Vengenance by George Jonas

The book is about a secret team whose mission was to hunt down and kill the PLO terrorest responsible for the massacre of eleven Israeli athletes at teh Munich Olympics in 1972.

I enjoyed this book, but it also made me a little uncomfortable. It made me think about how I would have felt if I had to make the decisions of the leaders of Israel or of the young men who took on this mission. All human life is important, yet I truly believe that God has not changed; He has said that if you murder your life is to be taken for that murder. So the real question is; is it murder to take the life of a terrorist because they have murdered innocent people? That is a moral question that the book does not answer, all it does is tell the story of the team who was sent out to kill the terrorist who planned the Munich massacre.

What the book shows is that even with solid ground rules and the belief that what you are doing is not only necessary but moral, missions like this quickly get into gray areas and affect those who are involved.

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