This page is dedicated to all the veterans of the armed forces of the United States. Whether they died in combat or in bed of old age, we all owe them so much, because they bought our freedom for us.

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In Loving Memory of Those Who Served. . .

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.


Army Noah William Earls
By Diane Nations, Bryson City, NC
We remember... Killed August 31, 1944 "somewhere in France". Buried in Epinol, France. Member of US Army 134th Infantry, 35th Division. This is basically all we know. If you have any knowledge of my uncle or his unit, please email me at

ArmyDavid B. Earnest
By Ellen Oakey, Neptune Beach, FL USA
I never met my great grandfather but from what I have heard about him, it has taught me to be proud of this country. He fought in WWI with the Engineers. He his missed and loved very much!

ArmyDonald Vern Eastman
By Bea McKelvy, Las Vegas, NV USA (youngest sister)
Don was the 4th of 11 children. He died in Korea so many years ago but is still loved and missed by his 10 sisters and brothers.

NavyArchie Easterling
By 1st. Lt. Lewis T. Easterling USAF (ret), Charlotte, NC
Archie was a crew member on an LST engaged in his 5th. beach invasion. This one was at Serlino, Italy. He was manning a mortor in support of the landing when a shell hit his position, and he was killed instantly. He was my cousin and a good friend.

Air ForceCol Robert Easterling
By 1st. Lt. Lewis T. Easterling USAF (ret), Charlotte, NC
This will be for three of my good friends who I trained with and joined the same squadron with. We all flew the P-47 Thunderbolt fighter-bomber operating in close ground support of our advancing armys.
Lt. Paul Fulton, lost over England
Lt. Gus Garcea, lost near the Rhyne River.
Lt. Bob Dwyer, lost near Stuttgart, Germany when his parachute failed to open.
Lt. Don Flowers, lost his plane near Kaizerlauthern.
Lt. Lewis Easterling who lost his plane at Mannheim, Germany, was wounded badely, taken POW, but survived.
Col Robert Easterling, served from 1940 throughout WW2, in Europe and afterward at other locations for a total of 24 years. Then died of a heart attack. (my brother and friend)

ArmyBilly D. Eaton
By Kristi M. Eaton, Watonga, OK USA
My father died on February 7, 1980, after a bout with cancer caused by Agent Orange. He will always be loved and missed.

POW/MIAAir Force Norman Dale Eaton
By Jack H. Cloud, U. S. Army 1966-1969, Tulsa, OK
LtCol Weatherford, OK 01-13-69

Air ForceJohn G. Ebbert
By Catherine M. Ebbert, Madison, WI USA
This is in memory of my Dad, who was killed March 31, 1979. I was only 5 months old when he was killed on duty as a security officer, but his memory is with me every day of my life. I am proud that my Father served during Vietnam and died serving his country. I love him and miss him... and I will always carry his memory on in my heart.

Air ForceTSgt John G. Ebbert
By Steve Davidson, Columbia, MD USA
It has been exactly 22 years since John was murdered. While I cannot forget how he died, I will also never forget that it was an honor and a privilege to have worked with him. John, you are still deeply missed and never forgotten.

Marine PFC Ronnie Lee Eckenroad kia 19 March 1969
By Janet Eckenroad Kerry
I don't remember you my brother because I was only two. But I will always love, honor, and miss you.
your sister
Janet Eckenroad Kerry

If anyone has any information please contact me at:

ArmySgt.Maj. Raymond L. Echevarria
By Donna E. Burris, Fayetteville, NC USA
This is for you, dad. Though it has been over 30 years now, you have been in our thoughts, prayers, and hearts every day. We love and miss you as much now as we did when you last went to serve your country. And although your grandchildren have never met you, they know you and are very proud to talk about their grandfather who gave his life for his country. You left us when we were young but we grew up knowing what a remarkable person you were and you will never be forgotten! We Love You! Donna, Laura, Ray Jr., and Frank

ArmySPC Jonn J Edmunds
By Anne Edmunds, Cheyenne, WY
This is to my soulmate and my eternal love. Thank you, Jonn, for teaching me how to love the simple things in life and to a have fun. Thank you for staying by my side. I will stay strong until we walk hand in hand again. You are not a hero because you died, you are a hero because you lived. Love Always and Forever Your Wife, Anne

Marine Cpl. Donald Wayne Edney
By Bill Rankin, Piedmont, Oklahoma USMC 1975-79
To Donny, my cousin, my hero, brother-in-arms. Semper Fi!

ArmyArthuer Edwards Killed in action(battle of the Bulge)
By Wilbert Theis, Cumberland, MD USA
Uncle Art: Although its been so long ago that we were together I willnever forget you nor the sacrifice you made for all of us. You will always be remembered.

MarineLoyde (Huck) Edwards
By Debra Newcomb, Gerrardstown W. Va
To my brother; I love you and miss you. Loyde died on 01/01 2000, at our local VA hospital. He will forever be loved and remembered by his family and friends.

MarineHarry W. Ehrgott, Sgt.
By Gary L. Ehrgott, Centerville, OH USA
Pop, even though I never got a chance to tell you I Love You, you probably knew it. Thank You for instilling in me what the Corp is all about. I miss you. I wish we could sit down one more time and talk. I miss that. Take care of Mom.

POW/MIAArmy George Eisenberger
By Jack H. Cloud, U. S. Army 1966-1969, Tulsa, OK
E5 Pawhuska, OK 12-05-65

Army Col. Micheal Ekman
By Joe Wessels, Waynesboro, VA
To a four tour veitnam vet and a great teacher and coach. Thank you for your service to this country. You have had a great influence on my life and i will never forget you!

ArmyArthur Elgquist Army Air Corps - WW2
By Tom Curtin, Bellflower, CA USA
Thanks for everything Art... you're the only hero I needed.

ArmyWilliam (Big Bill) Elkins
By Terry Elkins, Rochester Hills, MI
Branch US Army-Korean Conflict (Cpl)
Died 4-11-01 age 71
You taught me alot, you are missed already.

ArmyJames C Ellefson
By Heather Hohlstein, Lodi, WI USA
I would like to make this dedication to my grandfather who I dearly love and miss. Who died April 25th 1995, Who served in the Korean war. Not only serving this counrty but serving his family and the people he cared about. I love you always and forever there is not a day that goes by. I wish you were here to live with us, but your in peace now. I love you!!!!!

ArmyFred Douglas Elliott
By Linda L. Elliott, Kernersville, NC USA
Doug was a great husband, father, and Papaw. He passed away on May 26, 1999. He is greatly missed by all family and friends. He served 2 tours in Viet Nam in the 60's. We all still love you, Doug! My love for you will never die!
Your Loving Wife,

MarineLewis Irvin Elliott
By Lisa D Gaskill, Millville, NJ USA
In Memory Of my Uncle Irvin who died March 6, 1945 on Iwo Jima, at the young age of 19, even though I never had the pleasure to know, is still loved dearly and appreciated for all he has done.

ArmyMichael L Ellis
By Jim Watson, Placentia, CA USA
Mike was my best friend in high school. He was KIA Nov.19 1967 at hill 875. Was a member of the 173rd Airborne Brigade 2/503 Inf. Co. A I still miss him 32 years later.

ArmyAir ForceSSgt Oscar L. Ellis
By Terry L. Ellis, TSgt (Ret.), USAF, Mount Sterling, KY USA
In rememberance of my father, who passed away 25 February 1990, I love you and miss you greatly. I can't imagine what you went through in Korea or during all the other times you were in turmol, just know you are greatly missed.

ArmyRual Dean Ellis
By Tonya Ellis Stanford, Merced, CA USA
My dad died at Fresno veterans hospital of cancer I love him and miss him so much I think he deserves to be remembered for who he was.

ArmyRobert C. Elmer
By Michelle Elmer, Grand Island, NY USA
Robert Elmer was my Grand Father for 11 years before he died of Cancer in 1994. He served in the Korean War and I had the privilege of knowing a true hero in every sense of the word. Even though I lost him when I was just 11 yrs. old, I still Love and miss him dearly and I am so proud of his courage through war and through cancer. He is definitely the wind beneath my wings!

Army Pfc Anton Elvasaater 4th Cavalry Reconnaissance, Troop B
By Shane E. Olson, Halma-Lake Bronson SAL Post Commander, MN USA
At 0530 (H minus 1 hours)on June 6th, 1944, prior to the main DDAY landings, Pfc Anton Elvasaater of Troop B was killed in action during the landing on Iles St Marcouf off the coast of Utah Beach. Awarded the Bronze Arrowhead posthumously. "Let us dedicate ourselves to the task of carrying on that those whom we honor shall not have died in vain."

Air Force Donald R. Emerson Captain, U.S. Army Air Forces, 336th Fighter Squadron, 4th Fighter Group
By Shane E. Olson, Halma-Lake Bronson SAL Post Commander, MN USA
Donald R. Emerson of Karlstad, MN, was KIA on Christmas Day, 1944, while flying another P-51 during the Battle of the Bulge, he was heading back to his base after a mission when he encountered six enemy planes. He managed to shoot down two FW-190s, but as he crossed enemy lines flying close to the ground, he was struck by flak from anti-aircraft guns. His plane crashed in British-occupied territory in Belgium; it is believed that he died before his plane landed. His body is permanently interred at: Plot B Row 15 Grave 21, in the Netherlands American Cemetery Margraten, Netherlands. Capt. Donald R. Emerson earned the Distinguished Flying Cross with 1 Oak Leaf Cluster and the Air Medal, with 3 Oak Leaf clusters, and posthumously, the Purple Heart for being killed in action.

ArmyThomas Jefferson Emfinger
By Ken Emfinger, Sr., Bangor, ME USA
Father. I was not born when you served this country in the South Pacific during WWII. As a child I asked you what you did and you simply stated, "I shot snakes." That was the first and last thing you ever spoke to me about the war. The war changed you in ways that only you knew, but it did not change your gentle manner. You are gone now and the emptiness of so many questions inside me will remain. I just wanted to give this tribute to you and to say, "Dad. I love you." Ken (Skinny)

MarineRobert L. Emmenegger
By Jim Emmenegger, Guntersville, AL USA
My Dad and my hero served in the Pacific in WW II where he was awarded the Purple Heart for actions on Iwo Jima. Died on Dec 7, 1987 while serving as the Commandant of the St. Louis Marine Corps League. Simper Fi to the end! "We all miss and love you"

Navy Lt.Jg Stephen P. Engeman
By Scott R. Hale, Navy Corpsman, Holland, MI
USS Enterprise, CVN 65, Squadron: RIO, VF-213, Fighter Pilot: F-14's

I am the Navy Corpsman that worked so hard for you on that faithful day aboard the USS Enterprise CVN 65 on Jan. 1986. I am your Corpsman; I am your "Doc". Not a day goes by that I do not remember that day. May God look favorably upon you!

ArmyChristopher William Englebert
By Peggy Englebert, New Brunswick, NJ USA
We all miss you, Critter, and we love you.

Marine Alfred A. Eno
By Rosemary Lorraine Newey, Rochester, New York
In memory of our brother who served in Vietnam. We Love You and Miss you. You are not forgotten. Semper Fi
Your Sisters Rose, Judy, Karen, Nocole Brothers Edward, Kenneth, Alan

Air Force Thomas Edwin Epling
By Larry Stanley,Adrian Twp.,MI.
age 56 of Powells Creek Road,died Aug.6,1998 at his home.He was born in Pike Co.,KY.,March 18,1942,minister of New Hope Baptist Church,and a U.S.Air Force Veteran.Buried: Annie E. Young Cemetery,East Shelbiana,Pike Co.,KY.

ArmyDr. Richard B. Erno
By Janice Marie Peterson, Tucson, AZ USA
Daddy, there are so many things that I wanted to say to you but didn't have the chance to. This memorial is dedicated to you, who fought so bravely for this country and survived to come home and build such a wonderful loving family with mom. We all love you so very much and miss you and your laughter and your hugs. I am so proud to be your daughter and will do my best to make my children proud of me too. This is only one more page of your book as so many more will be written from generation to generation. When the heavens opened I looked down and saw you and chose you to be my daddy, and that one time I made the right choice. You're are still my bestest pal. I miss you daddy.
Your loving baby girl,

NavyJames Harold Eubanks
By Jessi Eubanks, Hattiesburg, MS USA
In memory of my great-uncle, who was killed on-board the USS Indianapolis at the young age of 21. Although I never met him my heart is filled with respect and pride for this hero who sacrificed his life, along with many other brave soldiers, to preserve freedom in this country. God bless you, Uncle James. You are certainly not forgotten.

ArmyThomas M Eustace
By John R Eustace, Las Vegas, NV
Killed in Action on June 3, 1944 at Vic Larina, Italy while serving with the 85th Infantry Division. He was 19 years old.

Tommy, we never got to enjoy things together and get to know each other through the years, like a family and children and now Grandchildren, but, you are still remembered.
God bless
Your Brothers, John & J

ArmyWayne R Eustace Died January 31, 1999.
By John Eustace, Las Vegas, NV
Son I wish I would have hugged you one more time and told you I loved you but we didn't know that would be the last time. That old Agent Orange finally got you. You are remembered.
Love, Dad

Army Norbert W. Evans
By Marc Willis, Corvallis, Oregon
Amphibious Tractor Driver, Angaur, Peleliu, Okinawa. Hero, Mentor, Friend, Father-in- Law. We will never forget you.

Air ForceRalph G. Evans
By Esther Evans-Coots, Layton, UT USA
In memory of my father, Entered military service November 1939 retired January 1971. Served in WW II, Korean Conflict and did two years in Viet Nam. Died January 12, 2000 in Las Vegas of lung cancer. For my two brothers and I, wish we could have said good-bye but we know you didn't like all that emotional crap (your words). We learned honor and the love for our country from you.

Navy James Timothy Ewing
By C. Quinter, Upper Sandusky, Ohio
During the Vietnam war he enlisted in the Navy. The Navy did not need a corp man but the Marines did. So he was assigned to the Marines. Is there anyone who remembers him or served with him? He died June, 1988 (

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