One-Party Classroom by David Horowitz

This book made me sick to my stomach. It gives an overview of college and universities to day and how our children are being indoctrinated in liberal thinking. The book actually get repetitive in describing the worst 150 courses offered in colleges. The reason it seems repetitive is that the courses are all very much alike! Once you have read about a couple of them, you get the general idea of what the rest are like. But it was a good book and a must read for anyone who cares about the decline of our nation.

Book Description:

Recent decades have witnessed widespread complaints about the politicization of university curriculums and campus life in America. But never before has anyone undertaken a comprehensive investigation of what is actually being taught in America's colleges. Now, in One Party Classroom, David Horowitz and Jacob Laskin fill in those blanks. Documenting the results of an in-depth, multi-year study of twelve representational schools -- from large state schools like Penn State and USC to elite Ivy League institutions like Columbia -- One Party Classroom reveals that outright political indoctrination in America's colleges is far more radical and dangerous than even the harshest critics of academia every imagined.

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