This page is dedicated to all the veterans of the armed forces of the United States. Whether they died in combat or in bed of old age, we all owe them so much, because they bought our freedom for us.

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In Loving Memory of Those Who Served. . .

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.


ArmySgt. Pete Laba U.S. Army 31st Dixie Division
By John "Doc" Laba, Walnutport, PA USA
Dad, I never got the chance to say thank you for the freedom you and your brave comrades gave us. It's been 32 years this month since you left us, but I'm here because of you, I miss you Dad...

Navy Daniel Warren Lacobee
By Jean-Marie Lacobee, Shreveport, Louisiana
I miss you Father and Uncle and am so very proud of you. May you rest with God this day and know eternal happiness and joy. You served your country, and God well. If anyone reading this message knew these two (2) men (William or Daniel), please contract me at Thank you.

Navy William M. Lacobee
By Jean-Marie Lacobee, Shreveport, Louisiana
I miss you Father and Uncle and am so very proud of you. May you rest with God this day and know eternal happiness and joy. You served your country, and God well. If anyone reading this message knew these two (2) men (William or Daniel), please contract me at Thank you.

ArmyPOW/MIARobert Lacy Army Korean war MIA
By Connie Lacy Canizo, Medway, OH USA
I was only 3 when my Brother Robert Left for the Korean war, straight out of High School he signed up to fight in Korea. He was so eager to serve and protect our country, He left us that year, and never returned. He gave his all for our country and for that I salute him. God graced me by leaving me memories of him. He used to carry me on his shoulders, and in his arms.

I miss his arms around me. and would give anything for him to put them around me one more time.....I miss you Robert. May you rest in peace buried somewhere on forigen ground, but you are in your homeland yet buried deep in my heart. You will always be my hero. We shall be together again one day, and walk streets of gold.

He will swallow up death in victory; and the Lord God will wipe away tears off of all faces Isaiah 25:8

Army Joseph LaFatch
By Rob Barrett, Massillon, Ohio
Joe served in Vietnam and was wounded and carried shrapnel the rest of his life; he also carried a huge psychological burden. Joe I hope you can finally find the peace you needed my friend. "Some gave all".

NavyThomas Dana LaFountain
By Linda Lafountain, Torrington, CT USA
Tom was my brother. He served on the USS Black, DD666 He was murdered on April 9th, 1994, in Torrington, CT He is loved and missed by all who knew him.

Army1SGT Clois W. Lamb
By Anonymous
1SGT Clois W. Lamb (US Army Recruiter) Phenix City, AL died as a police recruiter in Columbus, Ga in the line of duty. A shooter come in & shot him in the back 3 times on Dec 12,1988. He is missed by everyone. I was a recruit of his into the army. God Bless him now. He was a good person & would help any one even if they asked. He loved to serve people. He was from Rector, Arkansas prior to joining the US Army. He was known as Sonny Lamb. He was gunned down inside the police station during shift change.

ArmyEarl Lankford
By Charles Stover, Round Rock, TX USA
Served in the US Army Air Corp during WW II. Earl was a fine man and a very good Husband to My Mother. Earl recently passed away after a very bountiful and fulfilling life. Honored at his funeral by the VFW and the Masonic Lodge where he was a Master Mason. Earl was a firm believer in the Rotarian 4 way test:
1. Is it the Truth?
2. Is it Fair to all concerned?
3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?"
He will be sorely missed.

Air Force Col. Duncan L. Lane, Jr.
By Christopher Lane, Laurel, Maryland
Enlisted 1941. Served with the XXI Bomber Command HQ, Guam and Saipan. Served as a United Nations observer in Kashmir. 47th Bomb Wing, RAF Sculthorpe.

ArmySgt. Maj. Billy Ray Laney
By Jason Matterson {17yrs old, DEP program US ARMY}, Pompey, NY USA
Sgt. Maj. Laney was a green beret who's squad was ambushed on a reconnaissance mission in Loas on June 3. He lead his men bravely to an LZ so they could be rescued but the first helicopter was shot down and he then stayed back to provide cover fire so the rest of the squad could board the the helicopter..He was never seen alive again and declared Missing in Action.. finally after 3 decades his remains were found in a mass grave near the Loatian boarder his family was notified in July of 2000 and finally laid to rest Oct. 5 2000. "This is a soldier's soldier". I never knew Sgt. Maj. Laney but I am glad to see he is back home and at peace. From the bottom of my heart thank you Sgt. Maj. Laney and all those who have fought bravely and died and served for our country. hhooaahh

ArmyRoger Laplante
By Jackie Laplante, Woonsocket, RI USA
My husband Roger Laplante served his country in the US Army from 1967 to 1969 at which time he was stationed in Vietnam. Roger was proud to serve his country. It angered him to know how much hatred there was toward those who served in Vietnam. He died in January, 1996 of Creutzfeldt- Jakob Disease (CJD), a terrible infectious fatal brain-deteriorating disease. One type is related to Mad Cow Disease in England.

National GuardCharles K. Larkins
By Co D (Ranger) 151st Infantry, IN USA
Charles K. Larkins belonged to the only Infantry National Guard Unit mobilized for Vietnam - Company D (Ranger) 151st Infantry. He was killed in action while directing fire and exfiltration on 11 February 1969 in the providence of Bien Hoa. He was the only soldier to die in Bien Hoa that day. We miss you Charlie!

NavyFrancis Woodrow LaRock USN-Preble
By Frank LaRock
Francis Woodrow LaRock CRM : Ferndale Michigan: Though you have been gone now since 1975 I can't stop feeling you had so much more to teach me. As I put together our family tree I look back at the good days and wipe tears from my eyes. I'm sorry my children never met you in person, but you will live forever in my heart, and your memory will stay with my kids. I see by your record you were a great officer, when it was needed the most, I'm so very honored to be your son.

ArmyEarl Elmer LaVeque
By John LaVeque, Southgate, MI USA
Elmer was my father nad everyone that knew him loved him. He was also my Me and my brother Richard's coach

Army Gordon LaVeque
By John LaVeque, Southgate, MI
Brother of Elmer LaVeque, Passed away Aug 18th, 2008. Will be Missed by all.

Coast GuardNelson E. Laubscher
By Brenda Laubscher Dunlap, Lock Haven, PA
My Father, he served in the US Coast Guard during WWII, passed away September 27, 1989 @ 76 years of age... miss him everyday

Air ForceVincent a La Vertu
By His son
Served US Army Second World War in Africa. US Air force in Berlin during the blockade, died at Davis Monthan AFB Arizona , heart attack 1953.

ArmyWilliam A. Law Sr. 10/1919-8/1964
By William A. Law Jr., Lawrenceville, GA
Dad, I hardly got to know you but, I will never forget you.

ArmyPaul "Skip" Lawing
By Ron Harris, Lincolnton, NC USA
"SKIP" was the single brother of my wife's best friend. Skip most of your family is gone. As long as I am alive son you will always be in our hearts and thoughts. Your patrol dog lived many years with your mom and dad when he returned home and gave them much joy. Rest in peace "Skip" We loved you son..

Ron Harris

ArmyCol. Thomas A. Lawlor (Retired)
By Flo Maureen Sielaff
Col. Thomas A. Lawlor (Retired) died March 25, 2000. He had been a resident of San Antonio, Texas, since 1974 after a distinguished military career of 29 years. Col. Lawlor served in Europe during World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

Air Force Master Sergeant Lawrence
By Jane J Conrad, Rockville, Mn
He was one of the few servicemen who fought three wars. As a Marine he was on the front lines in the battle of Guadual Canal. His best friend since childhood died during the battle. In the Air Force he was EOD and served in Korea and Vietnam. During Korea and Vietnam he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal. Retired December 1969 and died June 12 1989. Buried under near the bell tower at Fort Snelling National Cemetery, just as he had wanted.

MarineLCPL Albert C. Lawson
By Laurie A. White, Millsboro, DE
Even though I never met Albert, he is forever in my heart. You see he was killed in Vietnam on my birthday. May he rest in eternal peace.

ArmyJohnnie Carl Lawson
By Robert D Harrison, Alvin, TX USA
Went to Willis High School With Johnnie. I know he was a fun loving person and had a bright future as an artist. Rest in peace.

Army Johnnie Carl Lawson
By Linda Warren Taylor, Liberty Hill, TX
Johnnie was my grandmother's (Mary Blair) brother's (Junior Coleman) stepson. I remember what a great artist he was. Johnnie was sooooooooo good looking and fun loving. I think of him often and the last time I saw him. Johnnie, I have never forgotten you and never will! Peace be with you always.

Army Frank Charles Layne
By Larry Stanley
Pvt.,U.S.Army WW II,born April 20,1895,died Feb.17,1973.Frank was son of Thomas Jefferson and Lucinda (Cooper) Layne.

Air ForceThomas Leahy
By Michayla, Noblesville, Indiana
I don't know how he is related to me, but I know he is. He was my great uncle I think. Thomas Leahy died from injuries he recieved from plane crash in the Vietnam war. He was in the airforce. He didn't die in combat. He lost both his legs though. He later died from the injuries. Tommy loved to play hockey. He won second place at the Olympics once as a goalie on the US team. When he lost his legs, that was all gone. Tommy enjoyed his life though. He died at an early age. He'll be missed.

ArmyPvt. First Class Clemente Garcia Leal D.O.B. 11-23-23
By Van Leal, Pampa, Texas
World War II Died May 10th 2001 In Loving Memory, We Love You Dad. Clemente Leal Jr., Ysidro, and Vangelio Leal. Your Purple Heart and Your Bronze Star shows us what kind of honorable person you are.

ArmyPvt. First Class Guadalupe Mendoza Leal
By Van Leal, Pampa, Texas
Viet Nam Killed August 1st., 1968 In loving memory big brother, Clemente Mendoza Leal Jr. , Ysidro Mendoza Leal , Vangelio Mendoza Leal You gave your life for us to be free, our dad Clemente Garcia Leal has died and now we have two HEROS in heaven.

ArmyQuentin E. (Jack) Lecker
By Jacqualine K. Czelusta, Appleton, NY USA
My father, Quentin E. (Jack) Lecker was serving his second tour of duty in the Army/Air Corp. during WWII. He was flying a B-26 when he was shot down over the English Channel on Sept. 9, 1943. I, his only child was born a little over a month later on Oct. 15, 1943. I was not wanted by my birth mother and was then adopted by my father's sister. Having lot's of brother and sister's, Jack's (my father) American Flag was misplaced with a family member. After 57 years I finally recieved his flag and medal's. Among them were his purple heart, oak leaf cluster and various other medals. I have always been proud of my father and am now in some way able to put closure to his death while serving the country he held in the highest esteem for, The United States Of America

ArmyPFC Howard Wayne Lee
By Mary Lee Westbrook, Dallas, TX USA
My brother, PFC Howard Wayne Lee did not resist the war when he was drafted in 1966. He was sent to Viet Nam in 1967 and died in action Feb 18, 1968. He was only 21 years old and left behind three small childern, Brenda Lee, Crystal Lee, and Jewell Lee. I have tried to pick up the pieces and keep his memory alive through poetry, pictures, and by even joining military myself. To all our brave men and women I salute you.

Army Hugh Mark Lee
By Alan L MIller, Nashville, TN
My grandfather was wounded 5 times as a member of the WW1 US Army AEF, 29th Division, 115th Infantry in Alsace Lorraine Germany/France. He eventually died of his wounds in 1936, 3 months before my mother was born. He is buried in the Oakland Cemetery in Weatherford, TX. I could sure use his insight on things now!!!

Army SFC Richard D. Lee
By Linda G. Lee, Smyrna, TN
Richard served 22 years with 4 tours in Europe & 1 tour of Korea before retiring in December 1991. He was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer in 2004 and fought his hardest fight before succumbing to this horrible disease in 2008. He is missed by his loving wife of 38 years & 3 beautiful daughters...

MarineHenry Allan Leeman, Jr.
By MaryCatherine Leeman Bailey, Livingston, NJ USA
My father and Hero... he served faithfully in the USMC in Korea. He was awarded the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart. Dad died on 11/2000. He will be greatly missed but always my hero.

NavyAir ForceJohn Wesley Lehman 1934 - 2001
By Valerie R. Lehman, Daughter, Tulsa, Oklahoma
My loving Father served his country with "Pride." May he find peace in Heaven. I love you Dad and you will be missed very much. Love Your Daughter, Valerie

MarineSgt. Anthony C. Lema, USMC
By MSgt Angelo Lema Jr., USMCR, Retired, St. Clair Shores, MI USA
My brother was killed in a jeep accident along with three other young Marines from H&S, 3/9 in July 1983. I was proud of him then, and I think about him now, every day.

NavyPaul Steve Leon
By Alan Littlejohn, Hollister, CA USA
Paul was on his way to have a pleasant evening and was involved in a auto accident which caused his death in 67. He served as a tug boat crew in Japan back in the mid sixties. He was truly my best friend and I miss him alot.

Coast GuardThomas Patrick Leonard III
By Denise, NY USA
Tom, you are deeply missed on your year anniversary in heaven and the day I found you. I dream about you every night and I will always Love you. The coldness of January 21,1999 will be in my body until the day I am with you again. I have lost my best friend and the person I wanted to spend every day with forever. As you said, I know your eyes are on me and your arms are around me. I miss our time together. Love Forever, Denise

ArmyGary E. LePage
By Andrea Grogg, Safford, AZ USA
(In memory of 1950-1994) I miss you daddy

Air ForceJoe Lerma
By Rudy Lopez Lerma, San Antonio, TX USA
Joe even though you are gone you will never be forgotten, I remember how you kept us laughing with your jokes. I followed in your foot steps and joined the Air Force Air Police. I must have liked it I served 33 yrs. May God have you in his kingdom. Your Bro. Rudy

Navy James LeRoy MoMM1
By Marianne Donovan, Ely, Minnesota
Jim died on the U.S. Flier Sub on 8/13/44 I never got to know you, but will never forget you and the other brave men on the Flier. God willing I will see you in Heaven. God Bless all the men and women, past wars and current. They are all heros in my heart.

ArmyMichael D. Leuzinger
By Catherine M. Ebbert, Madison, WI USA
In memory of my uncle who was killed in June 29 1979. Mike served 3 years during Vietnam and was stationed at Ft. Hood Texas. He was a kind, caring son, brother, uncle and friend. Even though it's been 20 years since he's left us, we all still miss him and carry his memory in our hearts. We want him to know that he'll never be forgotten.
We Love You Always, Clifford & Catherine Leuzinger (parents) Debby Ebbert (sister) Dan Leuzinger (brother) Beth Boeck (sister) Dean Leuzinger (brother)

ArmyMicheal Joseph Warren Levingston
By Warren K. Levingston, Ft Worth, TX USA
This is, was, and still is a great man. My father was a dedicated man of honor, and did his best to instill all of his honor and manhood in me, God I thank you for giving me a brief time but also enjoyable time with him. Warren K. Levingston, HIS SON

ArmySgt. Malcolm P. Libbey
By Earlene Libbey Robison, Springboro, PA USA
In memory of my brother "Mac" who was in the Army in Vietnam and died there in 1968. You are truly missed. I thank God that He loaned you to our family for as long as He did. Your brother, Francis, sister, Betty Lou and I will never forget you. You made us proud!

ArmyMSGT. William "Dale" Libby
By Jennifer Martinez, Springfield, IL USA
Dale was a dear friend to me. He served three tours in Viet Nam with the U.S. Army Special Forces and MACV-SOG, he was a Medic. Dale was the most caring man I have ever met. He was a Community Activist and founder and President of the Zia Chapter of the Special Forces Association in Albuquerque, NM. Dale was a friend to everyone he met, he wouldn't give up on people. Sadly, my friend Dale was killed in a horrible multiple vehicle accident on a NM highway, on his 18th Wedding Anniversary, 02 May 1999. I miss you Dale and I love you! I hope to see you when it is my turn to go to the Great Jumpmaster in the Sky. I will carry on...

NavyMen lost on the USS Liberty
By Ronald G. Kukal, Sheridan, WY USA
A tribute if I may to the unrecognized men who died aboard the USS Liberty, June 8, 1967. You are not forgotten by many, and the sacrifice you made will be remembered in heaven if no place else. As the former chaplain for the USS Liberty Veterans Association, I wish I could offer a good reason why some must go unrecognized, even by their own government. It is here that we must place our love for what you have done, and leave some sort of mark so that others will know that the battle only just began when you returned home.

Navy Robert E. Lilly
By Robert G. Lilly, Oak Park, IL
My grandfather Robert E. Lilly served honorably as a Lieutenant ( j.g.) in the Navy during World War II. At the age of 91, he died peacefully in his home in Mesa, Arizona on December 29, 2007. He was a true hero. We miss him dearly and he will always be in our hearts.

Army Phillip Limon
By Monica Limon Belgara, Houston, TX USA
Just to let you know we all love and miss you still. Rosemary, Cynthia, Virginia, Dora, myself, Mark, and Mom. And your 21 grandchildren! Not one day goes by without your name included, how did you leave such an impact? NEVER again will God make a pattern like yours. Walk tall in heaven daddy! :)

ArmyCapt. Ernest Lindsay
By Chris Lindsay, Rosamond, CA USA
My Grandfather. Who served in the United States Army durning WWII with the 195th Field Artilliry Battalion. Husband, Father of two & grandfather of 3 will be missed by all and will be in my thoughts. We love you & miss you.

Chris Lindsay
U.S. Air force

Army Mr.Lavern "Mike" Lippert
By Larry Stanley,Adrian Twp.,MI.
age 80 of Clyde,died Oct.16,1999.He was born in Rose on April 7,1919 to George and Lena (Grosz) Lippert.Mike retired from the Wayne County Veterans Office,as Director,where he served for 10 years.Member of Clyde VFW Post 947 and the American Legion of Clyde.He served in the U.S. Army in World War II and devoted his time to many Veteran projects.He was buried Huron Evergreen Cemetery,Wolcott,with full military honors.

ArmyDean J. Lisinski
By Greg Lisinski, Evanston, IL USA
My Dad fought with the 78th Armored Field Artillery, 2nd Armored Division and saw action from Normandy and St. Lo to the Elbe River. He came home and he and my mother started a great family. He was proud of his service but never talked much about it. Thanks, Dad, and to all who served in peace and war.

ArmyIvan S. Lisk
By Ron Lisk, Wimauma, FL USA
S/SGT in Company C, 1276th Combat Engineer Battalion. Saw action in Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland, Central Europe, and the Ardennes with the 237th Engineer Combat battalion. Passed away April, 1958.
Dad, we never knew you.

Merchant MarinesArmyMichael R. Liska Sr.
By Mari L. Nutile, Barnegat, NJ
Was a hero then is still a hero in our eyes, died 8/01/2000, we miss you. Love and kisses till we meet again, love Mimi

ArmyApostle Paul Little
By Danny Little, Silver Creek, GA USA
This is in memory of my father, my war hero and my best friend. You done your duty to our country and I am proud to be the son of a veteran. Daddy you are loved and missed.

NavyL.T. Joel W Little
By Danny Little, Silver Creek, GA USA
Joel you served your country with pride and honor and I am very proud to be your cousin thank you Joel

ArmyJ.W. Little Sgt
By Danny Little, Silver Creek, GA USA
Uncle "J" you are a hero to us all you served your country bravely during the Normandy invasion and I want to thank you.

ArmyL.D. Little PFC
By Danny Little, Silver Creek, GA USA
L.D. I never knew you but you live on in my heart. I know you were wounded fighting the Japanese on Guam and sent home but you are a hero to me.

MarineRobert Little Colonel
By Danny Little, Silver Creek, GA USA
I never knew you Robert but you fought for us so we could be free and this is how I want to thank you.

Army Olaf Locken
By Shane Olson, Halma-Lake Bronson SAL Commander Halma, MN USA
Co D, 306th Infantry, 77th Division, US Army Born 18 Oct 1889, Thompson Township, Kittson County, MN. KIA 03 Oct 1918, WWI, Bois de la Naza, Argonne Forest Recently a movie called "The Lost Battalion" was made about this battle....Olaf was part of this battle. Remains of Olaf's body were never found....his name can be found on the tablets of the missing at the Meuse-Argoone WWI Cemetary in France. The Halma-lake Bronson American Legion Post #315 is named after Olaf Locken for being the first killed in action from that vicinity. Each Memorial Day, Olaf is honored during "Call the Roll" at the Halma-Lake Bronson American Legion Post #315 Memorial Day service. "Let us dedicate ourselves to the task of carrying on that those whom we honor shall not have died in vain."

MarinesGy/Sgt W.E. Lockhart USMC Ret.
By M/Sgt T. R. Leonard USMC Ret, Allen, TX USA
What can you say about one of the most important people in your life. Gy/Sgt Lockhart was not only a Hero to many but my uncle. He served in the Island battles ( Wake, Iwo, Guadalcanal, and many others). He fought with the Frozen Marines in Korea then on to the jungles of Viet-Nam. With 10 purple hearts you wonder just how much a human body can take. He was an extremely religious man. He was listed as a possible candidate for the "Medal of Honor" but refused because he was just doing his job as the Lord expected him to do. I remember the day I saw him in his Dress Blues coming towards my grandfathers home. He had a Captain with him and they were home from Korea. Looking at all his medals I knew then what I wanted to do in my life. "BE A MARINE". He never had it easy. My grandparents were share croppers and my uncle grew up very poor. When he joined the Marines and because of his character he became a part of one of the most elite groups during those times (Edson's Raiders)!!! He would tell us stories of how they would sneak upon the enemy and with no guns take out what had to be done for the next group to come in for the completion of that balle. He retired and live in New Orleans. Once again he became a part of America that noone wants to talk about, "The Poor". I remember the day he passed away. I went to his funeral and heard many comments about the amount of decorations this man had and what he must have had to do to receive such high medals. "If they only knew". He now rest in a final place that he will be happy and he also awaits our arrival to celebrate a homecoming only those that believe will be able to attend. For this proud Marine and Religious man I salute you. Semper Fi Marine! Your loving nephew. Tom

ArmyPVT patrick L. Loghry
By Charles R. Loghry
wounded in action in Vietnam. Died later as a result of those injuries

ArmyFrank Loiacono
By Julia Torlucci, Claremont, CA USA
Cpl. in the Army, Born August 1930, Killed in action March 1953. Lived in New jersey when killed.

NavyMurl Long CM/2C, USN
By Laddie Long, Midland, TX USA
Killed in action at sea with the sinking of the USS Plymouth on convoy duty in the Atlantic; August l943. Only 20 years old yet he made the supreme sacrifice that we might enjoy all that life has to offer. What else can I say, he was my brother and hero.

ArmyEnrique Longoria
By Ernest Gauna, San Antonio, TX USA
My uncle served in the Korean War. Lost his battle with cancer. I salute you tio!

Air ForceHerbert Longshaw
By Deborah Ann Secunda, Phoenix, AZ
Our family was blessed by a man who was a GREAT father & husband to his family as well as a man who honoured his parents and family. He was & remains a MAN OF GOD. He was called to teach on the "other side of the Veil" and is doing so with strength & vigor to all those who has passed on. We are an ETERNAL FAMILY and look forward to seeing him again.

MarineLCpl Anthony Longstaff
By Ron McCormick, Fruitland Park, FL USA
I will never forget you guys. 1/5 Marines and Corpman who died March 20, 1989 near Pohang, Korea.

ArmyFrancisco C. Lopez
By George Lopez, Brownsville, TX USA
Born Jan 27,1922 died July 24, 1997. joined the army in 1942. Francisco was assigned to the 168th infantry, 34th division they were the "red bulls". He participated in the invasion of North Africa and fought battles in Algeria, Libya and Tunisia. He also participated in the invasion of Italy. There he fought in the battles of Monte Casino and Anzio. He was awarded two Purple Hearts, A Bronze Star for the Naples-Foggia campaign, an Aliied Forces Victory in Europe Medal. My father was a great soldier and fought couragously for his country. You are always on our minds dad, missing you, your wife Lydia R.Lopez, sons, daughters and grandchildren.

Air ForceFred U. Lorillard
By Bronwyn L. Seidman, Atco, NJ USA
Born: June 24, 1919
Died: April 27, 1982
Lived most of his life in Philadelphia and Bensalem, Pennsylvania.
In Memory of FRED U. LORILLARD who served in the U.S. Air Force as Crew Chief aboard B17 and B29 bombers. Veteran of many missions over Europe. Flew the first surveillance flight over Japan after the first atomic bomb was dropped to evaluate damages. A loving father and, to many, a great personal friend! He was blessed with the patience and wisdom of a Saint, and a heart of gold. You are lovingly remembered by your daughter, son, wife and all who knew you.

Army Jay E. Louden 311th Sig. BN WWI
By Larry W. Underhill, Austin, Minnesota
I wish we could have talked more about our experiences. Your Grandson, Larry

MarineCWO4 Andrew M. (Mike) Loveless
By Barbara Jones, Jacksonville FL
Mike served his country for thirty years. He was very proud to serve and to be a US Marine.

Army Van Augustus Lovett Technician 5th Grade US Army
By Morris Lovett, Washington, Oklahoma
Dad, I know you could not talk about it, but I salute your service. I miss you with all my heart and I am trying desperately to resurrect your activities from August 1943 thru September of 1945. I am trying to find any information on your service record besides the three bronze stars you received. All the records were burned in 1973 in St. Louis. If anyone out there can assist me, contact me

ArmySP/4 James William Lovings
By Sharon Sigmon, Maiden, NC USA
Sp/4 James William Lovings was awarded the bronze star medal for heroism in ground combat in the Republic of Vietnam on May 23, 1969. This heroism was in connection with ground operations against a hostile force . At this time his company came under intensive mortar fire and a fierce ground attack from the North Vietnamese army. With complete disregard for his personal safety, James left his bunker and ran to the motor pit where he began firing illumination and high explosive rounds driving the infiltrators from the fire base. James observed two of his friends who had received serious wounds and had fallen in exposed areas. Despite hostile fire, James rushed to the casualties and carried both men to safety. After administering first aid, he returned to the motor pit and continued to fight. He returned home to Catawba County in April 1970 where he died that same week in a needless auto accident. We will never forget his wonderful smile and his mild disposition. He has been missed.

ArmyLeonard A. Lowe
By Cassie Sparks, Richlands, VA USA
By Frances Sparks, Richlands, VA USA

By Cassie Sparks, Richlands, VA USA
"For Grandpa"
Its been almost 11 years,
Since you last took a breath,

You left behind many,
Who love and miss you,

And friends too,
Who miss you so,

As much as we yearn,
for you to be here,

We know your safe and well,
In God's loving hands,

There's not a day that goes by,
That we don't think of you.
By Frances Sparks, Richlands, VA USA

Time has passed by so fast,
When we saw you last.
Sometimes it still seems like a dream,
But we know you've really crossed jordans strem.
We miss you more than words could ever tell,
So many tears from our eyes have fell,
But daddy we know you're in a much better land
Holding to Jesus's hand,
Living with Jesus and singing with the heavenly band,
We'll always love you till time is no more,
And we're longing for the day when we shall meet again on heaven's shore.

We miss you and we will always love you

Your loving wife and your family

Army SFC Ned Lowery
By Joanna Lowery Campbell Jelmeland, Fayetteville, NC
My DAD was in the United States Army for more than 22 years. He was just a kid when he joined and served with pride and honor for all those years. He was in Vietnam twice, both times as a Special Forces Medic. He was never the same when he came home--especially after that 2nd tour. I know my dad was proud to serve his country and he taught me and my older sister, and two younger brothers the true meaning of Love, Honor, Pride, and Courage.He knew things and remembered Vietnam every day after his return. He never spoke of it, but after his death, we (his kids) found a journal he kept and wrote in often. We always knew he was OUR HERO, and now we want the rest of the world to think so too. He was born August 12, 1931, and left this world on September 21, 1999. He deserves Heaven's Reward and can now finally live in peace and no longer suffer in silence.

ArmyEdward Lubarsky
By Gary Lubarsky, Lexington, NC
Dad you left us in 1969 you left behind a diary that was so vivid how anyone could live through what you did. The lives you saved,the friends you watched die. Dad no more nightmares you never lived to see 1 grandchild but you left them all a legacy
ma, Mike, Robby, Neil, Gary, Sandy

ArmyHarry Lubinger
By Fred Lubinger, West Milford, NJ USA
Daddy, though I never met you, I have always known you. I pray that your death was quick and painless, that your rest is peaceful. Please continue to remain with me through this life, and meet me when it's my time to leave. Love, your son.

ArmyS/Sgt. Edward J Luiz
By Susan C Luiz, Manchester, NH USA
Dad died Mar 17, 2001 and was buried with honors. You see he earned the Silver Star on July 29, 1945 and was considered a war hero, but he was really my hero. I miss you... Your daughter

ArmyPfc. Robert Luke
By Tom Jones, Berkeley Hts., NJ USA
Bobby enlisted 10-41. Was in the 69th Tank Battalion and was machine gunned exiting a burning tank KIA 1-4-45 Wordin Belgium and is buried Luxemburg American Military Cemetery. I was 3 when he was killed but don't want him forgotten.

ArmyRonnie Luke
By Rick Williams U.S.M.C., Liberty SC USA
KIA Viet Nam By A Sniper. My brother in arms and in life.

ArmyHarold Gail Lute
By Christina, TN USA
In loving memory of my grandpa. A wonderful man that served his Lord and country to the best of his ability until the day the Lord, Jesus Christ, Seen fit to take him home 3-20-99. Although his body has returned to dust and ashes, his soul lives on in heaven eternally with the Lord.

ArmyMark Lutes
By Rick Williams U.S.M.C., Liberty SC USA
KIA Viet Nam. My brother in arms and in life.

MarineJames Robert Luther 1931-1998
By Sandra Lewis Pringle, Lewisville, North Carolina
My "Uncle Bob" served in the Korean War and related to us, many times, some of the battle tales, which he had experienced. I know that he was a very good soldier, and had almost frozen to death at times. May he rest in peace. We will always remember him with love. From his niece, Sandra

ArmyCaptain William F. Luther
By Stephanie Luther Rahn, Walworth, WI
My father was in the 29th Division, 115th Infantry, Company K during World War II. He was severely wounded on July 18, 1944, just before the allies took St. Lo in Normandy. The Silver Star he was awarded will always be a special rememberance for my family. He died in 1955 because of those wounds. He is one of many heros. Thanks, Dad.

NavyDonald Roy Lutowsky
By Elizabeth Denton, Fort Richardson, AK
Don served aboard the USS Freemont during the later days of WWII. He married Mary Dooling and had three girls, Patti, Lynn, and twins Anne and Donna. He also had 10 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild at his passing. He now has 2 more great-grandchildren. He enjoyed hunting and fishing, and John Wayne. He has been gone for 8 years, leaving this world on Aug. 8, 1993, at the age of 66. He is still loved and remembered by all who knew him, and lives on in all of our hearts.

MarinesGary Patrick Lynch
By Joan M Paule, Clermont, FL USA
My Gary was my best friend on earth. He was also my lover, my husband and when he went home to be with Y'shua, he went praising the Lord. He served his country well. He volunteered right out of high school and became the best FRO and FO the USMC could ever have. He did 18 operations in the short 13 months and went through TET at Quang Tri in 1968. When Agent Orange became a threat to every GI who ever stepped on shore of Vietnam, he felt God had spared him because he never had any of the symptoms ... or so he thought. Dispite the fact that the VA will never acknowledge that renal cancer gone to the bones is related to Agent Orange, we knew. The VA treated him with 'kid gloves' the whole time and was amazed that he didn't fit into their mode for living and dying. He outlived their statistics by almost 3 years ... praising God the whole time and getting every chance he could to give testimony to other vets of the blessings God had given him during that time. I wrote two poems during my widowhood period. Anyone interested can write me at; I'll let you know where I sent them and his testimony. Can't remember the website addy right now. He died 2 months short of his 45th birthday. He loved life, the outdoors, his family, his children, his church and his God. And he was proud to have been a Marine through and through. Thank you for letting me add him to a list. He did his duty. He served the govt. well. His ashes are in the ground but while his spirit is in Heaven, his memory lives on. Now, I'm a wife of 1st/7th Air Cav. HHQ class of 69-70.

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