This page is dedicated to all the veterans of the armed forces of the United States. Whether they died in combat or in bed of old age, we all owe them so much, because they bought our freedom for us.

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In Loving Memory of Those Who Served. . .

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.


Air Force Capt. John E. "Jack" O'Brien
By Michael O'Brien, Cape Cod, MA
My father was a Hump Pilot flying C-47's during WWII. He later flew fighters for the Missouri Air National Guard. He crashed and burned on Oct. 11, 1959 during a routine flight in an F-84 when a goose flew through his canopy. I was 4 years old at the time. He is remembered to this day and every day. He was and will always be my hero

Army Tech. 5 Norbert J. O'Connell 4th Cav. Recon Squad
By Joel O'Connell, Two Rivers, Wi
Killed in France, June 30, 1944. Interred in Normandy American Cemetery, Colleville-sur-Mer, France

Army George R. Oelz
By Roe Barlow
He was a private in the Army and is buried in Epinol, France. He was married to my mother and they had been married only 3 months when he was called overseas. That was the last time she ever saw him.

Merchant MarinesAir ForceCM/sgt Clyde Ogborn
By Karen Pritchett, Bryan, TX USA
He went in the Merchant Marines when he was 16, then into the Army Air Corp and stayed in the Air Force till he passed away in September of 1974. He served his country from 1944 till the day he died in 1974. I thought my dad walked on water and I still miss him every day. Thank you to all veterans!

POW/MIAFrank Joseph O'Gorman
By Jewel Smith, Lebanon, KY USA
Frank was a great man who served for our country whom we loved very much as a friend and if it had not been like him and other people like us would not be here today. May God be with him for serving his country like he did. Thank you his friends forever Bernard and Jewel. Wish we would have been notified of your death which we requested by the nursing home you were in. God bless you. Will love you forever for just being our friend.

ArmyTogo {Tom} Okamura Killed in Action November 23, 1951 Korea
By Stewart Flynn, San Francisco, CA USA
Tom was a Japanees American just out of the Camps of WW II a real American. Did'nt wait served and was proud to do so.

NavySeaman 2nd Class Frank P. Oleson
By Glenn Oleson, Abbotsford, Wisconsin
Served hororably at Midway Island and other Navel battles aboard the destroyer USS ALAN SUMNER.

POW/MIANavy Stanley E. Olmstead
By Jack H. Cloud, U. S. Army 1966-1969, Tulsa, OK
Cmdr Marshall, OK 10-17-65

NavyPOW/MIAStanley Edward Olmstead 04 Navy
By Robin Reeser Lopez, Tonkawa, OK USA
Mr Olmstead I am trying to make a memorial to you in hopes that someone might know who you are and where you are I am putting you in the Lords' hands God bless!

NavyClifford Olson
By Shane E. Olson, Halma, MN USA
Lifelong friend and neighbor who died in March of 1999. A member of the Halma-Lake Bronson Legion Post #315, Kittson County 40 et 8 and the Kennedy VFW. Thanks for all the fun times we had together.

Army Sgt. Harvey Sigurd Olson 4th Cavalry Recon Troop A
By Shane E. Olson, Halma-Lake Bronson SAL Post Commander, MN USA
My Great Uncle Harvey, of Lake Bronson, MN, enlisted in the US Army in March 1941 with the 4th Cavalry Reconnaissance, Troop A and trained on horseback at Ft Meade, South Dakota. At 0430 (H minus 2 hours)on June 6th, 1944, prior to the main DDAY landings, Cpl. Harvey S. Olson, Private Thomas Killeran of the 4th Cavalry Recon and Sgt. John W. Zanders, and Cpl. Melvin F. Kenzie of the 24th Cavalry Recon; armed only with knives on small rubber rafts in heavily mined surf, slashed the rafts open and swam to and landed on the Iles St Marcouf to mark the beaches for landing craft to land. Uncle Harvey was the first man to amphibously reach French soil on DDAY. For this mission, Harvey was awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action and the Bronze Arrowhead. Harvey was promoted to Sgt. shortly after the mission, as Sgt. John C. Onken of Troop A was killed in action during the landing. Later that morning Harvey fought at Utah Beach and later linked up with the 82nd Airborne. Harvey fought through 5 battle campaigns on the frontlines after carrying out his first mission on DDAY, including the bloodiest battle of the European Theatre, the Hurtgen Forest. Harvey was awarded the Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Clusters for wounds received at the battles of Mortain and at the battle of Vielldieu from grenade shrapnel. Harvey received his honorable discharge and was sent home on the point system with 125 points. In addition to the Silver Star and the Bronze Arrowhead, Harvey received the American Defense medal, Croix Du Guerre, the European Theatre Medal with 1 silver star, and receieved the Expert 37 MM Machine Gunner badge. Harvey re-enlisted with the 8th Ranger battalion and fought in the Korean War and remained a career man, in which he had a total of 22 years of service. Passed away September 6, 2002. Harvey's photo receiving his Silver Star from General Lawton Collins and the Silver Star Citation can be viewed at the following address: A tree and plaque were dedicated at Fort Jackson in honor of Harvey and the 3 other soldiers who went in before the landings on DDAY. A replica of this plaque was sent to the Ft Meade Museum at Ft Meade, South Dakota. Truly an honor to have known this man and he will be missed very, very much. Truly the stories you read about in books and see in movies.

ArmyHerbert Sigurd Olson US Army 358th Infantry
By Shane E. Olson, Halma, MN USA
My great grandfather was wounded in action near St. Mihiel in September of 1918. An original member of the Lake Bronson Legion Post #315, and also belonged to the Kittson County 40 et 8, and the Kennedy VFW. He was the father of four sons who all fought during World War II. Died in October of 1982 still carrying the three slugs, which nearly, mortally wounded him.

Marine John A. Olson
By Byron Myers, Chapin, SC
John was Killed in Action on 10/23/83 while serving with the 1st Battalion 8th Marines in Beirut Lebanon. A good friend and a wonderful Christian man. " the corner of some foreign field, a gunner sleeps tonight..."

ArmyLuverne Arthur Olson US Army 25th Infantry
By Shane E. Olson, Halma, MN USA
My grandfather served in the Phillipines and Leyte during World War II. His father Herbert fought in WWI, and his three brothers all fought during World War II at the same time. A lifetime member of the Kennedy VFW and the Halma-Lake Bronson Legion Post #315, and also belonged to the Kittson County 40 et 8. Died February 1, 2000. We love you and miss you very, very much.

Army Ole Olson 357th Infantry, 90th Division
By Shane E. Olson, Halma-Lake Bronson SAL Post Commander, MN USA
Ole Olson who was the first Karlstad area soldier to be KIA in WW I, serving with the 357th Infantry, of the 90th Division. Ole was buried at St Mihiel Cemetary on Sept. 15, 1918 only 3 gravesites away from Thorjus Solvskar also of Karlstad. Ole is honored during "Call the Roll" at the Karlsatd American Legion Post #445 Memorial Day service. "Let us dedicate ourselves to the task of carrying on that those whom we honor shall not have died in vain."

Navy Robert Jr Olson
By Monessa Erenbo, Ístersund Sweden
Born april 20 1922, Anchorage Alaska, 08904745. S2c USNR, WW11, NCB 133, KIA feb 19 1945 in Iwo Jima.
If there is somewone who have information about him let me know, mail

Army Sgt. John CF Onken 4th Cavalry Reconnaissance, Troop A
By Shane E. Olson, Halma-Lake Bronson SAL Post Commander, MN USA
At 0530 (H minus 1 hours)on June 6th, 1944, prior to the main DDAY landings, Sgt. John C F Onken of Troop A was killed in action during the landing on Iles St Marcouf off the coast of Utah Beach. Awarded the Bronze Arrowhead posthumously. "Let us dedicate ourselves to the task of carrying on that those whom we honor shall not have died in vain."

MarineJose A. Oquendo
By Consuelo (Connie) Oquendo, Tampa, FL USA
Joey we miss you, and will always be proud of you. Our Vietnam Veteran was laid to rest: Nov. 28, 1991

Army Cpl. Chester E.Oram
By Larry Stanley
ASN 36057395, age 25,HQ.,Co., KIA, 9-21-1944,81 st Tank Battalion-Headquarter's Company, Anna Thielker,1807 Edison Ave.,Granite City,IL.

Marine John George Orsino
By Tammy Orsino, Sewell, NJ
You may not be here with us, but you will always be in our hearts. We all love and miss you.

Marine William John Ort
By Michael Ort, Marietta, GA
Dad, I can't think of one thing that wouldn't be better if you were still here with us. We love you and miss you. Please keep watching over us.

ArmyAngel L. Ortiz
By Carmen E Centeno, New Breitain, CT USA
My father passed away on November 13, 1983. He was very proud to have served as a soldier in the Korean War. He lost his leg in battle and that marked the end of his career in the army. He was awarded the purple heart, but not much was mentioned and, there was no welcome back party or parade. Only my mother, my brothers and I know what sacrifices this man made to serve this country. My father was a special man, a great soldier but, most of all he was a great father. So, Papi, this is my special tribute to you, my hero. Me haces mucha falta. Te quiero mucho, Lichi

ArmySgt. Jabob James Otiz
By Debbie Andasola
"Jimmy" was native american. He volunteered for Viet Nam and served proudly. He died in Cu Chi, 1964, trying to save someone else. Oh how I still miss him. I never had the chance to say good-bye to my brother, so please... be kind to those you love.

MarineJohn O'Shea
By Brother Marine, Camp Pendleton, CA USA
We all miss you John. You came to this country from Ireland to better yourself and become a Marine. We lost you while you were doing what you enjoyed. You were so close to making your first "float" when you were taken form us unexpectedly for a reason we will never know. We hurt with your family and we spent time with your father and brother when they came to Pendleton to meet all of us. We miss you John.

MarineErnest C. Owens
By Cathy Owens Downey, West Palm Beach, FL USA
My father, Ernest C. Owens passed away October 6, 1999. He served during World War II and was injured at Bougainville by the age of 19. For the 55 years following he raised seven children while continuing to suffer greatly from the physical and emotional wounds received during his service. It is with utmost honor and respect for his duty and suffering that I submit his name to this memorial.

POW/MIAArmy Fred Monroe Owens
By Jack H. Cloud, U. S. Army 1966-1969, Tulsa, OK
E7 Picher, OK 06-10-65

POW/MIAArmy George E. Owens
By Treva Sawyers, Hesperia, Ca.
Germany 27 1/2 months he was a POW I just wanted to say THANKS.

ArmyKenneth F Oye
By Sean Gogerty, Decatur, IL
Hi Grandpa, I just wanted to say hi and that I miss you every day. I'll see you again someday. In honored glory rest my grandfather, 7th Army medic, Sicily, Naples-Foggia, Rome-Arno, Southern France, Rhineland, Ardennes-Alsace, Central Europe, from your grandson Sean

ArmyKeith Oyler
By Margaret Atkin, Cambridge Springs, Pa.
We never met. I read your letters to Mom, and heard stories from Daddy, about you . I wish we had met

ArmyM/Sgt. Sherman Oyler
By Greg Irwin, Topeka, KS USA
This is to celebrate the American hero which you instilled into us through your teaching and example of what it is to be an AMERICAN. Your life of service and duty to your country through service in three wars, reserve service and as a school teacher influencing four generations of future leaders.It is a shame that there are not more selfless examples of your caliber around in society today.

M/SGT Sherman Oyler 1921-1999 101st Airborne; 1940-1945 US Army; Panama Coastal Cavalry/Gun Battalion-1941; 101st Airborne: North Africa, Anzio,D-Day, Opeartion Market-Garden, Battle of the Bulge, Rhine, P.O.W. freed by Russians; 1950-1952 Korea; 1962-1964 Vietnam; 1952-1987 Public School Teacher

Honored with the following decorations Silver Star, 2Bronze Stars, Distinguished Service Cross,3 Purple Hearts and 2Unit Citations, along with the Victoria Cross.

Succumed to cancer two years after his British war bride of 1943. Sarge your cheerful meadowlark whistle and old cavalry campaign cover are missed around Topeka you were truly one of those we should model our character to and teach the values of "rugged American individualism" and your belief in the Judeo Christian ethic you taught us in our American history class that our nation was founded on by the founding fathers of our nation.

ArmyAdrian Pacheco
By Jose' Ve'lez, Honolulu, HI USA
It was a honor knowing you brothers... Welcome home to the world in heaven... Love you both... You will never, ever be forgotten never... Your bro Papo-Gato... Peace my brothers... One day far away we will meet in the hootch of heaven... May God bless you both and keep you there always... And to all my Vietnam veteran brothers and sisters... Welcome home!!!!!!!!!

ArmyJaime Pacheco
By Arthur Pacheco, Albuquerque, NM USA
In loving memory of our son brother and father Jaime Pacheco who served his country proudly under the 75th Airborne Rangers 101st Infantry 1st Cav. Died twenty fifth of May 1972. We love you and miss you very much your loving family the Pacheco's and Callahan's

Air ForcePFC Freddie E. Padgett
By Jan Hoelker, St. Louis, MO USA
Died Jan. 5th, l95l at Kimpo Air Force Base as they were being evacuated. My parents are already deceased, but it put a real toll on their life, like it did to so many families. Their are 4 sisters left, and we miss Freddie a lot. He died for his country, and we will always remember our brother. A flag is kept on his grave 365 days a year.

POW/MIAArmy Samuel Joseph Padgett
By Jack H. Cloud, U. S. Army 1966-1969, Tulsa, OK
E7 Tulsa, OK 03-10-68

MarineMichael David Padilla
By Terry Padilla, Billings, MT USA
You almost made it brother, but the love for your buddies, kept them alive but you dead. Semper Fi Mike, see ya in heaven. Terry

ArmyBilly Joe Page
By Carol Polston, Monroe, NC
In loving memory of my father, who served during World War II. He was a kind man who was loved and respected by many.

ArmyPablo Palacios
By Danny Guthrie, Fayetteville, NC USA
Pablo was a good friend and fellow Trooper. The good, they die young. His Family must miss him Terribly. I Do.

POW/MIACarl Palen
By Lynne Lippert, Dubuque, IA USA
Tony, thanks for serving your country proud at a time when noone else thought that. I miss kick the can, pool, and basketball games we played as kids. It's 30 years 1/3/2001 since you left us... but you are always in my heart... love and miss you always.

ArmyCapt. Norris O. Palmer
By Lori Palmer, Wichita, KS USA
In loving memory of my Dad, Capt. Norris O. Palmer, died 11/02/99. Capt. Palmer served with the 384 engineer btn. was a Normandy vet and served in Japan during the occupation. He served his country and his family well and will be missed.

ArmyOrman L. Palmer Jr. "Rusty"
By Mimi Palmer Hensley, Lone Oak, TX USA
died September 1999

Therefore do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, inwardly we are renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that outweighs them all.

ArmyCPL. Frank J. Pannone
By The De Paolo nieces and nephews, Brooklyn, New York
On June 20th 1944, serving with the 747th Tank Battalion, Co. "B". While in a fierce battle to overtake Villiers Fossard, near St Claire France, he paid the ultimate sacrafice for the freedom we share today. You never were nor will you ever be forgotten.

Army First Lieutenant John M.Papcum
By Larry Stanley,Adrian Twp.,MI.
U.S.Army,Korean Conflict.He received an honorable discharge as First Lieutenant.Died:Oct.3,1999 at age 69 at Newark ViaHealth.John was born Nov.25,1929 in Clymer,PA.,son of Stephen and Barbara (Krupar) Papcum.Buried at Newark Cemetery with full military honors by the rifle squad from Ft.Drum.

ArmyGalen P. Paradis
By Donna M. Paradis, Manchester, CT USA
Our father was a gentle man. He served his country for 23 years and had served 2 terms in Vietnam. He had stated that when he died he wanted the full miltary honors. On June 9, 1999 he died at the young age of 62 due to complications of heart surgery. He received the full miltary honors. He would of been proud. We love you and miss you dad.

Joseph, Donna, Michael and Deborah

ArmySeargent James Lonzo Paradise
By Kids
POW captured Germany, freeded after war. Best remembered for his love of his family. We miss you dad, love Kids

Army Clinton Welch Parker
By Gary L. Parker, Birmingham, Alabama
Enlisted in the United States Army at Prattville, Alabama on September 19, 1917@ 22yrs. of age. The last unit he was in was the MG Co. 58 th. Infantry. Killed in action August 6, 1918 in France. My grandfather's older and only brother.

ArmyJames L. Parker
By Gail P. Royster, Durham, NC USA
My daddy gave his life in the Vietnam War on April 3, 1967. He served in the army for 28 years. He served his country in World War II as well as in the Korean war. I am very proud of my daddy and I know he is resting well. May he continously rest with the Lord until I see him again when I have finished my assignment on this earth. I love you daddy!!!

Army Staff Sgt. Jeff Madison Parker
By Gary Parker, Birmingham, Alabama
Jeff served with Co. K, 335th. Infantry. He was killed by German artillery fire while leading the first platoon in an attack on the town of Pevestorf Germany to eliminate enemy resistance in the town. He was buried at the American Military Cemetery @ Margraten, Holland. He was later brought back home to Birmingham, Alabama by his family.

Army Kenneth G. Parker
By Susie Parker-Wachendorfer, Flint, Mi
My Dad served with the 502nd Parachute Infantry-WWII. Here's to a awesome man and Father. I love you Dad.

Army Roy Clinton Parker
By Gary Parker, Birmingham, Alabama
This was my father who served with the Co. H. 507th. parachute regiment. He was a veteran of the Ardennes, Central Europe and Rhineland Campaigns. Awarded the Purple Heart for wounds suffered in a jump on D-Day. I wish I had asked you about what you went through while you were alive. Died of cancer May 26, 1982.

POW/MIAThomas Aquinas Parker
By Tina Catena, Boonville, IN USA
I adopted you. You will always remebered. And one day we will meet. Till that day rest in peace and I will think of you always

MarineL/Cpl Robert J. Parson
By Bill Ott, Oakley, California
22 years old, died of Hodgkin's disease on May 01, 1994, Desert Storm. Semper Fi

Air Force G.C. Partlow
By James Golden, Port Arthur TX USA

MarineGeneral Randolph Mc Call Pate
By Donald Vaccaro
I was a young Marine at 20 years old when Gen. Pate who was the IG inspecting us had his picture taken with me in it as he was inspecting my Junk on the Bunk. I still have the 8x10 today and cherish it with my life. Hey


ArmyBilly Ray Patrick
By A. Fernandez, a jungle soldier, New York, NY, USA
Billy Ray Patrick, U.S. Army, killed in action in Vietnam 29may66. Both Billy Ray and myself served with Alpha Company , 1st BN, 35th Regiment ("the cacti", 3rd brigade task force, 25th infantry division "the tropic lightning"), United States Army, Pleiku, Vietnam, 1966.

ArmyDonald Ray Patrick
By Gail
My brother who name is Donald Ray Patrick, served in the Viet-Nam war, He was so caring for others and had a smile that would go on forever, He was in the 1st Infantry Division, He was only over there for 32 days, when he got killed. They said that he was exchanging places from guarding a supply bridge, to a machine gun and that is when someone fired a morter into the group, killing him instantly. This was my only brother and I will always love him so very much,and as long as I live he will go on living through me.I am greatful to all of the young men that gave so much of their lives for us.
Always on my mind,
Your sister, Gail

NavyJerry Max Patton
By Nan Langford, Clyde, Texas
A finer man I have never known than JM Patton. He was my grandfather and a veteran of World War II. He lived for 70 long years and finally lost the battle against heart disease in April 1996. He was a hero to me. Not just because he fought in a war against tyranny but because he was the only father I ever had and he didn't have to play those roles, he chose to. I love you Papaw more than words can ever say!

Army Pvt. Roy Patton
By Doris Patton Giddens
My Dad served in the South Pacific on Marchall Island from 1942-1945 in Co. D 111th Inf. He received the Bronze Star, Good Conduct,Meritorious unit Commendation, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal & Bronze star Attachment. Dad, I never knew you were a war hero, you never talked about it, I wish you had because it explains a lot. Rest in Pease, Dad we love you... Doris Ann

NavySeaman First, Anthony Patullo Sr.
By Anthony Patullo, Bound Brook, NJ USA
To my dad who answered the final call Sept. 97. Served on lst 392 in all four invasions in Europe in world war two. You are and all ways will be my hero.

ArmyBrigadier General Jan H. Paynton
By Sandy G. Paynton, St. Louis, Missouri
In loving memory of my husband who died December 21, 1999. You were my Knight in Shining Armor, my Prince Charming and my life. Honey, I Love You and miss you so very much!

ArmyJohn Jones Peacher
By Steven Kent Peacher, Martinsburg, WV USA
In LOVING MEMORY of my father!!!

MarinePaul Craig Peacher
By Steven Kent Peacher, Martinsburg, WV USA
In LOVING MEMORY, of my brother!!!

ArmyPaul Craig Peacher II
By Lou Ann Peacher Ellis, Martinsburg, WV USA
In loving memory of husband and father. Died too young far too young.

Marine Thomas Marvin Peak
By Mark Peak, Fort Worth, Texas
In loving memory of my father... we all love you and miss you very much. You are always in our thoughts and heart.

ArmyPFC Kevin Victor Pearson
By Kimberlie Ann Pearson, sister, Deary, Idaho
On July 9, 1999, my brother was killed when the Humvee he was a passenger in rolled, partly ejecting him. His platoon, HHC 1-68 AR Recon, in Ft. Carson, CO, was on their way to Pinon Canyon for training exercises. He was 20 years old. He was my only sibling. Kevin, I am hurting so much without you. I love you very much. Please watch over mom and dad, as they are still trying to cope. Your family, your classmates, your friends, and Kiefer, miss you and think about you everyday. You are "home" now and I know that I will have a guardian angel to watch over me. God bless every Veteran and their families.

Army Vernon Pearson
By Shane E. Olson, Halma-Lake Bronson SAL Post Commander, MN USA
Vernon Pearson of Lake Bronson, MN, died Feb. 7 1945, in Germany and is one of the Gold Stars from the communities of Halma and Lake Bronson to be killed in action in World War II. Vernon is honored during "Call the Roll" at the Halma-Lake Bronson American Legion Post #315 Memorial Day service. "Let us dedicate ourselves to the task of carrying on that those whom we honor shall not have died in vain."

ArmyFrancis R. Pease
By Johnnie A. Grizzle, Gautier, MS USA
In memory for having served valiantly and steadfastly as an automatic rifleman at Normandy and Rhineland Ardennes and a prisoner-of-war at Ardennes. Died 1953. Survived by two daughters and a son who love you very much.

ArmyRaymond J. Peck, S/Sgt
By Jim Peck, Scottsdale, AZ
In loving memory of my father who passed away in 1992. Ray served for 18 months in the European theater with the 254th Regiment, 63rd Infantry Div, Co. H. He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal. He served in the Rhineland and Central Europe. He arrived on 12/8/44 and returned to the U.S. on 5/11/46.

Army PFC James Peebles
By Patti Peebles
United States Army WWII, ETO, KIA (Remains returned home in 1949) Killed in action at the Battle of the Bulge after reenlisting for second tour. First volunteer from his county to see combat. Uncle James I never knew you. You left your parents and 14 siblings to preserve a way of life you held dear. You told everyone you reenlisted to get the war over with so your younger brothers would be spared. There is no greater sacrifice than for one to give their life for another. Your little brother, my Daddy, was a machine gunner in Italy. At 83 he has come to terms with everything that war took from him but YOU. "I PROMISE, I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU AND YOUR SACRIFICE". Your niece, Patti Peebles

ArmySgt Morris R Peer
By Carol Starnes
Served during WW II during the attack of Pearl Harbor.

My father who was very proud man passed away a week ago today. He loved his country and was very proud.

Dad I will miss you and love you. and you fought so hard to stay on living and while you where in the service. 82 years of life and I will miss you , and man who was proud of who he was and serving for his country.

Army Norwood M. Peirson, Jr.
By Janine Cordivano, PA
In loving memory of my father, Norwood M. Peirson, Jr. Sergeant U.S. Army, Korean War, who passed away on 07/0401. I Miss you Daddy, thank you for everything

POW/MIAThe Boys of Pennsylvania (112)
By Mike Blades, Glenville, PA USA
To: My God, we miss and wonder after our loved ones!

To: My Country, where are they????

To: The boys of Pennsylvania, hold on -- we will be coming for you soon!

To: The American POW, your fight from long ago is now ours ... some have forgotten, but SOME have not! We will be there and someday you to will be here!!!

ArmyJohn J. Perdoni III
By Michele Perdoni, Monroe Township, NJ
In loving memory of my father who died at the age of 48 on January 29, 1998. After Vietnam he married his high school sweetheart, Jean. Together, they had 4 kids who are left with memories of a wonderful father. We love you and we miss you.

Marine William Perkins
By James Priddy, Redmond, Washington
We joined the marines together,and both served in Vietnam.. I came home, but Bill didn't.. He received the Medal of Honor while as a combat photographer with the 1st Marines during operation Medina.. he is still missed by his family and friends.. A day doesn't go by that I don't think of my friend...

MarineL/Cpl. Thomas Perron
By Eugene O. Javaruski, Staten Island, NY USA
Died in the Terrorist Bombing of the Marine Barracks in Beirut, Lebanon on October 23,1983. Tom was a mortarman with 1st BN/8th Marines.

Tom, I miss you alot pal. Even though we were only friends for a short time before God chose to take you, Boot Camp and ITS makes fast frinds of guys like no other place on earth. Rest In Peace Devil Dog. You are not forgotten.

Semper Fi, Gene

MarineThomas A. Perroni
By Thomas J. Perroni, Fredericksburg, VA USA
Thomas A. Perroni died Nov 20, 1998
You will be missed and loved forever
By your Son and Grandson

NavyPeter Perrotta
By Frank Sherwood, Largo, Florida
This is in memory of a man who served his country in peace time and in war time. Pete was a great friend with a warm heart. Pete was a member of the New York City Police Department he served 28 years as a cop and obtained the prestigious rating of Detective First Grade. He served on the Bomb Squad for a large portion of the 28 years. Pete showed courage, perseverance and integrity in every challenge that He faced. Pete you will never be forgotten. May God Bless you

ArmyGlenn Waldo Perry
By Glenda Soule, Long Beach, WA USA
Dad loved America so much that when he was drafted at age 32, he went. He was of German blood and was sent to fight the Germans, and he went. He was wounded and was a POW for 2-1/2 years. None of this decreased his love for America, and he died early in his life due to the war. He was one hell of a man!!!

MarinesKenneth E. Perry
By Vada (Rogers) Long, Terre Haute, IN USA
In Memory of Kenneth E. Perry, who died Jan. 3,1971 in Viet Nam. He will always be remembered like a second son to his Aunt Inei... a friend and a fellow Marine to his cousin Bob and tome his young cousin he will always be remembered as the boy who climb the tree at Saline City to get me the balloon I was crying for. You are always with us Kenny. Love always your cousin Vada

Air ForceGeorge Charles Peters "Pete"
By Julie Peters, Houghton Lake, MI USA
Thank for giving us the freedom we have. I love and miss you very much DADDY. KIA June 23, 1969.
Proud Daughter Julie Peters

MarinesSgt. L.D. Peters
By RB Harton, Carrollton GA USA
In memory of Sgt. L.D. Peters USMC KIA Sept 4 1967, Quang-Tin Provence, RVN. You saved my life, and more from the 2nd Squad. I'll never forget you snd what you did for us. God bless your family, and we will meet again at the gates. Cpl RB Harton USMC Ret.

ArmyCarl O. Peterson
By Barbara Foley, Howell, NJ
My grandfather who proudly served his country in World War l. You will always be remembered.

NavyErnest T. Peterson Served on the USS Pennsylvania at Pearl Harbor in WWII
By Gayle M Monroe, Janesville, Wisconsin
This is in memory of the greatest dad that ever lived. You were the best Grandpa and Dad. I hope you know how loved you were and how much you are missed. We think of you often and wish you were here.

Army Marlin Trent Peterson Private First Class E CO, 2ND BN, 502nd Infantry, 101st Airborne
By Shane E. Olson, Halma-Lake Bronson SAL Post Commander, MN USA
Marlin was born in Halma, MN, on February 27, 1949. KIA February 11, 1970 in South Vietnam. He is buried at Williams, MN. Marlin can be found on Panel 14W Line 128 of the Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. Marlin's older brother Phillip was killed in action in the Korean War. They are both honored during "Call the Roll" at the Halma-Lake Bronson American Legion Post #315 Memorial Day service. "Let us dedicate ourselves to the task of carrying on that those whom we honor shall not have died in vain."

POW/MIAArmy Phillip O. Peterson Private B CO, 32 Infantry 7th Division
By Shane E. Olson, Halma-Lake Bronson SAL Post Commander, MN USA
Halma, Minnesota's Phillip O. Peterson was born in 1933. Phillip was Listed as missing in action on Dec. 2nd, 1950, in North Korea and later declared killed in action. Phillip was awarded the Purple Heart, the Combat Infantryman's Badge, the Korean Service Medal, the United Nations Service Medal, the National Defense Service Medal and the Korean War Service Medal. His younger brother Marlin was killed in action in Vietnam. The brothers are both honored during "Call the Roll" at the Halma-Lake Bronson American Legion Post #315 Memorial Day service. "Let us dedicate ourselves to the task of carrying on that those whom we honor shall not have died in vain."

Army Vincent I. Peterson Army, CBI Theater, 879th Combat Engineers Company B
By Paul M Peterson, Litchville, ND
To my father who served His country and family with the greatest of duty and honor. May your sacrifice never be forgotten.

MarineRalph F. Pezza
By Ralph A. Pezza, So. Toms River, NJ
Pfc. Co. C 3rd.div., 1st battl. was severely wounded in the arm yet you went out to fight to protect those in the hospital with you. You single handedly held off the Japanese until reinforcements arrived. you were awarded the purple heart, the silver star, and the distinguished service medal. you served from l942-45. You always went out of your way to help. We love you and miss you dad!

NavyJohn Phelps
By Jim Peck, Scottsdale, AZ
In memory of my best friend that I served with on the U.S.S. Springfield, CLG 7 and on shore at covered storage in Da Nang, Vietnam in 1969-70. John passed away a few years ago and I will miss him.

ArmyJohn Christopher Phelps
By Kathy Ashlock, Irvington, IL USA
Posted in loving memory for Uncle John.

MarineCPL. Ronald Joseph Phelps
By Mary Ann Powell, Niceville, FL USA
This is in honor of my birth brother whom I never got to meet until I read a book called "Farewell Darkness" dedicated to him. His hometown was Menominee, Michigan. He was born on January 13, 1947. He died in South Vietnam on November 14, 1967. Ronnie...I'm sorry I never got to meet you, but, I got to know you through the ''eyes'' of your good friends.

MarinesLCpl Freddie Joe Phifer
By Donald E. Hinman, Medina, NY USA
L/Cpl Freddie Joe Phifer was born 12/23/47 and was from Fort Mill, SC. He began his tour in Vietnam on 06/11/67 as my radioman in Echo Company 2nd Bn 3rd Marines. He was KIA on 12/11/67 and I have missed him and his friendship ever since that day. Having only known L/Cpl Freddie Joe Phifer for a short time was both an honor and privelege for me. For those who never got the chance to meet him, truly missed out on someone special. Sleep well my friend because you have earned it.

MarineDeVaughan E. Phillips, Jr.
By Susan Leigh, Hampton, VA USA
For My Brother: We called him "Vonie". For whatever reason, 6 months shy of graduating high school, my brother enlisted in the Marines in 1967. So here's this skinny little guy going off to be a Marine! He was in VietNam from 68-69. From what I understand, he was the "radio operator" for his unit. The only story he told us; One time he fell into the water and couldn't get back up, and a Big guy came along and "scooped" him up with one hand!... He never found out who that was. He made it Home, to us, and continued his education. He got his GED, went to college, married a wonderful lady named Mary. He became an Architect, designed and built his own home in New Hampshire, He even designed a "Coca-Cola" building in Nevada... He died at the of 46, heart failure, Aug. 16,1997...

NavyDeVaughan E. Phillips, Sr.
By Susan Leigh, Hampton, VA USA
For My Father: He served aboard the "USS BUCYRESS" in WWII. Sadly, we were not close, but in "retrospect" I have learned what I gained from him. He was a very kind man, loved nature, his fellow human beings, and most of all.. his country. He was a ship designer at Newport News Shipbuilding following the war. He died at the age of 55, Aug. 8th, 1981. I hope in some way, this will serve as a tribute to him.

ArmyPOW/MIAJames Larry Phipps
By Robin Jackson, Port Orchard, WA USA
CWOW3/W1 Phipps was born on December 9, 1943. His home town was Matoon, Il. He was shot down in south Vietnam on January 9, 1968. You can find Phipps on the Wall on Panel 34E- Row 9

Army Sgt. Leroy Pickard
By Don Jolliff, Oklahoma City, OK
Leroy was a veteran of Vietnam when we first met in 1973. He died in 1997 as a result of Agent Orange exposure during the war. He was a good friend during a trying time in my life and I am sure that he was a better soldier. He deserved a much longer life but it was not to be.

ArmyMarshall Nay Pickett (Army 1940-45)
By Warren Pickett (nephew), Jackson, Mississippi
He died from an apparent heart attack on April 15, 1974. First, he loved his country. He also loved animals and children (although he was a childless bachelor.) He was POW for eighteen months and he also won a purple heart.

MarineJames B Pickworth Jr
By Daniel M Savino, Freehold, NJ USA
Jim was so young He spoke so often about going back home to Rochester,NY. to his family. He was so close to his family and his sister Beverly. He gave his life so we could all be free. I think of you often Jim Rest in peace you have earned it.

ArmyMSg Carroll Thomas Pierce (son of Lt. Col Wilbur Pierce)
By Debra E Pierce, WA USA
Our beloved brother. Died of a heart attack almost one year to the day after our father. They are inurned side by side at Tahoma National Cemetary. Tom was our "big brother" who laughed at our jokes and dried our tears. We miss you Tommy. Hope you and Dad are having a great poker game. Tom served 26 years, Airborne,Special Forces, Green Beret, Ft Bragg 1958-1962, reserve in Air Force and Army 22 years, special ops, special guy. We wish you were here to dry our tears for you and Dad. All the way bro!!!

Army James Pierce
By Mary Lou Williams
He served in the North Africian, Sicily, and Italy campaigns... He received 3 bronze stars during these campaigns... A husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, and great-great grandfather, who lived to be 94 before passing away January 2, 2002 at home.... We would like to thank him for the many sacrificies he made for family and country... His smile and blue eyes will be sadly missed by all. Your family loves you dearly and you'll never be forgotton. Your memories will live on. Sadly missed on earth; but Heaven's gain. Hoping to see you again in Heaven. Your daughter, Mary Lou Williams

MarineLcpl. Robert O. (P'nut) Pierce Jr.
By Debbie Wright, Louisville, KY USA
To my beloved son who left us Feb. 9th, 1992. Who served his country in Desert Storm 3rd Marine Division. 7-30-68 2-09-92. Served in the Marine corp. 4 1/2 years. Proud parents are Ray & Debbie Wright. He's loved and missed by all.

ArmyLt. Col Wilbur W. Pierce
By Debra E Pierce, WA USA
Our beloved father. D-day +5 Utah Beach, Normandy to Berlin through Belgium. Served with the 188th from North Dakota until end of war and then the reserves in Seattle Washington. Died after his valiant battle with Alzehiemers Our hero and we miss him every hour of every day. We love you Daddy

POW/MIADennis S. Pike
By Dennis Bouteille, St Etienne, France
As a french citizen, been in Washington once, I want to dedicated those lines for LCDR DENNIS S.PIKE as a support for those who fight for freedom. He comes from Arizona, shall God bless them all.

Marine1stLt David Pimple
By Ron McCormick, Fruitland Park, FL USA
I will never forget you guys. 1/5 Marines and Corpman who died March 20, 1989 near Pohang, Korea.

MarineDavid C. Piotrowicz USMC - Killed in Action
By Jo-AnneLePiere from Elkins Park, PA USA
You were not in the country long enough to find your way around. Yet in that short time of 11 days, your entire life was snuffed out. You were too young to be there and too young to die. Life goes on but you will never be forgotten. I know you would have been a wonderful man, but you are with our heavenly Father and keeping watch on us all.

ArmyMorris Randall Piper
By Susan Piper, Cottontown, TN USA
To those men who served with Morris Randall Piper, from the Nashville (area) of Tennessee. I would like to inform them that he passed away on Feb. 12, 1995. Due to a long period of drug and alcohol abuse, which became very heavy after he came home from Vietnam. His life ended early at the age of 55 years old. He was a gunner on helicopters. He was nice man with too much on his mind, he thought nothing could ease his pain except drugs and alcohol. And it was the thing that ended his life. He looked 80 years old when he died because of the years of drug and alcohol abuse. Please, if you are having this same probelm, please seek help. So you don't end up that way. He never really knew his children nor his grandchildren. Let's help these men find the right HELP for there difficulty in dealing with the aftermath of war. And let's get all vets more recognition. But, Vietnam vets seem to get the least recognition and assistance in fighting the ghosts of that war.

Susan Piper
Morris Piper's daughter in-law

ArmyT/Sgt William J. Pitts
By Robert Lane Pitts and John David Pitts, Arkins, AR USA
96th Infantry Division
382 Infantry Regiment
Killed in Action on Okinawa April 14, 1945

I am thankful for your service and sacrifice for freedom that all Americans enjoy today because of you and all other brave men who fought and died for cause of freedom. Thank you for your devotion to your Wife and my Mother Elaine Murdoch Pitts (Deceased) and to me. And thanks from your grateful grandson whom you never knew.

Your son,
Robert Lane Pitts

You grandson,
John David Pitts

ArmyJerry W. Pizzoferrato Sr.
By Leanna Hand, Porter, TX USA
We will always love you dad and we miss you very much.I will see you when I get to heaven. Please watch over mom, she loves you so.

Air Force John S. Pollock Jr.
By Mary Spisak
A2C US Air Force, World War 2 and Korea... April 7, 1927-March 15,2003

ArmyLouis J. Polverari KIA at Anzio
By Beth Punzo Miller, New Haven, Conn.
My Great Uncle, never got the privilege of meeting him. He went out to scout before the rest of the unit and never came back. It hurt my Grandmother, his sister, until the day she passed away in 1994.

Marine Lcpl Kip Anders Poremba Killed during the Gulf War
By Harlin Seritt, Stockbridge, GA
We are proud to have known and have served with you for the short time that we did. We thank God that there are Marines like you who were willing to go when called by their country. May God bless your family.

The Marines of Platoon 2066, F Company, 2nd Battalion MCRD Parris Island 1987

ArmyCharles Oliver Porter
By Jennifer Hossman (Dean), Richmond, IN USA
His WW2 injuries would serve as a constant reminder of the trenches and all of the reasons he found himself there. The kindest and most honest man I've ever known, will never be forgotten.

ArmyBernard Paul Posey
By John T. Posey, Buffalo Grove, IL USA
My older brother, Paul, was killed in action on 15 January 1945 near Magaret, Belgium, during the last days of the Battle of the Bulge. Married, with one child and another expected, he came late into military service, arriving in Europe only two weeks, and serving with his unit in the battle line less than one week, before his death. He now has three fine generations of descendants, none of whom ever knew him, but they are a living monument to the memory of an outstanding and decent young man, who, along with many brave comrades, gave his life to make a better life for those who followed. May their sacrifice never be forgotten.

NavyWilliam H Posey
By Gwen Roberts Arnold, 2nd Cousin
Silver Star Recipient KIA in WWII- during MacArthur Breakout was in MBT3/1 PT 35... We never knew what happened to him, all that the family was ever told was he was killed. I have always thought about my 2nd cousin, but now I'm searching to find out how he was killed. The family always called him "Sonny Boy". Missed still but not forgotten.

NavyArmyOtis Brooks Poteet
By Dolores Poteet, Louisville, Ky
US Army WWII , US Navy - Korean War He became VP of Bank of St. Helens, Shively Ky A husband, father and grandfather. Missed by all.

ArmyMichael Allen Potter
By Al Granger, Lawton, Oklahoma
He died suddenly on March 5th, 2002. He was a proud Vietnam veteran and a great friend. He is gone, but his spirit carries on.

NavyRobert E. Potter
By Donald Potter, Oxnard, CA, USA
To my brother Robert Potter, Who served for 30 years in his countries U.S. Navy. He was a great brother a great father and also a man of God. Bob passed away a few years after retireing from the Navy way too young. I know he is in a better place and with the god he loved and served during his liftime on earth. I am looking forward to being re-united with him when God decides it is time.

ArmySgt. George W. Powell Sr. U.S. Army WWII Merrill's Marauders
By Larry Daniels, Fairfax Station, VA USA
I miss you old fishing buddy. Rest in Peace

ArmyTheron Powers
By Eric Laney, Columbus, Ohio
Thank you grandpa for all you shared and for showing me a larger world.

ArmyRodney Prejean
By Paul Grigg, League City, TX USA
My Father-in -law, recently deceased. The finest man I've ever known. Survived through N. Africa, Italy, and France. Awarded for valor.

ArmyJames C. Presley Korean War and WW2, Staff SGT.
By Jamie Carol Wingard, Nicholasville, KY USA
Veteran's Day meant more to you than Christmas. The eleventh month, the eleventh day, the eleventh hour, you used to say, when you would pin one of those little red veteran poppies on me. I miss you.

POW/MIAArmyCharles Francis Prevedel MIA, South Vietnam, 4/17/69 -- E5- US Army Special Forces
By Beth Prevedel, Lady Lake, FL
I didn't know Charles, he is my husbands cousin. His family is proud of his service and sacrifice for our country, as well as the sacrifice of those he served with.
Godspeed Charles...

ArmySp-5 Kenneth W. Prevost KIA 3/15/70
By William "Bill" Kimbrell, Walhalla, SC USA
In Honor of All My Fallen Brothers. Thank you for your ultimate "Jungle Cut."

Brothers Forever,

ArmyPFC Dennis A Price
By Jack W. Hanson, Sr, Wenatchee, WA USA
Minerva, Ohio's first serviceman killed in Vietnam. Graduated from Minervia High School in 1964. Serving with Co. A 4th Bn Infantry. Will be missed by all.

POW/MIADallas R. Pridemore
By Mrs. Dallas Makuch, Wilkes-Barre, PA USA
Let Us Always Remember:
Name: Dallas Reese Pridemore
Rank/Branch: E6/US Army
Unit: Company D, 87th Infantry, 95th MP Battalion, 18th MP Brigade
Date of Birth: 29 April 1941 (Hamlin WV)
Home City of Record: East Liverpool OH
Date of Loss: 08 September 1968 Country of Loss: South Vietnam
Loss Coordinates: 105055N 1064535E (XS946989)
Status (in 1973): Prisoner of War
Category: 1 Aircraft/Vehicle/Ground: Ground
Other Personnel in Incident: (none missing)

ArmySgt. Daniel Vaughn Proctor
By Christine Valentine, Newbury, OH USA
Danny I loved you with all my heart and soul I know we were very young but I love you more today then I did back then. I miss you with all my heart and I think of you every day. My world has never been the same since you went away. My love always Christine

MarineWilliam R. Prom
By Rex C McBee Sgt USMC, Antioch, TN USA
Pfc William R. Prom machine gunner, killed at An Hoa, Vietnam 9 Feb 1969 while serving with India Company 3rdBn 3rd Marines. Was awarded the Medal of Honor for saving several comrades during an enemy ambush. Billy was from Pittsburgh, PA and I want to honor him.

I served with him as a fillow machine gunner and carried him to the chopper. Thanks Bill for your service to Corps and Country. Lv ya

MarineRaphael Prosper
By Nicole Marrero, Brooklyn, NY USA
This message is about a man who served with the best and he was one of the men who helped place that flag on that mountain in Korea. I've never seen his name any where showing that he was doing his duty as a Marine, but we remember you. We love you, God bless you always, Luis loves you dearly.

ArmyRobert Bruce Protto Jr.
Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department
By Deborah Wiedemann, San Jose, CA USA
Deputy Sheriff of Santa Clara County, Ca., sent to Viet Nam as an Army Staff Sergeant killed in Viet Nam 1969.

We would be grateful to hear from anyone who passed by Bruce in his much too short life. If you knew Bruce please contact me at:

ArmyWalter M. Puchalski
By Cathleen Roessler, Cleveland, OH USA
This is my brother He was killed in Vietnam July 1, 1970. Wally, you may not be here but you are stilled loved and missed dearly.

ArmyJames E. Puckett
By Larry Puckett, Hamilton, OH USA
In loving memory of my brother, Jim, who passed away July 1999. A man with a heart as big as Texas. He will be missed by many. But, thanks to God, we will see him again!

ArmyResol B. Puckett
By J. R. Puckett, Overland Park, KS USA
Dad (1922-1980) was a WWII Veteran of The Battle of The Bulge, Colmar Pocket and Ruhr. He served in the 75th Infantry Division, 290th Regiment. Please visit my tribute to him at

ArmyGeorge Puglia Jr. Bien Hoa Province, Republic of Vietnam
By Shannon Claire
My Husband, who died of cancer 9 December 1987. You were a good Husband and Dad, and we will always miss you. Shannon, Dawn Marie, & George III

NavyHarvey W Pugsley May 26 1923 To December 28 1994
By Shauna Hubbard Daughter
He was a proud Navy Veternan WWII a great father who died so peacefully. He is in all of our prayers. He is greatly missed.

ArmySergeant John C. Pump
By Sherry Brookheart Olney, IL
Sergeant John C. Pump, K395th, 99th Infantry Division, Bronze Star recipient, fought valiantly to preserve our freedom in the Battle of the Bulge. His unit won the Presidential Unit Citation for defeating the enemy despite incredible odds. He was a forthright man and good provider for his family.

ArmySalvatore J. Punzo 375th Harbor Craft Company
By Beth Punzo Miller, New Haven, Conn.
A wonderful man, passed away too young at age 57 on 3/29/71, nine months before I was born. Oh How I wish I got to meet him! He is very sadly missed. Anyone with any info. on the 375th H.C.C. please e-mail me at

ArmyHenry S. Puschnig (Banj)
By James & Laurie Moore, St. Charles, IL USA
In loving memory of our uncle who passed on Thanksgiving day 1999. WWII veteran, bronze star recepient. Father of four, grandfather of three, uncle of three, one surviving sister who will miss him dearly. Thanksgiving will always have personal meaning to us now. Thanks for being a true American role model.

MarinesLynn Putman
By Basil D. Duncan, San Diego, CA USA
Sgt. Lynn Putman was a personal friend who passed on to a better life this year, 1998. He was in the battle of Midway, Saipan, Tinian, and Iwo Jima. Not once did he waver in his dedication to his country, the Corps or to the men that served with him. In 1945 my wife and I were blessed with identical twin sons and I was honored to name one of them in honor of my friend Lynn Putman. I look forward to seeing him again when my tour of duty is over here on earth. God bless.

ArmyRobert Clyde Pyle
By Rodney Tuttle, Houston, TX USA
In loving memory of my father-in-law, who served in north Africa during the second world war. When he returned home, he married a woman who had 9 children and raised them to be upstanding citizens of this great land.

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