Stanley,Adrian Twp.,MI.
who had been in service for eight and a half years was reported killed in action in Germany on Sept.22. Pvt.Chapman,son of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Chapman of Woodman,KY.,had been serving with the infantry overseas since Aug.6. of this year.He leaves his parents and wife Marie Chapman of 24 West,First Avenue,Williamson,who he married March 17,1942 in Washington,D.C.

Army Clyde Amel Charles
By Larry Stanley, Adrian Twp., MI.
Clyde Amel Charles, age 71, of Leesburg, Lake Co., FL., died Saturday, Nov.21, 1998. He was born Dec.21, 1926 in Pike Co., KY., and moved to Florida in 1959. He was a World War II Army Veteran serving in the Special Forces, and member of Mid Lakes Christian Church of Leesburg, FL. Buried Memorial Park of Leesburg, FL.

ArmyRue W. Chatfield
By Deborah Chatfield-Rollins, Tucson, AZ USA
God took this wonderful man to be with HIM in heaven much too soon, but in a better place he is. We had 23 years and 2 wonderful sons, Goodbye My Love... I hope you are proud of our sons, they both chose the Marine Corps but they will never forget you, their father, their friend, their HERO. My heart will always hold a place of love for you no matter what. LOVE, DEB

ArmySgt. Agapito R. Chavez 003 AR Recon Co 3
By Ramona Espinoza
Died in bed a year after coming home from the Korean War. POW and WIA recevied the silver star, the Bronze Star and the Merit Medal.

MarineAntonio G. Chavez USMC 1-5-1 Delta 1st Plt 1967
By Thomas Allen Mccauley, Coldwater, Michigan
Tony, I think about you every day,your sacrifice will not be forgotten.

ArmyHenry George Cherry
By Patricia "Cherry" Greene, Fairbanks, LA USA
Henry Cherry was my grandfather. He was a wonderful grandfather, who raised me. He believed in his country and fought for it, in WWI. He has gone on to be with the Lord now, but he will never be forgotten.
Thank you,
Pat Greene

MarinesDoc Dennis Chester HM3
By HM2 Dennis Kauffman Sr, Carmichael, CA USA
It was an honor serving as your Brother-in-law and fellow Corpsman. Thanks for the lessons, joy for life, and hope to walk and talk again! Semper Fi; Esprit a Corps!

Navy Robert A. Chevrette
By Tammy R. Chevrette, Woonsocket, RI
My dad served in Vietnam and passed away in 2003 at age 54 from a heart attack. He suffered from PTSD and also had skin cancer as a result of Agent Orange. He was my hero and always will be. It's a shame what our troops witness everyday, please pray for them to come home soon. Dad, I miss you and I love you. I'm sorry that you had to experience such horrible situations to make our country safe. God bless you dad and all of our soldiers...Love, Tammy

ArmyDominic J. Chiarello
By Anthony D. (Timmy) Chiarello, Robbinsville, NJ USA
God bless you Dad. I wish that I knew you before you were gone from Mom and me. You gave your life for all of us to be free on November 23, 1944.

Marine PVT Claude G. Childers USMC - A/1/1st
By Mike Childers, nephew,St. Marys, WV
[MIA Solomon Island, Guadalcanal - death date 9/14/1942] his name is on the Wall of the Missing in Manila American Cemetery.

Army Russell Dale Childers
By Chad Childers, Detroit

NavyDonald Chittim
By David Chittim, Genesse, Wisconsin
Although I didn't get to know you very well, the few years we had together are some of my most treasured moments. Words can never truly explain how much I love you and how much I miss you. I know you are in a better place, but that doesn't keep me from wishing we could be together for just a short time. Everything I do in my time in the service I do just hoping that it makes you and Mom proud of me. Dad, I love you. Thanks for everything.

ArmyJames Lynn Choate Master Sergent
By Deborah Ann (Choate) Sharp, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Died in 1995 from cancer caused by Agent Orange. He fought a good fight, there and here. In the end he lost but because his family came to his side, he was not alone. my daddy wasn't the greatest man alive but he was my daddy. I love and miss you daddy. Your oldest "boy" Debbie.

MarineHenry J. Chowning WWII-Marshall Islands
By Linda C. Brignac, Lakeland, FL USA

ArmyAristotle L. Chrissos Lt. Col. Ret.
By Heather L. (Chris) Chrissos, North Stonington, CT USA
My father was a veteran of WWII. He served under Patton in the European theatre. He participated in the liberation of France and at the Battle of the Bulge. He was awarded the purple heart (with clusters), the bronze star, the silver star and others. He was assigned as the military governor of Czexhoslovakia at the end of the war. He was an honorable man and a soldier. He died 26 May 2000. Most important of all his accomplishments was being my dad.

Marine Robert Glenn Christopherson
By Jane Christopherson, Raleigh, North Carolina
He was born on December 17, 1930 and died on April 17, 1975. He joined the Marines when he was 17, served in Guam and Korea. He lost his right leg at the Battle for the Pusan Perimeter when he was 19, in September of 1950. He returned to the States and went to Parris Island, where he was a Drill Instructor and a Range Sargeant. He died at the age of 44 and is now on guard in the streets of heaven.

Semper Fi, Daddy!

Army Robert Clements
By Rick Clements, Seattle, Wa.
K.I.A. 11-29-1969 Vietnam U.S. Army please feel free to post and visit his website, thank you for all you have done, Rick Clements

Army Elliott P. "Tuttie" Cleveland, Lt Col (Ret)
By Benjamin N. Cleveland, Columbus, Mississippi
WWII - US Army - Commander, "C" Company, 27th Tank Battalion, 20th Armored Division At the young age of 26, he was a leader of men in the fight against Hitler's Germany. Always a gentleman and the father of seven children, he passed to his greater glory in March 2002 at the age of 82. We love him and will honor him always.

ArmyAlex Cisneros Nov. 29, 1944 - May 1975
By Robert D. Salgado, Sacramento CA
Alex you lived thru three tours of Vietnam only to Killed by a drunk driver while walking along a base road in Texas in 1975. You missed dearly by your family.
Your loving cousin Robert Salgado.

MarineDewey (Junior) Wade Cisson, Jr.
By Angela M Waldrop, Easley, SC USA
My grandfather fought during the Korena War. He is still living today, although sometimes he is unaware of it. He gave of his self, so that others could have freedom today.

ArmyCharles S. Clapper
By Abby Costantino, Windber, PA USA
On October 24.1999 a hero reported for his last roll call. I wonder how many people knew of this mans accomplishments. This was not only a war veteran but also a husband, a father of two, and a grandfather of seven. He was a great man not only did he fight for this country but he also returned home from the war to go back to work for Social Security on crutches due to his injuries from the war.

I love you and I miss you. Although you never thought you shouldn't be honored for serving your country it means alot to alot of people. I will never forget what you have done for me and I will always think of you.

Air ForceS/Sgt. Charles H. Clark Sr.
By Robert Wm. Clark , Chattanooga, TN USA
My Father went through WW2 as a Gunner and was killed in a training accident at Randolph AFB on the 19th day of October,1950.

NavyElwood James Clark
By Pat Clark, Sequim, WA USA
My father died at the age of 74 the September before last. He was at Pearl Harbor and at Okinawa, managing both times to be on ships that were either sunk (USS Longshaw) at Okinawa and USS West Virginai at Pearl. In between he participated as a destroyerman (bos'n mate) in nearly every major surface action in the Pacific under Halsey. He was repeatedly wounded and was decorated for bravery. He set a high mark.

NavyLowell Clark USS Walter C.
By Tobias Clark, Norwood, NY
Grandpa Bud,
What can I say... Thank you. Not only for your sacrafices during WWII, but you tremendous impact on my life. I too now serve our country, I like to think you are looking down at me, guiding me, believing in me, proud of me. You left us over 15 years ago, but you will always have a place in our hearts.

Your Grandson,

ArmyMatthew Edward Clark
By Diane Staeheli, Eagan, Minn.
My father was one of the first Medics into the Germany death camps. He toiled endlessly to save Jewish people that had been in captivity under horrible conditions. He always felt it such an honor to administer relief and kindness to the people. He passed November 16, 1999. He died in our arms of Parkinson's disease. He never forgot the faces of the masses and how they kissed his hands in appreciation of Americas arrival and rescue. I miss you Dad, everyday I miss you. Thank you for being my hero. I will always love you.
Your Daughter Diane

ArmyPeter Joseph Clark
By Diantha Elizabeth Clark, South Plainfield, NJ, USA
Dear Uncle Peter,

This summer I lost you. It was not an enemy bullet but agent orange that destroyed you. I have many questions to ask, but you cannot answer them now. I saw you lying in the hospital bed, but you did not know that I was there. We buried you on a beautiful Vermont hillside and you were honored with a 21 gun salute. I came back a few weeks later and I left you an apple which I had picked. The night that you died, I cried. Now I thank you for all that you gave to me and to my country.

Nathanael Udell
Age 8

ArmyMSG Otto Clark
By MSG Randall Lusk (U.S.Army, Ret.), Henryville, IN USA
KIA during Desert Storm, U.S. Army Special Forces

Otto was a good friend and a hell of a good soilder who I served with since 1979. You are missed, but not forgotten!

ArmySp-4 Ronald C. Clark
By William "Bill" Kimbrell, Walhalla, SC USA
Dear Ronnie,
I never knew you had died until I returned from Thailand and you had been buried for months. SOMEONE, thought it would be best not to let me know. I wish I could have been there to tell you goodbye. We both were cheated there. We never got to double date, you never saw me get married and be my best man. I now have two daughters and five grandchildren you have never seen. My baby girl has your blonde hair and blue eyes. I see you in her. You would have loved them Ronnie. It may have been wrong but, I volunteered for Vietnam because of what happened to you. But maybe the anger and your memory is what brought me home. But it is time for me to let the anger go, but your memory and my love for you will go on.

Your Loving Cousin,

ArmyPfc. Francis (Frank) Nelson Clemente
By David R. Clemente, Williamsburg, MI USA
In loving memory of my father, Frank N. Clemente who served in WW2.

During his service to our country, Dad received the Victory Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Theater Ribbon W/2 Bronze Battle Stars, 4 Overseas Service Stars, Philippine Liberation Ribbon W/1 Bronze Battle Star, and while fighting in New Guinea, Luzon, he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal in July, 1945.

We lost Dad on October 15, 1971 just 4 days after his 50th birthday. I think of him often, and miss him more and more every day.

Submitting his name on this Father's Day, June 18, 2000

Peace... &... Rest

ArmyWilliam Howard Clements
By Jane M. Barrett, Slidell, LA USA
My Father was sent to North Africa, captured, and heald as a POW in a German camp for over 3 years. He enlisted weighing 210 lbs, and was found by Red Cross personnell weighing 83 lbs. feeding a group of around 15 German children from garbage piles on the streets... this to me, says a lot about my Father. He passed away May of 1994... and even til his death he believed that the United States was the greatest country of all.

ArmyAlbert N Clemmer
By Russell D Clemmer MSgt USMC, Smithfield, PA USA
1912 - 1981 WWll vet - Youngest son of Jasper N and Nora Clemmer and my Uncle.

ArmyDaniel Bruce Clemmer DOB 05 Aug 1939 - Death 19 Jun 2000
By Russell D Clemmer MSgt USMC (ret), Smithfield, PA USA
He was my brother and will be missed by the family. (was a paratrooper - medically discharged due to injuries in a jump at Ft Knox Ky 1958)

NavyElmer Clemmer
By Russell D Clemmer MSgt USMC, Smithfield, PA USA
1924 - 1992 USN retired - originally of Fredericktown Pa. Oldest son of Fred and Mary Clemmer.

NavyRobert Clemmer
By Russell D Clemmer MSgt USMC, Smithfield, PA USA
1932 - 1996 USN retired - originally of Fredericktown Pa. Son of Fred and Mary Clemmer.

ArmyWillard A "Bert" Clemmer
By Russell D Clemmer MSGT USMC, Smithfield, PA USA
1928 - 1950 He was my brother and in a family of 9 (5 boys and 4 girls), our parents had a son in WWll, a son in Korea and 2 in Vietnam. Missed but not ever forgotten.

MarineWilson P Clemmer PFC USMC
By Russell D Clemmer MSGT USMC, Smithfield, PA USA
1923 - 1942 He was my oldest brother and in a family of 9 (5 boys and 4 girls), our parents had a son in WWll, a son in Korea and 2 in Vietnam. Missed but not ever forgotten.

Navy Capt. Delmer R. Clevinger
By Larry Stanley,Adrian Twp,MI.
Capt.Delmer R. Clevinger, the son of Dewey and Manela Clevinger; born: Dec.29,1924; died: April 12,1945 (killed in action while serving in U.S.Navy). Member of the Old Regular Baptist Church.

Marine Johnny Wayne Cline
By Jane Cline, Grapevine, TX
You died in my arms on 29 April 1984. Now I wait until I die to reawaken in your arms. The best of the best -- Semper Fi.

ArmyCWO Mark Clotfelter
By Susan Clotfelter Blaker, Poulsbo, WA USA

Marine James O. Cloud
By Betty Cloud, Medford, Oregon
He has 4 purple hearts. Spent 26 mos in Vietnam. Spent 3 mos on hospital ship with serious injuries, USS Sanctuary. He was all Marine and very proud of his country and would have gone back if he was able. He would have fought over and over again for freedom. He was 100% service connected and died from service connected injuries at age of 60.

ArmyWilliam F. Cloud
By Jack H. Cloud, OK USA
1SGT CO H, 45th Inf. OKNG(Thunderbirds), Korea; Ssgt 25th Inf, WWII

Thanks, Dad, for instilling in me your love of our Country. You told me I didn't have to go, you had served through 2 wars. You also knew that neither of us would have had it any other way. Now, thankfully, you will never again know war.

POW/MIAArmyMaynard Freeman Coates
By David A. Coates, Charlotte, North Carolina
Beloved son, brother, husband and father. He served with the 447th BG, 8th AF and the 463rd BG, 15th AF during World War II. While serving with the 463rd BG, Maynard was shot down over Germany and was imprisoned in Stalag 7A, Moosburg. The camp was finally liberated by elements of the 14th Armored Division on April 28, 1945. He was returned to the United States via Camp Lucky Strike, Le Havre, France and was assigned to Florence Army Air Base, Florence, South Carolina for redeployment to the Pacific. Luckily for all, the war ended and he was discharged from military service in November, 1945. Like most returning veterans at that time, he returned to civilian life, married, raised a family and lived a good life. Maynard passed away May 13, 2001, of cancer. He will be greatly missed.

Army1SG (Ret) Donnie C Coe
By SSG J. Boyd, Killeen, TX USA
My Uncle Don started off his military career with a stint in the USAF, to include a tour in Vietnam with the "RedHorse" unit at Bien Hoa.He then went on to retire from the USAR as a 1SG. He is gone now but will never be forgotten.

Army SFC Harry B. Coen
By Eladio J. Valdez, Jr., SFC, USA, Retired, Gurnee, IL
12 May 1968. "Never To Be Forgotten"

POW/MIAHarry Bob Coen
By Debbie Barnhill, USA
I would like the US Government to bring Harry home. Harry's hometown is Riverton, Wyoming.

MarineNathan John Cole Jr.
By Vicki Cole, Youngstown, OH USA
Corky, you are gone but never forgotten, you left me when I hardly got to know you, but what I remember will always be in my heart. You were suppose to come home on leave, but did a friend a favor and got taken away from us far to soon. I love you with all my heart and miss you terribly. Your cuz, Vicki

POW/MIAT/Sgt. Richard Milton Cole Jr.
By Beverly Haire, Punta Gorda, FL USA
"MY KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR"... Wherever he may be! Not even death, can separate, the one you love from you! "A MAN IS NOT DEAD UNTIL HE IS FORGOTTON"... Dick, you will never be forgotton, I will never give up trying to find the truth, and as long as I have breathe in my body, life in my soul... I will continue the search.

Air Force Severo Cole
By Lora-Ly Cole, Waianae, HI
Aug 26, 1946 - October 17, 2004 Vietnam Veteran - Proud to server in the Air Force, Army and Air National Guard. Died due to complications with Diabetes. I love and miss you daddy.

MarinesWilliam Albert Cole
By William C. Diefenbach, USA
William Albert Cole KIA Pelieu K Co. 1st Marine Division. Bill was a BARman & was killed on the second day of the assault. He was my Fathers best friend thru boot camp & up to the day of invasion. I have been named after him--a great tribute to a great American Marine!!!! Any further communication would be appreciated --- I have many stories about him to tell if anyone want's to hear them --- He was a great Marine and a real American hero!!! Feel free to write me: William C. Diefenbach

Army Jimmy Glenn Coleman
By Larry Stanley
U.S.Army Veteran age 50,died Aug.18,1998.He was born Sidney,KY.,on Oct.28,1947,son of Homer and Virginia (Warner) Coleman.

ArmyPFC Ralph Lowell Coleman
By Ralph L. Coleman, Jr., Ogden, UT USA
185th RCT, 40th Infantry Division, Philippine Islands. Bronze Star with "V" Device and Oakleaf Cluster, Purple Heart with Four Oakleaf Clusters, Asiatic-Pacific Theater of War Medal, World War II Victory Medal, Philippine Liberation Citation, Combat Infantryman Badge, Expert Rifleman Badge. Died as a result of wounds received in action, 07 May 1945. Buried, National Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii.

Navy Shannon E. Coleman
By Larry Stanley
World War II Navy Veteran died Aug.19,1998 at age 75.He resided in Lakeport,Florida,formerly of Elkhorn City,Pike Co.,Ky.He was born Breaks,Va.,Sept.19,1922,son of Rans Dow And Chloe (Owens) Coleman.

NavyJames J. Colihan
By Debbie Logic, Boyertown, PA
To a wonderful Husband, Dad, Father in law, Grandfather and Great Grandfather. You will be greatly missed by each and every one of us. And our love for you will be forever. You will never leave our hearts. Someday we will all be together again. LOVE ALL OF THE FAMILY

ArmyP.F.C. Frank Collatto Dec 17th ? 1944
By Mr. James Hennessey, Bayonne, NJ USA
Killed in action in WW2 in Europe. Member of the 345th Inf Regt. 87th Inf Division.

Army Sgt Henry W. Collins
By Joe Collins, Pennsville, New Jersey
Korean War Vet with the 2nd Infantry Division. Second to None. Dad you were second to none. "Open the eyes of my heart Lord, Open the eyes of my heart. I want to see You, I want to see You!"

Army SFC Jack M. Collins
By Major Jack L. Collins, US Army, Retired, Orlando, FL
There just was never enough time to tell you how much you taught me. I hope I was as good a soldier as you would have wanted me to be. We'll stand a formation together again someday.

Army SgtMaj Clifford E. Collis Sr
By Ron Collis, Springfield, Missouri
Dad served our nation proudly during Korea and Vietnam. All that my brother and I are today, we owe to our father. Sadly, cancer took him from us in January of '98. Rest in peace dad.

Army Marvin W. Coltrain
By Marva Coltrain (Kruft), Fargo, ND
US Army 1945

ArmyKeith Colwell
By Carolyn Combs Austin, IN USA
To a very close friend and classmate, who I miss and love very much in heart, your name is on the County wall right above mine but yours has the star beside of it and it has a proud imagie of what you stood for and what you sacarfised for your town and country, missed by all who knew you and the class of 1969.

Army CSM Charles D. Cowart
By Denise Sirois, Fayetteville, NC
My daddy was the rock of our family, he served 27 years in the army & 3 tours in vietnam. On 7/28/03, 5 days after his birthday he laid down to go to sleep & never woke up only 63 yrs old. I guess I never realized the impact you had on my life until you were gone. I love you so much & thank you for giving me all that you could! Your daughter Denise

ArmyFrank W. Combs, Private First Class - World War One
By Kay Handly Norman, Lake Havasu City, AZ USA
Father to four daughters, grandfather to fourteen, and great-grandfather to ten. His greatest joy was tilling the land as a farmer and telling stories to his grandchildren.

ArmyPOW/MIAJoseph James Compa, Jr.
By Kellie Brock, Mason, OH USA
Rank/Branch: E6/US Army
Unit: 118th Aviation Company, 145th Aviation Battalion, 1st Aviation Brigade
Date of Birth: 13 January 1931 (Beaver Falls PA)
Home City of Record: East Liverpool OH
Date of Loss: 10 June 1965
Country of Loss: South Vietnam
Loss Coordinates: 113521N 1065309E (YT056817)
Status (in 1973): Killed/Body Not Recovered
Category: 1
Acft/Vehicle/Ground: UH1B
Other Personnel In Incident: Robert L. Curlee; Craig L. Hagen; Walter L. Hall; Bruce G. Johnson; Fred M. Owens; Donald R. Saegaert (all missing)

I have done a memorial page to SSgt. Compa. The following is an excerpt from a fellow officer who was stationed with SSgt. Compa: "SSgt. Compa had given a Crew Chief the day off and told him he would fly his mission for him, that's the kind of guy Compa was." HE WASN'T EVEN SUPPOSED TO FLY THAT DAY OF THE FATEFUL MISSION (June 10, 1965). May we never forget.

Marine Murphy Lee Compton, Jr. September 4, 1933 - October 23, 2000
By Michele Lee Compton, Longview, Texas
The Greatest Hero

The world has many heroes, you'd know most of them by name.
It's apparent that they gave their best, and they deserve their fame.
But among all of the hero's, this world has ever had,
there's not one that I admire more, than my precious dad.
He's more than just a hero, he never looks for praise.
He's heroic in his quiet strength, and in his caring ways.
He may not be as famous, as those you hear about or see.
But he's everything and so much more, a hero ought to be.
He keeps his word, it's good as gold, on this you can depend.
He's honest and he's loyal, too, I'm proud that he's my friend.
When I hear about a hero, and the special things they've done,
It reminds me of my father, for he is the greatest one...
Semper Fidelis, Dad
Love Always, Your Baby Girl, Michele

Marine Robert Alan Conley
By Marjorie Mrasek, Waikoloa, Hawaii
My nephew was a casualty of the bombing of Marine Barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, October 23, 1983. He was due home in Orlando, Florida, for Thanksgiving Dinner.

ArmyPvt George Roger Connor
By Roger McKee Connor, Arlington, VA USA
My father was a member of Company B, 9th Armored Infantry Battalion, 6th Armored Division, 3rd United States Army, under the command of General George S Patton. My father and the general rest in honored glory in the US Military Cemetery at Hamm, Luxembourg. As the Millennium turned, I was with my father at his grave. On January 4, 2000, I was at the exact spot where he fell 55 years earlier, in Wardin, Belgium, just E of Bastogne.

My father died from a severe head wound on a bitterly cold, snowy day during a German counterattack, preceded by a devastating artillery barrage. The Germans did not break through but the cost was dear. Company B suffered its greatest one-day losses ever: thirteen men were killed, 12 were wounded, and 16 went missing. Freedom is not free.

A member of The Greatest Generation, my father died in the greatest battle ever fought by the United States Army, in the bloodiest war in history. He helped defeat the determined and powerful army of a surpassingly evil regime.

I salute you, Dad. May God bless you. Rest in peace. We will meet again.

ArmyLieutenant Fred A. Conrad
By Donald B. Conrad, Piney Creek, NC USA
My Dad was at Corn Willie Hill in November 1918. He was commander of Company B, 313th Infantry.He came home a hero and remained one with his family all his life. Thanks "PoP."

ArmyPaul Joseph Conrad
By Charlene Mills, Electic, AL USA
In honor of my father a brilliant, strong and devoted man, recipient of the silver star, bronze star and other medals from the vietnam war, to his family. He served his country over 22 years but, more important he taught his children about life, love and commitment to your mate. Never in my mind has such a wonderful man lived among us as a mortal. Simple words could never express our loss of such a gift of having loved or known him. I can only hope the country he served wakes up to realize that all our veterans of war and peace are the sole reason we enjoy the freedom of America.

ArmyJoseph Ralph (Mate) Conroy, Sr.
By Johnny S. Conroy, Houston, Texas
"Mate" was my grandfather. He was a Canadian citizen who ran to Chicago when the Spanish American War broke out. He enlisted as a Private in B Company, 7th Illinois Volunteer Infantry and was discharged in October 1898. One week later he enlisted in as a Private in Troop H, 1st U. S. Cavalry Regiment. His quest for combat went unfulfilled. He was sent to Fort Sill, Indian Territory, then to Fort Meade, S. D., where he was discharged.

MarinesCpl William Robert Conroy, Sr
By GySgt Bill Conroy, ret, Evansville, IN USA
In Memory of The Man and Marine that took me out of the orphanage and raised me to Be A Man and Marine myself. My Father, Cpl William Robert Conroy, Sr SN:1288781 He Sreved Proudly from the 13th Day of December 1950 until the 26th of January 1954. He died in 1991. With Love and Honor Always, From the One You Gave Your Name To. Semper Fidelis, Dad. I may have not said I Love You Enough, I Hope You hear it Now.

ArmyErvin Ardell Constant
By G. Louiese Westbrook, Vacaville, CA USA

Army Delwood (Del) Cottle
By Michelle Benson, Staunton, Va
My father served two tours in Vietnam (1965-1966). He passed away on January 16, 2003 from medical complications relating to Agent Orange. My father served his country proudly and bravely. Daddy, we miss you very much, but we know that your pain and suffering is over. Thank you for all the wonderful memories, and for always being there when I needed you. You will always be with me. I love you very much. Your daughter, Michelle

Air ForceArthur Curtis Cook
By Melody Lynn Cook Von Einem, Bossier City, LA USA
My father, Arthur C. Cook was a MSgt in the USAF during the Viet Nam conflict. He did his tour of duty in 1966-67 in the jungles of Viet Nam. Dad was a proud American who loved God, his family, and his country. My brother and I and our children learned all about freedom from the stories Dad would tell of war and conflict.

Dad died June 21, 1999. The attending physician wrote on his Death Certificate that he died due to complications of exposure to Agent Orange. Of course the Air Force has denied benefits to my Mother because the AF lost his medical records, but that wouldn't have persuaded my Dad to have done anything different in his life. He was a good man, a good seargant, a good father, husband and grandfather. He is sorely missed. God bless you Dad, and God bless America.

Army CSM Eric F. Cook
By Shawn Farris, Reno, NV
CSM Cooke was one of the greatest NCOs that I ever severed under. He was killed in action December 24, 2003 in Baghdad by an Improvised Explosive Device while serving with the Ready First Combat Team, 1st Brigade, 1st Armored Division as Command Sergeant Major.

Marine Gregory Cook (Parker-Humphrey)
By Susie Parker-Wachendorfer, Flint, Mi
Dear Brother, I am not sure if you are still alive or not, or whether or not you came home from Viet Nam. The last word was a letter sent to me in 1968-69 saying you were on your way to Nam from Camp Penelton, CA. I think about you always and wish you well.

ArmyJessie Ancle Cooley Jr
By Angie Easterly, Sequatchie county, TN
Even though I never met you I'm very proud to say that you are my uncle. Thank You granny misses you and so does everybody else. We found some of Kathy and Stevens toy buried in the yard it's nice to know that even though ya'll have been gone over twenty years your all really still hear. Love, your niece

POW/MIAArmy Robert F. Cooley Charlie Co., 60 Reg, 10 Div
By Debbie Adcock, Denton, Texas
Dad didn't like to talk about his experiences from WWII. But when he did, we listened intensely at his astonishing stories. He walked the fields of Germany fighting, he was at the Ramagen Bride and he was captured and became a POW. Because of his strength and many other men, our country won the war and gained respect. Now because of our wonderful Uncle Chuck who has documented his entire path thru Germany our children will remember him. I will make sure these stories are passed from generation to generation. Your Loving Daughter, Debbie

POW/MIAArmy Robert Franklin Cooley Sr.
By Richard Cooley, Oklahoma City, OK
Dad did not even get to graduate with his high school class. He left on graduation day to fight for his country. He saw many of his Army buddies being shot down right beside him, but it never stopped him from diong what he had to do. He had a fight with a German Officer and took his sword and Glock and we have it today to remember him. He and some others were soon captured in the basement of a church and taken to Stalag VI A. After being there he and another escaped. Soon after, they were saved and the war was soon over. My father was a great man. He will be missed by all, but by me the most. I love you Dad!! Your son, Richie

NavyP. E. (Shorty) Cooper
By Bruce Cooper, Chesapeake, VA USA
Amercian Hero, Father and grandfather Saw action in WWII and Korea

Army Don Paul Corbin
By Larry Stanley
World War II Army Veteran,age 79,of Halifax,Va.,formerly of Pikeville,Ky.,died Sunday,March 14,1999,at his home.Don was born in Pike Co.,KY.,Sept.9,1920,the son of the late Claude and Maude (Varney) Corbin.Husband of Lena Rivers Thompson Corbin.

MarineJames A. Corbin
By William Puhl, Taylor, MI
Jim served in Spec. Ops.! He was a great attribute to his country. Now my step - father! Semper - fi.

ArmyJames A. Corcoran
By Doreen Mackin
My name is Doreen Mackin and I am the only child of James A. Corcoran who served in the United States Army WW2. He passed away and is burried in Hollywood, Florida.

MarineThomas Patrick Corcoran
By Thomas Baird, St. Louis, MO USA
My name is Thomas Baird. I'm from St. Louis and so was my fallen hero. The fallen hero is my uncle, Thomas Patrick Corcoran, that was killed in WWII at Okinawa on 16 of June 1945. I have never met him but doing my genealogy I hope to learn more about him and all the fallen heros.

ArmyPFC Thomas R Cork
By Shelia Rosser, Hueytown, AL USA
You have been missed every since you left us. In our hearts you live on.... Your family
We are looking for veterans that may have information on PFC Thomas R. Cork. 5th Cav. 1st Div 3rd Bn MIA 02/15/51

Air ForceArmyJohn Calvin Corn
By Patricia Ann Wilson, Lawrenceville, Georgia
In Memory of my father who not only served the Army but then joined the Airforce and served his country. He was in WWII and the Korean Conflict. We are very proud of you dad and miss you very much. My dad passed away in 1989, but his memory still lives in our hearts and in the hearts of many Americans who are still free.

NavyJoseph Correnti, Jr.
By Barbara Ann Correnti, USA
In Memory of my Dad Joseph Correnti, Jr., US Navy, whom I wish could have watched me grow up. I miss you Dad. With all my love to you.
Yours Truly.
Your Daughter Barbara Ann Correnti

ArmyFather Anthony P. Corsi 1917-2000
By Anthony J. Corsi, Somerset, NJ USA
My Father Served In The U.S Army From May, 1941 To 1945. He Was Stationed In Both The Aleutian Islands and Phillipines.

MarineLance Corporal Jerry Coultas
By Staff Sergeant Richard D. Groves, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, Persian Gulf War Veteran.
Died in a motorcycle accident Thanksgiving Day, 1987 at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, NC and is sorely missed.

Marine Charles W. Counts
By Barbara C. Teal, Fayetteville, NC
He served in the Marine Corps for 27 years, a veteran of WWII, Korea and Vietnam. He passed away in November 2003, a Marine until the end. We miss him.

ArmyAlonso King Cox
By Dennis K. Cox, Riverside, CA USA
Dad, you never told me that you loved me. In the old days men didn't say stuff like that but now that I'am older I know that you loved me and you know that I loved you. RIP LOVE YOUR SON,
Dennis K. Cox

ArmyStaff Sargent Edwin D. Cox
By Carlton A. Cox, Braintree, MA USA
I love you Dad and I always will You served with pride

ArmyJack H. Cox WWII and Korea
By Daughter Diane, Atlanta, GA USA
Died September, 1989 buried Lithia Springs, Georgia - brain cancer

Beloved Father, Husband and Brother -
Daddy: You will never be forgotten! I know you are watching over us.
Your daughter, Diane

ArmyLewis Craig, JR.
By Carla Lossner, Silverdale, WA
Although Never met you I honor you and tried to do that by joining the Navy and serving my country as you did. I love you and will remember you always. You are part of my life and grive for you in my prayers and hope to meet you on the other side. Good night Uncle Jimmy, my son is named after you.

ArmySgt. John F. Cranford, Jr. 96th div. 381st "G" Co. "Deadeyes"
By David Cranford, Greensboro, NC
Leyte - Okinawa - Awarded Bronze Star for heroic service April 12th and Purple Heart for being shot May 22nd. Both on Okinawa. Proud Son

ArmyGary Wayne Crask
By Carolyn Crask
My son Gary Wayne Crask was the first central Illinois Casualty of the Persian Gulf War. He was with the Army, 317 Engineer Bn. at the border of Kuwait when his bunker collapsed. I have now written a book about walking through the process of grief after my sons death.

MarineJack L. Crast
By Michael Crast, Watervliet, NY USA
In memory of my father, who fought for his country as a member of the 1st Marine Division in WWII & Korea. I remember the stories you told as if they were only yesterday.not a day goes by that I dont think of you. You are gone but will never be forgotten. Your son MICHAEL

ArmyPvt FC Hollis Leroy Crews 35th Infantry Division US Army (Sante Fe Division)
By Danny R. Crews, Holden, MO USA
My father fought in the Battle of the Bulge, Ardennes, and Rhine. He witnessed and experienced horrors, fear, and bravery among the many who fought during WWII, the likes which many never had imagined before this time and many of us still can't. He helped win that war so we could have peace and freedom as so many of us take for granted today. He knew what it was like then and knew what it was like again to fight for his life when he lost his battle with cancer in March 1999. We all miss him, father, grandfather, and husband. He's at peace now, so in a since he won the war again! Love you and see you one day when we all meet again.

ArmySgt. Robert G. Criner
By Harold Criner, Marietta Georgia
My uncle Robert served in WWII in the Italian, Sicilian and Tunisian campaigns. He was severely wounded in Italy when his tank was destroyed. Over the years the memories of war, I suppose, became too much for him and at the early age of 52, he took his own life. God bless you uncle Robert and thanks for serving our country.

NavyLloyd Crider
By Aundra Miller, Naples, FL

Air ForceS/SGT. Floyd Chester Crites
By Betty K. Brewer, Holt, FL USA
My Father, was to me a wonderful person, and he served his country from 1935 till 1957. He started out in the Army-Air Corps until it was divided and he retired from the Air-Force. Strange as it may seem, he took his basic training in the Philipines. He passed away on February 10, 1991 at the age of 77. Sleep well Dad, I miss and Love you.
Your Daughter Betty K. Brewer

ArmyLT Bernard J. "Bud" Cronin
By Dan Fisher, Wilton, NY USA
"Bud" served with Company F, 2nd Infantry Regiment, of the 5th Infantry Division, during World War II. He fought at Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes, and the Rhineland. For gallantry in combat, he was awarded the Silver Star, and 4 Bronze Stars. He passed away November 14, 1998, in Hudson Falls, New York, at 79 years of age. Rest in Peace "Bud".

POW/MIAArmy Herbert Charles Crosby
By Jack H. Cloud, U. S. Army 1966-1969, Tulsa, OK
Capt Ft. Sill, OK 01-10-70

ArmyPvt. Arthur M. Cross
By Sarah Cross, Wilmore, KY USA
He was a very loving grandfather to me and my siblings.

ArmySgt. Charles G. Cross
By Sarah Cross, Wilmore, KY USA
He was a very devoted American

Army William Ray Cross
By Lynda Jonette Cross, Morristown, TN
Bill lived a life loving this country! He was the greatest man I have ever known. I watched him die from complications of agent orange, but not one time did he ever complain about the war or his part in it. He will always be a hero who fought a life of pain. I am so proud to have been a part of his life. God bless our armed forces, God bless Bill, and God bless the USA!!

ArmyRichard Guinn Crossland Sp/4, 101st Airborne Division, KIA Tuy Hoa, South Vietnam February 7, 1966
By Gordon Kennedy, Clinton, MS
Richard was a gently giant of a man. He had a heart of love as big as a mountain. Though a man, he was shy in some respects for he was humble, a friend who would give you the shirt off his back. More importantly, Richard is a Christian (not was) and he will welcome my into Heaven. He and I served together at Ft. Campbell. Thank you for your love, your friendship and your service to our country. "No greater love than this, that he lay down his life for his friends" (John 15:13). As Christ lay down His life for us, Richard laid down his life for his friends and his country. Currahee Richard! Airborne All The Way! See ya one day.

Air ForceFred E. Croushore
By Fred C. Croushore, Jeannette, PA
WWII Veteren of the 828th Bombardment Squadron, 485th Bombardment Group, 15th Air Force at Venosa, Italy. After the war he returned to his hometown of Jeannette PA and served his community as a Firefighter for 28 years. My father was active in the American Legion, serving twice as Commander of Post 344, District Commander, and various State and National positions. He was Married to Jean and was the father of six children. He was a child of the depression, one of the Greatest Generation, and above all he was an American.

ArmyRobert A. Croushore SR (1930-1990)
By John C. Zimmerman, Jenners, PA USA
What can I say about a man, that was like a father to me. I know he was proud to serve his country, his God, his family, and his freinds. He was a simple hard workinging man. He was always a freind, through good or bad. I was blessed to have known him. Bob you are still in my heart, my dreams, and my prayers. Thanks for the memories. Your hunting partner, John Carl.

MarinePfc Michael Lee Crouson
By Terry N. Crouson, Newcastle, CA USA
By Craig A. Slaughter (USMC 64-67), Fredericksburg, VA USA
By Terry N. Crouson,
Dearest Little Brother (Pfc Michael Lee Crouson 2222397/0331 Weapons 3rd Plt, MikeCo, 3/3/3, KIA 10 Dec 66), Not a day goes by that I don't think of you in the most fondest of thoughts, although they anguished by our loss of you while in service to your Country. Your WWII Army medic father is now with you as is your Gold Star Mother. I want you to know how very, very proud I am of you. I hope you knew that. I know that you weren't military oriented but when you knew it was time you followed me and your brother Thomas into the Corps. You would be proud to know that your brother Lewis (Luke) and one of his sons also joined the Corps, as did my 2 sons (the first named for you) and 2 additional nephews. We still miss you and honor you. Some fine day we shall all be together once again and forever.
Rest In Peace and Semper Fi, Mac!
Your Big Brother, Terry N. Crouson

By Craig A. Slaughter
Only because of "fate" have our paths crossed. Thirty-Three years after your ultimate sacrafice your brother Terry and I have been in touch with each other via a thing called the internet! You know, and now--- so do I. Our Lord meant for it to happen this way. We were both with "M" Co. 3rd. Btn., 3rd. Marines and were both 0331 Gunners assigned to 3rd. Platoon. Me-- in 65'. You-- in 66'.

How ironic that I should have the HONOR of meeting you this way. I salute you MARINE. I salute your family for caring. Until we all meet in God's Marine Corp Heaven--- Pfc. Craig A. Slaughter

ArmyPFC. Ramon Cruz
By Consuelo (Connie) Oquendo, Tampa, FL USA
In loving memory of my father who entered heaven on Sept. 10, 1950 Korean War Veteran, getting killed in action 5 months before I was born. But I thank my father for leaving me a brother Jose R. Cruz. Rest In Peace Dad! We Love You!

NavyJames Culhane
By Ed Culhane, Hawthorne, NJ USA
Brother Jim, you're in a better place now. See you on the other side Jimmy. Loving son, brother, uncle, Godfather and friend. Loved life taken too soon, Love, sister Kathy, Anna Maria Fla. Memories are all we have, you're always in our thoughts and prayers.

NavyWilliam P. Culhane
By Ed Culhane, Totowa, NJ
By Kathy
By Ed Culhane,
Dad, miss you real bad. I know you and Jimmy are sailing now. I'll see you two on the other side. A man is never dead unless he is forgotten.

By Kathy,
Died in a tragic accident, Loving Husband, Father, Grandfather , father of seven, grandfather of 14, greatgrandfather of 6, sadly missed every day, taken too soon,Dad we think of you everyday and you are missed so much, until we meet again, loved sailing, tennis, and life. Beloved "Sweet Bill" Love your daughter Kathy.xxoo

ArmyWilliam Culvert Cundiff
By Janice Cundiff Neely, Louisville, KY USA
On the anniversary of my father's death on July 28th 1977, this is in memory of our father who served in the military from November 4, 1942 to October 27, 1945. His battles and campaigns were Naples-Foggia;Rome-Arno;No appenines;PoVally. He served in Battery B 337th FA Battalion. He died of cancer in July 28th, 1977 leaving behind seven (7) children, Margaret Jane, Rita June, Linda Jean, Janice Faye, Donna Jo, William Charles, and Sherrill Lynn.

NavyRaymond E Cunningham
By Dianne Cunningham Ivey-Harleton, TX USA
Raymond E Cunningham DOB 17 Jan 1921. Served his country with pride and honor. DOD 11/89 of ALS. A great man that is still sorely missed. We thank him and all the men that served this great country so that we can enjoy freedom today. May we never forget the gift they gave...

Air Force Lt. Col. (Ret.) William A. Curnutte
By Troy M. Curnutte, Chesapeake, Virginia
My Dad, a true "fighter pilots- fighter pilot". Danang June 1968-June 1969 with the 390th TFS Wild Boars flying F-4D's.
I miss you so much. You will always be my hero. Be the first to meet me when it is my time.
Much Love,
Your Son,

Air Force Lt. Col. (Ret.) William A. Curnutte
By Jennifer Lee Lake, Portsmouth, Virginia
Granddad, I miss you much. It's been almost one year since God took you from us (May 7, 2002) and when you passed away, it was the hardest thing for me to go through. You would love Kaitlynn and she would love you; she was born May 23, 2002. Taylor misses her D-daddy and we told her you are in the sky flying airplanes and whenever she sees one, she says "There's D-daddy". I know you are in a better place and suffer no more. You are in my thoughts everyday and you always will be. We all love you dearly. I know I will see you again someday.

All my love forever,
Your granddaughter,
Jennifer Lee

ArmyDonald D. Curtis
By Jeanne Curtis, Normal, IL USA
Your voice I miss cause I cannot hear. My thoughts are "Oh how I wish you were here! To have to hold to simply touch I miss you I miss you I miss you so much. Our love was so pure and seem so short my heartaches so much it tears me apart. You are gone from this earth but you memory lives on in my heart, in my soul and our favorite song. So long I say till I see you again.

My lover, husband, my best Friend!

ArmyAnthony Custodio
By Edward J. Custodio Jr, Farmington, NM USA
By Anthony F. Custodio III, Heidelberg, Germany
By Edward J. Custodio Jr,
God Bless you Grandpa, for your duty to God and Country, keeps me going in the U.S. Army today.
Your Grandson
SFC Custodio
U.S. Army

By Anthony F. Custodio III,
Papa I will always remember you with love and respect
Your Loving Grandson

ArmyThomas A. Cutcher 15353812 technician 5th class
By Anthony Laker, Sussex, United Kingdom
Thinking of you from the son you never knew you had.

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