On Call In Hell by Richard Jadick

Dr. Jadick was a Marine Officer during the first Iraq war but he never went to the battlefield. After the war he got out of the Marine Corps and went to medical school using a grant from the Navy. This book is his story, as a battalion surgeon in Iraq with Marine Unit 1/8 which was one of the units that fought the battle of Fallujah.

Like most of the first person accounts of the war this book containes some pretty raw language, but it is understandable because this is life with the military. I found the book very interesting and informative on several levels. First is the experiences of Dr. Jadick which would have made a good read by themselves, but added to that is the way he tells the stories of the Marines who were wounded and killed. He shows them great respect and honor. He also shows just how heroic these young men were and are.

If you want to know what the war in Iraq was and is like from people who were really there and not just from sound bites on the evening news then this is a wonderful book for you to read.

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