Direct Action by John Weisman

Another of the author's books about a former CIA agent. This book looks at some of the failings of the CIA in the past few years. It is very timely and although fiction, I believe it has a lot of accurate detail in it.

I really enjoyed this book. It is fast paced and exciting.

Racing against the clock and shuttling between Washington, Paris, and the Middle East, one of those shadow warriors, former CIA case officer Tom Stafford, must slip below the radar to uncover, target, and neutralize a deadly al-Qa'ida bombmaker before the assassin can launch simultaneous multiple attacks against America and the West. And as if that weren't enough, Stafford must simultaneously open a second front and mount a clandestine war against the CIA itself, because for mysterious and seemingly inexplicable reasons the people at the very top of the Central Intelligence Agency want him to fail.

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