Elvis Cole Series by Robert Crais

Elvis Cole and his partner former L.A. Police Officer Joe Pike, run a private investigation service. The author does a good job of story telling and suspence in this series. I really enjoy the books. As with most of this kind of book, there is some language and sexual situations that I could do without, but over all the books aren't too bad and the stories are very interesting.

L.A. Requiem

Los Angeles is a city of perpetual reinvention. Inviting, with a promise of infinite hope, it can also be a glittering landscape of debilitating isolation. The city's lost souls take comfort in its promise-the notion that tomorrow could be the day to start all over again, to transform oneself into someone else. Someone more powerful, more beautiful, more daring.

This is the novel that created a new direction for both L.A. detective Elvis Cole and his partner Joe Pike. It explores the metamorphosis of a disenfranchised loner from victim to executioner, and deeply involves the reader in the lives of the men and women charged with guarding the City of Angels.

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