Lifelines by CJ Lyons

I gave this book three cups because I enjoyed it, although there were things about it I didn't like. For example, I wished the author hadn't felt she had to have sexual encounters in the book to make it interesting. It didn't need them. Secondly, and maybe this is the reason I don't read many books by female authors, I had a hard time with all the emotions of the characters. I found myself wanting to scream, "Just get over it!" on more than one occasion. Yet there was much that I did enjoy. The medical part was well written and I enjoyed it, and even the suspense was good, other than just a little over the top, but hey, it was enjoyable.

Book Description:

"July first, the most dangerous day of the year."

Growing up in LA, tough as nails ER doc Lydia Fiore thought she'd seen everything. When she arrives in Pittsburgh, eager for her first shift as a newly fledged attending physician, she realizes how wrong she is.

During her first days at work, Lydia finds herself embroiled in the murder of a gay-rights activist, targeted by a right-wing militia, stalked by an unknown assailant, and racing to stop a plot to ignite a race riot.

At first Lydia yearns for the mean streets of L.A, but, with the help of her new colleagues and hunky paramedic Trey Garrison, she overcomes her doubts and embraces her new life at Angels of Mercy's ER.

Written by a physician who has worked in some of the country's busiest ER's, CJ Lyons' medical suspense series gives readers a taste of life on the edge, reminding them that everyone needs a hero, even doctors and nurses working to save lives.

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