The Israel Test by George Gilder

I think everyone should read this book. It was a real eye opener for me. I knew that God had blessed the Jews and through the Jews the rest of the world, by the Messiah coming from them, but I never realized just how much more we have been blessed by them.

Book Description

Israel is the crucial battlefield for Capitalism and Freedom in our time.

George Gilder's global best-seller Wealth and Poverty made the moral case for capitalism. Now Gilder makes the case for Israel, portraying a conflict of barbarism and envy against civilization and creativity.

Gilder reveals Israel as a leader of human civilization, technological progress, and scientific advance. Tiny Israel stands behind only the United States in its contributions to the hi-tech economy. Israel has become the world's paramount example of the blessings of freedom.

Hatred of Israel, like anti-Semitism through history, arises from resentment of Jewish success. Rooted in a Marxist zero-sum-game theory of economics, this vision has fueled the anti-Semitic rantings of Hitler, Arafat, Osama, and history's other notorious haters.

Faced with a contest between murderous regimes sustained by envy and Nazi ideology, and a free, prosperous, and capitalist, Israel - whose side are you on?

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