This page is dedicated to all the veterans of the armed forces of the United States. Whether they died in combat or in bed of old age, we all owe them so much, because they bought our freedom for us.

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In Loving Memory of Those Who Served. . .

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.


Army Dennis C Gabaldon
By Charles Gabaldon, Peralta, New Mexico

Army Herman Gabaldon
By Charles Gabaldon, Peralta, New Mexico
Vietnam era veteran

Army John Gabaldon
By Charles Gabaldon, Peralta, New Mexico
Vietnam era veteran

Army Paul A Gabaldon
By Charles Gabaldon, Peralta, New Mexico
Paul served in the Pacific

Army Raymond A Gabaldon
By Charles Gabaldon, Peralta, New Mexico
An officer who dealt with the reconstruction of Japan.

Army Tony A Gabaldon
By Charles Gabaldon, Peralta, New Mexico
Tony participated in the Battle of the Bulge and was a POW

Army Joseph Allan Galante
By Christina Galante
Born: 7/4/1948, Died: 2/21/2004, Year Served: 1968-1969 Vietnam Veteran, Rank: PVT/E3 US Army

My father was very proud to of served in the US Army. I, as his daughter, have so much respect and love for what he and the other soldiers sacrificed for us Americans. I know my father loved his fellow brothers. Dad, may you now rest in peace from after all the pain and struggle from the aftermath. I have always loved you and now truly respect what you did for us. Thank you.

Love always your daughter, Christina

ArmyLtCol. Patrick J. Gallagher
By Patricia J. Gallagher, Lockport, NY USA
Lt.Col. Patrick J. Gallagher was my father. He fought in WWII and received medals and citations which he never displayed. He said it was his job. He was in the Military Intelligence for most of his career. He was a good man and well liked by everyone who met him. Dad I think of you everyday.


ArmyWilliam J. Gallagher
By Susan Gallagher McLaughlin
My father died on Feb. 1, 1991. He was an all around nice guy, just a regular person but outstanding father. He served in the army from 1940 until the end of the war. He bravely fought in the battle of Saipan. I miss him more and more with each passing day. My heart aches all the time just over his loss. Daddy, please know how much I love you still and how time hasn't eased the pain I feel. I thank you and all the other veterans now gone and still with us for bravely doing your duty to your country and your fellow countrymen.

ArmyAnacleto M. Gallegos
By Esther Colvin, Hanford, CA USA
WW2 Veteran, 402 Infantry. Awarded the Bronze star. Wounded in Belgium and given the Purple Heart. Born in Mexico, dad was proud to go to war and fight for "his" country & what the USA stands for. Thanks for teaching us all what it means to be proud,loving,compassionate & brave to the last. You will be missed by all who knew you. E, S, H, G, G, M, S, C, M, R & Carmen

ArmyWilliam H. Galten
By Joan E. McGrath, Westminster, MD USA
Posted here in loving memory of my dad, who was very proud to have served in WWII as a Sgt., 9th Div., 14th Inf. attached to 3rd Inf. After having served in Munich & Northern France from 1943 to 1946, Dad had a happy and full life as a restauranteur and hotel manager. He died with a smile on his face at age 73. We all miss you and love you very much, Dad; smile on us all til we meet again.

Army John R. Gamble
By Grace Gamble, Londonderry, NH
In memory of my wonderful husband who served two tours in Vietnam,1967-68. Born January 11, 1943 Died July 25, 2003. I will never forget you as a husband, friend, lover and protector of our country. God keep him by your side.

Air ForceMsgt Orville Gandee
By Stephen Gandee
Msgt Orville Gandee was my father. He was a flight engineer on the B29, the B50, the WB50, the KB50J, and the KC97. He served from 1941 until 1961 with the USAF. He went to Vietnam as a technical advisor to the US Army. He died from cancer in April of 1989. His wife divorced him in the early 1950s and he cared for his son and daughter while flying in the Air Force. He was a good man and loved his country and his family. He was a farm boy from Weatherford, Texas. He will always be loved and we miss him. Stephen Orville Gandee

Air ForceLt. Gus Garcea
By 1st. Lt. Lewis T. Easterling USAF (ret), Charlotte, NC
This will be for three of my good friends who I trained with and joined the same squadron with. We all flew the P-47 Thunderbolt fighter-bomber operating in close ground support of our advancing armys.
Lt. Paul Fulton, lost over England
Lt. Gus Garcea, lost near the Rhyne River.
Lt. Bob Dwyer, lost near Stuttgart, Germany when his parachute failed to open.
Lt. Don Flowers, lost his plane near Kaizerlauthern.
Lt. Lewis Easterling who lost his plane at Mannheim, Germany, was wounded badely, taken POW, but survived.
Col Robert Easterling, served from 1940 throughout WW2, in Europe and afterward at other locations for a total of 24 years. Then died of a heart attack. (my brother and friend)

MarineSSgt Raymond I. Garcia
By Louie Villasana, Chattanooga, TN USA
SSgt Garcia was KIA on 5/26/68 in Quang Tri, South Vietnam. He served with Mike Co. 3/3/3. He was a platoon SSgt. Trying to get one of his men (Crawford) which had been wounded when he was shot in the neck area. He was or is my uncle who raised me my father died when I was a baby. My mother gave me to my uncle and grandma, me and grandma Lucy waited for him to return, grandma went to be with him and I sit here waiting patiently for my turn. To enter the gates of Heaven and them standing there. So we can be together once again.

ArmySgt. Gordon Dwight Gardner
By Michael "King" Galbraith, Gig Harbor, WA USA
Gordon was 19 years old when he was killed (2-3-69) in a radio shack on a nothing moundof earth just North of Cam Lo. I was with him. He was a good friend, a good man and a good tanker. I've wanted to contact his family for 30 years now and it just never seems to get done. Maybe this year. God speed to all.

NavyLaverne Robert Gardner
By Tony Adamski, Ludlow, MA
I'll see you on the USS Monitor when I get on the other side. Tony

NavyWilliam Frank Garner (Sr)
By Donald E Garner, Boston, MA USA
I am writing to honor my Father. He joined the US Navy at the age of 17 and served on destroyers off the coast of North Korea during the Korean War. He later was stationed in Panama and in 1964 participated in the rescue under fire of a wounded officer during civil disturbances there near the Canal. It was the only time he was ever under fire. Upon his retirement after 21 years of service, he joined the United States Capitol Police, fulfilling a lifelong dream of becoming a Police officer. He died at age 56 of heart disease after 13 years with the Capitol Police. He served his country for 34 years, but his greatest service was to his family, his wife, and his three sons. We will always miss him.

Navy CWO3 Larry Charles Garoutte
By Marcie Fuller, Las Vegas, NV
My father served our country proudly for 24 years, during which he lost many of his fellow brothers in Vietnam and Korea. He was very proud of what he did and believed in it very strongly. He lived a very full life with little if any regrets, until his passing on Dec 12,2007. I love you and will miss you so much Dad

ArmyDonald Garrison S/Sgt
By Mike Norman, Lake Havasu City, AZ USA
My uncle, S/Sgt. Donald Garrison, was a waist gunner on a B-17 bomber which was shot down over Munster, Germany in Oct. 1943, while on its 21st mission. He lost a leg due to his wounds and was a POW until the end of the War. He received the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal (with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters), and the Purple Heart, among others. Uncle Don passed away in 1956.

ArmyTech 5 Frank A. Garrity KIA 12/17/44
By James L. Garrity, New York, NY USA
My brother, Frank, was a kind and gentle man who Gave his life, just10 days before his 25th birthday, while serving with The 9th Armored Infantry Battalion of The Sixth Armored Division. I would like to share this tribute with all the brave men of the "Super Sixth"



Your brother and friend,

MarineArthur O. Garza
By Jennifer Garza, Chino Hills, CA USA
Husband, Daddy, Son, Brother, Uncle, Cousin, Son-in-law, oh how I miss you, and wish for one moment you could see your daughter, shes not the 4 month old daughter you left but a 9 yr old young lady... Loving you always... In loving memory of Arthur O. Garza 7-10-70/ 1-26-91 Persian Gulf War.

POW/MIADelmar Gaskin -Stalag 3B-
By Candice Richardson
Dad-thanks & love

Air ForceMSgt James E. Gastian
By Lori Whitener, Bosque Farms, NM USA
I am so proud to be a daughter of a Veteran and proudly say "Thank You for all that you have given for your Country" to all United States Veterans.There will never be another generation like you. My father died in 1966, leaving behind 6 kids but we knew he loved us, my Mom and the USAF.

NavyWoodrow Harry Gaugler
By Betsy Gaugler Jones
In memory of my devoted, loving father who served proudly during WWII. He entered the Navy May 13, 1944, and graduated from the Aviation Electrician's Mate School at Jacksonville, FL to Seaman First Class (AEM) in the U.S. Navy. Dad died last year on 2/23/00. Mom died 4/24/00, and I'm sure they're happy together after 62 years of knowing and loving each other and 59 years of marriage. I miss them more than words can say. I'm so proud of my dad who had only good things to say about the Navy. He was happy to serve, and I know he would love knowing his name is in the WWII War Memorial Registry. I love you, Dad and Mom.

Your daughter,

ArmyJoseph Anthony Gaugush
By Virginia Gaugush, Fresno, CA USA
Joseph A. Gaugush was born in Chicago, Ill. on 12/08/24.
He enlisted in the Armed Forces at the onset of WW-2.
Following 14-years of dedicated service, including combat action in the Philippines and the Korean conflict, SFC Joseph Gaugush suffered a 100% service-connected disability, and thus, medically retired in April 1957. He expired on February 24, 1998 in Long Beach, California and is survived by his loving wife, Virginia, and four grown children (Sandra, Thomas, Joseph and Rose Mary), also three step-daughters (Sheila, Debbie and Carole) who loved him dearly. Until we meet again.

POW/MIAAir Force James Paul Gauley
By Jack H. Cloud, U. S. Army 1966-1969, Tulsa, OK
Capt Ringwood, OK 01-10-67

MarineHarry Benjamin Gaus
By Mark Gaus, Miami, FL USA
Born on 12/4/1934, he joined the Marines at 17, shot expert on both rifle and pistol. He was meritoriously promoted to CPL and SGT. He got out of the Marines and went on to a successful 32 year career with J. Ray McDermott - retiring as a General Superintendent. He was greatly admired and respected by those that worked with him. He passed away on 5/28/1997 in Tampico Mexico. Most of all, he is sadly missed by all that knew and loved him. Semper Fi POP.

MarineWilliam L. Gayhart
By Jodi Poling, Great Valley, NY
William was declared MIA in march of 1953 (Vegas Hill) during the Korean War. In March of 1954 he was declared KIA...I never knew him, but being my moms brother and hearing her talk about him, he was a wonderful man. God Bless each and every American Veteran who has served, or are MIA or KIA ....

Army David Gebhart
By Anthony Becker, Costa Mesa, CA
Died 4/02/03 lost his battle with cancer from angent orange, Viet Nam. We miss him. Curley electric. A great man. God be with David.

ArmyThomas Gentle
By Jose' Ve'lez, Honolulu, HI USA
It was a honor knowing you brothers... Welcome home to the world in heaven.... Love you both.... You will never, ever be forgotten never... Your bro Papo-Gato... Peace my brothers... One day far away we will meet in the hootch of heaven... May God bless you both and keep you there always... And to all my Vietnam veteran brothers and sisters... Welcome home!!!

Army Donald L George Sr.
By Donald L. George Jr., Ottawa Lake, Michigan
I would like to honor and remember my Dad who served in the U.S. Army during WWII for 2 years. He was with the 3rd battalion of the 167th Infantry Regiment and served in the Southwest asian theater of operations. He spent 4 months as a rifleman, and 19 months as a Scout. He received the "American Theater ribbon, Asiatic-Pacific Theater ribbon with 2 bronze stars, Philippine Liberation ribbon with 1 bronze star, Good conduct ribbon, Bronze SV arrowhead and WWII victory medal.

He survived the war and went on to raise 7 children. Dad passed away in 1988 of lung cancer. I will always remember him and I miss him. He would not talk about the war, and If anyone recognizes his name and remembers serving with him, I would appreciate a comment or two about his time in the war.

Donald L George Jr

MarinesKen George
By Lynn, IN USA

For Ken George...

You lived your life loving and protecting others. You asked so little. You gave so much

To the family
To your country
To the world

The Lord blessed me by having you pass through my life. It was such a short time. Yet time doesn't measure the love that can build. I found that love for you. For your family.
Though we all hurt because you are not physically here with us now, we can have peace of mind knowing that you are with the Lord. And, someday, we will meet. Never to part again.

You fought so many fights for our country. You died because of fighting Cancer and perhaps that was caused from the Agent Orange in Vietnam. Now, you have peace at last.

Thank you God, for sharing Ken with us for 47 years. Please God give Ken's family peace of mind. Give me the words to help them.

ArmyKenneth F. George
By Hedy Arlene Ryan, Rochester, NY USA

ArmyFrank E. Giambusso
By Dianne Giambusso, Aurora, CO USA
Frank died of colon cancer possibly related to Agent Orange exposure on January 6, 1998. I will love him forever.

Marine Timothy M. Gibson
By LCPL Smith, Columbus, OH
Marine Cpl. Timothy M. Gibson 23, of Hillsborough, N.H.; assigned to 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division, III Marine Expeditionary Force, Marine Corps Base Hawaii; killed Jan. 26 when the CH-53E helicopter in which he was riding crashed near Rutbah, Iraq. Twenty-nine Marines and one sailor also were killed.

NavyBoyd Howard Gifford (Signalman 3rd Class)
By Scott E. Gifford, Columbus, OH USA
USN, USS Dickman (APA-13) Utah Beach, Normandy
Boyd Gifford died February 2, 1999 of a heart attack. He served in WW II at Utah Beach and later at Guadal Canal. He married Marth Carol (Sharrock) of whom he was married to for 53 years. Son was Thad M. Gifford and grandsons were: Bryan, Scott, Steve, Christopher. Great Grandchildren were: Ashton, Kiersten. Boyd was my granfather - and a great person. He loved talking about his experience on the 1st wave at Utah Beach. If anyone served with him or can tell me more about what the APA-13 did - pls email me at

NavyJohn Garland Gilley
By William Puhl, Taylor, MI
My grandfather was a respectable, big man. But very gentle. Fought for his country and died w/ honors at home. Thank You!

Marine Louis T. Ginn IV
By Rick Ginn, San Antonio, TX
My little brother (Tommy) served with "C" Co 1/9 and was wounded during Opn Dewey Canyon Feb 1969 in Viet Nam. He came home and fully recovered. He died of pneumonia on 18 Mar 1999 at age 49.

POW/MIAAir Force Tommy E. Gist
By Jack H. Cloud, U. S. Army 1966-1969, Tulsa, OK
Capt Durant, OK 05-18-68

ArmyJames Given
By Linda Pray
My dad was a paratrooper with the army during the Korean Conflict. He was awarded the purple heart. The war took my dad from me emotionally. He passed away in Dec. of 1981. I thank GOD he is finally at peace.
The very proud daughter [Linda Pray] of James A. Given

Marine George B Givens Jr
By Jim Gish, Henderson. KY
You left us at to young of age. I remember the Deer Hunts you I and Gary and Grover use to go on at LBL. Rest in Peace you deserve it. Your name is now on the wall.

Army Robert E. Glass
By Flo Maureen Sielaff, Bettendorf Iowa
Died Saturday, June 12, 2004, at Genesis Medical Center-West Campus, Davenport, Iowa, surrounded by his wife and children, following his long struggle with Crohn's disease.

ArmySp-5 Gary B. Glassford KIA 9/11/70
By William "Bill" Kimbrell, Walhalla, SC USA
In Honor of All My Fallen Brothers. Thank you for your ultimate "Jungle Cut."

Brothers Forever,

ArmyMortimer James Gleeson
By Kris D. Gleeson, Desert Hot Springs, Ca
Staff Sgt. WWII Silver Star. Korean Conflict and 22 years of service to his country. Died at 57 from battle with illness. We love you and miss you so much Dad.
SmokeyJude 1:23

ArmyAlvoid W. Glenn
By Janice Glenn Shugart, Houston, TX USA
Uncle Alvoid, my second Dad, served in Europe during World War II as a medical corpsman. Although He returned to lead a productive live for many years, his wartime service was a defining moment in his life, and he passed on to us, his "kids", his love and respect for our country and its values. We'll miss you, Uncle Alvoid.

Air Force Donald Charles (jb) Glidden, Jr
By Michelle Calano, Spring Hill
Thank you for your service. Thank you for our freedoms! I am praying for you and miss you!

MarineElwyn "Bud" Gloede
By Robert L Gloede, Neenah/Menasha Wisconsin
A Marine for life who served from October 19, 1949 until January 30, 1953. The United States Marines molded a man out of a boy and gave him direction and purpose that would guide him the rest of his life. Although my Father passed away in May of 2000, he is still with my Mother and all eleven of their children in spirit every day. A day doesn't pass when I don't think of him. Semper Fi, Dad, and yes I'll always remember your "other" birthday in November.

POW/MIAAir ForceCMS Calvin C. Glover
By Leanna Hand, Porter, TX USA
Missing since May 22, 1968 on a blindbat mission over Loas he was blind bat one. We love and miss you uncle I know you are watching grandma please let her know you are okay. She wonders about you everyday.

ArmyPryor Gobble
By Glenn Gobble, Fort Myers, FL USA
I would like to honor my brother Corporal Pryor Gobble, born in Lee county, Virginia. He gave his life at a very early age of 18 yrs. old. He was MIA in Korea on December 12, 1950. His remains have never been found. I was only 13 yrs old at the time, but I can remember the Love he had for his family and country. I will see him again, In Heaven.
Love Your Brother
Glenn Gobble
Fort Myers Fl.

POW/MIAArmyMaj. Kenneth B. Goff, Jr. MIA, Vietnam, 24 August, 1967
By Noel Johnson, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
I wore your bracelet with pride and have it still. All gave some ... Some gave ALL.

National Guard Clifford Ezra Gohlke 151st Field Artillery Battalion
By Katherine Gohlke Kerr, North Bend, WA
In honor of our Father who passed away on March 20, 2006 - We love and miss him very much. In April of 1941 he enlisted in the United States Army, serving in the 151st Field Artillery Battalion of the Minnesota National Guard. He served in World War II where he received the Silver Star for ''Gallantry in Action'' in March of 1943. He was at the time in Tunisia, North Africa. The newspaper article in his hometown explained that he and two other enlistees volunteered to locate an enemy location. The terrain they had to cover was about 4 miles across and it was almost all out in the open and part of that was a minefield. They successfully located the enemy and returned to report its position; the enemy was then immediately taken out. One of the volunteers was injured in this maneuver, but they all three returned. His tours of duty included Algeria-French Morocco; Tunisia, North Africa; Naples-Foggia, North Appenines, and Po Valley. He was honorably discharged in 1945. Through the program Operation Recognition, he received his High School Diploma at the age of 86, and the same month received the Legacy Medallion for his service to Country. He belonged to the local American Legion and VFW.

ArmyCorporal Fred E. Gold
By Master Sergeant John Gold Sr., USMC, RET, Clarksville, TN USA
Our country lost a valiant soilder when my brother Fred was killed in Vietnam on Sep 19, 1969. I'll never forget him and never stop missing him.

ArmySp-5 David R. Goll KIA 5/14/70
By William "Bill" Kimbrell, Walhalla, SC USA
In Honor of All My Fallen Brothers. Thank you for your ultimate "Jungle Cut."

Brothers Forever,

Army Harry Goodman
By Kristi Goodman, Chapmanville, WV
KIA during WW II - "The Battle of the Bulge," in December, 1944. He left behind a young wife and two young sons, one of which is my father, Harry Goodman, Jr. who was only 6 months old at the time.

POW/MIAMarineSolomon H Goodwin
By Robert L Pitts 1585182 and Your Buddies from Arkansas
USMC, MCRD, 1956 Arkansas Traveler Platoon 219
We are proud to have served with you in the test of becoming a Marine at MCRD and ITR at Camp Pendleton.

We are thankful for your service and honor your supreme sacrifice to preserve our freedom that was entrusted to us by our GOD and this Country.

Pvt. Solomon H Goodwin, from Hot Springs, AR, MCRD, Platoon 219 Jan-Mar 1956, was a lifer. He attained CWO Solomon H Godwin and is a MIA since the Tet Offensive of 1968. He was wounded in the neck and foot and captured at Hue. A fellow Marine stated that Goodwin was having difficulty keeping up with the march north to POW camp and disappeared from the ranks. As far as I know no remains were ever found.

ArmyMSG Gary J. Gordon
By DJ, Ft. Campbell, KY USA
Although I never got to know you personally you are the epitomy of what every soldier should want to be. You gave the ultimate sacrifice to save the lives of others and for your courage you will never be forgotten. By the men you trained with, the men who owe you their lives and the men that will learn of you for the rest of history, never forgotten. God bless you. NSNQ

ArmyHarold L. Gordon (1885-1956)
By LT Cindy Anderson, MSC, USN, Executive Officer NDSL-SD, San Diego, CA
My grandfather, “Lucky” was an infantryman who served in France 1917-1918 during the Great War (WWI). Saba, although you did not live long enough to know me, please know that you are not forgotten and I am very proud of you. Thank you for your sacrifice by proudly serving your country.

NavyAlbert V. Gorny Jr.
By Michael R.Gorny, Pittsburgh, PA USA
Al, also called JR. by the family served aboard the USS Cornelius Vanderbuilt in the Armed Guard during WWll. He passed away of a heart attack in 1977 and was proud to have served his country.

ArmyS/Sgt. Thomas J. Gorny
By Michael R.Gorny, Pittsburgh, PA USA
Tom served in the 754th Engineers Btln in the African/Italian Campaigns during WWII. He passed away in 1968 of a heart attack.

Coast GuardClyde Gourley Seaman First Class
By James Gourley, Portage, IN USA
My Uncle was born on July 4, 1920 and was killed in action on November 12, 1944 at the battle of Leyete Island aboard LST 66.

POW/MIALaurent Lee Gourley
By John Warf, Derby, KS, USA

Air ForceLaurent Lee Gourley Shot down over Laos
By LCDR David & Kim Gourley (USN 1982-2002), Omaha, NE
We never got to know you even though you are family. We thank you for your fight for your Country. Your sister fought hard to find you. We have found someone wearing your bracelet and look forward to sharing what we know about you with her. You have not been forgotten nor will you be forgotten. You have our love and respect!

MarineMichael Stephen Gozdan
By Connie Gozdan, Las Vegas, NV USA
This is a tribute to my brother-in-law who was a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps-Reserve (died in Quang Tri, South Vietnam 1967). I never got to meet you and love you as your family did and still does. Your brother, Galen, grew into a fine man, husband, and father. He was so thrilled to see your name on the Internet. We placed a picture of you in our home, knowing and believing that a part of you will always be with us. We know that you are now with the angels, and your battle is over. What a joyful day that must have been in heaven when so many of the family was reunited. Some day I will get to meet you and we will walk in the garden together. Your brother is also an angel but here on earth. When we battled breast cancer, a voice told me in a dream to rearrange the letters in his name and it spells angel. Well, Galen does spell angel. I believe you may have requested that encouragement and assurance be given to me. That is the sort of brother Galen remembers. A man who recruited young men to go to the Marines, and couldn't bear to send others where he hadn't been himself. You went, and you took care of those young men. You gave your life for all of us. The Bible says that no greater love has a man than to lay his life down for a friend. I know you rest in peace.

Coast GuardMaurice (Marty) D. Gragg
By Linda Butler, Fountain Inn, SC USA
My brother served his country proudly and taught me the true meaning of being a caring human being. He was a member of the Coast Guard Honor Guard and participated in President Kennedy's funeral. I miss you big brother and I'll always keep your memory alive. See you later.

Air Force Major Richard Kenneth Graham
By Michael Graham, Euless, Texas
Born 12-22-21 Died 07-04-61 Active Duty (AAF-AF) 03-22-42 07-04-61 My father died while still on active duty with the U.S. Air Force on July 4, 1961. His death was not service-related. He was only 39 years old, leaving a beautiful wife, Nell Graham, and two teenage sons, Mike, age 15 and Rick, age 13. Our mother never remarried or dated - she went to work and successfully became a single mother 44 years ago when it was not so common and not nearly the "support" that single moms have today. Our father flew B-24's out of Italy in WWII and F-86 jets in Korea. He was commander of a fighter jet squadron when he died. He would be proud that his grandson that he never knew (my son) recently took an avid interest in his granddad's military career. Independence Day is the most sacred of non-religious holidays, but it is bittersweet in our family. While we celebrate the freedoms and advantages that all our soldiers earned for us, we must also mark the passing of Major R.K. Graham. He is loved and missed every day and especially on the Fourth of July.

POW/MIARobert P Graham Korea February 13, 1951
By Stewart Flynn, San Francisco, CA USA
Died while Captured May 31, 1951. A childhood friend and I miss him.

Marine 1st Lt. William Michael Grammar
By Stephen Don Jolliff, Oklahoma City, OK
Executed by the Viet Cong in Quang Tri, South Vietnam May 20, 1967, after being captured while advising a South Vietnamese Army battalion. Awarded posthumously the Silver Star. Born March 10, 1942 and KIA May 20, 1967. William left behind a young wife and 16 month old son.

Semper Fi

MarineFred Grasman Pvt. 1st Class
By Jack Hunter, Fullerton, CA
Vietnam Veteran - 1968/1969 Mortar man 1st Battalion Born 8/10/50-6/13/01

To Fred, a loving father, brother, son, friend and dedicated Marine. Your family and friends will love and miss you, forever more. You made us EXTREMELY PROUD!

NavyBill Gray
By Michelle Hirsch, Bartlett, IL USA
In loving memory of my dad, one of the greatest men I'll ever know. He was loving, true to his word and loved his family. Luckily for us, he came home from the war. He died on May 23, 1988 and I can still hear his laugh. I love you daddy.

NavyAlton Parker Greene Jr.
By Shawn Greene, Orlando, FL USA
Parker Greene served on the USS Levy during WW II in the Pacific Ocean. He was a member of VFW #72. He was a good friend to everyone and will be greatly missed by his family. We love you.

POW/MIAArmy James Arvil Green
By Jack H. Cloud, U. S. Army 1966-1969, Tulsa, OK
E3 Boynton, OK 06-18-70

ArmyRichard Palmer Greene Sr.
By Lisa Lineman, Gravois Mills, MO USA
This is in memory of my father who dedicted his life for his country for over 27 years and died a young man and even though we really never knew him he is dearly missed by his 5 children Diane {Deceased}, Richard Jr., Julia, Lisa, Angelia.. Dad we're proud of you and what you stood for, your loving children.

ArmyHerman Greenspan
By Sandy Cain, Las Vegas, NV USA
In loving memory of my darling father, a proud veteran of the Pacific in WWII. He was the first of his crowd to enlist. He loved his country and was eager to defend it. Born: 12/6/22 Died: 6/7/00 Rest in peace, Daddy. I know you are still with me. Love always, Sandy Robin

Air ForceRobert Greenwood
By Bobbie F. Robinson, Mt. Enterprise, TX USA

ArmyWoodrow Clark Greer
By Dana Greer Sheffield, Roanoke, VA USA
My dad wounded in action was awarded the purple heart. He was the owner of Greer Gun Co, a gunsmith in Roanoke. He was a brave man and well liked by all. He is a man worth remembering. He was 79 yrs old and passed away of multiple myeloma on his birthday Feb. 1, 2000.

MarineCol. Don Gresham
By Traci Forszen, NC USA
In Loving Memory of my father, retired Marine. Went to be with the Lord, January 7, 2000. "If you look on Heavens scenes, you will notice the streets are guarded by United States Marines." Semper Fi, Daddy.

NavyEdward Earl Griffin
By Belinda Saxon, Perkins, GA USA
My father served eight years during WWII. He was on a minesweeper. I know that he never watched war movies. He never said too much about th the war. He died of CRP at 69 in l995. He loved to fish and had a local magazine published calling him "Screven County's Bass King". He was a perfectionist at his profession. He was a finish carpenter. He was a special man, my father.

ArmyCharles William Griffith
By Anonymous
His transport plane went down in the Pacific in the 1950' trace was ever found... believe he was on the way to Cambodia, but not sure of that.. I think about you often ol chum.. rest in peace old Mohawker...

ArmySGT James Griffith DIED 1968
By Bob Griffith, Independence, MO USA
(Smiley) we still miss you!!! An think about you. This is from your brothers an sisters in Michigan an one in Misouri... See you in heavan some glad morning... When this life is over...

ArmyLewis J. Griffith
By Karin Weiner, Wilmington, DE USA
Lewis served in WWII, was wounded and continued to serve his country for the next 32 years as a doctor with the Veterans Administration. He passed away in October at the age of 77.

MarineRayful Griffith
By Bob Griffith, Independence, MO USA
We still miss you... (died of brain anuerism) This is from your brothers an sisters in Michigan an one in Mo. We know you are waiting for us on those golden streets...

We will not forget you...

Army T/Sgt William Charles Groff Jr.
By Beverly Groff Goodlin, St. Louis, Missouri
Remembering my beloved Father, who gave his life in WWll for America and freedom. At the age of 28. I have missed you Daddy, every day of my life. You will always be in my heart. Your loving daughter Beverly

ArmyDavid Livingstone Groves
By Robert F. Burton, Homosassa, FL USA
In Memory of you David Livingstone Grove, died in Kontum Vietnam, on Sunday March 17, 1968. You and I did alot of flying together in the Nam. Out of all the hell we went through, all those battles, and you checked out on me. But I know you didn't want to go, it was just your turn. I was with you when you died, and even though your not here on earth there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you. I'm sorry for not writing or calling your parents. But I was a mess when I left the Nam, I stayed a mess for 28 years. I didn't have the courage to talk to them. I hope you are holding a gunners seat open for me. I miss you Dave, and you are not forgotten.
Your Friend and former gunner
Specialist Burton

Air ForceOwen Brooks Groves
By Anonymous
He flew many secrets missions in England during World War II and then was flying back in the states when another Air Force B-47 clipped the tail of his plane and he crashed and was killed. He was a great Air Force Pilot and only 23 when he was killed and broke our hearts.

ArmyT/Sgt Robert Glenn Groves
By Staff Sergeant Richard D. Groves, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, Persian Gulf War Veteran.
Died on February 28th, 1978 of Lung Cancer in Lafayette,IN.

ArmyAnthony "DOC" Guarino
By Tara Bohndorf, Rice, Minnesota
This is in memory of my grandfather who served in W.W.II. and Pearl Harbor. He has received numerous metals of honor. He is my real life "Hero". Not only did he safe his whole platoon, but is a wonderful man. He has left behind a daughter, Lissa, 2 grandchildren, Tara, and Billy, and 5 great-grandchildren, Matthew, Tyler, Hayley, William the 3rd, and the latest Matthew Anthony. We miss you tremendously. May you rest is peace. 1925 - 1999

ArmyFrank L Guerrero
By Mark Guerrero, Fontana, California
Oct 9 1924 - Mar 11 2002. Our Dad served with the 41st Infantry 162nd Regiment in the Phillipines. Dear Papi, you will always be in our hearts and minds.We will never let go of you and we will love you forever, thru Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. " For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to seperate us from the Love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." Romans 8:38-39.

ArmyJames Dale Guffey
By Linda Barry, Oklahoma City, OK USA
Killed March 6, 1968, at age 19 in Vietnam. He was covering for his fellow soldiers so they could escape when he was shot and killed. He was an only son who could have avoided the draft, but he felt an undeniable call to go fight for the rights and freedoms he held so dear. We think of him lovingly everyday and wonder what he would have grown to be if he hadn't been so viciously taken away.

ArmyValmire Guilmette
By Roland Guilmette, Blackstone MA
My father was a World War 2 veteran. His branch of service was 139 Division Airborne. He kept a diary about the war. After the war the U.S. government confiscated it because of special secret documents. He lived until May 12, 2001. He was 82 when he died. -Roland

MarinesJohn A. Guldan - K.I.A. 8/3/70 PROF
By TGW, Ellsworth, NH USA
Miss you Prof every day, wish I hadn't left those days,you kept us laughing in many ways,I miss the mud, sweat and rain but most of all I hate the pain.

NavyJohn Rodney Gunlogson
By Danette, Lake Station, IN USA
This is a Dedication to my father, who passed away Thanksgiving day in 1978. My Father was a signalman 1st class in the US Navy. He served in Vietnam. My mother told me he did not have to go, but he felt it was his civil duty to serve his country, so he went. When he returned home, shortly after that he was diagnosed with cancer. He was 33yrs old. I was only 9 years old at the time. I wish you could have watched me grow up dad, graduate, get married, and see your 1st grandchild. Not a day has went by that I havent thought of you, but I know you are in a much better place. I love you.
Your daughter, Danette

God bless all of the men and women who have served our country! You are greatly appreciated and loved

Army Peter Lloyd Gunnarson
By Shane E. Olson, Halma-Lake Bronson SAL Post Commander, MN USA
P. Lloyd Gunnarson of Lake Bronson, MN, died Nov. 16, 1944 at Metz, Germany and is one of the Gold Stars from the communities of Halma and Lake Bronson to be killed in action in World War II. Lloyd is honored during "Call the Roll" at the Halma-Lake Bronson American Legion Post #315 Memorial Day service. "Let us dedicate ourselves to the task of carrying on that those whom we honor shall not have died in vain."

Army Homer Lee Gunnoe (70th Tank Battalion - 4th Division)
By Linda C Gunnoe, Beckley, WV
In loving memory of my Dad, 4/26/18 - 5/19/87 and in honor of my son Dave V. who is currently serving in the US Navy.

ArmyCarl Kelly Gurganus
By Carl Kelly Gurganus Sr., Washington, NC
This is in memory of you from your nephew. You were killed Sept 28, 1944 on Pelelieu Island you were only 22. Oh So young I remember the stories that my Dad used to tell me about you. Carl was in the World War II 81st Wildcat Division 322nd Infantry Army. He was my uncle I am named after him and so proud to carry on his name.

Army Ralph W. Gustafson
By Carol M. Taylor-Lanza, Niles, OH
World War II, Private, killed in action in France in October, 1944, his body was not recovered and sent home to his family until August 1949. He is buried in the veteran's section, Union Dale Cemetery, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, PA.

MarineJoe Maria Gutierrez "Sonny"
By Alex Afanador, Honolulu, HI USA
Uncle Joe, You were killed in Vietnam when I was just a baby. I remember the stories that my Mom used to tell me of you and how you all grew up. My Mom missed you very much and talked of you often. She showed me pictures of you and newspaper clippings of your accomplishments and your death. I visited Grandma Cora many times and she showed me your pictures and the frame where your medals and burial flag were so proudly displayed. It was all of these things that inspired me to enlist in the Marines as well and carry on in the family tradition. Every time I visited the Vietnam memorial when I was stationed in Washington DC, and I saw your name on "the wall" I got all choked up and wanted to cry. I never got to know you, but I feel that I do know you, in my heart. You are in a better place where there is no pain or suffering. When my times comes I know that you will be waiting at the gates for me along with my Mom and Dad. I miss you Uncle Joe. I even named my son, Joseph after you. Until we get to meet in heaven.

Army Juan M. Gutierrez
By Hilda Dominguez, Twentynine Palms, CA
My dad served in the Army from 68-72, during that time he went on three tours to Vietnam. He made it home safe each and every time. It wasn't until April 14, 1994 that he lost a battle. A 6 month battle with cancer. I love you dad, and think of you always...I'm so very proud of you and I wish I would have told you more often.

Army Sgt. Robert L. Guthrie
By Joyce Donaldson, Altus, Oklahoma
You were not only my little brother, but my hero. The battles you fought while serving in Vietnam will always be remembered by your family, friends and country. May you now find peace in the arms of your Lord after your passing of July 19, 2004. We will love you always little brother.

ArmyGordon M. Guy
By Gene McConnell, Catlin, IL USA
Sgt Major servered 2 tours to Viet Nam was injured on second tour

Army Sgt. Gary Gwozdz
By Michael Pike, Newport, RI Sp5 US Army 1973-1983
My good friend Sgt. Gary Gwozdz was killed in a car accident in 1984. We went through respiratory specialist school as a team, worked as a team to support life in serious situations, and again, we worked as a team in civilian life to support life in a small trauma unit in the state of Maine. Gary's wife, Karin, was horrified to get the phone call after midnight during the Summer of 1984 - disbelief ! Karin had recently moved to the US from Walldurn, Germany.

The life of this very special soldier was taken from all of us by a self-righteous drunk driver who decided to drive Gary home because he was impaired.

One day we will all be together again in the Kingdom of Heaven. Gary always told me to "Keep the faith Mike". I am buddy.

Please, anyone who knew Gary from SanAntonio or Germany please email me. Good friends are a rare commodity. Michael Pike Sp5 1973-1999 Walter Reed Hospital and Brooke Army Med. Center.

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