The Mitch Rapp Thriller Series by Vince Flynn

I really like this series. I like Mitch Rapp and I like how the author writes. There is a little foul language during conversations, but not too bad.

The Third Option

CIA counterterrorism operative Mitch Rapp falls prey to government forces with an agenda of their own after Dr. Irene Kennedy is named the successor to dying CIA director Thomas Stansfield - a choice that enrages many inside the world's most powerful intelligence agency. Her detractors will resort to extreme measures to prevent her from taking the reins - which makes Rapp an expendable asset. But Mitch Rapp is no one's pawn, and he will stop at nothing to find out who has set him up.

Separation of Power

Newly appointed CIA director Dr. Irene Kennedy is the target of an inside plot to destroy her and prematurely end the American President's term. To make matters worse, Saddam Hussein is close to entering the nuclear arms race - something Israel has vowed to stop. With the haunting specter of World War III looming, the President calls on his secret weapon: top counterterrorism operative Mitch Rapp. But with only two weeks to take out the nukes, Rapp is up against a ticking clock - and impossible odds.

Executive Power

CIA superagent Mitch Rapp's cover has been blown. After leading a team of commandos deep into Iraq to prevent Saddam Hussein from joining the nuclear arms race and holding back the dawn of World War III, he was publicly hailed by the president as the single most important person in the fight against terrorism. But after years of working covertly behind the scenes, Rapp is now under the glare of the public spotlight, lauded by the nation, but marked by virtually every terrorist from Jakarta to London, who now knows his identity. Thousands if not millions of Islamic zealots would gladly give their lives to take him down, and he is more than ready to duck back into the shadows. Now married to national news correspondent Anna Reilly and on assignment as special advisor on counterterrorism to CIA director Dr. Irene Kennedy, Rapp is ready to fight the war on terrorism from CIA headquarters rather than the front line. That is, until a platoon of Navy SEALs sent by Washington on a covert mission to the Philippines to save an American family kidnapped by Abu Sayyaf, a radical Muslim group, suffers a surprise attack. The mission had been straightforward and strictly undercover. All evidence concludes that the source of the mission's leak lies in the U.S. State Department and the Philippine embassy. But a greater threat still lurks—an unknown assassin working closely with the highest powers in the Middle East bent on igniting war. Now, with the world probing into his every move, will Rapp be able to overcome this anonymous foe and once again keep the flames of war from raging?

Memorial Day

The CIA is alarmed by a recent spike in intelligence pointing to a major terrorist attack planned against the continental United States. One day looms large on the calendar—Memorial Day.

The president, the leaders of the House and the Senate, veterans organizations, Hollywood celebrities and foreign heads of state are set to attend the dedication of the magnificent new memorial honoring the men and women who fought in WWII. With only seven days to go before the ceremony the president orders Mitch Rapp, his top counterterrorism operative, to pull out all the stops.

Rapp immediately leaves for Afghanistan where he leads the ultra secret counterterrorism unit Task Force 11 on a daring commando raid across the border into the Tribal Areas of Northern Pakistan. Their target: an al-Qaeda stronghold in one of the most remote and desolate areas of Southwest Asia. Under the cover of darkness the elite team descends on the remote village and is met by a hail of bullets and RPG's. With close air support from circling gun ships the team secures the camp, but not before the man they are after manages to take his own life.

Rapp's anger at himself for failing to capture the terrorist alive is short lived. A subterranean room under one of the houses is discovered containing a treasure trove of maps, computers and files. Everything in the room is removed and brought back to the base in Afghanistan where Rapp and his team board a plane for the U.S. With no time to waste they begin the daunting task of unraveling the riddle.

Back in Washington, the president meets with his top advisors. Evacuation plans for the city are dusted off, and it's decided that until further notice the vice president will remain at the new, highly secure, underground facility in rural Virginia where the Shadow Government has been set up.

In the back of the cavernous hold of the air force C-17 cargo plane, Rapp and his team begin to uncover some startling facts: dossiers of four missing Pakistani nuclear scientists that the CIA has been trying to locate for nine months, a map of New York City with projected blast radiuses and casualty estimates, and bills of landing for multiple freighters headed for three U.S. ports. All signs point to an attack of almost unimaginable proportions.

The information is quickly relayed back to CIA headquarters where it is verified that one of the freighters in question is currently steaming into the port of Charleston. A Nuclear Emergency Search Team (NEST) is scrambled to the scene and without raising undue suspicion, they verify that the core of a nuclear warhead is indeed stowed away in the belly of the ship.

The president orders the Navy to board the other two vessels which are still at sea and before the sun rises on the Eastern Seaboard the entire cataclysmic disaster has been averted. Terrorists have been arrested in Charleston trying to pick up the crate and are currently being questioned by Department of Justice officials. The entire operation is a major success for all agencies involved.

Despite all the back slapping and congratulations, Mitch Rapp can't shake the feeling that the entire thing seemed just a bit too easy. Following his instincts and the clues that he unearthed in Pakistan, Rapp is driven onward in a determined search for not just the truth, but the whole truth. Battling people in his own government, and terrorists alike, his search leads him to the Black Sea and the hulk of a sunken Russian submarine where he confirms his greatest fears.

The silent hunter of the Cold War went to its watery grave with two nuclear tipped torpedoes and both are missing. A second bomb is in play, and with Memorial Day closing fast Rapp must overcome unbelievable odds to prevent the decapitation of his government and the destruction of his nation's capital.

Consent to Kill

For more than a decade and a half Mitch Rapp has been on the front line of the war on terror. He has killed with impunity, tortured to avert disaster and shown he's willing to do whatever it takes to stop the crazed fundamentalists from fulfilling their bloody wishes. His bold actions have saved the lives of thousands, but in the process his list of enemies has grown exponentially. There are even those within his own government who would like to see him eliminated. Rapp is far from naive to the fact that there are thousands if not millions of zealots who would gladly trade their life for his, but even knowing all of this Rapp could never have imagined the mayhem that is about to visit his doorstep.

Thousands of miles away the influential father of a dead terrorist demands retribution for the death of his son at the hands of the infidels. His hate-filled plea is a simple request from one father to another. He wants Mitch Rap dead, and he has found sympathetic ears. In the tangled, duplicitous world of espionage there are those, even among America's allies who feel Mitch Rapp has grown too effective. They have been looking for an excuse to eliminate America's number one counterterrorism operative, and they have decided to seize the chance.

The hunter is about to become the hunted. In Consent to Kill, Vince Flynn's seventh novel, Mitch Rapp and his family are placed directly in the line of fire. A tragedy of unimaginable proportions is about to befall him, and Rapp must use all of his cunning and skill, and ultimately his ruthless determination, to stay alive and seek vengeance against those who have turned his life upside down.

Act of Treason

The fallout from a horrific Washington explosion has just begun -- and so has CIA superagent Mitch Rapp's hunt for a killer with a personal agenda.

In the final weeks of a fierce presidential campaign, a motorcade carrying candidate Josh Alexander is shattered by a car bomb. Soon after the attack, Alexander is carried to victory by a sympathy vote, but his assailants have not been found. When CIA director Irene Kennedy and Special Agent Skip McMahon receive damaging intelligence on Washington's most powerful players, they call on Mitch Rapp -- the one man reckless enough to unravel a global network of contractkillers on an explosive mission that leads back to the heart of our nation's capital... and the inner sanctum of the Oval Office.

To Protect and Defend

In Protect and Defend, the action begins in the heart of Iran, where billions of dollars are being spent on the development of a nuclear program. No longer willing to wait for the international community to stop its neighboring enemy, Israel launches one of the most creative and daring espionage operations ever conceived. The attack leaves a radioactive tomb and environmental disaster in the middle of Iran's second largest city. An outraged Iranian government publicly blames both Israel and the United States for the attack and demands retribution. Privately, Iran's bombastic president wants much more. He wants America and Israel to pay for their aggression with blood.

Enter Mitch Rapp, America's top counterterrorism operative. Used to employing deception, Rapp sees an opportunity where others see only Iranian reprisals that could leave thousands of Americans dead. Rapp convinces President Josh Alexander to sign off on a risky operation that will further embarrass the Iranian government and push their country to the brink of revolution. As part of the plan, CIA director Irene Kennedy is dispatched to the region for a clandestine meeting with Azad Ashani, her Iranian counterpart.

Extreme Measures

Vince Flynn's thrillers, featuring counterterrorism operative Mitch Rapp, have dominated the imagination of readers everywhere. Time and again, Flynn has captured the secretive world of the fearless men and women, who, bound by duty, risk their lives in a covert war they must hide from even their own political leaders.

Now, with Rapp away on assignment in Pakistan, CIA Director Irene Kennedy turns to his protégée Mike Nash. Nash has served his government honorably for sixteen years -- first as an officer in the Marine Corps and then as an operative in an elite counterterrorism team run by none other than Mitch Rapp. He has met violence with extreme violence and has never wavered in his fight against the jihads and their culture of death.
Nash has fought the war on terrorism in secret without accolades or acknowledgement of his personal sacrifice. He has been forced to lie to virtually every single person he cares about, including his wife and children, but he has soldiered on with the knowledge that his hard work and lethal tactics has saved thousands of lives. But the one thing he never saw coming was that his own government was about to turn on him.

In Extreme Measures, Flynn introduces a modern-day patriot -- a hero who loves his country, even when it betrays itself. Using his insider knowledge of intelligence agencies and the military, Flynn once again delivers an all-too-real portrayal of a war that is that is waged every day by a handful of brave, devoted souls. Smart, fast-paced, and jaw-droppingly realistic, Extreme Measures is the political thriller of our time.

Pursuit of Honor

I must admit this is by far my favorite book in the series and I have enjoyed all of them. Chapter 50 hit a homerun with me! I loved it.

The action begins six days after a series of explosions devastated Washington, D.C., targeting the National Counterterrorism Center and killing 185 people, including public officials and CIA employees.

It was a bizarre act of extreme violence that called for extreme measures on the part of elite counterterrorism operative Mitch Rapp and his trusted team member, Mike Nash. Now that the initial shock of the catastrophe is over, key Washington officials are up in arms over whether to make friends or foes of the agents who stepped between the enemy's bullets and countless American lives regardless of the legal consequences.

Not for the first time, Rapp finds himself in the frustrating position of having to illustrate the realities of national security to politicians whose view from the sidelines is inevitably obstructed.

Meanwhile, three of the al Qaeda terrorists are still at large, and Rapp has been unofficially ordered to find them by any means necessary.

No one knows the personal, physical, and emotional sacrifices required of the job better than Rapp. When he sees Nash cracking under the pressure of the mission and the memories of the horrors he witnessed during the terrorist attack, he makes a call he hopes will save his friend, assuage the naysayers on Capitol Hill, and get him one step closer to the enemy before it's too late.

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