Up Country by Nelson DeMille

I really enjoy Nelson DeMille's books, however, there are somethings that would make them better for me. The language isn't too bad, but I could do without any vulgar lanuage and I could do without the sexual exploits. But having said that, I still really enjoy his books, they are interesting and I like his wisecracking characters.

Up Country

One of the last things that Chief Warrant Officer Paul Brenner wanted to do was return to work for the Army's Criminal Investigation Division-an organization that thanked him for his many years of dedicated service by forcing him into early retirement. But when his former boss calls in a career's worth of favors, Paul finds himself having to do the last thing he ever wanted-return to Vietnam.

His mission: investigate a murder that took place during the war, thirty years before. But almost as soon as he returns to Vietnam, a country that still haunts him, he discovers that there is more to this investigation than a forgotten murder-much more. Brenner, former combat veteran, again finds himself in a battle for survival as he enters a world of corruption and double-crosses, where, for the second time in his life, he cannot distinguish friend from foe, and where his only allies are his wits and his bravery-and possibly a beautiful American expatriate named Susan Weber. She, like the country in which she's chosen to live, is exotic, sensual, and quite possibly dangerous.

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