This page is dedicated to all the veterans of the armed forces of the United States. Whether they died in combat or in bed of old age, we all owe them so much, because they bought our freedom for us.

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In Loving Memory of Those Who Served. . .

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.


ArmyWO Arnold O. Nakkerud
By David S. Cooper, Cornelius, Oregon (formerly Des Moines, Washington Honorable Discharged U.S. Marine)
My brother-in-law was a chopper pilot on a med evac mission when his craft went down burning to death all aboard. He married my sister just 10 days prior while on R&R in Hawaii. I brought him home for final burial. I can never forget him. Rest In Peace My Brother.

Army Carl David Nall
By Larry Stanley
born Ohio 1950,U.S.Army,casualty March 28,1969 in Vietnam War,body recovered.

Marine Russel E. Nall
By Larry Stanley
U.S.M.C.,inducted in KY;end Lieut,died Aug.10,1942.

ArmySpec.5 James Lee Napier
By Phillip Napier, Warsaw, Kentucky
Daddy this is done in honor of you. I was only 4 years old when the Lord saw fit to take you from me and I held hopes that you would return, but never did. I did not understand back then but I do now. You have a grandson named after you and he even looks like you. Dad was stationed in Darmstadt, West Germany before he went to Nam. After Nam he was at Company B, 5th Eng. Bn. until his death in a car crash on 12 November 1970 in or near St. James, MO. outside of Ft. Leonard Wood. A friend by the name or nickname of Duffy escorted Dads body back to Kentucky.

We Love you Daddy,
Phil Napier

Army James Vernon Naul
By Larry Stanley,Adrian Twp.,MI.
July 1944;wounded in France July 1944;died as result of injuries.July 13,1944;awarded "Silver Star " and "Purple Heart", KIA.

ArmyCSM E-9 Paul Thomas Nedorvich
By William P. Nedorvich, Columbus, GA USA
My Father was a veteran of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, joined the Army in 1942 and retired in 1973 from 1st Cav. Ft. Hood Texas. He passed on on Aug. 3 1999 in the VA hospital in Birmingham, Ala. He spilled blood many times for his country and will always be my one and only hero. I am proud to be his son.

POW/MIANavy David Phillip Neislar
By Jack H. Cloud, U. S. Army 1966-1969, Tulsa, OK
LtJg Norman, OK 02-20-69

ArmyPFC Allan J. Nelson
By Joanne Nelson Henderson, Sebeka, MN, USA
Allan Joseph Nelson
Allan was my brother, not just a brother he was my best friend. All I know December 1, 1966 was the saddest time for me and my family. My family loved each other so much, when Al was killed the joy died in my family. Allan had his whole life planned. He just turned 21 0ct. 20, when we were young, he couldn't wait to be 21. I am so sorry for all the families that lost a son and a brother. It will be 33 years in Dec. The everyday sad feelings of loss are gone. But, on special days it still hurts.

Loving Sister Joanne

ArmyGary Randall Nelson
By Debbie Hayes, Atlanta, GA USA
Gary was so proud of his uniform and serving in the Army. When a lot of our friends were burning their draft cards and fleeing into Canada, he stepped up like a man to defend all of us.

Even though he lived until Thanksgiving Day 1996, he was killed by the Vietnam War just the same. You see, agent orange was sprayed all around him and many others, who may also have lost their lives to lymphoma. His death was finally proven to be directly connected to the agent orange sprayed to kill the vegetation and flush out the enemy, when it was just as deadly.

Debbie Nelson Hayes

MarinesWillard Edward Nelson
By Jason Bachman, Reno, NV USA
Billie was my great uncle. He died at the age of 19 in South Vietnam January 30,1968. I never met the man but my mother new him well. But I just wanted to thank him and all the others too for my FREEDOM!!!

ArmyWoodard Woodrow Nelson
By Anonymous
Served in the armed service for 6 years and 3 months he was over seas for 3 years and in the states for 3 years and 6 months.

ArmyMichael J. Nemchick
By Donald Nemchick, McKeesport, PA USA
Mike was killed in February of 1966 in Bon Song, Vietnam. He was well respected back home and his memory lives on. His name is honored by the Military Order of the Purple Heart. Rest in Peace my cousin.

ArmyJohn J. Nennich Jr.
By James Nennich, San Angelo, TX USA
This is in honor of our brother John J. Nennich Jr. He was born and raised in Chicago. He joined the Army during WW2, volunteered for the Airborne, graduated from class P.S. 131, July 1944, and was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division, 501st PIR. During the Battle of the Bulge, he was wounded on his 17th birthday, January 5th 1945 and died Jaunary 6th 1945. We all cherish the few wonderful times we had together. John, we miss you and think of you everyday. You are always in our prayers.

Your Brothers and Sisters

NavyArlie Eldon Nesbit
By Oriana Nesbit, Fairfield, CA USA
Arlie Nesbit was a career Navy man. He fought in WWII, and was escorting the USS Enterprise the day that Pearl Harbor was attacked. If it weren't for the great ship and it's engine trouble, he would not have had nearly so full a life. Later, his wife, 2 sons, and his daughter, traveled the globe to be with him wherever he was needed. He went on to serve in the Korean War. And retired with multiple commendations and a purple heart. Life is unpredictable, and yet so precious to all. I am proud, that he served our country to protect so many lives, and to ensure freedom and justice throughout our world. From KP to tailgunning, to being responsible for the lives and conduct of not only his family but the men who served under him. To the hours on Grandpa's knee, listening to the stories... and the thoughtful silences... saying more than words could have. Years later, as I watched him hold my own sweet baby on his knee, I felt honor in having my hero so close to my heart.

In those silent moments I gained the respect I carry today for all the branches of the Armed Forces, and for my personal hero. Though he is now laid to rest. He will always be my hero.

I love you Grandpa-

ArmyPFC Eddie Neverez
By Horacio Araujo, San Jose, CA USA
U.S. Army Viet Nam, in the short period of time we knew and had fun, we still think about you.

NavyJohn T. Newey Jr.
By Terry Avery, Lindsay, OK USA
My father was in World War II and did his best to make our country a better place to live. He was very proud of his country and passed this down to his children. He served this country from 1943 to 1946. He received an honorable discharge because he was hurt and was sent home as a disabled veteran. This never stopped him from going on with life. I thank you for teaching us the meaning of strength. The meaning of courage and to make the best out of our lives. You fought til the end and never complained. I salute you dad and all those who have served our great nation. You are our hero! We lost dad on March 9, 1998 due to heart failure. You may be gone, but not forgotten. We will always love you and be proud of you. Love always, Rose, Terry, John, James and your grandchildren

POW/MIAMSGT Charles V. Newton
By John King, Alexandria, LA USA
For 30 years, you are not nor will you be forgotten for the ultimate sacrifice!! You are in my prayers and constantly in the thoughts of my return home.

ArmyPOW/MIAWarren Emery Newton
By Robin Jackson, Port Orchard, WA USA
SSG/E6 Newton was born on March 26, 1949. His home town was Canby, Or. He was shot down in South Vietnam on January 9, 1968. You can find Newton on the Wall on Panel 34E-Row 9

Marine Pvt William Niader 1st Div 7th Reg H&S Co
By Frank Niader, Clifton, N.J.
KIA JUNE 12 1945 Kunishi Ridge Okinawa

Looking for any Marine who was in that battle or knew my brother. He was at PARRIS IS. Sept.1944 in Plt 505. He was in the 46th Rep.Draft and landed on Okinawa May16 1945. He was a stretcher bearer bringing in a wounded Marine when he was killed by a shell. We got a letter from his C.O. A letter from the Marine who was with him when he was KIA. Also a letter from his best Marine buddy.

ArmyCpl. Paul E. Nicholson
By Thomas C. Nicholson, Troy, NY USA
Pop - as he was known to his five boys, proudly served in the European Theater during World War II. He was a humble man who endured much tragedy in his later years, and through it all, taught me great deal about life. I am grateful to all veterans for their service to the greatest country on Eath, but especially to my father, my hero. I miss you Pop.

Army 2Lt Walter M Nickell
By Stacey Nickell, Charlotte, NC
My grandfather who served his country proudly. I love you and miss you grandpa.

ArmyTSgt. William Charles Nickels
By A1C Noland Noble, W.P.A.F.B., OH USA
In memory of my grandfather, who left for greater victory in 1997. His devotion to God and country never left his spirit. He served during World War II in the Asiantic Pacific theater. To my grandfather and all vetrans of our armed services, my thanks and respect...

ArmyWilliam C. Nickels
By Paula Collins, Louisville, KY USA
To my dad who has left for a better place. You served your country well and your family is very proud.

Army Gloria F. Nickerson, Major, Ret.
By Alexandra Kazan, Lauderhill, Florida
Major Gloria Nickerson, Ret., died 19 August, 2005 in Fayetteville, NC. Gloria was a veteran of Gulf War I and a veteran's rights activist at home and in DC. She was my spiritual sister and I'll always hold her in my heart!

Army Charles William Niedermyer
By Nancy Marlene Hutzky, Saratoga Springs, NY & Mary Lynn Johnson, Bruceton Mills WV
He was a World War II Veteran, and served under General George S. Patton, Jr. in the 5th inf. in Germany. He fought in the Battle of the Bulge and was awarded the Purple Heart. And on Febuary 25, 1974 he went to be with our Lord. Daddy, someday we will be together again.

MarinesL/Cpl David Nipper
By Harry Meyer, Newman, GA USA

Began Tour: 21 Nov 1964
Ended Tour: 21 Nov 1964
D Co., 3d Recon Bn., 3d MarDiv
Casualty(?) in Offshore VietNam Helicopter Crash
His Remains Were Not Recovered
Panel 01E - Line 73

NavyWilliam Ninow
By Larry Daniels, Fairfax Station, VA USA
We served together at Quantico. I married your sister. You told me before you left, you had a feeling you wasn't coming back alive. You didn't. Rest in Peace my friend.

Marine Jack W. Noel
By William P. Noel, Cross Lanes, WV
My father, Jack W. Noel, was wounded in action on Saipan, 6-18-44, 25th Marines, 4th Marine Division and died 2-07-06.

ArmySamuel Nolen Sr.
By Olive Pavolini, Gulfport, Ms.
Daddy served is country proud in time of need so we can live free. You will always be missed by family and freinds. Your daughter Olive Pavolini-Gulfport Ms.

Army S/Sgt Tommie Clarence Nolley Sr
By Nathan Nolley, Charlotte, NC
In memory of my father, who served proudly in the 754th Engineers in the south Pacific, as a sargent in charge of vehicles in the motor pool. He passed away October 3, 2007 at age 89.

NavyErvin "Shorty" Nonnemacher
By Jim Nonnemacher, Highland, CA USA
My father, Ervin "Shorty" Nonnemacher was drafted into the USN at the ripe old age of 29, toward the end of WWII. He was one of the last to go because he was a bit older, was married with children. He spent just 9 months and a few days in the Navy, the war ended, and he was discharged. When he did return, he suffered from asthma the rest of his life. In his later years, he was taken well care of at VA hospitals in several states. He is gone now, and I miss him. But he suffers no more. He used to get his "Blue Jackets Manual" out for me to read and look over. When i joined the Navy in 1965, I got my own manuel, I still have it, but I wish I had his too. Bless you, Dad, I love you.

ArmyJohn Edward Noriega
By John E. Noriega, San Jose, CA USA
This is dedicated to my uncle John for whom I am named. He was killed in action during the invasion of Sicily in July 1943. He was a Purple Heart recipient. As his nephew I have in my possession much of the correspondence between my grandfather and the War Department regarding his death. I am grateful for his giving his life so that we may live as freely as we do in the greatest country of the world -- the USA.

ArmyRaul Arturo Noriega
By John E. Noriega, San Jose, CA USA
Sgt. Raul A. Noriega was in the 87th AFABn as a tank commander in Battery C. He served faithfully in the European Theatre. He was very active in his Battalion's bi-annual reunions and served in many capacities in the VFW in NYC, San Jose, CA and Port Richey, FL. He was active both locally and nationally. He is shown in live action in two documentaries -- "The True Glory" and "The Crusade in Europe" -- these videos have been used to show the grandchildren that this was real. Raul passed away on May 24, 1996 at the age of 75. He was loved by his wife and sons, grandchildren, and family and friends. We are all grateful of his service to this our great country.

Army Charles Raymond Norris
By Sarah Norris, Fayette County, West Virginia
I never got to meet my grandpa, but I believe that he was a great man. He would have been so proud of all of his grandchildren. I just wish that I had the chance to meet him. We love and miss you and mamaw...

ArmyCharles Raymond Norris
By Shawn Norris, USA
I never got to meet my Uncle Charlie but have heard many stories about him. I heard he was once on the today show back during the Vietnam war. Uncle Charlie lost his life on 8-23-68 in the Quan Nam province of South Vietnam. He was in the army 18 years when he lost his life. He was with the special forces. Uncle Charlie I wish I could have met you. I was a Marine so I'm sure we could of had some great talks.

MarineCharles Steven Norris, USMC
By Nancy Norris Moore, Piketon, OH, USA
My brother, from Spokane, WA, was only 18 years old when he was called to be pointman by his CO and was gunned down by a NVA sniper with an AK-47. This was February 27, 1967 in Quang Tri Province. He was never one to shirk his duty, and even though the previous pointman had just been gunned down, he did his job without question. His name is on the "Wall", and I would like to share a poem I wrote after visiting that memorial:

The Crying Wall

It was raining the day Dad and I
Went to visit the Wall.
We found a place to park the car,
Then made our way up the mall.

We both had seen the pictures
And articles about this place,
But neither of us was ready
For the impact of what we now faced:

58,000 names all engraved and so precise.
58,000 souls all paid the ultimate price.
58,000 people all left loved ones behind.
58,000 lives all lost before their time.

One name stood out from the many
Which we stopped and read.
The name of our son and brother
Was listed among the dead.

I reached out to touch the letters
And drew my hand back wet.
It seemed the Wall was crying
Tears of sadness and regret.

ArmyColen "Buddy" Lee Norris
By John Norris, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Our Father and Hero passed away after a lengthy illness on October 28, 2001. Dad was a decorated veteran of the Korean and Vietnam Wars with 22 years of service to our country. His bravery on the battlefield wasn't realized by me until I held his DD-214 in my hands after his death. I am proud to call him Dad. Duty, Honor, and Country...He walked the walk. He is dearly missed by those who knew him.

MarineWilliam Howard Norris, USMC
By Nancy Norris Moore, Piketon, OH, USA
My father served as a Marine for many years. He saw the end of WWII, the beginning & end of Korea, and did two tours in Vietnam, yet he never thought what he did was special. His only son was KIA in Vietnam, which hurt him deeply, but he never thought what he did was special. He was always there for me when I needed him, yet he never thought what he did was special. I may not have always understood his stern demeanor, but I always knew he was special. Dad died from lung cancer in July 1997, and to the end he was special.

Coast GuardNavyAdam "Archie" Novak
By Gabrielle D'Adamo, Baltimore, MD USA
This is for my grandpop, Adam Novak, who served in World War II. He served on the USS J.T Dickman, and even the D-Day campaign. I was too young to understand the full meaning of his service for our country years ago, but I do now. Pop I am so proud of you and I love you...

Navy 1st Lieutenant Alton Gwynn Nowell
By Larry
born: June 10, 1921 Raleigh,NC., died:Dec.15,2001 at Wake Medical Center, Raleigh, NC. Buried: Crpt located on Hickory Ln., Oakwood Cemetery, Raleigh, NC. 1st Lieutenant Nowell served in Solomon Islands, Marianas, Phillipine sea battle, Guam, Iwo, Okinawa and Guadalcanal aboard the (Fletcher Class) destroyer U.S.S. Hudson. He was discharged from Navy in 1945 and returned to Raleigh and opened up a shirt factory with family.

POW/MIANavyBruce Nystrom
By Katy, Anchorage, AK
Bruce Nystrom is my fourth cousin and was missing before I was born. My mother wore his MIA bracelet when she was growing up and gave it to me when I was in fifth grade. I have worn it ever since and will always remember him and pray for him. We love you Bruce!

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