This page is dedicated to all the veterans of the armed forces of the United States. Whether they died in combat or in bed of old age, we all owe them so much, because they bought our freedom for us.

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In Loving Memory of Those Who Served. . .

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.


ArmySP/4 Ruben Noah Tackett
By Bill Tackett, Jr, Jenkins, Ky
Member 101st ABN. Div. KIA: Thua Thien, South VIETNAM 03/13/1968 @ 18 years old. Home town: McRoberts, Ky. We will never forget his sacrifice!

ArmyPFC John Wesley Taft
By Ron Patterson, USMC, Ret. Gysgt.
My Father-in-law was a US Army veteran of WWII & was severly wounded on D-Day. He suffered pain without a complaint, although he was in & out of the VA hospital in Richmond, Va. on numerous occassions. He was my Hero, & I loved him like I did my own Father, who also was a fighter pilot in the USMC during WWII. My Father was Col. Gann Patterson, and my Father-in-law was PFC John Wesley Taft. Both are now dead & how I wish that I could have said "I love you & I am Proud of you", just one more time. They are my HERO'S. I followed my Dad in the Marine Corps and did 3 tours in Vietnam, so I know their horrors. God Bless Them & All Veterans, and may their country "NEVER FORGET" our Veterans. Ron Patterson, USMC, Ret. Gysgt.

Marine Norman Taft Sr
By Kristin Webb, Whittier CA
Grandpa and Great Papa you are a very honorable and respected man. Though your passing only happen today we already miss you so much. We love you! Love, Kristin and the Boys

ArmyCarmine J Talerico
By Joseph A Talerico, Levittown, PA USA
Carmine served during WW2 in the Pacific. He was a dedicated husband, father, and my older brother. He was a very caring person, and will be missed by his family and many friends.

Army Sam Talerico
By Joe Talerico, Levittown, PA
Sam was my brother. He served in WW2 In Europe. We were close, he was a very caring guy and will be misses by his daughters.

MarinesTerence R. Tangen
By Timothy C Hubbel, Oakdale, CA USA
Member of Recruit training platoon 245 San Diego Marine recruit Depot. Assigned MOS 0331. Died in action 6/10/66 PVT.
Gone but never forgotten
Semper Fi Buddy
Tim Hubbel

ArmyOdis Tanner
By Ann Tanner Carroll, Ocean Springs, MS USA
To my Daddy who was a prisoner of war for 14 months in Stalog VII-B in Germany in WWII. Since his death in 1992 I have found out about the 13 others who were choosen as he was to work in Agawag/Augsburg. I have learned what they went through. I feel like I understand why it was so hard for him to let go of his experiences there.
I love you daddy

ArmyAlonzo H. Taylor k.i.a. Viet Nam, 1970
By Marvin Heflin, Murray, UT USA
I don't know where your family is or what's become of our friends,it's been a long time, and I've moved away and lost touch. Does'nt really matter. Wherever I go you'll be with me.

ArmyArmand G. Taylor Sgt.
By Mary Jean Taylor, Baldwinsville, NY USA
In remembrance of my father who served his country in World War II (186th Field Artillery Battalion) in Europe from Omaha Beach in France/through Northern France/Rhineland/Ardennes/Central Europe ending in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia. He was a proud American serviceman and rightfully so. He and my Mom raised their family in NYS. My Dad died in 1977 at the age of 59. Several grandchildren you never had chance to know have followed in your footsteps. We will all hold our heads high, Dad, as a military family. Your flag still proudly graces your earthly home. I know we will be united in Heaven one day. The Lord continues to watch over us, as He watched over you.

MarineCharles D. Taylor
By Emmett L Taylor, Princeton, WV USA
In loving memory of a brother, husband, and father. Many of thanks for you duty to God and your country.year of service 1969-1970. He passed away in April,1998. you are missed so much. we hope to see you again someday.

ArmyPvt. Clarence Edward Taylor
By Nedra "Faye" Parker, Baton Rouge, LA USA
Born in Johnson City, Tennessee Army: 311th Infantry, 78th Division, Co."G" KIA March 3, 1945 near Aachen, Germany "The Father I never knew, but will never forget. We will meet one day in heaven...."

ArmyStaff Sgt. Donald C. Taylor
By Don Taylor, Minneapolis, MN USA
US Army, Veteran of WWII. Passed away on Nov. 10, 2000. You taught me pride and duty to our country. I miss you and think of you everyday Dad. Another WWII vet that won't get to see the memorial built.

ArmyJohn Thomas Taylor
By G. Louiese Westbrook, Vacaville, CA USA
John Thomas Taylor gave his life for our country in the Pacific in August 1945.. He left behind a wife and two daughters... We are so proud of you for all you gave.

ArmySpecialist John W Taylor
By LaVina, Iesha and David
My husband and father served his country in Vietnam 1970-1972. His passing at the age of 44, the same month we gave birth to John the 3rd. It was hard for us to except, but God knows best, thanks for all the wonderful years together, peace and love always. LaVina, Iesha and David

Coast GuardNavyENCM Marvin E. Taylor
By Rhonda Taylor-Govett, Seguin, TX USA
Dad was a Korean and Vietnam War veteran. He retired in 1969, and passed from this world to be with God, September 30th, 1972. I miss him greatly, and the world hasnt been the same without him. He left behind a devoted 40 yr old wife, and three teenage children. It seems like only yesterday...

ArmyRobert Taylor
By Jackie Herring, Kathy Brewer, Pat Lee, Chris Kapottos and Candy Day
PFC Robert Taylor served in the United States Army during WWII. He was a very special man and he was our father. He died in 1971 from a heart attack at the age of 47. We loved him very much. He was from Cleveland, Ohio

ArmyArthur Teixeira
By Kenneth Teixeira, Marlborough, CT
My loving uncle Arthur Teixeira, god-father, 101st Airborne, D-Day invasion, Battle of the Bulge, Purple heart Died 1998 in Bristol, RI, I have pictures taken during the BOB, and letters and a great poem written during the BOB left to me by him..

ArmyLeonard F. Tench
By Gwen Hronek
Served in World War II and received a purple heart for his wounds while serving in Germany and France. He had seven children, 15 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren, one of which was born on his birthday 2/23/39. Matthew is heart was born in 1998 and he is expecting a brother or sister that his great grandfather did not live to see as he passed away last April 30, 2000. He is sadly missed by us all and I would like this memorial posted in his memory a little late for his birthday but in time for the anniversary of his death. He had so many friends and relatives in W. Va, Ohio, Mississippi, California, And Virginia. Some who may be looking for him.

ArmyPFC Jasper Curtlin Tenney Sr. DRAFTED MAY 29, 1945 DISCHARGED JAN 31, 1946
By Brenda Crews, Austell, GA USA
Daddy was a farmer when he entered the Army. He had three children,two girls,one boy. He had 10 grandchildren, 11 great grandchildren. His feet froze while marching through France and Germany. For this he got an honorable discharge from the Army. He taught us to love our country and to love the flag as he did. He taught us how to live without fear, to never kill anything and to love a song about an old German's daughter named fraulein . The only death in this life is to be forgotten, for this daughter and her two sons, (his grandsons), he will live forever. Our love for him will never let his memory die.

Army Refugio T. Teran
By Susie Parker-Wachendorfer, Flint, Mi
I wore Mr. Teran's bracelet since around 1988. He served with the 2nd battalion, 501st Infantry,101st Airbourne Division in Viet Nam. He was declared missing on May 8, 1970 in S. Viet Nam. His remains were discovered in June of 1994. Blessings to him and his family and friends. Now let's bring home the 1,936 still unaccounted for!

NavyKevean Lee Terrill
By CC Carpenter, Dahlonega, GA

Army Miles Terry
By Brenda Terry-Grier, Springboro Oh
United States Army 1940-1945
Your will always be remembered and loved. Miles Terry 11-28-20 to 04-19-00

ArmyWilliam Grant Terry, Sr.
By William Grant Terry, Jr., Atlanta, Georgia
ARMY Infantry, 63 Inantry Division, 253 Infantry Regiment, Serial Number 34835756

Navy Francis "Tess or Frank" M. Tessler
By Virginia A. Kresmery, Greenbrier, TN USA
My foster Father fought on the USS Herbert Hoover and other ships during W.W.II. I know he was wounded during the war, but he never told us how. He served as a PT Gunnery Mate, the love of country that would come through when he would talk about his buddies and him during shore leave and shipboard life were some of the reasons that I joined the Military. While in the Army I learned that even in Peace time there is a reason for us to have an active military. Dad, I'm so proud of you and we all miss you very much. Love to you and all the Veterans for all your compassion and love of country you all displayed.

NavyVincent "Fred" Testagrossa
By Jennifer Tagliavia, Lunenburg, MA USA
On May 3, 1983 my father died of a heart attack. I was 12yrs old. This dedication is to him. For being a great father, a war veteran, and a police officer for the City of Fitchburg for over 30 years. Too many times peoples deeds go unnoticed, it isn't until they are gone that we become aware of the impact that made on our lives. This is also to other police officers as a reminder to not forget where you came from and the officers that paved the way for you. You owe them and their families respect and honor for the knowledge and training that came from these people. The "brotherhood" should extend throughout the years.

NavyRoman Jacob Tetlak
By Patricia Tetlak Mullins, Manassas, VA USA
Survivor of the USS Longshaw DD559 (Destroyer Fletcher Class) which fell victim to shore battery one mile off Okinawa on May 18th, 1945. Roman served as gunners mate aboard the Longshaw from the time it was commissioned. He was injured during the final battle and received the purple heart. Roman died February 2nd, 1994.

ArmyRay Thackxton
By Sharlene Pharris, Gainesboro, TN USA
By Johnny, Carthage, TN USA
A great dad to seven children who loved you very much. We never understood why you wouldn't tell us about your time spent over sea's. Only you knew what happen there and you chose not to discuss it with no one. It must have been unreal what you saw. You passed away June 23,1999 A HERO IN OUR LIFE AND A HERO TO YOUR COUNTRY.

You were a great Dad we miss you very much.

ArmyFreddie W. Theis Killed in action -Viet Nam
By Wilbert Theis, Cumberland, MD USA
You are very much in my memory. We all are very proud of you and miss you very much.

Army George D. Thomas 1-18-1927 --11-18-2007
By Ralph D. Thomas, Seven Hills, Ohio
Your family thinks of you every day. Always in our hearts. RIP Brother

ArmyMorris L. Thomas
By Brenda Thomas, Westfield, NY USA
506th PIR, 101st ABN Div. (MIA: Oct. 1944 -Dec. 1971) KIA: 6 Oct. 1944 at Opheusden, The Netherlands He always wrote to his mother, "Don't worry Mom, nothing can keep me from coming home." My dad came home April 1972, and was laid to rest in the Westfield cemetery.

ArmyRalph N. Thomas Airborne Ranger 75th Division
By Brenda Thomas, Maumee, OH USA
In loving memory of my husband, who lost his own personal battle, and committed suicide at the age of 42. I miss you, Ralph, and have so many questions for you. Now our son joins you in heaven. I know how happy you must be to get to be with him again, but I miss him so much. Rest in Peace, finally... I love you Ralph, and I would have helped you... You know how I tried. Take care of our son, who couldn't bear his life without you.

ArmyJessie Clyde Thompson Master Sgt. First Class
By Sandra L Hanna, Kansas City, KS USA

ArmyJoseph C. Thompson
By Eric and Elisabeth McConnell, Stroudsburg, PA USA
Loving father of 2 girls, 1 granddaughter and 1 grandson,our father was in the army 101 airborn during the Vietnam war. Dad passed away April 19,1997.

POW/MIAArmy Joseph Thompson Army Air Corps MIA, WWII
By Carolyn and David Fox, Cannon Falls, MN
By Sandy Smith, Bridgetown, Australia
You have brought our family together. Our search for you has brought us closer than cousins. We're now friends. We won't stop searching for you. Someday, you'll rest in peace, hopefully soon.

I wanted you and everyone else to know that Joseph and the rest of the crew from the Swan were repatriated on 20APR04 at 9 am Hawaii time at Hicam AFB Hawaii.

Joseph and the crew will be laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery on 27AUG08.

MarinesKarl Thompson USMC 7thEngr '66
By Sgt Michael Leap USMC, Blue Springs, MO USA
Karl loved his Dad and he loved his new country. He shoulda come back with us.

ArmyRobert Vernon Thompson
By Sandra L Hanna, Kansas City, KS USA
Uncle Bob, died April 27, 1998 from Lung Cancer. He left behind a wife and Three Sons and One Daughter. His wife Hyon misses him very much. So does his Dog Peachey. The rest opf Bob's family miss him too. He is gone but not forgotten. John 3:16

ArmyTurner Thompson
By Rita Susan McIntosh McBride, Talihina, OK USA
Choctaw Indian; the third one of four in his early 20's from Talihina, population 2000, to be killed in action in Viet Nam in the late 60's. The recruiter came to our small school each year and said "Join the army and see the world." Finally, we began to believe the recruiter was related to Custer, learned to not believe him anymore, and he quit coming back.

Army PFC Joseph W. Thornbrugh US Army, KIA, France, Sept. 24, 1944
By Joseph W. Thornbrugh, Victor, MT
My uncle Joe, I never knew him but think of him often. Thank you uncle Joe, for what you did for us all. GOD Bless You!

ArmyLemuel L Thornburg
By Sandra L Hanna, Kansas City, KS USA
My Dad died Jan. 2, 1998. I miss him very much. He returned to us after the war and went back to being a police officer He left behind 3 Daughters and 6 Grandchildren and 15 Great Grandchildren. We all miss him and Proud that he served his Country.

ArmySp-5 Charles E. Thornton KIA 6/19/70
By William "Bill" Kimbrell, Walhalla, SC USA
In Honor of All My Fallen Brothers. Thank you for your ultimate "Jungle Cut."

Brothers Forever,

MarineDaniel Lee Thornton
By Misty Romoser, Cleveland, TX USA
Daniel served in Vietnam 68-69. He was my father. Born 6-10-49 Died 12-03-96 He died of Cancer from the spraying of Agent Orange. He has 3 grandsons he never knew and 1 granddaughter he didnt see passed the age of 1 1/2 years. We love and miss him very much. Misty Romoser

Army SSG Robert C. Thornton, Jr.
By Ellen Thornton, Copperas Cove, Texas
In honor of my husband. You are always on my mind and forever in my heart. The kids and I miss you so very much but we know that you are here in spirit watching over us. We will never let anyone forget your ultimate sacrifice on August 23, 2004. I love you always and forever.

Air ForceRobert Tierney
By Brian, Houston, TX USA
Well, I can't say very much because I was only six when you died. The time I did spend with you was special to me. You never really talked about what went on over there but now I understand why. Y'all were pulled out of your home and shipped to the other side of the world to fight for reasson's that didn't make sense at the time. We all miss you especially Mom and Susan. I wish you could of been there to see me walk across the stage. I will miss you.
Love Brian, Michael, Linda, Tom, Steven, Kelly, Susan and espically your wife.

Air ForceGuillermo Hilburn Tijerina
By Roland Tijerina, Austin, TX USA
A Dad that I never knew.

ArmyJulius Timko
By Judith Kroll, Large, PA USA
My Father, Julius was captured by the Afrika Korps headed by Erwin Rommel at Faid Pass in Tunisia, North Africa on 17 February 1943. He was held captive for 26 months. He arrived at Stalag 7A and then he spent 2 months in Stalag 3B and 4 more months at various other transit camps. For the remaining 20 months he worked out of US commando # 1 until he was liberated at Bitterfeld, Germany on 25 April 1945 by the US Army. From February to April 25th the Germans marched him back and forth across Germany because the Russians were closing in from the east and the Americans were advancing from the west. When he was finally liberated, he was eating flour and water to survive. When he got to Camp Lucky Strike in France he refused to take a weeks pass to go to Paris or London because he just wanted to get back home after spending 40 months in Europe. He has been home ever since. He is proud to be an American and if it were necessary he would serve his country again. We owe him a great debt of thanks. Because of men like him, we are not saluting the German or Japanese Flag today. We need to teach the youth of this country about World War II and make them understand the great sacrifices that these men made. We should give them the thanks and the respect that they so greatly deserve. I am blessed to still have my Dad with me and I will tell his story until my dying day. Judith Kroll Thanks Dad, I Love You.

MarineCPL. Sean Mark Timmons
By Robert Timmons, USMC Retired, Isle Of Palms, SC USA
"Beloved Son, Brother and friend!" Born 11-11-67 - Died 10-31-88 in a helicopter crash in Okinawa, Japan. "God gives us memories so we might have roses in December"

ArmyJames Madison Tinsley 1911-1991
By James Robinson Tinsley, Shreveport, LA USA
Trained with the British Commandos and made raids into Norway and France 1Lt. U.S. Army Participated in these campaigns (1) Northern France (2)Rhineland (3) Ardennes (4) Central Europe Awarded the Bronze Star. An outstanding soldier, patriot, Christian and parent.

ArmyJimmie L. Todd
By Bernice Wright, Thomasville, NC USA
In loving memory and in Honor of Jimmie L Todd who not only served his Country during WW II as an anti-tank gunner in battles and campaigns fought in Rhineland, Ardennes, Central Europe, while being a receipent of the Silver Star, Eament Campaign Medal Medal with three bronze service stars, Croix De Guerre with palm, Distinguished unit Badge. He was not only committed to his Country he was committed to his family also he was always there for us not only providing our needs but giving us love also. We Love and miss you dad

ArmyMillard H. Todd
By Ellen Whited, Oxford, NJ
I will love you forever

MarineLCpl Terry Christopher Toney
By Family and Friends
LCpl Terry Christopher Toney was a United States Marine stationed at Camp Lejune NC... On 01 June 1999, LCpl Toney, was killed in an automobile accident. His life and career cut short at the age of 19. He left behind a fiancee, devoted mother and loving sister. A host of other riends and family... Last, but certainly not least, he left his fellow Marines... Since birth he dreamed of becoming a Marine. LCpl Toney realized his dream just 18 months before his death... Rest in peace and we know that you are in heaven now. Semper Fi
Family and Friends

ArmyGeorge O. Totman
By Tamee Tennison, San Antonio, TX
To me he was grandpa and I miss him dearly. He taught me to love my county and honor its veteran's, to respect my flag, and cherish my freedom. 82nd Airborne forever!

MarineGeorge Washington Totten
By Maribel Suarez, Lawndale, CA USA
To my dad who was a great american and a great father we love you and will miss you always your kids until we meet again

ArmyRobert E. Tramper Sr.
By Mary Gabrick, Rockford, MI USA

ArmySgt. Crawford Henry Traver
By Arlene Wolan, Warren, MI
My brother, Butch, turned 20 on Oct. 27, 1970; landed in-country on Nov. 7, '70; was KIA on Mar. 29, '71. Thirty years later, I miss the man he was becomming and the man he would have been.

MarinesMicheal R. Travis - Sgt.
By Timothy C Hubbel, Oakdale, CA USA
Member of platoon 245 San Diego recruit Depot. Assigned MOS 0311. Killed in Action 3-2-68 from an explosive devise.
Never to be forgotten.
Semper Fi
Tim Hubbel

ArmySgt. Werner Leo Traylor Passed away May 24, 2001 Lubbock, Texas
By Anonymous
He served in Vietnam 22 months, 1st Cav. Div. Also, Ft. Campbell and Ft. Knox. He was loved by many and gave so generously to his fellow veterans. He was a resident at the New Mexico Veterans Center and Big Springs V. A. He was exposed to agent orange and had diabetes. Please remember him with love.

MarinePFC Savas Escamilla Trevino
By Erlinda Villasana Trevino, Mesquite, TX USA
LEST WE FORGET!! On June 02, 1969 I lost my young 19 year old husband in Vietnam. He left behind a son who is now 32 and is a wonderful Man. We are very proud of all veterans of all wars. We love you Savas and we will Never, ever forget you. It saddens me so much when I think of what life could have Been like if you had been by our side.

ArmyRick Wayne Trowbridge
By Jennifer Trowbridge, Auburn, GA USA
Served in Vietnam June 13, 1968 to July 2nd, 1969 and was attached to the 82nd Airborne. He was a cook while there. He passed away on July 2nd, 1999 from a heart attack at 51 years old. I Love & miss this man more than anyone will ever know. I am very proud of my husband & to be his wife of 20 years. He was, still and always will be to me, a very kind, caring & loving man that I hold dear in my heart.

ArmyAmster Troxell Jr.
By William E. Hedges, Taylorsville, KY USA
Jr. as he was called won a Silver Star that no one knew about until just before his death when he told me of his story during the Korean War. May he rest in peace.

ArmyGeorge Henery Troxell
By William E. Hedges, Taylorsville, KY USA
Henery, as he was called was an excellent example to follow and several of us Hedges boys did. Thank you!

ArmySp/6 Larry Truesdale
By Len Swan, Clifton, NJ USA
Larry made me laugh just before shipping out of Ft. Benning as advance party. He died before I made it there. He was a proud member of the First Cavalry Division (Airmobile). He was killed in action and died for his country. Welcome Home!

NavyTell Tryon Jr.
By Tell Tryon lll, Terre Haute, IN USA
Who did not get grave side military honors. The American Legion was practising for a parade. Responsibilites lie not only with the government.

POW/MIAAir Force James Hale Tucker
By Jack H. Cloud, U. S. Army 1966-1969, Tulsa, OK
1Lt Pawnee, OK 06-26-66

ArmyJohn Howard Tucker Jr.
By Teresa Tucker Diaz, Norfolk, VA USA
My dad was a veteran of World War II. He served at Point De Hoc with the 5th Ranger Batt. 76tr Bn C Co. He was badly wounded on June 9, 1944 but lived even when his chances were slim. Dad has always been my hero for what he did for his country and how much he loved his family and struggled for us even with his disabilities and pain. He died of heart failure in 1984. But his memory will live forever in me but especially when I see our nation's flag flying. Thanks to all who have served.

MarineJoseph Ransom Tucker 2nd Marines
By Jack Allen, Houston, TX USA
Joseph Ransom Tucker was my great-uncle and I never got to know him well. He died two days before Christmas 2000 at his home alone. He was a hero who fought at Tarawa, and I would like him to be remembered.

ArmyWilliam John Turbert
By Chris Fagan, Stratford, CT USA
I would like to give honor to my grandfather (Sergeant 1st Class US ARMY) who passed away in 1984 when I was only 5. I don't know much about him but I know he fought in ww2 and he was a war hero who recieved 11 metals in total. I know he first inlisted in 1941 and was shipped out a week after the japs bombed Pearl Habor and I know he saw combat in the Guadal Canal and Christmas Island and later on he fought in the Korean war as well and he saved alot of good men's lives. There is only 1 story that I know and I'm not sure where it happened but it was during WWII. There where men on the front lines of heavy combat and they where starving and no one wanted to bring them food so my granddad and a few of his men said they would take a tank full of food to the front lines. So they went and half way there, there where so many body parts that the tanks tracks got stuck and they had to peal and tear the flesh out of the tracks and finally they got the tank going again and they got to the front line! They fed those brave soilders and he recieved a metal for this for going beound the call of duty.. I know he is watching down from heaven on me and I would like to let him know I am very proud of him for what he did for me and his country!! Love your Grandson Chris

NavyLieutenant Charley "Tuna" Turner
By Tracy Turner
My brother, Lieutenant Charley "Tuna" Turner. Was 28 years old when shot down. Served in the Persian Gulf War, in the United States Navy. A-6 Intruder was shot down over Kuwait, ejected and parachuted, landed on ground. The media told us that he was MIA, he was, for 38 hours. We were then notified that he had been killed in action. He was such a handsome, fine, young man. He never smoked ciggarettes, rarely drank alcohol, and had a lot of faith. Damn, I miss him.

NavyGordon Turner
By Shane E. Olson, Halma, MN USA
Old friend who died of cancer in June of 1998. A member of the Halma-Lake Bronson Legion Post #315. Very patriotic individual.

MarinesPreston Turner
By Frederick Kellerhouse, Rochester, NY USA
Always Ready, Always Remembered

NavyDelmore Twistol
By Shane E. Olson, Halma, MN USA
Lifelong friend who died of cancer in August of 1986. A member of the Kittson County 40 et 8 and the Halma-Lake Bronson Legion Post #315. Thanks for all the fun times we had together.

Army Sgt. 1st Class Peter P. Tycz, II Green Beret, Special Forces
By Bethany Marie Peacock, Tonawanda, NY
I would like to make a Memorial for Sgt. 1st Class Peter P. Tycz, II who so unselfishly gave the Ultimate Sacrifice in Afghanistan, June 2002 leaving parents, siblings, wife and 5 precious little girls from 1 to 10 yrs. old. God Bless You Peter, Thank YOU for your Service! You will never be forgotten!!!

Love, Hugs & Prayers,
Proud Air Force Mom
God Bless America and ALL Our Military Members ALL over the World!!

MarineLCPL Francis J. Tygh
By Mary Ann Parks, Wrightstown, NJ USA
You served your country well dear brother and God kept you safe from harm in Vietnam. The day you passed away was one of the saddest days of my life, but I have so many wonderful memories that now after time has passed I can always feel you with us. Semper Fidelis Sweetie..
MaryAnn, your baby sister

MarineJames F. Tygh
By Mary Ann Parks, Wrightstown, NJ USA
My dad served his country in WWII, Guadalcanal... His passing at the age of 71 on my birthday 4/24/88 was a very sad day, but he is at peace now with God and my brother ... Love you Dad

NavyFrederick George Tyler, LTJG
By Carol T. Kirk, Woodlawn, TN USA

POW/MIAWe never had a chance to meet, you were gone before I was born. They tell me that you loved to fly more than anything in the world. I am sorry that it was only war that gave you your greatest dream. I wonder each day what my life would have been like had you been here to share it with me. I think of you often when I cruise among the sunlit clouds. I love you so much.

MIA 11/5/44, Manila

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