No True Glory, A Frontline Account of the Battle for Fallujah by Bing West

This book is very hard to read. It was very interesting, but hard to read because of the events that took place. First the Blackwater contractors were killed in Fallujah and hung on the bridge for the world to see. The Marines surrounding Fallujah, decided to work the incident like a crime, find those responsible and kill them. However, the President and the American people demanded that something be done about Fallujah, so the Marines were ordered into the city to take control. The Marines tried to explain that this was a bad decision, that it would just make for a bloody fight and civilians would be in the middle of the fight. The Administration in Washington and Baghdad disagreed and sent in the Marines.

Marines might voice their opposition to a plan, but once they are given orders they execute those order to the best of their abilities and that is what they did in Fallujah. However, just as the Marines had predicted the fight was bloody and the Arab news agencies showed many civilian dressed casualties each day. What they didn't report was that the terrorists dressed like and hide among the civilian population. World opinion came down against the Marines who were 'too heavy handed' in their dealings with Fallujah. The Central Command put a unilateral cease fire in affect, the Marines could only shoot if shot at. It was a no win situation for the Marines, they were having men wounded and killed each day. Each day the requested permission to finish the job, but were refused.

Finally about 6 months later they were again told to take the city, which they did. It was another bloody fight, but the Marines did what needed to be done. The book gives accounts of the bravery and honor of those fighting men, Marines, Navy and Army that took part if the fights for Fallujah.

I have said it before and will restate it now, I am proud of these young Marines, they are true heroes. We must never forget their sacrifices.

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