Surrender; Appeasing Islam, Sacrificing Freedom by Bruce Bawer

This was not a pleasant book to read. I knew some of the information before reading the book, it is obvious if you watch the news, however, I didn't know how wide spread it was. Islam wants to control the world and as a religion it demands that people either convert, become submissive to it, or die! Hello, even as biased towards Islam as the media is, you still see what is happening all around the world. There is no appeasing Islam, other than converting, submitting or dying; which are you willing to choose? We better wake up, appeasement just shows the Muslims that we are weak and makes them more aggressive.

Book Description:

Bruce Bawer's While Europe Slept sounded the alarm about the dire impact of Muslim immigration on Europe. Now, in Surrender, he reveals that a combination of fear and political correctness has led politicians, intellectuals, religious leaders, and the media - both in the United States and abroad - to appease radical Islam at the cost of our most cherished values: freedom of speech and freedom of the press. And the cost cold ultimately be even higher - the imposition of sharia law in places where liberty once reigned.

Quotes from the Book:

Jihad began with Muhammed himself. When he was born, the lands that today make up the Arab world were populated mostly by Christians and Jews; within a century after his death, those areas' inhabitants had been killed, driven away, subjugated to Islam as members of the underclass known as dhimmis, or converted to the Religion of Peace at the point of a sword. The Crusades of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries were not wars of conquest by Europeans but attempts to take back what had once been Christian territory. America's very first foreign conflict after the Revolutionary War was with the Barbary pirates, who, sponsored by the Muslim governments of North Africa - just as terrorist groups today enjoy the sponsorship of countries like Libya, Iran, and Syria - had for generations been preying on European ships and selling their crews and passengers into slavery. (Between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, over one million Europeans - including people like Cervantes, Saint Vincent de Paul, and the French playwrite Jean Francois Regnard - became chattel in North Africa, a minor detail that rarely makes it into Western history textbooks, perhaps because it would compel textbooks writers to accord jihad a major role in their narratives on Western history.) (Pages 3-4)

It may be appropriate at this juncture to underscore an extremely important distinction in regard to religious moderation, and the point is this: that while there are such things as moderate and liberal Christianity, there is no such thing as a moderate or liberal Islam. Yes, there are millions of good-hearted individuals who identify themselves as Muslims and who have no enmity in their hearts for their non-Muslim neighbors and coworkers. Some of these Muslims are religiously observant, some are not; but their moderation is not an attribute of the brand of Islam to which they officially subscribe but is, rather, a measure of their own individual character. (Page 62-63)

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