This page is dedicated to all the veterans of the armed forces of the United States. Whether they died in combat or in bed of old age, we all owe them so much, because they bought our freedom for us.

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In Loving Memory of Those Who Served. . .

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.


NavyHarry (Sonny) F. Yagle
By Patrick J. Yagla, SFC (ret) US Army
I sure miss him, He was my best friend.

MarineCpl Henry Yagla
By Patrick J. Yagla, SFC (ret) US Army
KIA Guam WWII My Uncle I never knew him, he was KIA before I was born.

ArmySFC Rodney Yano US Army 11th ARMD CAV, MOH.
By Gordon Beal, China Spring,TX USA
It a honor to have known you and call you a friend.

ArmyJohn Clayton Yarbrough
By Jan Yarbrough, Bogalusa, LA USA
Clay was killed at the age of 24 in a plane accident over the Gulf of Mexico on Nov. 4, 1995. He served his country very proudly as a military policeman at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. He is sadly missed every day of their lives by his mom, dad and brother...

MarineHoward L Yarbrough
By Richard Yarbrough, Eureka, CA USA
My Dad was proud to serve his country he was lucky enough to find his baby brother while serving over seas in W.W.2, they only had a copuple hours but it was a life time to them. They both made it home safe by the grace of God, my father passed in 1972 of cancer, my uncle still lives in Eureka with us at age 74. I am proud of all who served to give me freedom.

ArmyPfc. Jess "Red" Yarnall
By Mike Yarnall, Scottsdale, AZ
Dad, I wish I could have spoken to you about your experiences at the "Battle of the Bulge". I have always respected you and loved you as a father. Since you've passed, I've learned how to respect you as a soldier. I am having a child now and if I can be half the man to my child as you were to me, then my child will be blessed.

Your Son

Army Newton Baber Yeager
By Lindsay Yeager, Omaha, Nebraska
My father was a brave man his whole life. He displayed this in man different ways. He served in Vietnam and received many awards. Later he became the bravest man I've even known when he began to battle Hepatitis C. We believe he contracted it many years ago. My father lost his final battle on April 27, 2003. His memory is alive and well. My father had a relationship with Jesus Christ, and now sits at his right hand. I miss my father with every breath I take.

ArmySFC V.F.(Whitey) Yeisley Sr.1924-2000
By L.D. Yeisley, Duncansville PA USA
WWII, China-Berma-India This is my Dad, a 23 year veteran in the U.S. Army. He passed away, at age 76, due to kidney failure. He had been on dialysis for 4 years. He died as he lived, quietly and without fanfare. My Dad taught me about Duty and Honor. My mother, Marion and I miss him. God Speed Dad. We love you!

ArmySgt. Alvin C. York
By Submitted by a veteran.
Captured 130 prisoners near Chatel-Chehery France during WWI. It is important that we never forget men like Alvin York and the contributions to freedom they made. He received the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions. Read about all of the men and the woman who received this honor

ArmyH. E. York
By Hans York, Cathlamet, WA USA
This was my father, who served his county 1938-1972. D. Seattle VAH 1973. Enlisted USA 1938, then served in Md. Nat'l Guard while attending Wm. & Mary. Army Airborne, Dieppe, field commission, promoted Maj. Korea, served UN Forces Lebanon 1956-1958. Retired as CO, 365th Civil Affairs, USAR. DSC, Combat Infantryman's Badge, Bronze Star, V, 2nd decoration, D-Day, Occupation Forces, Korea, Purple Heart 2 awards, Master jump wings, UN Forces. I miss him & wish his grandsons & great-grandson had an opportunity to know him.

ArmyAlbert T.J. Young
By Diana M. Lozano, Corona, CA USA
Master Sergant, United States Army, and member of the Coast Guard. -- Born 2/9/1919 passed away 2/16/1978. I was only 11 years old when you left this earth and I can still remember the loss I felt as if it was yesterday. I was a daddy's girl and I loved every minute of it. I'm sorry you could not walk me down the isle when I got married, or been there to hold my daughter Christina when she was born, but I know you were there in spirit and I will always keep my daddy in my heart. I love you dad and thank you for always watching over me. I miss you! - Your daughter Diana

Navy Basil Edward Young
By Mitzi Bowen, Hazel Park MI
b. 2-10-25 d. 5-25-86 date of entry: 12-1-44 date of disharge: 4-5-46 134th NCB MM3

Marine PFC Harvey C Young
By Bill Young, Eldorado, Illinois
I Love You Dad

MarineLarry G. Young
By Mike Young, Olean, NY USA
Larry was taken from us to serve a higher honor. Always a Marine, and a man full of life, Larry will never be forgotten by his friends & family. We love & miss you BIG LAR.
wife: Lorraine kids: Brenda, Val, Chris and Mike

MarinesLonnie Ray Young
By M/Sgt T. R. Leonard USMC Ret., Allen, TX USA
They say the "Good Die Young". Well not only did Lonnie have that last name but he gave his life in Viet-Nam at a very early stage of his life. Most people who have fought in combat don't want to know those around them but during boot-camp Lonnie was the type of person that you just couldn't help but like and remember. I can remember after his death that I felt a void in my life because he was my BEST friend. I usually stayed to myself but I let my feelings take over to become a friend and comrade. The one good thing I can think about is the fact that HE is with the LORD now and awaits "OUR" arrival. One day all "MARINES" will have to report to Saint Peter because we have all done our time in hell. Rest peacefully old faithful servent.Semper Fi!/Tom

MarinePfc William L Young
By Judy Green, Mulberry, FL USA
Kia, February 6th, 1968. Quang Nam Province US Marine Corps Alpha 1-7-1. Only 21 Years Old ...We Will Never Forget You "Billy" See You In Heaven...

NavyRay Vincent Youngren
By Alice V. Lafferty, Omaha, NE USA
Coswain- U.S. Navy. Born In Omaha, Ne.
KIA - Aboard The Minesweeper U.S.S. Palmer 9 January 1945.
Buried At Sea- Awarded The Purple Heart.
Killed manning his station as a Pom-Pom Gunner by a Japanese Suicide Plane.
Ray was killed when I was a year old but my family has kept his memory aglow thru all these years.

ArmyEdward F Zabech Ser.#33306663
By Ron Gibbons, Wheeling, WV
83inf Reg. 329 Inf Co. D KIA France 7/7/44 if anyone remembers please cotact

NavyJack Powers Zahn
By Jessicka Zahn-Craig, Greenfield, WI USA
My grandfather reached heaven on January 4, 2001@ 11:30 PM I remember watching him put his metal boards on before we would go to a reunion, seminar or a memorial for those who served in the Navy. When my grandfather would enter the room to a seminar I wanted to make sure I was holding his hand, because I was proud of him and what his Uniform represented.

He and many other seamen almost lost their lives in Pearl Harbor when a kamikaze came right for their ship, the gunner froze as the plane swopped in, and my grandfather, the gun mate, pushed him out of the way and shot the pilot just as his saw the whites of that mans eyes. He was only 18 years old. I am so proud of you grandpa, for being brave not only that time but through the course of your life and especially at the very end. Thank you for making our country WHAT IT IS TODAY. Thank you for sharing your stories, so that I could have a better understanding.

ArmyCharles Zalac
By Michael Gorny, Pittsburgh, PA USA
Charlie was killed in action during a campaign in Europe in March of 1944

NavyEldon Elroy Zielsdorf
By Verda Zielsdorf, Kansas City, KS USA
Eldon was in the navy and then he was a police officer, He died from cancer in 1998 he is survived by his wife of 32 years two son's one daughter and three grandchildren two step grandchildren. We all love and miss him very much.

ArmyRobert Charles Ziltz
By Lori A. Cornfield, Wheaton, IL USA
My dad was a hero at home and at war in Korea. He also had a twin brother. If anyone remembers him, please let me know at

MarineSgt James Zinser
By Ron McCormick, Fruitland Park, FL USA
I will never forget you guys. 1/5 Marines and Corpman who died March 20, 1989 near Pohang, Korea.

ArmyPfc Michael C Zurovcik
By Mrs Joseph Zurovcik, McKeesport, PA
Still sadly missed by family. Michael was killed in Nancy, France Sept 21st 1944 four days after his 20th bithday, Buried in Lorraine Cemerty, St Avold France. Last know address was Co E 315th Inf. Any one remembering Mike we would love too hear from you. Rest in peace. Mom and Dad left you with your comrades. God Bless and take care of you all. Rae (Your English sister in law you never knew)

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.


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