Catholic Concerns; Where Does the Road to Rome Lead? by Mary Ann Collins

I have corresponded with Mary Ann for several years, I have found her to be couragious, intelligent and have seen her love for the Lord. If you want to know more about the Catholic Church; read this book. If you are a Catholic and want to know if your Church's beliefs are biblical; read this book. If you are thinking about marrying a Catholic and think they believe just like any other Christian; read this book.

Mary Ann handles the whole subject of the Catholic Church with love. She doesn't hate Catholics, but she doesn't shy away from explaining that many of their views are not biblical either. I know all too well how it feels to be attacked for my views, and that is one reason I respect Mary Ann so much, I know she takes a lot of 'heat' for her stand, and I know she doesn't enjoy it anymore than I do, but she believes that the truth needs to be spoken.

Book Description:

Official documents from the Second Vatican Council show that Rome wants to bring all Christians back into the Catholic Church. The goal of ecumenism is to reverse the Protestant Reformation.In today's ecumenical world, Evangelicals need to understand what Catholicism is and how easily it mixes with non-Christian religions. That's why Catholic Concerns was written.Evangelical pastors are promoting Catholic mysticism and contemplative prayer. But where does it lead? At the end of this road, we find Catholic monks who want to be good Buddhists, and Catholic priests who act like gurus, wear orange robes, call Hindu temples a "sacrament," and consider non-Christians to be their brothers and sisters in Christ.Catholic Concerns reveals what is hiding behind Rome's modern, ecumenical image. It presents complex subjects in a clear, straightforward manner that is easy to understand. It confronts troubling issues with compassion and objectivity.Come explore the world of Catholicism, where grace can be "merited" and Mary has a "saving office." (The Catholic Church teaches that Mary's intercession brings salvation.)

Mary Ann Collins entered the convent because she wanted to be close to God. She gradually realized that some Catholic doctrines are contrary to Scripture. She left the convent and became an Evangelical Christian, and she finally found the relationship with God that she had been seeking all along.

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