None Dare Call It Education

This is a very important book for every Christian parent to read. In it the author documents what is being done to our children in the name of education. Here are a few quotes from the book:

Declining SAT and ACT college entrance scores have gotten headlines almost annually since the early1960s. However, there's been a supposed turn around since 1995. A New York Times News Service story told how the SAT scores have "improved." The story reported:

The College Board "recalibrated' the scoring of the SAT to "make it easier for everyone to get higher scores." Bradley J. Quin of the College Board explained that when the current scoring system was established in 1941, 500 was the average score for each test, the math and the verbal. The average verbal score by 1994 had fallen to 424 and the average math score to 478. By "recentering" the scale the average student will once again get scores of 500 in verbal and math.

In other words, students achievement hasn't improved, but their scores will look better. (page 11)

Parents concerned about he appropriateness of school sex education have few rights as many examples show:

In a Massachusetts case, parents sued to protest the policy of Falmouth High School, which placed condom vending machines in school restrooms. Condoms were thereby made available to students without parents consent. The U.S. Supreme Court refused to overturn a Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling which allowed the policy.

In Texas, Federal District Judge Melinda Harmon, perhaps emboldened by the Supreme Court's decision, ruled that:

...parents give up their rights when they drop children off at public school. (page 34)

Once prayer and Bible reading in schools were banned, the decay which resulted from the "reforms" educators planned and started thirty years before accelerated. In 1960 there were... legalized abortions in America... no X-rated, R-rated or PG movies... no co-ed dorms on college campuses... there was no "gay rights" movement and there was no AIDS or HIV... a radio or TV station was in danger of losing its operating license from the Federal Communications Commission if it permitted the words "Hell" or "Damn" to go out over the air waves.

Since then...

The divorce rate doubled... single parent families jumped 250%... incidence of adultery and unfaithfulness in marriages tripled... pregnancies of girls in the 15-19 age bracket increased 550%... pregnancies of girls under 15 went up 400%... sexually transmitted diseases increased 350% between 1963 and 1975... suicides doubled in the 15-24 age bracket. (page 116-117)

Between 1960 and today...

...the rate of violent crimes (rape, murder, assault, etc.) has increased 422%... burglary, robbery, etc. increased 11 times faster than growth in population... prosecution of government officials for corruption increased five fold... per capita alcohol consumption jumped 29%... the number of high school seniors who had tried marijuana increased 15 fold in the 20 years between 1962 and 1982... child abuse and neglect cases tripled and reported cases of sexual abuse of children increased then fold. (page 117)

Dr. Shirley McCune, a key education bureaucrat, provided a confirmation that education reformers are planning even further changes in schools. On November 2, 1989, she addressed a high level Kansas Education "summit" called by Kansas Governor Mike Hayden. For an assembly of governors, former U.S. cabinet officers and local education officials, Dr. McCune outlined the plan for using schools to restructure society. She said:

It seems to me far too much of our effort has been focused on the issue of let's find a short term fix for the schools... rather than the issue of understanding that what we are into is a total restructuring of society. What is happening in America today- what we are facing is a total restructuring of our society... but I am not sure we have really began to comprehend or to act on sufficiently the incredible amount of organizational restructuring and human development restructuring... [needed] to produce human capital. (page 126)

Bob Offutt is a member of the Texas State Board of Education. He says:

School-to-Work came to Texas like a thief in the night. One morning parents will wake up to learn that the American Dream has been stolen from their children... unlimited educational opportunity has been replaced by limited job training options determined by regional workforce needs. The state Board of Education didn't approve this radical transformation of the public education system, and we are powerless to change it. (page 154)

The resignation letter North Dakota's Commissioner of Labor, Craig Hagen, sent to his governor, Ed. Shafer, included a detailed three-page attachment explaining his reasons for resigning. He told the governor:

There is no sound rationale for North Dakota's plan which calls for career guidance counseling from kindergarten through sixth grade or the provision in the federal law stating that children should be helped to "select or reconsider" careers not "traditional" to their sex, race or ethnic background which could result in "outright value manipulation." As for selecting career majors by 11th grade, what about those students who are not interested? Will a career major be selected for them by instructors and counselors who have been giving them career interest tests since kindergarten? There are many people who do not choose a career major until their second or third year in college and they are not mature enough to do so earlier. Yet STW would force them into a career at an early age. (page 156)

The chairman of the Education Committee in the Oregon House of Representatives said that through school "reform" Oregon shifted...

From effective education (reading, writing and arithmetic) to affective education where the emphasis is on attitudes, behaviors, and socialization. Academic subjects become secondary. (page 167)

Representative Sam Rohrer, chairman of the special legislative committee which investigated the expansion of Medicaid into Pennsylvania's schools and the foundation involvement in it cited two "horrible examples" of what has happened as a result of the Medicaid-financed initiatives. He said that in both cases parental rights were violated, pupil privacy was invaded and sensitive data was collected. His examples include:

In several Pittsburgh area schools, psychological profiling was conducted by outside psychiatric clinic without parental knowledge or permission on 1000 elementary age children. This process sought personal information on both the child and the family. Once caught by parents, the program was halted, but the collected data has not been turned over to the parents.

A second case received national headlines. Rohrer said:

The second infamous example occurred in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania in March 1996. Almost 50 sixth grade girls were given unclothed gynecological exams without the permission of the parents and against the objections of many of the girls.

Katie Tucker, a mother, told the Washington Times that when the embarrassed disrobed girls learned that they would be forced to submit to genital exams...

...they were scared. They were crying and trying to run out the door, but one of the nurses blocked the door so they couldn't leave. My daughter told the other nurse that "My mother wouldn't like this. I want to call her." And they said, "No." My daughter said, "I don't want this test done." And the nurse said, "Too bad."

Parents are finding increasingly that they have no rights. The doctor, when asked if some of the girls were crying said, "I don't remember." The Pocono Record in its report added that the doctor, Ramlah Vahanvaty, said:

Even a parent doesn't have the right to say what's appropriate for a physician to do when they're doing an exam. (pages 185-186)

The term "mental disorder" means different things to different people. What do the mental health "experts" who apply the label mean? Listen to the words of Dr. G. Brock Chisholm, first head of the World Federation of Mental Health. Later he became head of the World Health Organization of the United Nations. His address, sponsored by the William Alanson White Psychiatric Foundation, was delivered in October 1945, in Washington D.C., to a large group of psychiatrists and high government officials. Chisholm said:

What basic psychological distortion can be found in every civilization of which we know anything? The only psychological force capable of producing these perversions is morality - the concept of right and wrong. The reinterpretation and eventual eradication of the concept of right and wrong are the belated objectives of nearly all psychotherapy.

If the race is to be free from the crippling burden of good and evil, it must be psychiatrists who take the original responsibility.

Anticipating an objection, Chisholm added:

The pretense is made that to do away with right and wrong would produce uncivilized people, immorality, lawlessness, and social chaos. The fact is that most psychiatrists and psychologists and other respected people have escaped from moral chains and are able to think freely. (pages 191-192)

It was this same concept which Harvard psychiatry professor Chester Pierce enunciated at the Childhood International Seminar in 1973 in Denver. As has already been quoted in Chapter 4, Pierce told educators:

Every child in America entering school at the age of 5 is mentally ill because he comes to school with certain allegiances to our founding fathers, toward our elected officials, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being, and toward sovereignty of his nation as a separate entity. It's up to you as teachers to make all these sick children well - by creating the international child of the future. (page 192)

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