WARLORD - No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy

If you want to know what the war in Iraq is really like, then this is the book to read. It is earthy in places, with language that might be disturbing, but it is the story of a Marine Officer told in his own words. Not only do you get a real sense of what the war is like, you also get a real sense of what the anti-war PC element is doing to our troops. They claim to support the troops while calling them murderers and baby killers.

To be honest the book made my blood boil. Having been a Marine and a Police Officer, I saw so many things in the book that I could identify with; people risking their lives to protect and server others, and yet not being given the benefit of the doubt when something bad happens. Too many people want the Military and the Police to be wrong and to look bad.

This is the true story of a young Marine who fought in Desert Storm (the first Gulf War), who then got out of the Marine Corps and made a professional life for himself and was doing very well at it. After 9/11 he decided to put his life on hold to re-join the Marine Corps and serve his country. He did so with honor, yet his life was turned upside down because of a disciplinary action he was forced to take on a member of his platoon, who then made allegations about a shooting he was involved it. It is a riveting story, it is a story about heroism, about patriotism and about sacrifice, you won't be the same after reading it.

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