Marines in the Garden of Eden by Richard S. Lowry

This is the story of seven days of fighting for the 2d Marine Expeditionary Brigade (2-MEB). These were Carolina Marines. These were America's East Coast Marines, while 1-MEB was America's West Coast Marines. The West Coast Marines were going to Bagdad, but they had to go through An Nasiriyah to get there and it was 2-MEB's job to secure the town and the bridges for 1-MEB.

For seven days the Marines of 2-MEB fought life and death battles in and around An Nasiriyah (the NAZ as the Marines came to call it).

I am a proud Marine having served in the Marine Corps at the end of the Vietnam war. The Marine Corps has a long and honored history, from Bella Woods, to Iwo Jima, to An Nasiriyah. I read this book with pride; pride that my Marine Corps was still in good hands of brave young men who were willing to fight and die for their country and their fellow Marines.

We owe the men of 2-MEB much as we do all those who have fought our wars. Thank you for your service; Semper Fi!!

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