Abandonment Theology

This book is a call to action for all Christians. The author shows how the moral decline in America is at least in part due to the lack of response by God fearing Christians. We have sat back and watched as God was outlawed in our schools, as babies are legally murdered, as our government has given more and more of our sovereignty away to the UN and many more.

The author starts out by showing how this country was founded. He shows that we were founded as a Christian country. He shows how the real decline of America started in the 60's when God was taken out of the school. He shows how our military has been down sized and how we no longer have the ability to stop a missile attack from a foreign country.

He shows how God's word tells us we should react to these and other spiritual problems. He shows how the abandonment clergy has lead Christians to be ambivalent and not take up the fight. He calls all of us to arms, to read our Bibles daily, to pray daily and to be involved in every aspect of our country, to take back our country from the liberals, the homosexuals, the baby killers, etc...

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