This page is dedicated to all the veterans of the armed forces of the United States. Whether they died in combat or in bed of old age, we all owe them so much, because they bought our freedom for us.

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In Loving Memory of Those Who Served. . .

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.


Marine Julian R. Umberger, Sr.
By Constance Umberger Kelley, Parkersburg, WV
I still look at the pictures of you and Mom in your uniforms. I remember when we took you to the train station when you were bound for Korea. You truly were, one of a few good men, Dad. The values, traditions, and love of our Country, the Marine Corp. taught you, you passed on to the six of us. Daddy, I miss you and I am so proud to be your daughter. Save a seat for me Dad.
Your oldest rose,

Navy Robert D. Underhill WWII
By Larry W. Underhill, Austin, Minnesota
After I came home from Viet Nam we became good friends, we understood each other. Larry

NavyBM3 Joseph Urbanski
By Mark P. McAndrew, Atlas, PA USA
Tin Can Sailor at DDay invasion

MarineGunnery Sgt. Charles Manual Urbino
By James Urbino, Colton, CA USA
The epitome of a Marine you were, I will always treasure your stories of battles in the Pacific and Korea at the Chosin. I can still hear your voice Dad. I miss you, and your grand kids always ask about you from your pictures Sleep tight Dad
Semper Fi

ArmyOtto Utecht
By David Kraus, Grafton, WI USA
My Grandfather lied about his age to get into WW1. Then the war ended with him still stateside. When he was discharged, he was required to maintain that extra year for the rest of his life. I guess he just had a child's spirit, somehow.

MarineFrank Nelson Uzzell Pfc.
By Bruce W. Bland, Nashville, TN USA
Nelson and I joined the Marines in March of 1967. We went to Boot Camp at MCRD Parris Island S.C. after school was out in July of 1967. Went to ITR together and to Viet Nam together arriveing in Dec of 1967. Nelson was sent to 3rd Bn. 26th Marines and I went to 1st Bn. 9th Marines. Nelson was KIA Jan 68 I have always felt that I was responable for Nelson,because it was my idea to join the Marine Corps. He wanted to join the Navy but I talked him out of it. I have been to the Wall twice and it still don't get any easier.If we could only go back and change time. I think of Nelson every day,even after 30 years. Semper Fi ole Buddy and I will see you some day.

If the Army and the Navy ever look on Heaven's scene
They will find the street's are guarded by
United States Marines.

MarineJoe Valdo, Jr.
By Brenda, Los Alamos, NM USA
I will never fully know the man I honor here because his life was cut short by the awful beast of cancer. We had grieved together many years ago, me over a daughter lost shortly after her birth, him over a wife who took her own young life, and we grew together through our sorrow and our search for hope. He nicknamed me 'Short Round' and though it had some meaning associated with 'not quite making it to the target' the details of why are lost in my memory. Our friendship and love grew to the point that I have a big hole in my heart today but am deeply glad to have been in his heart and have him in mine.

MarineCpl. Pedro J. Valle
By Daniel Kovach, Charlotte, NC USA
A great friend, whenever you were around Valle you knew you where going to laugh... He drove the CO's jeep, alway's wanting you to do something for him (in a good way) and if he had it he made sure you got it. I remember the 122mm rockets that hit that night while you were on patrol... there was nothing we could have done. You gave your life for us, we think of you everyday and the rest of the Marines that gave their lives in Beirut, Lebanon 1983

NavySolomon Bennie Vallejos
By Larry Vallejos, Walsenburg, CO USA
In honor of our Brother, Son, And Father who served in the military to protect his flag, and country. Memories of you will live in hearts forever.

ArmyCol. Robert E. Van Gilder (Ret.)
By John R. Van Gilder, Houston, TX USA
My Father served in WW II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Pentagon. He retired after 30 years service, primarily in the Medical Service Corp. and Medical Intelligence. Until his death on March 13, 1998, he remained proud of his service and contribution. He rests at the Veterans Cemetary in Houston. He's sorely missed by his wife, six children (of which I'm the oldest), and other relatives. The twinkle in his eye never dimmed!

NavyRufus Wilford Vanhorn 7/2/09 - 11/27/91
By Patty Vanhorn Smith, Lost Creek, WV USA
To you, U.S. Navy/World War II Veteran, and, especially, my dad. You are such an honorable man, always looking for the good in people, and teaching your children to do the same. You were always there for us, providing for us, looking out for us, and loving us. You taught us about the love of God and how we should live our lives. We may not have always listened to you, but we respected and love you too. And you honored us most of all by loving our dear, sweet mom and your wife of 59 years! I love you dad, and I still miss you!

MarineMichael Dean Vasquez
By Christine Marie Vasquez, Long Beach, California
My brother, SGT Vasquez, 28, was killed on June 10, 2001 in a car accident during training. Marine for 11 years, brother forever. "May the work I've done, Speak for me."

MarineSSGT. Raul "Roy" W. Vasquez 1925-2001
By Juanita O. Vasquez, Daughter, Santa Ana, CA
My Father was a veteran of WW II and Korea. He was a true Marine: loyal, faithful and the best man I'll ever know.

ArmyVincent P. Vella
By Vincenetta Cardinale, Buffalo, NY USA
I don't remember him to much, I was 10 yrs. old, it was such a long time ago, but what I do remember, that he was loved by all. I'm his sister, he also had another sister who died in 49 thats when he came home and that was the last time I saw him, his troup was killed, he also has a brother, his mother and father are gone now, but there wasn't a day where we didn't think of him. Even though the goverment wrote us and said that he was shot and killed while on his way to prison camp. We never recived any dog tags or any belongings of his, no body, we always thought there would be a chance one day that he might be found. I still think that he is alive, I will not give up hope, his loving sister

MarineSSgt Jorge Verdugo
By Ron McCormick, Fruitland Park, FL USA
I will never forget you guys. 1/5 Marines and Corpman who died March 20, 1989 near Pohang, Korea.

MarinesRobert T. Vergano
By Timothy C Hubbel, Oakdale, CA USA
Robert Vergano was recruited as one of "KINGS MEN"from Turlock Calif. "Kings Men" were 22 recruits enlisted in early 65 to celebrate the 22 yrs of service of our recruiter who was retiring. We went to MCRD San Diego for boot traing as part of recruit Plt 245. Robert was 0341 and was KIA 6/27/66. May he rest in peace.
He will never be forgotten.
Tim Hubbel

Marine Rene Vergara 1 Corp (Danang) from 67' to 69'
By Estrella Vergara, Chino Hills, CA
In loving memory of my brother- in- law Rene Vergara, who lost his battle to cancer (soft tissue sarcoma of the cervical spine)on October 11th, 2003. Rene was an ex-marine that served in Vietnam,(Danang) in 67'thru 69',his cancer was the result from Agent Orange exposure.Our brother was an extraordinary man and his passing has left a void in our life. I was fortunate to be by his side the last 3 weeks of his life. He was such a positive man with such a will to survive and not once I heard him complain about his misfortune. He was told by several doctors that his prognosis was bleak but he never lost hope....What truly gives me comfort now, is knowing that he is with the Lord and all the suffering and wasting from this horrible disease is finally over.We will miss you terribly, you were so loved by many and you made such a difference in my life, as well as others... You were a wonderful father, uncle, brother and also friend Your memory will live forever in me, but especially when I see our nation's flag flying, because it will remind me of a hero that I once knew, someone that fought for our country and died as a result of his patriotism... I know that now, at last, you can rest in peace. We love you Rene, I am so very proud to have known you... and to have loved you... and been loved by you. Rest in sweet peace, soldier, You're a hero, now. You will never be forgotten!

ArmyRicky Vermejo
By Anonymous
Ricky, you were our first KIA from Quebradillas, Puerto Rico. We still remember you playing in the music band, we still remember you when you departed.

Navy Lt. Donald "Wayne" Walsemann
By Marie Delgado Travis

by Marie Delgado Travis

I opened my window
to grab onto
your star,
never realizing
that it was fleeting.

I fell to the void ...

But just as I neared
the bottom of my

I understood ...

that I can fly
in the memory
of your light.

ArmySSG George Walter Vest
By Rhonda Johson, Sparta, WI USA
Goerge died on 3-18-99 He was a Combat wounded VietNam veteran. He died at the young age of 49. He will missed, loved and always remembered by his 2 children.

ArmyPatrick C. Viles
By Sandra Viles
My father served in the Korean War as part of the Screaming Eagles

MarineJasper Nuncio Villasana
By Erlinda Villasana Trevino, Mesquite, TX USA
My Hero, My Dad July 7, 1923 - June 29, 2000. In loving memory of a true MARINE. A WWII Veteran who was very patriotic, very proud to be an American, loved his country and his flag , but most of all was proud to be a MARINE. We miss you so much daddy. Once a MARINE... always a MARINE. I hope you and big Savas are together in that platoon in the sky. Amor Eterno

ArmyJohn Kim Vogelsang PFC, US Army, 1st Cav Division
By Kim Vogelsang, Astoria, NY USA
My father served with the 1st Cav Division in Vietnam for a very short time before his death, at Tay Ninh, on 6/6/69. I never got the chance to know him, but that does not lessen my love for him, or my respect for his life. You can find out more about my father by visiting the Virtual Wall at or my home page at I love you, Daddy

MarineRichard Anthony Volk
By Gladys Paulson, Tacoma, WA USA
A loving, dear brother.

In Heaven, Dear Brother, is where you are
Much higher above then any star.
You walk with The Lord now, this is true
He's found another Saint, I know, in you.

Your life cut short at just nineteen
Serving you Country as a Marine.
Volunteered for 'Nam, that's what you did
Then dying there because of it.

Ricky I love and miss you still
That won't change, I ALWAYS will.
Until that day we meet again
My memories of you will never dim.


ArmyGlennon Vogt
By Dianne Vogt
My husband's uncle, Glennon Vogt, was KIA on 10-13-1943. He was in the 7th Infantry, 3rd Division.

MarineSandy J.F. Wagley
By Nan Langford, Clyde, Texas
Sandy, you touched my life and my heart in more ways than I can begin to describe. You were one of the few and the proud and you fought on the front lines in the Gulf War. You came home a hero. Unfortunately you lost your life at 28 years of age in a tragic accident. But you will never be forgotten and you will always be my hero. I love you Sandman now and forever!

NavyGeorge John Wagner Jr.
By Calvin Wagner, San Antonio, TX USA
I am proud of you.

ArmyMarvin Leroy Wagner
By Stacey Wagner Fahey, Auburn, CA USA
Marvin was my father. He died when I was 6 months old. He was killed in July of 1970 while flying his helicopter. I never met my father and yet he holds a very, very special place in my heart. My love goes out to all veterans and their families. Thank you for everything that you have done.

Air Force Capt. Walter A. Wagner navigator/bombadier, USAF SAC 509th Bomb Wing
By Orren Wagner, Fort Worth, Texas
Capt. Wagner and 52 other SAC personnel perished in the North Atlantic on March 23, 1951

MarinesGeorge Walbridge
By Ed Evans (MGySgt., USMC-Ret.), Nashville, TN USA
George Walbridge died in the crash of a Marine C-130 in Feb68, as they came in for a landing at Khe Sanh Combat Base. NVA .50 calibers ripped them up and the plane, filled with two bladders of AV-Gas, burst into flame. George didn't make it out. George was my buddy and my brother-in-arms. He introduced my wife and I 35 years ago. It was the day after his death that I arrived at Khe Sanh during the Tet Siege. George, I've never been able to locate your family or your wife. But when I came back from 'Nam I was kind of messed up, too. Especially after the second tour. So it took a while to climb out of the hole I was in. By that time the trail was cold, buddy. But I'll never forget you. Miss you, buddy. Semper Fidelis.

Army Stanley Griffiths Waldron
By Buck Murray, United States Navy
My grandfather died on March 15th, 2009. In 1943-1946 he was a paratrooper/glider pilot in the 187th Glider Infantry Division, 11th Airborne, "G" Company.

Air ForceCMSgt. Joe T. Walker (1929-1986)
By LCDR Michael Walker (USNR) Ret., Frankfort, OH
A real father, grandfather, husband and soldier. There aren't enough words to express the gratitude we owe for each of these selfless acts.

NavyJames Wall
By Don Potter, Oxnard, CA USA
James.... To your memory Buddy. James was a good friend of mine who served in Vietnam with me as a door gunner in the Navy's only helicopter squadron stationed in country. Hal-3 He was injured and had the opportunity to return home, but decided to return after. recouperating. He was shot again a few months later in 1970 and this time he never did live to return to his earthly home. I believe we will meet again. When my God decides it is time for me to go and join him in our heavenly home. Until then he is still missed.

NavyDr. John William Wall Lt. Cmmdr. USN
By Sheila Wall Mells, Hailey, Idaho
My father served his country valiantly in time of war and continued to serve mankind as a dedicated doctor for the remainder of his long and productive life.

MarineDouglas Edward Wallace Sr.
By Doug Wallace Jr., Bonner Springs, KS USA
My Father, served as Marine on board the air craft carrier USS Antietam during the Korean war. My father recently passed away and I never told him how proud of him I was. So, dad this is for you. I'm so very proud of you and all you did for me. Stand Tall Marine, we love you. Doug Jr.

NavyDale Eugene Walling
By JoAnn Walling, Graham, WA USA
Missing and remembering my wonderful father, anyone recognizing his name please contact me at

Army Sfc. James C. Walton
By Marianne Walton, Delmar, Delaware
i miss u dad.

Army Willie B. Walton, Jr. (Snookie)
By Babylon Anderson, Kingsland, GA
On a hot summer day in 1964, my brother proudly left High Springs, FL to serve his country as a soldier, he was 18 years old. I don't remember him leaving because I was only 2 years old. What I do remember is later being proud of the fact that my big brother was a part of history because he served during the Vietnam War. That war forever changed his life and the lives of those who love him. On Saturday, December 2, 2006, my family's life was once again permanently changed because he passed away at his home in Gainesville, FL. Hearing reveille, he reported for his final roll call and marched into God's Ultimate Army. Rest in peace Snookie, I Love You

ArmyWillie Thomas Walton, Jr.
By John T. Walton, Lawrenceville, VA USA
Willie T. Walton was a great father, grandfather and friend. He served his country during World War II. He passed away after a long illness, May 19, 1999 at the age of 79. He has left us with many precious memories. Gone but never will be forgotten. Granddaddy we all love and miss you but God loves you best.

POW/MIAArmy Donald Lynn Wann
By Jack H. Cloud, U. S. Army 1966-1969, Tulsa, OK
W2 Shawnee, OK 06-01-71

ArmyCW2 Donald L. Wann MIA/Army 158/160 Av GRP/101 st AirBorne
By Shannon Wann Plaster, Yukon, Oklahoma
We love and miss you.

MarineRichard Kenneth Warburton
By Jan Kidd
I never met my Dad I was adopted out My Mom found me when I was 32 I found my US family when I was 42 sadly my Dad had taken his own life 3 years previous I now have my brothers to fill the gap Met my Grandma before she died Dads sister and brother also I have visited his grave and cried a million tears for what I missed I love my Dad and we will meet and I will get that bear hug they tell me he gave to those he loved I am at the bottom of the world But still an associate member of 2nd marines.

ArmyJames Herman Ward
By Randy James Ward, Des Moines, IA USA
You are gone but not forgotton grandad. I will always love you.

POW/MIAAir Force Ronald J. Ward
By Jack H. Cloud, U. S. Army 1966-1969, Tulsa, OK
LtCol Anadarka, OK 12-18-72

ArmyHarold B. Wardlaw
By Sandy Wardlaw, Amarillo, TX USA
My father's generation truly saved the world from tyranny during World War II.

MarineJohn Wardlow
By Anonymous
Killed in Action on the Canal.

NavyCharles R. Ware
By Frank Biondo, West Hempstead, NY
To honor the memory of Lieutenant Charles Rollins Ware, the former officers and crewman of the destroyer USS Charles R. Ware (DD-865) salute a fallen hero and one of the U.S. Navy’s finest officers. During the Battle of Midway, in 1942, Lt. Ware selflessly sacrificed his life to help defeat a formidable Japanese fleet.

For his heroic actions, Lieutenant Ware was awarded the Navy Cross, with this citation:

“For extraordinary heroism and courageous devotion to duty while piloting an airplane of a Scouting Squadron in action against enemy Japanese forces in the Battle of Midway during the period of June 4-6, 1942. Participating in a devastating assault against a Japanese invasion fleet, Lieutenant Ware, with fortitude and resolute devotion to duty, pressed home his attacks in the face of a formidable barrage of anti-aircraft fire and fierce fighter opposition. His gallant perseverance and disregard for his own personal safety were important contributing factors to the success achieved by our forces and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.”

ArmyPOW/MIAJohn Allen Ware
By Nikki, USA
By Nikki,

John Allen Ware, E4/US Army Unit: 281st aviation company, 17th aviation Group, 1st aviation brigade, was a brave man who gave his all for his country. And his country didn't have the decency to give him back, even a little, of what he and many other brave men and women deserved. He has been missing since 04, November, 1969 in South Viet Nam. It's time we did all we can to bring them home. It's time this government shows us the respect it so casually asks from us.

By Lee and John Hiller,

Thank you John and all of you other men and women you have done so much for us to ensure our freedom.

Please visit my tribute page to John Allen Ware too. Just click on his name.

John Allen Ware Is Waiting to Come Home Never Give Up Never Surrender Never Forget... Our Men and Women still Overseas are depending on You and I to bring them home.
Lee & John Hiller

MarinesThomas V. Warner
By Victoria Lane, Richlands, NC USA
Thomas, It has been 4 years since you left us and I still think about you. You were a true friend, one that was always there. You are truly missed everyday. You made us laugh and you made us cry and we LOVED you !! I miss you Tom. Love, Vikki

Air Force Tech Sergeant Vester William (Bill) Warner Flight Engineer 303th Bombardment Group (Heavy) United States Army Air Corp.
By Peter Knepton, Savannah, Georgia
Bill was my good friend, hero, and my golf buddy. I lost touch with him his last year and I was very sad to find out that he had passed on. I certainly would have gone to say goodby. I am sure we will meet again friend. God bless you my friend. Pete

ArmyClifford L Warren 358th Infantry WWI
By Nina Gagnon, Minneapolis, Minnesota
This is my Grandfather, who died 1 day before his daughters 1st birthday. His marker is in Mpls, MN and is buried in Thiaucourt, France. Died Sept. 26th, 1918.

Army E.L.Warren
By Ron Warren, Kenner, Louisiana
This is a Memorial for A man who wasn't drafted, but chose to go to war to save the Fredom of this Great country of our's. Sometimes it's so easy to take our freedom for granted. Because of him and many other men like him, we have the Freedom to say with great pride.. GOD BLESS THE U.S.A. From your proud son, Bud

ArmyJohn Owen Warren
By Joyce Warren, Augusta, GA USA
My husband SFC John Owen Warren was killed-in-Action on December 16, 1970.

ArmyLeander Dane Warren
By Daniel Montgomery, Denver, Colorado
Grampie did his duty in the european theater during WW II as a medic in what is now known as a M*A*S*H (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital). There are things that I wil never forget, that he taught me about him and life in general. I would like to think that I repaid him for the freedom he helped preserve by serving in the military myself (USMC 91-98), but it will never be consolation to me. I love you and thank you Grampie for teaching me the way I should live my life, raise my children, and love and care for the people I cherish.

ArmyLeroy Washington
By Christina Washington, Franklin, LA USA
Leroy Washington died July 14, 1985 at his residence following a fatal accident. He was a good man, not to mention a terrific father. We love him very much and hope to follow in his footsteps.

MarineKarl F. Watts
By Rita Watts, Chesapeake, VA USA
Karl Watts, resided in Clearwater FL the last few years of his life. He was a highly decorated Marine, served in Viet Nam in 1970/71. He left us on Nov 16, 2000. He left behind two sons that would be interested in hearing from anyone that may have known their dad. My email address is

Air ForceHarvey L. Watkins
By Jerry Watkins, Austin, TX USA
In Loveing Memory of Our Dad

Harvey faithfully served his country in both the Korean and Vietnam wars. He was a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather. We love and miss you Dad. Rest in peace.

ArmyWillie Alton Watkins Tech Sargeant (TSGT)
By Melanie Dawn Watkins-Jenks, Bastrop, Louisiana
This veteran is my grandfather. He served in World War II. He was an active member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2277, aided in the construction of a War Memorial for our town (Bastrop, Louisiana), and remained an avid fighter of veteran affairs and patriotism throughout his life. He was born on Feb. 15, 1920 and died Sept. 23, 1998. Not only was he a hero to his country, but also a hero in my heart.

Army Dave "Red" Watson
By Mark Watson, Fort Hood, TX USA
In Memory of my "POP" Watson who was drafted during WWII and went off to serve his country while he had a wife and 6 children at home. He passed away in 1977, We miss you POP, tell granny hello

POW/MIAAir Force Frank Peter Watson
By Jack H. Cloud, U. S. Army 1966-1969, Tulsa, OK
Capt Oklahoma City, OK 06-18-65

ArmyPFC Barry K. Weaver KIA 6/19/70
By William "Bill" Kimbrell, Walhalla, SC USA
In Honor of All My Fallen Brothers. Thank you for your ultimate "Jungle Cut."

Brothers Forever,

ArmyLouis Clinton Weber master sergant
By Melissa Weber, Clearwater, FL USA
To my grandfather and inspiration of 17 years who died on September 15, 2000. Recieved 2 Purple Hearts. We all love, missed, and admire all of your heroism that has shaped our country into what it is today.

NavyPhilip H. Weber, EN2(SS)
By Jim Den Bleyker, Tallahassee, FL USA
The Wizard died in March 1995 after a long running battle with cancer. Phil served on the Submarines: USS Irex and USS Thomas Jefferson from 1968-1972. As an Auxiliaryman he truly was a Wizard-there was nothing on that ship he couldn't fix. Due to his actions, the USS Thomas Jefferson, SSBN 618 was spared a possibly catastrophic explosion of an oxygen generator. He left behind his wonderful wife "LO" and two sons. He was a real Submariner and our friend! Ron, Dave, Bam Bam & Jim

MarineRichard Thomas Weber
By Richard Weber Jr., Newark, NJ USA
My father Richard Thomas Weber is a Vietnam Veteran, he graduated high school in June of 1967 and left for boot the following day. My father did not get drafted for service but voluntered, because it was the right thing to do. My father served two tours in Vietnam from 1968-1970. Both tours as an infantryman, with the Third Marine Divison, Third Marines.

NavyRobert (Bobaronie) Weber
By Michael Murphy, Alameda, CA USA
I would like to honor my brother in law Robert (Bobaronie) Weber, USN, USS Davidson (DE-1045), Vietnam Veteran, Combat action ribbon, Meritorious Unit Commendation.

Bob, I will miss you, Thank you for serving your country, We are more the brother in laws, we are brothers in a unique club, United States Armed Forces Veterans. You rest in peace brother, you have earned your rest.

Marine Sgt. Ray Weddle WW2, Guadalcanal, died 1972
By Michael Kirby, Frederick, MD
I know your looking down on me "gramps" and I hope you are proud. As long as I am alive you will never be forgotten. "Semper Fi Mack"

NavyEdward E Weed Sr My Grandfather
By Raymond G Weed Sr, Upper Darby, PA USA
To My grandfather who served in WWI and in the Seabees In WWII and my dad who served in WWII I miss you both and wish you both were here when I retired from the army reserves with 27 years. Love and miss you both your son and grandson Ray.

NavyEdward E Weed Jr My Dad
By Raymond G Weed Sr, Upper Darby, PA USA
To My grandfather who served in WWI and in the Seabees In WWII and my dad who served in WWII I miss you both and wish you both were here when I retired from the army reserves with 27 years. Love and miss you both your son and grandson Ray.

ArmyPrivate David Gene Weier
By Kerry Button
Born May 6th 1979 killed in car accident August 29th 1999. David Gene Weier(my soul-mate) I know you're gone, but your memorys live on in your boys face everyday. You were a great father, a great partner in life. You will be in our heart forever. thank you for our children, and making all our lives better.

ArmyRichard 'Dick' Weiler US Army 381st Infantry Medic
By Shane E. Olson, Halma-Lake Bronson SAL Commander, Halma, MN USA
My grandfather served in the Phillipines and on the island of Okinawa during World War II. Nearly mortally wounded after being shot in the head and listed as missing in action 14 days. Never talked about the war very much except that he said war was hell. He worked on the Soo Line Railroad up until is retirement in 1985. A member of the Karlstad American Legion Post #445, and also belonged to the VFW. Died August, 1998 after a long bout with lung cancer. Was awarded posthumously a Presidential Unit Citation for the famed 96th Division (Deadeye Division) for the Battle of Okinawa on Memorial Day in May of 2002. It wasn't until after his death that we realized the man was a war hero who was awarded two Bronze Stars, the Purple Heart, and several other medals according to his enlistment record. We love you and miss you very, very much.

ArmyWilliam C. Weiss, Jr.
By Cindy Skinner, Palmyra, PA USA
My brother Bill was killed in action on May 6, 1970. I was 13 years old. Bill was initially a member of the 82nd Airborne division and was also involved in the 101st Airborne. He was a door gunner in December of 1969 and an Intelligence Analyst around the same time. He served as an MP. He received many awards for things done while in the service. I have been desperatly trying to find any additional information about him that I can. Before Bill returned for his final tour in Vietnam, h4e held me like he was never going to see me again. I lost a lot of wonderful years with my brother and I sure would like to know more about him.

Army Clyde C Wells 1895-1965
By James Primeaux, Cleveland, Tx
He was the best man I ever knew.

NavyFrederick P. Wells
By Sandra Wells-Hanson, San Diego, CA USA
My father, Frederick P. Wells was stationed in Guam when it was overtaken by the Japanese during WWII. He would sneak out at night and steal food to share with many of his fellow captives. It was his courage and compassion that helped him survive this ordeal and be able to return home to his family. Fred Wells passed away in 1977 at the age of 62.

Army Robert C. Wenskovitch Sr.
By Barbie Graham, Haverhill, MA
We miss our father dearly! He served with the 8th Air Force, 491st Bomb Group, 852nd Bomb Squadron and was the member of a B-24 Liberator, He received the Bronze Star. He was the most wonderful Father any child could have. He died on September 6, 1983.

Air Force F/O Joseph C Wells
By James Primeaux, Cleveland, Tx
Fighter pilot assigned to 13th Air Force, 15th, 18th and 347th fighter groups. Lost Mar 21, 1944.

Air Force Robert C. Wenskovitch Jr.
By Barbie Graham, Sister, Haverhill, MA
Served proudly with the Security Police stateside then with the Air National Guard, Security Police in Desert Storm.

ArmyPrivate Frederick A. Wentz
By Harry T. Kiley, Arnold, PA USA
Arrived 'In Country' - 4 April '66 with HHB 25th Infantry Division Artillery Killed In Action - 5 April '66 on his way to Cuchi basecamp (19 years old from Barberton, Ohio)

MarineClarke H. Wertheim
By Richard L. Wertheim, Bellingham, MA USA

Don't Walk

"Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.
Just walk beside me, and be my friend."

ArmyHerbert Norman West
By Thomas E. West, Exeter, RI
Flying 8 survivor from England B-17 Squad, 4 battles for 4 Bronze stars, my father passed away today one week before his 81st birthday. He will be sorely missed, but he did die a hero.

MarineLCPL James Edward West, Jr. "Rus"
By June Austin, Chesapeake, VA USA
KIA 5/31/68-Khe Sanh Was with Third Marines, Echo Co (E2/3) I have been trying to get his name out to as many websites as possible so to hear from anyone who knew him. My e-mail address is: He was dearly loved and "sorely" missed. God Bless you for what you are doing.

ArmyMilton Fergus West 1910-1944
BBy Janna Schwirian Hall, Hayward, CA USA
In memory of an Uncle I never met. He was killed by a sniper, in Italy during World War II.

MarineCpl. Roy L. West #659586, USMC
By Bernie Sorrels, USA
KIA Korea, Feb.2,1951 with 1st Marine Division. Our future plans would have worked.

Army David L. West
By William P. Noel, Cross Lanes, WV
My uncle, David L. West, an uncle I never knew, was wounded in Korea on 6-06-51, 25th Infantry Division, and died as a result of his wounds on 6-08-51.

Navy Gordon G. Westerberg
By Shane Olson, Halma-Lake Bronson SAL Commander Halma, MN USA
Machinist's Mate, Third Class, Gordon G. Westerberg, USS Hoel gave the supreme sacrifice on 15 Oct 1944, near Samar Island - Leyte. MIA, Buried at Sea, Tablets of the Missing at Manila American Cemetery Manila, Philippines. Gordon, of Lake Bronson, MN, is one of the Gold Stars from the communities of Halma and Lake Bronson to be killed in action in World War II aboard the US Naval vessel, USS Hoel. Awarded the Presidential Unit Citation and Purple Heart for being killed in action. Gordon is honored during "Call the Roll" at the Halma-Lake Bronson American Legion Post #315 Memorial Day service. "Let us dedicate ourselves to the task of carrying on that those whom we honor shall not have died in vain."

ArmyThomas Weston
By Doris (Weston) Schiefer, Benslem, PA USA
All tho he is gone /never forgotten

ArmyRobert Westrate
By Lacy Baldwin
Killed by land mine--good friend and was proud to have known him. His friend...

NavyHoward C. Wheatley
By Karen Hannah, Primghar, IA
If my uncle were alive today I would be very proud to have known him.But he died before I was born.March 19,1945 the USS Franklin was bombed.He was on deck and died going below to help his mates.I would love to hear from anyone who new him then. My e-mail is

Army G. Andre Whelan
By G. Andre Whelan, Boynton Beach, Fl.
Killed in action August 9th 1944 in France. He was in the 229th Field Artillery Battalion attached to the 28th division, England. He was a graduate of Yale 1943.

Marine John William Whetzel
By Claire Whetzel Johnson, Houston, Texas
n 1942 my father enlisted in the US Marine Corps. His younger brother, Robert L Whetzel, enlisted in 1943. My father participated in the landing/occupation of Guam, July 1944 and then Iwo Jima, Feb 1945. He was honorably discharged and came home in Sept. 1945. His younger brother did not. "Brother Bobby" died during the battle of Saipan at the age of 19. For the rest of his life my father had a sadness in his heart for Bobby. John Whetzel died Sept 2003 at the age of 80. He was the best example of a man I ever saw. He was a loving father and an exemplary human being! He was so proud to be a Marine. I miss you, Daddy, so much. I miss the uncle I never knew.

NavyNorman Robert Whetzel
By Lou Ann Ellis, Martinsburg, WV USA
In loving memeory of my father. He was a man beyond compare.

Navy Billie Jo Whit Jr.
By Mary Spisak
S2 US Navy World War 2 1928-1998

Air ForceAsa C. White Jr.
By Brenda L. Livingston, Bailey, MS USA
In loving memory of Husband, father, and Grandfather, served Army Air Corp. Served in Calcatta India during WWII passed away Dec.3 1998, a loving husband of 59 yrs. to Annie Pearl Jackson White, Father to Rebecca Ann Killen, and Brenda Lynn Livingston and Husband Gary, Grandfather to seven, Buddy Killen and wife Sissy, Robin Killen, Sheila Watson, Dana Rea, Josh Livingston and wife Tammy and Butch Harbour Deceased. Great Grandfater to six Cody Killen, Mondell Watson, Hannah Watson, Colt Killen and C.J. Rea. We Love you and you will always be alive in our Hearts.

Served in China, Inda, Burma 599th Engineer Squadron 383rd Service group. Any of my Father's Airforce Buddies please feel free to e mail me at

Army Bernard Alan White
By Lydia Y. Rolon, Austin Texas
In Loving memory to my X husband, best friend, father to my son who taught me so much Gone but not vergotten Bernard died suddenly on april 31 2007 at the age of 55 birthday 30 June 1951. I will always love and miss you

Army David Allen White
By Elvira White, PA
David was in Vietnam 68/69. He died at Age 47 in January 1995 of cancer from Agent Orange. We miss and love you ..Your Family... Elvira, David and Family and Angela and Family.

ArmyDonald White
By Cathy Chaney
He entered the Army W.W.II under the name of Dennis White, in Lincoln County, West Virginia. His name is on a memorial at the court house. I've never seen it, I was told by my aunt about it. Donald was born August 2, 1925, and killed somewhere in France Feb. 10, 1944, he was only 19 years old. When they brought his body home, it was rumored that a log was in the casket.

Army James Edward White, Jr. born July 6, 1918
By James E. White, III
He was drafted into the Army in August of 1941 and did his basic training at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He trained as a gunner in the Artillery, serving in the 166th Field Artillery Battalion, Battery C., which had been a National Guard Unit from the State of Pennsylvania. Following their basic training, the 166th Field Artillery Battalion was shipped to Oran, North Africa where it was redesignated the 939th Field Artillery Battalion. After the collapse of Nazi control in Africa, his unit was shipped to Italy, entering at Naples. He spent the winter of 1943 and 1944 in Italy, attached to the Fifth Army under General Mark Clark. There he fought in the battles of Naples-Foggia, Rome-Arno, and North Apennies. In August of 1944 he was transferred to the Third Army under General George Patton serving in France. While attached to the Third Army, he fought in the Battle of the Bulge, Rhineland, and Central Europe. At the end of the war, he was stationed in Bad Toltz, Germany where he was in charge of a German P. O. W. Camp. Decorations and Citations earned included the Eastern Mediterranean Campaign Medal with 5 Bronze Service Stars, Good Conduct Medal, Croix De Guerre with Silver Gilt Star, American Defense Service Medal, and World War II Victory Medal. He reached the rank of Corporal.

MarineTrue A. White
By James C. White, Ontario, CA USA
True was my Brother we served in Nam together (I65-67.) He died because of the Ghost he carried on his back. After Nam he served his community as a Los Angeles Police Officer, retired for the Ghost he carried while on duty as a Police Officer. May he now Rest in Peace. I Love you and miss you so much Bro. Then mail to Veterans Memorial

MarinePfc Gary St. John Whiteaker
By His Son
Decorated with six bronze stars from the pacific theater of war, Pvt. Whiteaker died in 1959 leaving a 2 year old son. That son, who never talked to his father, would now like to talk to someone who served with him. He was in the 13th engineers, company c. Please e-mail me at May God bless each of you and thanks.

POW/MIAArmy James Lafayette Whited
By Jack H. Cloud, U. S. Army 1966-1969, Tulsa, OK
Maj Oklahoma City, Ok 11-19-66

Navy BT1 Robert J. Whitney, USN (Ret)
By Sgt. Al Whitney, Yuma, AZ
My Dad served with honor in the United States Navy. He retired in Dec. 1968. He passed away in Oct. 1985. I miss him every day. He taught me what it means to be a man, to be honest, to live with dignity and honor. I served with pride for 20 years as a U. S. Marine, and now I am a patrol supervisor with a county Sheriff's Dept. The lessons my Dad taught me have served me well all my life. Dad, I miss you always. Semper Fi.

ArmyGeorge William Wike Sr.
By Danielle Daub, Lebanon, PA USA
Dearest Pappy,
Though you have left my life on March 16, 1999, you still remain in my heart and thoughts yesterday, today, and forever. I wish so much that you could be here to see your great-grandchildren and be a part of their lives as you were mine. I will be sure to tell them of their great-grandpappy and though they have never gotten a chance to see you, I know that they too will hold you dear to their hearts. One day we will all be together...until then, I send you all my love, hugs, and kisses. I miss you deeply and I love you always!
Love and rememberance,
your granddaughter,
Danielle "Turkey"

POW/MIAArmy John Edward Wilburn
By Jack H. Cloud, U. S. Army 1966-1969, Tulsa, OK
E4 Luther, OK 04-16-68

Air ForceRobert B. "Peck" Wilcox
By Kari Foster, Blue Mound, IL USA
To the most loving caring man I could have been blessed with in my life. Thank you Grandpa "Gongie" for serving our country so proudly. If interested click on this website to read his story published in the Official Journal of the Eighth Air Force Research Group Wales

POW/MIAArmyLawerence (Sonny) Wilds
By David L. Wilds, McKee, KY USA
W.W.ll Veteran also a POW. Lawerence (Sonny) Wilds 75 of Paris KY. died Monday Sept. 11, 2000 at the Veterans Administratration Medical Center in Lexington, KY. He was a member of the Baptist Faith. He severed in the 1848th SCU Camp Hood Texas. He was a POW of W.W.ll He received the following decorations: European- African- Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with 4 Bronze Service Stars- W.W.ll Victory Medal Good Conduct Medal 2 Overseas Service Bars. He Loved his Country and his family very much he will be missed my all who knew him! In Loving member of our Father.

Marine Rodge Wiles Gunny
By Ralph Dettwiler, Grand Rapids, MI
Rodger was my first partner on the Beaufort County Sheriffs Department, he wasn't thrilled with having a partner, but he trained me to be a good cop and to stay alive. I learned a lot from Rodger and we became close friends. Rodger retired from the Marine Corps, having served in Vietnam. I will never forget him, nor cease to admire him.

MarinesWilliam Wilk
By Raymond Mierzwa (Doc Rainman), Whitesboro, NY USA
He was a second LT who was killed in action in 1997. His family still remembers.

Air ForcePaul Mathis Wilkins JR.
By Kathie Russell-Walston, Chester, VA USA
Paul Mathis Wilkins JR. was the best friend, Kindess partner any one could ever ask for. He died in his sleep on May 3, 1999 from complications from diabeties. Paul was a proud veteran. He loved his time in the Air Force and talked about all the wonderful friends he had made and the places he had been constantly. Paul was one in a million and everyone he met was his friend.

ArmyPFC Charles J Willette
By Barry Willette, Boynton Beach, Florida
Before his death he returned to Europe and Finally was able to put the ghost to rest.Charlie Willette now rest with other honorable men in Arlington National Cemetery

NavyArlo Homer Williams
By Anonymous
Arlo Homer Williams, served in the U.S. Navy 1942-1946, on the U.S.S. PANDEMUS. He served his country with great pride. Died Aug.12, 1964 Los Angelas, California at age 39.

Arlo's life began on November 18, 1924 in Catlin IL. Died August 12, 1964, U.S. Navy Military service June 23, 1942 - February 18, 1946 WWII, Motor Machinist Mate 1C USN.

Air ForceArmyCampbell H. Williams, Sr.
By Patricia W. Sewell, Jonesboro, Georgia
Campbell was my dad. More than that he was my best friend. He was proud of his service during World War II. He never forgot that he was fortunate to have returned home. He was rich in the love of friends and family. Until I see you again. Love, Patty

ArmyDouglas Ferman Williams
By Jim Williams, Eureka Springs, AR USA
Dad you will be missed by your wife, sons, and daughter. We all loved you very much..

ArmyGeorge Henry Williams
By Gregory Williams, Woodhaven, NY USA
Loving Husband and great father, We miss you dad.

Army Pvt. Hasco Williams
By Larry Stanley, Adrian Twp., MI.
Pvt. Hasco Williams, 20, son of Herb and the late Zettia (Fields) Williams, who was killed June 26, 1943, during the invasion of France, was returned this week for final interment. Funeral services were held at 11 o'clock Sunday morning from the Simms Creek School house with the Rev. G.C. Ratliff officiating. Burial was in the Rowe Cemetery on Simms Creek, Pike Co., Ky.

POW/MIAAir ForceTSGT James R. Williams
By Elena Sanchez-Coates, Tampa, FL USA
Although I never met James Williams, I have been wearing a bracelet with his name on it since 1972. His wife wrote to me back then and told me a bit about their lives, but I lost touch with her soon afterward. I have visited the Memorial in Wash, DC as well as the Moving Wall each time it comes to town. In 29 years, I've never taken the bracelet off because I made a vow in 1972 that I would not until he returned. Today I received notification that he had been identified and returned for repatriation. I think I will continue to wear this bracelet... it has become a very important part of my life... a daily reminder to never forget those who fought so bravely for others' freedom. I would like to know where he was buried so that someday I may visit his grave and say a prayer there. If anyone knows, please post a message here or e-mail me at I'm grateful that he has finally returned home where he belongs so he can truly rest in peace.

ArmyKenneth Williams
By Loren George Brown, Jr., Los Angeles, CA USA
Ken you were my first true friend, You lost your your life in Viet Nam. But you will always be remembered. For the generous person you were, are and always will be. Your friend and Neighbor from "Canaryville".


ArmyPaul G. Williams
By Warren Williams, Pacific, WA USA
My dear brother and friend Paul. As I grow older each and every day I think of you and how brave you were. I miss you and your happy smiling face. Love you forever RB Warren.

ArmySSG Richard "Rick" Stephen Williams
By Shirley L. Murphy, Beaver Dam, KY USA
Rick, you were my best friend and though we never told each other or even shared a kiss, I loved you and I know that you loved me. You were so proud of your military career. So proud in fact that it made everyone else proud also. I wish you were still here. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and miss you.

ArmyStephen G. Williams
By Kathy Williams-Bouton, Fleischmanns, NY USA
Dad, I never you personally, you passed away so young,49, in 1961. I finally found every one in 1992. You are and always will be my HERO. Every one is gone now but me, and I will try to keep yours and young Steve alive inside me always. I love you Kathy

MarineStephen G. Williams 111
By Kathy Williams-Bouton, Fleischmanns, NY USA
Steve, I only had you, my brother, in my life for 7 years. Seven of the best years. I know you are with mom and dad now, but I miss you terribly. R.I.P. Steve, you are no longer in pain. Your Loving Sister, Kathy

MarinePOW/MIAEdward Arlo Willing
By Ralph Dettwiler, Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Thank you for serving our country. It is the selfless commitment of men and women like you that bought our freedom and continues to pay the price to keep us free.

Rank/Branch: E3/US Marine Corps
Unit: Company D, 2nd Battalion, 13th Marines
Date of Birth: 28 August 1949
Home City of Record: Wilmington DE
Date of Loss: 21 July 1968
Country of Loss: South Vietnam
Loss Coordinates: 155700N 1081300E (BT075659)
Status (in 1973): Missing in Action
Category: 2
Aircraft/Vehicle/Ground: ground

ArmyMajor Harry William Wiltse
By Richard William Wiltse, Brookings, OR USA
This "Tribute" is to my Father, Harry William Wiltse, the best pilot God ever gave "wings" to. He served with pride and professionalism for over 20 years as a "ARMY AVIATOR", through World War II, as well as the Korean War, flying wounded soldiers and Marines back to the "M.A.S.H." units by helicopters, while under intense enemy ground fire. I lost my my "Heroic" Father to a battle with cancer some 20 years ago that he could not win, but he will forever be in my heart and soul........ I love you Dad.

ArmyPFC Clinton Wilson
By Jan Stevenson, Port Jervis, NY
Dad didn't talk much about the war and we never knew about his service record. He passed away from heart disease at the early age of 59, while in the field picking up pumpkins to feed the deer at camp. He taught all the boys in the neighborhood and all of our male cousins to fish. We have just recently found out how highly decorated he was for a PFC. His MOS was Heavy Artillery Handler (504). His badges, awards, citations: CIB, EIB, 45 Cal Mkm Badge, Bronze Star Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Service Medal W/2 Bronze Service Stars And 1 Bronze Arrowhead, Philippine Liberation Ribbon W/1 Bronze Service Star, American Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal, World War Ii Victory Medal, Philippine Presidential Unit Citation, Lapel Button Battles and campaigns: New Guinea, Southern Philippines GO 33 WD 45 as amended

Thank you dad. I wish we would have known. We are very proud of you and all of your buddies from the 167th, along with all those who have served our country in previous times of need and those who are now in combat fighting terrorism all over the world.

NavyJames S. Wilson
By Ivy Lee, Pecos, Texas
You are loved and missed by us all. Loving brother, greatest uncle, and father. You will always be remembered, with love.

ArmyPerronneau A. Wilson
By Sharon, Astor, FL USA
Dad was in the Army during the Korean Conflict and served overseas, altho' he was one of the lucky ones who came home, years later, we lost him to another dreaded killer -Alzheimers Disease. In May of 1999 he was laid to rest in the Veteran's Cemetery in Culpepper, Virginia. I honor him as well as all of our Veterans not only on the special days reserved for them, but always!

Air ForceTSGT George E. Winans (ret)
By Kathryn Langdon, Schweinfurt, Germany
He was a great dad and a patriot. He served his country with pride.
He will be missed by his family and friends.
We love you Daddy.

ArmyOrnell Wingo
By Sara Whatley (Daughter), Mobile, AL USA
Loving husband and father. He retired from the Army with an Honorable Discharge. He passed away on September 30, 1998. He is gone but he will never be forgotten. We shall see him again waiting to greet us at those pearly gates one day. Anyone recognizing his name please email me at

Air Force SSgt George L. Winkler
By Mickey Beard, Colonial Beach, VA
My brother was a member of the 13th AF, 42nd Group, 100th Squadron. He was KIA 3 April 1945, Cebu Philippines. The crew buried as a group in December 1949,Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, MO. Additional remains recovered from crash site in 1951. Disposition of 1951 remains, unknown. I am the volunteer coordinator for the WWII Families For The Return Of The Missing helping other families find answers for missing WWII loved ones.

We miss you "Rip". We will find you and bring you home.
Your loving sister, Mickey
"Until They Come Home"

NavyJohn. W. Winter, TM2
By James E. Kearman, Stuart, FL USA
Loving brother of Florence Winter Kearman and Conrad B. Winter. John was lost, with 74 of his friends, in the Sulu Sea aboard the USS Cisco (SS-290). 9/28/43

Air ForceJoe C. Winters
By Gary Winters, Lake Texoma, TX USA
Joe Clenton Winters
SSGT(Retired) USAF
3-21-1926 to 12/14/1997
Veteran of the US Army, US Navy and the US Air Force.. Served 23 years 9 months and 9 days n the armed forces of our great country Joined the US Army just prior to his 16th birthday only to be Honorably discharged for being Patriotic at too young an age. Turned around and joined the US Navy and at the age of 17 went to war in the Pacific Theater. Was assigned as a chief of an LCVP carrying the brave Soldiers and Marines to the beaches of Saipan, Guam, Tinian and Okinawa of which two were lost on the trek to the beaches. Recieved Two Purple Hearts for wounds he recieved. Was awarded the Silver Star for his deeds of valor on the beach after the loss of his 2nd LCVP. Retired form US Air Force in 1970. Passed away 12-14-97..

We miss you dad.

ArmyThomas Rowe Witt Sr.
By Geraldine Witt
Died Jan 2 1992 was in Army Air Force 1942 to 1945 was radio operater on B17 flew combat mission over Berlin on D-Day day he was a Tech Sgt my husband for 47 years, gone but not forgotten.

MarineLance Corporal Narvin O. Wittmann Jr H&S Company, 3rd Battalion 4th Marines, 3rd Marine Division KIA August 7, 1967 near Con Thien South Vietnam
By Daniel Sabia
Well, buddy, as you know your Mom died. I tried to call her August 7 but the number was disconnected. Then Billy called me from Colorado and told me. He said how much she appreciated my calling her over the years. I told him you were the coolest guy in school. I always think about you Wittmann and my first girlfriend you introduced me to. And Thanksgiving at our house. My sister Laurie is now 55 years old and you know how old I am. I can't let go of those pictures that your mother sent me of you in the field and I haven't been down to Arlington in a while to visit you. I'll make it there though. That's a PROMISE.
Your roommate Sabs

Air Force 1st. Robert A. Wright
By Paul G. Wright, Denver, CO
Transitioned on January 31, 2007 after a short illness. Born March 12, in Bangor Maine; Wright served in the U.S.A.A.F from 1942 -1945 as a B-24 Bomber Pilot with the 15th Air Force 376th HBG 515th Squadron in North Africa and Italy. He was a recipient of the "Silver Star" medal for gallantry in action and the prestigious "Air Medal" with seven Oak Leafe Clusters for completing 51 successful missions during WWII. He is loved and will be missed by family and friends alike.

MarineDonald C Wolc Sr.
By Donald C Wolc Jr, Fox Lake, Wisconsin
Dad we would always have you in our heart and miss you. Semper Fi from one Marine to another Marine.

ArmyCWO4 Clifton Wolcott
By Family of CWO4 Clifton Wolcott, Lockport, NY USA
Clifton was shot down while flying his Blackhawk helo. in Somalia in Oct. 3, 1993. A member of the Army's 160th SOAR. Clifton served in many operations including Desert Storm which he recieved the Silvetr Star. He loved the out doors including hunting. He is missed by this family and many others. A true soldier and model of the dedication of our country's armed forces past present, and future.

ArmySFC William G. (Bill) Wolf USA 5th Special Forces (RET.)
By Robert D. Salgado, Sacramento, CA, Chapter 500 Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc.
Died Oct. 7, 1999
Bill since your death a day does not pass without me thinking of you esp. when I'm playing golf I keep hearing you say 242 yards just it the ball 242 yards. I not only saw you as my friend and golf partner I also saw you a my big brother. You will always live in my soul. I believe that every person that comes into your life or that you meet even for a moment or a lifetime they are there because they have lesson to teach you and they have taught you that lesson they leave. I know we will meet again because I still have a lot to learn from you...

Air ForceLt.Col. Evan Wolfe
By Richard Maldonado Junior, Georgetown, TX USA
"The great mind, warrior, father, grandfather, and spirit uplifter. Go with God..."

NavyHerman E. Wolfe SFP2
By Herbert W.Wolfe, Simi Valley, CA USA
My, brother Herman Edward Wolfe was born in Piqua, Ohio on August 18,1939. He entered the United States Navy in 1955, he served aboard the carrier USS Randolph in the late 50's and MSO's in the early 60's. He was killed on June 17,1967. He loved his Navy much as I and my other brother loved it. I dedicate the following poem to the loving memory of my brother. I will always love you dearest brother.


Some time at eve when the tide is low,
I shall slip my mooring and sail away,
With no response to the friendly hail
Of kindred craft in the busy bay.
In the silent hush of the twilight pale,
When the night stoops down to embrace the day,
And the voices call in the waters' flow---
Some time at eve when the tide is low,
I shall slip my mooring and sail away.
Through purpling shadows that darkly trail
O'er the ebbing tide of the Unknown Sea,
I shall fare me away with a dip of sail
And a ripple of waters to tell the tale
Of a lonely voyager, sailing away
To the Mystic Ilses where at anchor lay
The crafts of those who have sailed before
O'er the Unknown Sea to the Unseen Shore.

A few who have watched me sail away
Will miss my craft from the busy bay;
Some friendly barks that were anchored near,
Some loving souls that my heart held dear,
In silent sorrow will drop a tear---

But I shall have peacefully furled my sail
In moorings sheltered from strom or gale,
And greeted the friends who have sailed before
O'er the Unknown Sea to the Unknown Shore.

NavyLCDR Donald J. Woloszyk
By Amber Sinclair, Modesto, CA USA
You have never met me, but we share a bond. I wear your bracelet everyday, never taking it off. I have learned so much about you and I hope to learn more. You are my adopted POW/MIA. I hope to one day talk to your family and learn what you were like and what made you want to serve. It is because of you and everyone else in the Armed Forces that I have such pride in our country. Please know that my prayers are with you and that your service was not in vain. We love and miss you. You are not forgotten.

Air ForceMsgt. Gilbert W. Wood
By Spc. Aidan Wood, Germany, Hometown - Glenburnie, MD
It is better to have known and now miss a wonderful man, than to never have known how wonderful he was. By remembering him I have learned more about the man I want to be. Never without a smile is what Ill remeber most. Love, your son

ArmyLt. Colonel Carlton Duncan Woodell 1917-2000
By Nancy Ann Woodell, Chattanooga, TN
Dad: You were a hero and lifesaver to many people during your career, and even though I didn't show it, you will always be my hero. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss you. I love you Dad. If anyone recognizes my Dad's name and would like to e-mail me, my e-mail is

NavyBernard F. Woods (Wodsy)
By Michael Benante, Patchogue, NY USA
My grandfather passed away on December 27, 1999 at the age of 81 after ashort battle with cancer. He served in the US Navy in the Naval Armed Guard aboard the SS Timothy Pickering. The ship was bombed and sunk an July 14, 1943 and had an extremely high number of casualties for a merchant ship. He was awarded the Purple Heart as he was wounded on that day. He left behind a wife Margeret, two daughters, four grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. He will be sorely missed as my grandfather was a one of akind individual. Goodbye Gramps, I miss you and I love you.

POW/MIAAir Force Samuel Alexander Woodworth
By Jack H. Cloud, U. S. Army 1966-1969, Tulsa, OK
Capt Minco, OK 04-17-65

MarineArthur Lawrence Wooley Jr.
By Lloyd Wooley, Longview, WA USA
As a retired truck driver, up and down the west coast highways, I have to believe he is now "Pedal to the Metal" across the interstates of our skies. He was a proud veteran of the USMC. He served at Iwo Jima , and was on the way to Saipan, when the Atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. I always looked up to him. You will be missed by many and we love you Larry, "King Arthur" You can rest in peace now with your LORD. March 18, 1922 --- July 15, 1999

ArmyJames T. Woolly
By Sfc James T. Woolly Jr, Midwest City, OK USA
He wanted so much to go over there but his trainers saw that he was very good with a gun and bayonet so they kept him there to help train others to go where he wanted. He left us all on nov 27 1998 I will miss him forever

ArmyWilliam A. Woolly
By James T. Woolly Jr., Midwest City, OK USA
My uncle served his country as a combat MP in Europe. He came in on Omaha Beach. From there he made it all the way to Germany. He was wounded by a sniper which very nearly cost him his life. He carried the bullet with him for the rest of his life. The doctors could not remove it for it was too close to his heart. He served as a Capt. On the Midwest City Police Department before he quit to go into civil service. He passed away on Thanksgiving Day 1995. He has and will be missed by those who remember.

Marine1stLt Kevin Wooten
By Ron McCormick, Fruitland Park, FL USA
I will never forget you guys. 1/5 Marines and Corpman who died March 20, 1989 near Pohang, Korea.

Air Force Henry 'Bud' Worden
By David N. Worden, Aledo, TX
A proud WWII veteran who returned home to become one of the thousand of "baby-boomer" parents. He served in the Army Air-Corps for four years as a MP stationed at Anderson Air Field in Walterboro, SC. Though cancer may have taken his body from us his spirit still lives on in each of his 8 children. We love and miss you Pops.

ArmyJames Earl Worthy
By Robert Hawn Sr., Bluffton, SC
This veteran served his country well but perished before his time during the Persian Gulf War in 1991.

Air Force Athel Gilbert Wyatt, Sgt
By Linda Anthony, Waterford, CA
A flight line crew chief, dad helped keep the birds in the air during Viet Nam. 06 June 33 - 14 Sept 91

ArmyWilliam Wuestefeld, Sr
By Nancy Jean Wuestefeld-Pollio, Jersey City, NL USA
William Wuestefeld, Sr.
Passed Away from this Earth on Sunday January 3, 1999. His wife left him on December 2, 1998. A month passed when MOM died and God called you to his side to be with her. Dad was a very proud veteran of World War II. A tech seargent during the War and also in the Pacific and Guadalcanal. I loved you so but finally let you go, to be in the arms of God and Mom. I miss you so much and until we meet again! Your loving daughter, Nancy Jean.

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.


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