The Volunteer by Michael Ross

I enjoyed reading this book about the Mossad. I liked getting a closer inside look at how the Israeli spy agency works. The sad thing is that the author is pretty blunt about his time as the liaison officer between the Mossad and the FBI and CIA. He talks about the petty bickering between the two agencies. He talks about how his people in Washington would tell him things that were going on and when he spoke to the agencies representatives in Tel Aviv they would not know anything about it. He talks about how the two agencies wouldn't share information, etc... He flatly states he believes this in part led to the US not being prepared for what happened on 9/11. He retired shortly after 9/11 so all we can do is hope that things have changed.

Book Description

When Michael Ross decided to go backpacking across Europe, he had no inkling that his vacation would lead to a life tracking down the world's most dangerous terrorists. In Israel, out of money and alone, Ross began working on a Kibbutz—and fell in love with both the country and an Israeli woman. After converting to Judaism, Ross was recruited by the country's secret service—the Mossad—as an undercover agent. In the years that followed, he played a significant role in capturing al-Qaeda members responsible for the embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, and worked jointly with the FBI and CIA to uncover a senior Hezbollah terrorist living in the United States. His never before revealed story makes an action-packed biography.

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