This page is dedicated to all the veterans of the armed forces of the United States. Whether they died in combat or in bed of old age, we all owe them so much, because they bought our freedom for us.

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In Loving Memory of Those Who Served. . .

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.


MarineMichael Kacich
By Lori Cornfield, Wheaton, IL USA
We love and miss you. Even though we did not understand what you did.

Lori, Ashley & Seth

ArmyChester Kalinowski
By Michael Gorny, Pittsburgh, PA USA
Chester, a member of an Army Airborne Division was killed during the battle of the Bulge. He was a next door neighbor of Charles Zalac and Curtis Jarmulowski whose names grace this memorial page.

MarineDennis Kane
By Russel Nelson, Chicago, IL USA
Dennis was Killed In Action on 17 FEBURARY 1969 ON FSB Cunningham in Quang Tri. We were with HQ 2/12.

MarinePOW/MIATimothy "Tiny" Kapahn
By Rebecca Smith ( 29 Palms, CA USA
I am doing this for my Dad, Gerald A. Rowe USMC GYSGT RET who is still looking for information on Tiny. He has looked at THE WALL in DC and cannot find your name on it Tiny nor can he find it on the WALL website. If you are still alive or anyone have ANY information on this person please let me know! My sincerest THANK YOU to all Viet Nam vets and Vets in general. Thank you for protecting my freedom everyday, THANK YOU for the job you do everyday, NO ONE HAS BEEN FORGOTTEN! Semper Fi!

POW/MIAOrville Anton Kappes
By Peggy Kappes, Tomball, TX USA
Orville was a POW/MIA duing WWII. He is loved and missed by his family. He passed on and joined his loving wife October of 1989. We miss you... Your Family

Marine Robert Charles Karn 1936-2001
By Tammi Karn, Cincinnati, Ohio
My father, Robert Charles Karn served in the Korean War. He then went on to become a successful business man. He married my mother in 1959. They had two girls. My dad was my bestfriend. I miss him dearly, and not a day goes by that i don't wish he was here. I am happy that he can now be with my mother in God's hands. Anyone that knew my dad, please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from his old buddies!

ArmyHarlan Karsk
By Troy Buck
Harlan was in France and Germany during the war. His most memorable moment he shared was when a German Fighter plane buzzed them. His buddy ran for cover. Instead of running he waved at the pilot who in turn waved back and flew on. Harlan passed away May 5th 2001. He will be missed.

POW/MIANavyJohn J. Keane
By Richard Keane, Elizebeth, NJ USA
Uncle Johnny,
Wow if you had lived the war stories you would've had about the U.S.S Bunker Hill and her 11 battle stars

MarinesDickie Gayle Keeler
By Will & Hope Futrell, USA
Dickie Gayle Keeler, LCPC Marine Corp, was a young man, age 20, when he went off to Vietnam and he was a young man when they brought him home and laid him to rest. His tour started 8-8-68 and ended instantly, without "Suffering" on 2-17-69 at Quang Tri, south Vietnam. He died of explosives, grenades,we think. Some people try all their lves to obtain HERO statis and Dickie did it in 6 months. Some one just recently told me that maybe the ones like Dickie were the lucky ones and that heaven was their reward for a job well done. I hope so! We miss him and We love him And WE WILL NOT FORGET. Please GOD let him and all the others rest in peace.
Will & Hope Futrell

ArmyElbert J. Keeth Co. C 1276th Combat Engineer Battalion
By Lyndon E. Keeth, Arlington, TX USA
Dad was just a tall and lanky farm kid from Osage County, Oklahoma when he joined the Army in 1943. He served in Iceland, then from Normandy to the crossing of the Roer River near Rurdorf, Germany on the 23rd & 24th of February, 1945. As a result of this action, his battalion was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation. Dad married and raised 3 of us kids. He passed away at home, surrounded by his family, on August 19th, 1997... just 3 months shy of his and Mom's 50th wedding anniversary. We all miss him every day.

ArmyRobert J. Kegel
By Joann Petaschnick, Milwaukee, WI USA
Like many men of his generation, my father enlisted and fought bravely in WWII. He was wounded in battle in Europe and received the Purple Heart. He returned home to raise a family, and passed away on November 13, 1990. We think of him every day.

Army William O. (Bill) Kegley
By Elva Williams, Viet Nam 10/17/67 to 10/13/68, Air Force, 308 TFS
He was a PFc in the US Army during World War II.. He died August 17, 1976 from a heart attack at home in his sleep. He was 54 I think. Just want to pay him homage and say thanks for all he did for me while I was growing up and after I became an adult up to his death....

Marine CPL Edward T Keigwin
By SSGT Edward J Keigwin Army (retired) Hollister, MO
Fought on Iwo Jima. Proud to be a American and a Marine. My father.

ArmyJoe Kelly
By Caity Lynch, Lafayette, CO
This man is my hero. No he didn't get the Medal of Honor or capture a million Nazis. He never even fired a gun. But my grandpa is my hero. Why? Because he seved in the infantry. Then he came home and got married and had my mom. And now he passed on his story to me. And now I know what he's been through and because of this he's my hero. And he's still alive today and this is his 54th vetrans day that he's been honored for his bravery. Grandpa I just want to say thank you and happy vetrans day.

ArmyGeorge J. Kennedy
By Julie Leazier, Fort Wayne, IN USA
I will forever love and miss you daddy.... Julie

Army PSGT Glenn A. Kennedy
By LTC Glenn A. Kennedy, II, Erie, PA
Two weeks ago, I stood on the same parade field where you once stood. Your former chain of command (LTG Moore and CSM Plumley) along with Joe Galloway pinned the rank on me. They spoke highly of you and still grieve your loss. I miss you too but I know you will be waiting for me on that LZ... Garry Owen, Sir!

NavyEO1 Joseph P. Kenney
By Mark P. McAndrew, Atlas, PA USA
Served on a Destroyer on active duty and with the Seabees in the reserve. Joe was a good friend, a good Shipmate and he never got to use any of his retirement. He served with pride in NAS Willow Grove PW Department until 1985 and with NAS Keflaivk, Iceland untill his retirement in March of 1996 He Passed away in April, 1996. But I Know Joe is playing with his Tonka Toys (as he called them) where ever he is now. Missed but not Forgotten.

ArmyJack Kent
By Deborah Logic, Boyertown, PA
W.W.II Vet, Paratrooper in the South Pacific. A wonderful husband, father, father in law, grandfather and great grandfather. Dad you will be never be forgotten. Our love for you will be forever. Everyday that goes by we will think of you. You left a lot of good memories for every one of us and that is something we will always treasure. We love and miss you very much. Someday we will be together again. WE LOVE AND MISS YOU DAD (I LOVE YOU)

Marines2dLt Thomas R. Keppen
By John D. Gavel, Jacksonville, NC USA
2dLt Keppen is my Brother, Friend and PltCmd when he gave his life to save another Marine on 7July68 in an operation along Jones Creek in "I" Corps Vietnam. As his PltSgt I will always remember his leadership and valor in April/May 68 at An Lac and Dai Do and yes at Jones Creek. No greater love has a man as when he gives his very life for a friend. Lt I have tried to contact your family but have been unsuccessful, I will continue to try. I WILL NEVER FORGET.

ArmyPFC. Francis J. Kerns 3rd Army Div. Germany
By Sharyn Fabey/Joseph Kerns, Elmonte, Ca/ Phila, Pa
This is to honor our Father and Thank God that we got him back. His life with us has been cherished and shall not be forgotten for all he has taught us. Daddy we love you and miss you deeply. Jan 29,1918 - April 8,1990

MarineCaptain Richard Allen Kerr
By Sandra Kerr Ray, Columbia, SC USA
My father was killed on January 31, 1968 at Chu Lai, Vietnam. I am proud of my dad and his service to our country. I wish I would have been able to know him better. I think of him often. I have been fortunate to find several marines that served with my dad. He is still remembered by those who served with him.

NavyRobert J. Kerrigan
By Michael J. Kerrigan, New Hartford, NY USA
To the one person who I could call my friend and FATHER at the same time. He severd in the Navy at the end of WWII. Dad I miss you very much and I love you.

ArmyWaren (Pat) Kerrigan
By Patrick D. Sylvestre, Palm Coast, FL USA
You will always be in our hearts. Alban, Patrick, Barbara, Sean, Tom and all your grandchildren

MarineEdward Kersowski
By Mike Getreu, Pickerington, OH USA
A highly decorated man, Koren and Veitnam vet. Died with no honors from the Marine Corps. Always in my heart and in my mind. I love you Uncle Eddy.

Sgt. Michael J. Getreu USMC Semper Fi

MerMarineArmyLeo A Kettner
By Kevin Kettner, Fargo North Dakota
US Merchant Marines (WWII); Army (Korea)
My father, Leo Kettner served in Merchant Marines at the end of WWII and in the Army during the Korean War. He became a husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. Dad was my best friend and I miss him dearly.

Army Jefferson Kidd
By Janet Kidd Cozad
He passed away June 5rd 1968, from lung cancer. He had just finished a tour in VietNam the August before.

ArmyWilliam Kidd
By Ann
Born January 27th, 1915, Died May 9th, 1991. Wife Betty, still alive. Three children, Ann ,Peter & Billy. Eight grandchildren. Someday, the family will all be together again. WE LOVE YOU DADDY!

ArmyRowe Elmo Kidwell
By G. Louiese Westbrook, Vacaville, CA USA

POW/MIASgt. Robert G. Kilar
By Earl G. Kilar, Seattle, WA USA
Survivors and decendants:
wife; Mildred F. Chaves
daughter; Joanne Shimono Kilar (Michael)
Son; Earl G Kilar (Trudi)
Grandchildren; 9
Greatgrandchildren; 18
Although I was only 2 months old when you left us, you are always in our thoughts. Earl

MarineJohn D. (Jack) Kilby
By David J. Kilby, 29 Palms, CA USA
My father was a Marine during the Korean Conflict. Received the Purple Heart for wounds received while attached to 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines. Passed away August 12th, 2000 after a six year battle with cancer.

ArmyPFC Francis (Patsy) James Kiley
By Harry T. Kiley, Arnold, PA USA
U. S. Army - Co. H, 9th Reg, 2nd Infantry
K.I.A. - D-Day 6Jun44 at Normandy

NavyAir ForceFrederick Joseph Kildron
By Lance A. Kildron, Eielson AFB, Alaska
My father enlisted in the Navy when he was seventeen. He served in W.W.II, then was commissioned in the USAF after college. He served in Korea and retired after 20 years of service. He was a true patriot and past away in 2000. I have followed in his footsteps and have been active duty AF for 10 years. His 5 children and 4 grandchildren will always have him in our hearts. We love you Dad!

NavyWilliam Thomas Kimbrell
By Mathew Kimbrell, San Diego, CA USA
In loving memory of my Gradfather who served as a Lt. in the US Navy during World War II. He died Oct 14, 1999 in a car crash. He did many things in his life. He worked very hard and was rewarded with a wonderful life, and great friends. He showed us all that no one will give you a free ride in this world so you have to work to make it happen. He did not talk much about the war, but I saw his uniform squared away in his closent. Grandpa you are missed and loved.


Air ForceKing 56 Crew
By Peggy McDaniel, Portland, OR USA
It was almost 3 years ago, (22 Nov 96) when God choose to take you from us. 10 brave men died that night on King 56 and no one will ever know what those last moments where like. We know that you thought of us and prayed to be spared but you were not. As your last thoughts were of us please know that our thoughts everday are of you. You will never return to us in body but your spirit lives on. You did not choose to die but that was your fate no matter how cruel it seems to us. We miss you all so much and know that one day we will all be together again.
You have touched the hand of GOD.

Navy Hilton Ray King
By Beth Johnson, Petal, Mississippi
My dad served aboard the USS Randolph, Aircraft Carrier just after WWII. Because of his love and dedication to America I too choose to serve my country though in the Army. Daddy kept many momentos from his service that his four daugters and 8 Grand-grandchildren spent numerous hours looking at and hearing him tell about his tour of duty. Daddy passed away Dec. 2, 2003 and is now serving in our Lord's Army in Heaven. He became a christian at an early age and lived a life that introduced his entire family to Christ.

NavyHoward Ray King
By Kimberly Rogers, Marble, NC
Feb. 17, 1916-Jan. 29, 1999 Served aboard the USS Massachusetts in WWII. Left behind a beloved wife, Emma Lou and 6 beautiful children, Duane, Cheryl, Linda, Michelle, Jeanine, and Doug; 16 grandchildren and 10 great-grand children. Loved and missed by all who knew him. Looking forward to our reunion in heaven. I love you lots Grandpa. Kimberly

ArmyLarry King
By Rita Susan McIntosh McBride, Talihina, OK USA
From Talihina, to Tigerland (Ft. Polk, La.) to Viet Name. Killed in the Tet offensive of February 1968 at 21 years of age.

POW/MIAAir ForceCapt. William Kinkade
By Trish Franklin, Beaumont, TX USA
I have worn your bracelet for 31 years. Your family has chosen not to issue any information, so I wear it with many questions. You are a part of me without question. You are in my prayers, I light a candle for you and your family weekly at church. You served your country well, we are all very proud of what you accomplished in the name of freedom, you are my HERO!!!

Army Lt. Jacob Kinser
By SPC Brandy Hudgins, Wichita, KS
Grandpa although I never met you I miss you everyday I wake up and put on my uniform. You made us proud, so far all the grand kids have followed in your foot steps. Please watch over Ty Jacob he is in the sand.

ArmyEdgar C. Kirschenmann
By Jody Adcox, North Bend, WA USA
My dad, Edgar C. Kirschenmann, was a veteran of world warII. he passed away Dec. 24th 1973 at the young age of 54..We miss him to this day and always will..He was a wonderful man and this BEST dad ever..

ArmyJohn M. Kisielewski
By Beth Castricone, Windham, NH USA
US Army, Vietnam Veteran. John passed away on November 2, 1998, at the age of 50 from Esophageal Cancer. He fought perhaps his hardest battle last year from May until November. John was a strong, proud man. He was kind to all who knew him and a friend to many. He is missed terribly by his friends and family, but none so great as me. He was my best friend for many years and his absence is deeply felt. John was so proud of his service to his country. He loved his flag. Today, as he always did, I fly the flag at our home in honor of his Patriotism and his pride. I know that there is a special place in heaven for men like John. It's from that place that they watch over us.

MarineDonald H. Kito
By Richard G. Duvall, Petersburg, AK USA
Killed in action July 8 1967 Vietnam

He Went.. He didn't ask why. Our country called .... and we are eternally grateful. SEMPER FIDELIS

National GuardGeorge L. Kleiber
By Co D (Ranger) 151st Infantry, IN USA
George L. Kleiber belonged to the only Infantry National Guard Unit mobilized for Vietnam - Company D (Ranger) 151st Infantry. He was killed when the tail rotor of the Huey he rode in came off. The pilot "Iron Mike" tried to safely land the craft, but the rotor hit the boom and the craft crashed. We miss you George!

NavyJohn Patrick Knarr (Born 12/2/37 Died 6/5/82)
By Alice J. Knarr, Virginia Beach, VA USA
You will always be in my heart forever. I only wished you could of lived to see your grandchildren because I know you would of enjoyed them like I do.

ArmyEric Mowbray Knight
By Betsy Cowan, Arrowhead, CA USA
My grandfather was a devoted patriot who fought in WWI and WWII. His legacy to the world was the novel he wrote: Lassie Come-Home. Please visit my web page for details:

ArmySP5 James William (Billy) Knight
By Amanda Horton, Nashville, TN USA
DOB: MONDAY 11-21-49
DOC:FRIDAY 9-11-70

In loving rememberance of billy knight. Altough I never met you, I feel as if I've known you for a life-time. The very mention of your name touches my heart and brings tears to my eyes. You died so young,too young. Yet through love your spirit goes on. You will always live through the fond memories of my dad, douglas w. Horton. You were his beloved best friend. When he reminisces about "the good 'ole days" you two shared, his eyes twinkle. Unfortunately, you ventured on a journey from which, tragically, you would never return. You gave your life for the well-being of others. You are a hero my friend. You will never be forgotten, for in our hearts you will always remain. May God hold you in his gentle hands. Rest in peace dear friend.
This memory is dedicated on behalf of my loving Dad Douglas W. Horton

ArmyJohnnie David Knight
By Charles L. Penick, 1SG, U.S. Army (Ret.)
This is in honored remembrance of my cousin and friend who gave his life in Vietnam. Your family misses you, we remember you at family reunions, veterans day and in our hearts! Never forgotten, hero, family and friend!
Branch: Army Rank: SP4
Serial Number: 51800645
Component: Selective Service
Pay grade: E4
Major Organization: 196th LIB
Start of Tour: Tuesday, April 9, 1968
Date of Casualty: Tuesday, December 31, 1968
Age at time of loss: 21
Casualty type: (A1) Hostile, died
Reason: Other explosive device (Ground casualty)
Country: South VietNam
Province: Quang Nam
The Wall: Panel 35W - Row 013

POW/MIANavy Larry Coleman Knight
By Jack H. Cloud, U. S. Army 1966-1969, Tulsa, OK
Lt Wilburton, OK 04-09-70

Navy Reinald Eugene Knotts
By Mary Jane Knotts, Wabash, Indiana
We are so pleased we have a way to remember our husband, brother and father. His service in WWII was so very important to him. He passed away on April 15, 2001. We are also glad future generations have a vehicle in which to learn the history of all the great men and women who have fought so hard for our freedom.

MarinesFrank Crawford Knox
By Candace A. Rakestraw, Great Falls, MT USA
Grandpa... although I never had the joy of meeting you, you are in my heart and thoughts everyday. For I see you in Momma and me. Thank you for bringing such joy to my mother and watching over us from heaven. I am looking forward to the day I can meet you face to face in heaven.

Love your granddaughter,

Candace Amber

Army Pfc. John J. Kocoba
By Larry
ASN 33151568,age 32,Hq.,Co.,KIA 9-21-1944,Bertha Kocoba,328 Pine St.,Taylor,PA. 81st Tank Battalion-Headquarter's Co.

Marine David J. Koehler 3/3/I, Silver Star, KIA 6/4/69
By Dianne D. Magee, St. Petersburg, FL
Once upon a time, two good and wonderful friends joined the USMC. David was killed in Quang Tri, South Vietnam. Buddy came home in pain, without his best friend.

What happened to them put my feet on the path of veterans service. Each morning I pray, "May everything I do today serve to honor the sacrifice made by them and by all of the others, the living as well as the dead."

God bless you, David, and hold you close. Your life was too short, but a true inspiration. You are not forgotten. Semper Fi

Army Lyndal "Tarzan" Kohl
By Anonymous
Army - 198th 1/6th A Co. Vietnam 68-69' Cancer ate away his life at 56, so he had to leave us. May he always have his lake, a beer, and a willing lass.

Army Arthur Kolberg
By Shane Olson, Halma-Lake Bronson SAL Commander Halma, MN USA
Born 25 Mar, 1915 Died 10 Jan, 1945 Luzon, Phillipines Arthur Kolberg of Halma, MN, is one of the Gold Stars from the communities of Halma and Lake Bronson to be killed in action in World War II. Arthur is honored during "Call the Roll" at the Halma-Lake Bronson American Legion Post #315 Memorial Day service. "Let us dedicate ourselves to the task of carrying on that those whom we honor shall not have died in vain."

Army Alexander Kolego
By Matt Shupinski, Telford, PA
Even though you were only alive for the beginning of my life, what I hear about you is amazing and I know you gave it all for your country. For those who didnt know Alexander I think his 2 silver stars and 1 bronze star shows how much he cared about his country. God Bless America

Marine Daniel Koll 3rd Marine Division 3rd Marines WWII
By Stephen, Warminster, PA
Daniel Koll, my uncle joined the Marines when he was 17. He recieved the Navy Cross and Purple heart before being killed at Guam.

ArmyMarion Paul Kopanski
By Gregory Kopanski, Virigina Beach, VA USA
Four hundred and eleven days in combat through Africa, Italy, France, Alsace Loraen, and Germany. Many friends and comrads were taken in death without warning. Eternal praise and thanks to all who left home to fight and never were allowed to return home to loved ones. Let us learn to live in peace forever.

ArmyS/Sgt Leopold F. Korejsza
By Nancy Skrocki, Allen Park, MI
35th Infantry Division, 134th Regiment, Co. A., KIA November 13, 1933 in France while leading a squad to take a town. He is buried at St. Avold Cemetery in France.

I only now realize what horrible battles you faced. I have met several veterans of your division and, by telling their stories, I was able to understand what you went through. May you rest in peace and may God bless you Sonny, as Ma used to call you.

Marine Allen Korom
By Richard A. Mellem, MSgt USAF Retired, Westminster, CO
He lost his life in Nam serving his Country. I had just gotten home from Air Force Boot camp when I found out the sad news. Everytime I hear the Marine Corps hymn, I think of Allen. We passed for twin brothers when we were growing up, wearing the same style sweaters. If my Mon came up behind us and called my name, Allen would turn around, and I would do the same when his Mom called. I really miss him, as he was my best friend all through school, from 1st grade to high school. Allen, you will never be forgotten!

ArmyArthur R Krause
By Art Jr.
Born on 8/17/25 was wounded, had a purple heart. Died in his home of cancer in 1989, in Chemung, NY

POW/MIAEdward L. Krausman
By Sonya Gillham, Patuxent River, MD USA
You are not forgotten.

ArmySFC-Ret. Glenn P. Krebbs
By Kimberly Krebbs, Tucson, Arizona
Retired from the Army having proudly served 22 years. He served in W.W.II and in the Korean War (where he was a POW/MIA). He was born April 4, 1927, and passed away July 28, 2000.

Dad, I miss the stories you use to tell me. Being the youngest of six kids, I didn't get enough time with you. I look forward to seeing you again. I love you. Kimbo

NavyFrank Edward Kroetsch Fireman 1st Class, destroyer USS Killen
By Pam Kroetsch Marks, San Jose, CA
March 25, 1927- July 12, 2001... a brilliant man, who believed in the freedom that the United States stands for. Rest in peace, "Pappy" & "Opa"

Army Frank S. Krolikowski, "The Mad Polock" October, 10, 1920 - January, 18, 2006
By Daughters.. Sharon Bryant, Joyce Brady, Son.. Robert Cook
In Honor and Memory of Our Loving Father and Hero, Frank, who served so bravely in the US ARMY--WW11, December, 1942 to November, 1945... Battery 50th Field Artillery Battalion, Rhineland Central Europe, GO 33 WD 45, Light truck driver 345, Carbine .30 cal sharpshooter. Our father changed the name Krolikowski to Cook in 1966. We will always love you, miss you, and cherrish the memories.

My father had fifteen, eight by ten, black and white photos with names of soldiers in the Platoon. My siblings and I believe it was of our father's main wishes that one day he may contact these soldier 'buddies'' or their families, to present them the photo of their loved one. **IF any soldier or families of, that have ties to the Battery 50th Field Artillery Battalion and Frank's Platoon, Please Email,, for names of these "Buddies" and making contact.

POW/MIAArmyMaj. Frederick Krupa Special Forces
By Tom Stanley, Fayetteville, NC USA

Army Frank Edward (Deible) Kruse
By Tammy
b. May 11, 1923, Died of Wounds in Germany December 12,1944 He Was a Private in the, U.S. Army 60th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division. Entered the Service from: Ohio,Buried at: Plot H Row 7 Grave 56Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery Henri-Chapelle, Belgium Awards: Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster

ArmySgt. George Kuhar
By Catherine Tlaseca, Bear, Delaware
My dad was a wonderful man. He served his country proudly, raised six daughters or which two were active duty military, had numerous grand children, numerous great grand children and he taught us all that whatever we do in this world, do it to the best of our ability and do it proudly. God Bless You Always Dad!

POW/MIAAir Force Edward Kushinski Technical Sergeant US Army Air Corps, 68th Bomber Squadron, 44th Bomber Group
By Shane E. Olson, Halma-Lake Bronson SAL Post Commander, MN USA
Edward of Lake Bronson, MN, died 11 July 1944, North Sea during WWII. Listed among the Tablets of the Missing at Cambridge American Cemetery in Cambridge, England. Awarded the Army Air Medal with 4 Oak Leaf Clusters and also the Purple Heart for being killed in action. Edward is honored during "Call the Roll" at the Halma-Lake Bronson American Legion Post #315 Memorial Day service. "Let us dedicate ourselves to the task of carrying on that those whom we honor shall not have died in vain."

ArmyDennis Pail Kwiatkowski
By Michael Paul Kwiatkowski, Buffalo, NY USA
SGT Dennis P. Kwiatkowski 11B served with the 25th INF DIV "TropicLightning" C Co. 2/27 BN "Wolfhounds".Vietnam Nov1967-Nov 68.later served as a Drill Sergeant at Ft. Polk LA.Husband and father of 2 sons.Died on April 5th, 1997.Dad, we miss you more than words can say and you will never be forgotten. Your with your friends that were left behind now.

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