The Ezekiel Option by Joel Rosenberg

A coup in Russia may have left beautiful CIA agent Erin McCoy dead, even as her fiancÚ, presidential adviser Jon Bennett, watches his "Oil for Peace" initiative fall apart. As Russia prepares for war, Israel faces annihilation and Babylon regains its original splendor, Dr. Eliezer Mordechai, former head of the Mossad and now a Christian, reflects, "The Scriptures were coming alive." He prepares a 37-page Bible-based brief known as "The Ezekiel Option," which postulates that supernatural powers will eliminate Israel's enemies.

My only complaint and I hate to complain about it, is that the author almost over does the gospel message in the book. It is repeated several times near the end of the book and although I applaud the fact that it is in there, it seems a little bit over the top. Over all I liked the book very much.

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