Jack in the Box by John Weisman

This book is about a former CIA agent who retired after falling out of good graces with the new administration at the CIA. He believed there were high level double agents in the CIA, but no one wanted to hear it. Now he gets pulled back into the dark world of spies, and finds that things aren't always what they seem.

I really enjoyed this book. It is fast paced and exciting.

In the highest reaches of the United States government, someone is betraying America's secrets. Former CIA Moscow station chief Sam Waterman is drawn into an astonishing maze of deception when he is called on to debrief the legendary traitor Edward Lee Howard. The only CIA officer ever to defect to the KGB, Howard has decided to come home and come clean. Or has he? He makes the stunning allegation that American intelligence, distracted by the war on terror, has been penetrated by high-level moles. If true, the government and the intelligence community would be thrown into chaos. But before Waterman can verify any of it, Howard is found murdered.

Desperate, Waterman scours his old haunts in Moscow, Paris, and Washington, D.C. As he delves deeper and begins to unravel a mind-bending conspiracy, his old friends -- and old enemies -- turn up dead. Through it all he begins to realize that the new CIA is nothing like the old, that truth is relative, and honor has become an afterthought.

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