The Last Undercover By Bob Hamer

This was a hard book for me to finish. It was well written and gave you a good look at what it is like to be an undercover FBI agent. But that was part of the problem. Agent Hamer's last undercover case involved NAMBLA and he did a very good job of explaining the case and how he helped take these people off the streets, it is just that it was hard to read about perverts like this. I have seen a lot of violence while I was a Police Officer and I am not bothered by reading accounts of it, but this was different. It was hard for me to deal with. I wanted to know what was out there, but the deeper he got into the account the more distasteful it became to me. As I said it is a good book and I am glad I read it, I am just sorry it had to be written.

Book Description

Bob Hamer is a 26-year veteran of the FBI. In undercover operations Hamer posed as everything from a drug dealer to an aging pedophile. His last undercover assignment-and his hardest-was infiltrating NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association. Now, looking back on a career rich in the kind of action that makes for great cinema, Bob tells us of the challenges he endured and overcame as he stared the dark side of humanity in the face-and never blinked. It is rare for an agent to serve undercover long-term, but he made a career out of a job that can completely consume and destroy a man.

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